Yusuf Kazab With His Spiritual Wife Aneela [Photo]

This photo was provided to print media by a person name Ahmed Deen. Ahmed Deen was a senior officer in the government on Economic Affairs and was the father of Sohail – who was a computer engineer and one of the Khalifa’s of Yusuf Kazab.

Sohail and Zaid Hamid used to be present at all court hearings during the Yusuf Kazab case. Sohail is currently running the spiritual side of Kazabi cult and Zaid Hamid is running the political and propaganda side of the Kazabi cult. Both of them were die-hard followers of Kazab and were made Khalifa by Kazab, due to their unwavering support. The duties and responsibilities of Zaid Hamid and Sohail are as follows:

  • Zaid Hamid’s job was to get wealthy families and personalities into Yusuf’s cult so that Yusuf could rob them of their money and property.
  • Sohail’s job was to get beautiful and young girls into Yusuf’s cult and ultimately encourage them to become Yusuf’s wives.

The image could be obtained from the record of Takbeer or Khabrain.

Yusuf Kazab with his Spiritual Wife Aneela

Yusuf Kazab with his Spiritual Wife Aneela

Aneela was an unmarried woman from Lahore. Yusuf declared her to be his spiritual wife and she started living with Yusuf in Lahore and also accompanied him during his visit to Karachi. When Aneela’s father found out about all this, he got furious and tried to make her realise what she was doing.

When Aneela found out about the reality, she went into mental trauma and was admitted in a psycological ward of an hospital in Karachi.

Takmeel.pk takes a quick action against our post

Takmeel responds to ZHE with regard to our post  of “Mard-e-Haq to Mard-e-Musalman to Mard-e-Kamil ?” where we suggested that “Mard-e-Kamil” is missing in the sequence of the videos. Takmeel responds by removing that particular video completely from the sequence, leaving behind only two videos in the sequence, instead of three. I think they honestly realized it that the sequence doesn’t match. We would have appreciated it more if our suggestion would have been considered in this regard.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Initially the page looked like

Takmeel.pk Front Page - Before our post

Modified to by ignoring our suggestion

Takmeel.pk Front Page - After our post

Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-original
Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-our-edited-suggestion
Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-takmeel-actual-action

Mard-e-Haq to Mard-e-Musalman to Mard-e-Kamil ? [Photo]

Visiting Takmeel will reveal you the following. Is this what Takmeel Mission is all about? Is it a coincident of words? Does it show everything was moving towards the completion of Zaid Hamid Mard-e-Kamil – Yousuf Kazzab?

A picture is worth a thousand words

Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-original
Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-edited
Sribd (Egnlish): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-edited

Zaid Hamid's Fans Calling Takmeel an Epic Fail

Dont believe us, as we are “Fasadi’s” for them. Zaid Hamid’s own fans are calling Takmeel an epic fail, a disaster of the highest order.

Usama A. Ansari The event was a complete disaster……..if that was the idea of a takmeel e pakistan that you pass a resolution in front of handful of a people than shame on you all your motivational videos all your daaweh about “rewriting the history” nothing of the sort happened I personally travelled all the way from karachi just to c u sir attend this gathering be a part of ur so called destiny because I believed in you and that is how u treat us ……….the essence of takmeel was at minar e pakistan and not anywhere else in the world there weren’t even people, representatives from your side to attend us at the gates when police were blocking us the entry into stadium how do we supposed to enter when they werent allowing us? u tell me u should have sent someone at the gates to let with me many in who could have talked to the security officials they instead they dispersed us with the baton cos they thought we were a mob……….why would u make all the hype when itself the event is in the ambigous slot u are giving time 10 am i mean wats with that do u think we are stupid u consider us fools and then u show up for i dont know the brothers outside after attending ur show said u gave a 10 min speech and left including passing the objectives resolution WOW! oh hell with time even wat do u do wen u’r traveling 30000 ft in the air u reside in a hotel with no computer access sure of that I have to hit minar e pakistan at 10 am sharp tomorrow and u update or reschedule ur program on fb just before that By grace of Allah i met a brother in Lahore who was also going to ur show guided me that it has moved to Al hamra shame on u sir and on ur team for ruining it for us especially me……

Saham Ahmed Ansari So…. I have been following takmeel for about 2 months now,watching motivational videos cmin out by da day and all ur wake up speeches about rewriting destiny and chnging da course of history. Pumped up I decided to go to lhr and be part of this historic event, my parents were against it and evry1 i met disagreed but I went against dem and after spendin a fortune flew to lhr on 22nd seeing da last update abt 10 am at minar e pakistan… i was dere at minar arnd 9 and i came to knw by sm1 venue and tme has chngd. history was not gonna b written where it shud b and 4 whch all da fuss was abt,disheartend but hopeful I reached Alhamra hall where there was no takmeel person who can guide us in instead police batons guided us out and within minutes I came to knw its all finishd destiny was rewritten in mere 10min wid a gatherin of 200 and i was stndin outside hpin to b a part of it….wht to say more da best thing abt da trip was a giant lahori lassi glass……count me out in any more future takmeels highly disappointed

Zaid Hamid fans calling Takmeel an Epic Fail

Zaid Hamid fans calling Takmeel an Epic Fail