Zaid Hamid banned from a conference on Iqbal in Islamabad Hotel. November 7, 2012

Zaid Hamid was invited to speak at a conference on Iqbal on the 7th of November 2012. It was held in Islamabad Hotel (former Holiday Inn) Islamabad. The event was organized by Muslim Institute.

According to the schedule Zaid Hamid was to speak in a workshop chaired by Orya Maqbool Jan. His time to speak was from 2 10 pm to 2 25 pm. Other workshops were to be chaired by Qazi hussain Ahmed, Gen (R) Hameed Gul and others.

ZHE team received information about this conference a few days ago. The concerned people of Muslim Institute were approached and told that Zaid Hamid is a “Gustakh e Rasool (saaw)” and inviting him would greatly hurt the sentiment of millions of Muslims. How ever the organizers were initially reluctant to cancel Zaid Hamid’s invitation.

Muslim institute received condemnation calls from hundreds of Lovers of the Prophet Muhammad (saaw). Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Gen (R) Hameed Gul declined to come if Zaid Hamid was invited. Hundreds of volunteers were ready to confront Zaid Hamid about his blasphemies if he was invited.

As a result of all this effort Zaid Hamid was banned from this conference. Qazi Hussain Ahmed refused to be a part of the conference while Gen (R) Hameed Gul came only when he was assured that Zaid Hamid was banned.

Allah (swt) once again humiliated this Gustakh e Rasool (saaw) and punished him for the crimes he has committed. May Allah (swt) reward all those who took Part in this effort.

Full copy of the invitation letter is given below.


Team ZHE

How Zaid Hamid's program in FAST university on 26th October 2011 got cancelled.

ZHE Team received information a week ago that Zaid Hamid was coming to FAST University Islamabad on 26th October from 11 30 am to 01 30 pm to spread his heretical beliefs among the students. He was planning to give a lecture in the auditorium. The website of FAST university mentioned the event on the site by calling it a “Seminar on Revealing the hidden truths, Pakistan and Pax America on Wednesday 26th October at 11 30 am to 1 30 pm”.

The students of FAST decided to attempt to have Zaid Hamids event cancelled by building pressure on the administration. An application was submitted last Saturday which asked the administration to cancel his event as his presence would hurt the religious sentiments of the students. This application was signed by dozens of students. Since Monday was declared holidays by the Federal government to mourn the loss of Miss Nusrat Bhutto, no action could be taken that day.
On Tuesday two more applications signed by hundreds of students were submitted to the administration and a sever protest was lodged. Today i.e. Wednesday, 26th October, upon seeing the mood of the students the administration of FAST University Islamabad decided to cancel Zaid Hamid’s event. They removed his posters from the auditorium and started a staff meeting there.
In this whole campaign students and staff from all three departments of FAST participated and had the support of all the Head of Departments. The Students had decided that had Zaid Hamids event not gotten cancelled, they would have taken direct action against him.
The love for RasoolAllah (saaw) which the students of FAST have shown is exemplary and we all should learn from this, in our fight to protect the honor our beloved Prophet, Khatm ul anbiya Hazrat Muhammad e Arabi (saaw).

Shan e Khatm e Nabuwat Zindabad!

Update: The date for the debate has been changed.

Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi had challenged Zaid Hamid to a debate at Masjid Khadeeja tul Kubra, Raahwali Cantt, Gujaranwala on October 21st, 2011. Due to some commitments of Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi elsewhere, the debate will now be on October 28th,2011. The venue will remain the same.

We ask Zaid Hamid to end the “ignore” policy and respond to the challenge.

Zaid Hamid Fails To Show Up For The Debate At Gol Masjid Faisalabad.

As expected, Zaid Hamid failed to show up at Gol Masjid Faisalabad today for his debate with Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi. Ulema and journalists waited for an extended 30 minutes from the original time of 3:00 pm but Zaid hamid never showed up. Earlier today, Zaid Hamid conveyed a message that he will send his “representatives” for the debate but that too turned  out to be a lie.

Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi while speaking at the congregation said that he has no personal grudge against Zaid Hamid. He wants Zaid Hamid to come and tell people about his association with a false prophet Yusuf Kazzab and his twisted aqeeda regarding the ‘tehleel’ of Muhammad (saav) into ordinary people.

The congregation went well with the grace of Allah (s.w.t). Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki announced his support for Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi in his fight against the fitna of Zaid Hamid. He ended the congregation with a du’a in which he asked Allah (s.w.t) to protect the Muslim Ummah from Fitnas like Zaid Hamid and also asked Allah (s.w.t) to help those who have stood firm against the Fitna of Zaid Zaman Hamid.

ALERT: Zaid Hamid Will Be Using Dr Israr's Funeral For His Photo Session

We have been informed by confirmed sources that

  1. Zaid Hamid is in Pakistan. Zaid Hamid has returned from Saudi Arab and has been staying at his home for the past many days.
  2. Zaid Hamid will be using Dr Israr’s funeral for his photo session. Zaid Hamid has left for Lahore and he intends to attend Dr Israr’s funeral together with his team and conduct a photo session (as he usually does) during the funeral proceedings of Dr Israr Ahmed.

Zaid Hamid will then use this photo session to do the propaganda that Tanzeem e Islami is with him and that Dr Israr was very dear to him and Dr Israr held him very dear.

Zaid Hamid would emphasize that had there been any differences between Dr Israr and Zaid Hamid, why Dr Israr’s son allowed him to participate so actively in the funeral prayers and conduct activities like, giving shoulder to Dr Israr’s Janaza, throwing sand on Dr Israr’s grave etc.

The photo session of Zaid Hamid – during these activities would be used to pacify some of the negative propaganda that his fans have done against Dr Israr in the past. After the publication of press releases by Dr Israr, Zaid Hamid’s fans started a campaign against Dr Israr – and termed him fasadi and takfiri.

The photos would be further used to deceive people in the future that Zaid Hamid enjoyed cordial relations with Dr Israr – till Dr Israr’s death.

We request everyone to inform Eng. Naveed – the Head of Tanzeem e Islami, Karachi – about these designs of Zaid Hamid immediately. Eng Naveed can be contacted at 0322-2499735.

“Zaid Hamid will be arrested immediately upon his return from Saudia Arabia” Rahman Malik

Recently a delegation composed of senators and MNAs, from various political parties met Rahman Malik, the Pakistani Interior minister. The reason behind this meeting was to enquire about the delay in arresting Zaid Hamid, the man who ordered the assassination of Hazrat Jalalpuri as well as other ulema. Mulana Sherwani who is a senator,  Azam Sawati, an MNA from mansehra as well as other senators and MNAs were a part of this delegation.

Rahman Malik was very apologetic about the delay. He informed the delegation that Zaid Hamid, was in Saudi Arabia and would be immediately arrested upon his return. After arresting him, Rahman Malik said that he will himself go to Binori to town to offer his condolences to the victims of ZH’s barbarity. He assured them that the law will be very strict in dealing with this terrorist and that the govt will do all it can to ensure Zaid Hamid’s speedy trial.

In other developments, the ulema from all schools of thought have decided that no new fatwa needs to be given on Zaid Hamid. The previous fatwa which was issued on Yousf Kazzab is sufficient for Zaid Hamid and his followers. The Fatwa stated that Yousf Kazzab and his follower are gustakh e Rasool (S) and that they are ‘murtid’ from the fold of Islam.

As Zaid Hamid is not only a follower of Yousf Kazzab but his ‘Khalifa e Awal’ he is a murtid and a Gushtakh e Rasool. This is because he defends Yousf Kazzab. Anyone who defends Yousf Kazzab or Zaid Hamid falls in this category and should worry about his Faith.

The AMTKN has also decided to take notice of the campaign to threaten and malign respectable members of the society by Zaid Hamid’s thugs. This campagn is led by Zaid Hamids own son, Osama bin Zaid, who is know for hooliganism through out Islamabad. At Paradice Complex on the 13th of March, at Islamabad’s takmeel function, he threatened to kill me if I didn’t stop the protest against ZH’s murder attempt on a student. This incident was also reported in several papers. Please refer to my previous note for details.

It has also been decided to speed up the campaign of exposing ZH’s main supporters. All legal ways will be adopted to neutralize his cult so that in the future no follower of Yousf Kazzab shall dare propagate his name.
We urge the ummah of Muhammad (S) to observe a complete boycott with the followers of Zaid Hamid, who are in fact the remnants of the cult of Yousf Kazzab. Isolate them like the Qaidianis are isolated. Do not have any sort of relationship with them, wither it is personal or economic. If they work in an office with you, tell your seniors about them. If they study with you do not let them come near innocent students, as they could infect them with their Fascist venom. Do this till they repent and become our brothers in Faith by, renousing the Kazzab Yousf Ali and the Kazzab Zaid Hamid.

These steps might seem harsh but believe me these are for our misguided friend’s own good. On the Day of Judgment they will thank you if you succeed. Do this so that they also share with you, the blessed water of hawdh e kausar. 7000 shahba died fighting Musailima Kazzab. Can we not do this much in fighting Yousf Kazzab.

We are putting our team together which will visit collages and universities to expose Zaid Hamid and his cult through out Pakistan. If you want us to visit your university please contact us at

We also demand that Zaid Hamid immediately come back to Pakistan and face his trial and arrest if he is a Man. We are pretty certain that he will flee like a coward. I my self saw him run away from the takmeel function in Islamabad leaving about a 1000 people behind. Cowardly do not change history. They do not influence events. They just swindle people’s money, lead them astray and run away when facing brave and good men. This is what Yousf Kazzab did… this is what Zaid Hamid will do. He will run away like the effeminate he is.

Shan E Khatm e Nabuwat Zindabad

Talha Saad