Q&A Between A Zaid Hamid Fan And Mr. Hesham Syed

Farooq Raza Alteejani

Dear Hesham,regarding to Sir Zaid Hamid what ever was his past,but he is a best one now,I never heard from over all his speeches that he tried to mislead or miscalculate the present scenario and just through emotional attitude toward his audience,he and I think you missed so many lectures of Sir Zaid Hamid which he clearly deliberated on Economics and Politics with their solutions,because most of you just point on problem which is obvious, but don’t have solution or can’t defined,I think your concept against Zaid Hamid is not clearly neither you declare him totally fraud nether you willing to accept him or his Ideology,and of course its because Yousuf Ali and even on Yousuf Ali I did not found from you words that he proclaimed in front you as false prophet you just assumed that,and Zaid already cleared he have no relation with Yousuf Ali thought concept and theory,as I investigated in Yousuf Ali mater I found him as deviant person,but I do not see any single word in oral or written that he is proclaiming false prophet hood,even the audio cassette which is only substantial evidence he clearly announced that he is deputy of Rasoollah (of course this is deviancy)so this case was so confused at least to me ,how ever he is expired and Zaid never ever in all his lectures dragged his listener to the Yousuf Ali,now I wondering on AMKNT attitude they giving fully stand against Zaid Hamid only on buried story,but did ever you heard that there is a Man call Shekh Ameen in Multan and he is clearly doing blasphemy, his speeches can find on youtube easily,why AMKNT is not gathering against this person why the case until yet did not filed against him,for whom they are waiting,believe me Zaid not going to proclaim false prophet hood,but he is only and only until yet come out as true muslim who challenged Farouns of times not these Zombies Mullah and neither any of any take the stand as Sir Zaid Hamid made we was lost our hope,but Zaid who pored in our heart hope again and Inshllah Ghazw e Hind we will completion by our hands,this is believe.

Hesham A Syed:

I know Zaid much better than any one of you could ever know – I knew of Yusuf much better than you all can ever know – With all my sincerity , I wanted to pull the scoundler Yusuf out of his satanic illusions and Zaid from the satanic spell and childish impulses – I have always supported Zaid for his positive work but I can not respect a person on the cost of Hurmatey Rasool or following a deviant ideology , a defender of declared and proven gustaakhey Rasool ( sav ) – I dont know where you have been living , what you have been reading , whom you have been listening to – Please go to http://zaidhamidexposition.org/ and also read all my articles on this subject in Catagory Cult – specially a few like : Mirage or Miraaj + Cult in the making + Impersonating Muhammed ( sav ) + My comment on Mardey Kamil kaa wasiat Nama + and many more of my poems and articles on the subject which have also been posted at :



You know my views on Ghuzwatey Hind – This was much spoken by Yusuf Kazab and he even told me that I will participate in this episode as a Mujahid because he expected till that time that I will be able to buy him a house in defence Lahore – He was a hoax and a Thug – When Zaid speaks and lectures about these things he resonates and reminds me of Yusuf only – I have interacted with Zaid constantly as late as last month where I have been pursuing that he should come out clean by declaring Yusuf as Kazab but Zaid resistance or refusal to do so and still defend a gustaakhey Rasool publicly on video makes his position dubios – Trust me that if Ghuzwaatey Hind is to take place , it will never happen the way Zaid is pursuing and Allah will never assign any one who follows the foot prints of a gustaakhey Rasool and respect that gustaakh so much that he cant call him a Kazab / an imposter. Ghuzwat is a holy war and it has to be lead by righteous people.

Read what Zaid ex-wife also has to say about him at ZHE site.

If by going through all the materials on the websites I have mentioned above, you still cant find any thing wrong with Yusuf and Zaid then I would be sorry for you and you may follow this Cult to a destiny which will end no where but to Hell.
God may help you and guide you to the right path.

Source: Hesham A Syed.

Moulana Muhammad Akram Awan: Zaid Hamid Is The Second in Command of Yusuf Kazab [Video]

Moulana Muhammad Akram Awan is the Sheikh of Naqshbandia Owaisiah silsilah. Many notable personalities such as Dr Ghulam Murtaza Malik Shaheed and Brigadier Sultan Amir Tarar, popularly known as Col. Imam of the Afghan Jihad are his mureeds.

In his biyan given in early Feb, 2010 Moulana Muhammad Akram Awan thrashes Zaid Hamid and informs his mureeds that Zaid Hamid was the No 2. of Yusuf Kazab.

Moulana Muhammad Akram Awan has been talking about Ghazwatulhind since a long time. Some of his bayans on Ghazwatul Hind can be found here.

In his bayan given in December 2001, Moulana Akram Awan stated that the objective of US forces behind the attack on Afghanistan is to invade the mountains of North and South Waziristan, and when that will happen – it will be the start of Ghazwatulhind.

Moulana Akram Awan’s mureeds also created and are maintaining a website dedicated to Ghazwatulhind since the past many years.

Hesham Syed's Detailed Interview on Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid Published In Daily Jasarat

In his recent visit to Karachi, Pakistan Hesham A Syed met with the core team of ZHE. We have already posted about it on our Facebook page. Hesham Sahib is an eye-witness of Yusuf Kazab’s claim of prophethood and Zaid Zaman Hamid and Junaid Zaman’s (Zaid Hamid’s brother) association with Yusuf. During his visit, Hesham Syed gave a detailed interview to Daily Jasarat. The interview begins with Hesham Sahib’s personal life so that everyone can get to know him as a person, but then goes on to discuss Hesham Sahib’s meetings with Yusuf Kazab.

Hesham Sahib has personally told this author that during a meeting with Zaid Hamid, Zaid Hamid told him that “Hesham Sahib has met Prophet Muhammad saaw but he didnt recognized Prophet Muhammad saaw”.

Hesham Sahib has mentioned this in his interview as well. The interview follows below:

For Full Screen Mode, Click Here.

Source: Daily Jasarat

Abul Kazb Zaid Hamid Labels Los Angeles As Bombay

Zaid Hamid is such a crafty (well not so crafty, because his lies are always caught) and compulsive liar that it would be appropriate to call him Abul Kazb (Father of Lies). It seems that he can not spend a single day without uttering lies. Due this personality trait of Zaid Hamid, we have made a special section on our website dedicated to unleashing Zaid Hamid’s lies.

Zaid Hamid has now come up with a new lie, claiming that hunter killer submarine went to the port of Bombay and came back after taking snapshots of Bombay without being detected. According to Zaid Hamid:

World has never seen a picture like this. High adrenaline and excitement would rush through your blood once you realize what this is. This is the Indian port of Bombay – up, close and personal – through the periscope of a Pakistani hunter killer submarine, Allahu Akbar!!

No force in the world has seen an enemy port so close in the mouth of danger, in death defying manner, challenging the arrogant enemy with such dignified confidence. Only Pakistani sub-marine force could do this, Alhamdulillah. InshAllah, when the azaan for defense of this Medina e sani will be given, Indians won’t
know what hit them, literally.

Always remember our bravest under sea warriors in your dua who are always taking death defying risks, combat ready, deep under the sea, right into the heart of the enemy. You want to see what is wrath of Allah for enemies – they are called the submarine force of Pakistan Navy. Pride for the Ummah, honor for the nation.

Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah.

The utter lie and the fake photo of Bombay’s coast can still be viewed on Zaid Hamid’s fanpage, and a snapshot of Zaid Hamid’s lie in high resolution can be viewed here.

The Truth

The Truth is that the photo was taken by a girl named Lindsay Fincher who is an expat Californian obsessed with traveling to strange and exotic destinations in the former Communist Bloc. Lindsay went on a day trip to Los Angeles to visit Russian Diesel Submarine B-247 “Scorpian” together with her friend Ryan. She took a lot of photos of this day trip, which can all be viewed here. In these photos, you will also find the photo Zaid Hamid uploaded on his fanpage. The photo was actually taken from with in the Russian submarine “Scorpian” and is of the coast of Los Angeles.

Abul Kazb Zaid Hamid should stop this non-sense of giving birth to lies every other day. This is not the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet nor is the way of Sufi and Wali Allah’s.

Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid: Zaid Hamid Talks Like Kazzab, Walks Like Kazzab

The issue is very serious and on the surface people are unable to see the contradiction.

Zaid was of course linked with kazzab, this is not the problem part, if he had realized the mistake and parted ways.
The issue gets serious because ZH beleives in the same aqeeda that kazzab believed in. ZH only has problem with the way kazzab handled himself by indulging into fraud and extracting money. He does not even have a problem with the women issue of kazzab.

That is why ZH is using the same vocabulary, same phrases, same spells and tricks that kazzab used to hide himself in a twisted way.

He talks of lofty ideals and a promised muslim land just kazzab used to, he tells people about gazwa e hind just like kazzab used to. He tells people just like kazzab used to tell that they are the chosen and blessed one because they support him, those who criticize him are considered at war with Allah and RasoolAllah and will be receiving wrath of God.

He is demanding the same unquestionable submission/allegiance that kazzab demanded from his followers.

He even dresses up like kazzab, talks like kazzab, walks like kazzab. Considers himself above and beyond ordinary people, proclaiming as if he has a direct phoneline with Allah and Prophet (saaw) “exactly” like kazzab, labelling people jannati and jahannami.

May Allah give guidance to all and save us from deviations from the Straight Path, ameen

Author: NJ
Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid

Captz Magnem: A Hardcore Zaid Hamid Finds The Reality About Yusuf Kazab (Alhamdolillah)


Not many Pakistanis and specially new generation know about Yusuf Kazzab case which happened in 1997-98. Im included in those Pakistanis. I was away on fields for Army duty, and at that time had recently lost my father who was Amir of Tablighi Jammat, and a great source for my Islamic education and love for our Prophet (Pbuh).

The greatest Islamic scholar for me, Shaheed Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (RA) was very close friend of my father and my father advised me to follow Dr. sahab strictly for his ocean of knowledge and role model as much better human being than may be all of us. The words of Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed (RA) are final and MOST VALUED for me as long as religion is concerned. Dr. sahab Shaheed (RA) is and was much more for me than anyone including AMTKN or Zaid Hamid.

My late father was part of Tehreek e Khatam e Nabuwwat, and i was always in fancy and respect about AMTKN specially great Ulema like Molana Mufti Shamzai (RA), Hazrat Binori (RA), and Hazrat Yusuf Ludhyanivi (RA).

Recent rise of Zaid Hamid again happened at the time when i was away, in UAE, for my post-Army duties. I suddenly found great fame, respect, and following of Zaid Hamid in UAE, my friends in Pakistan, and many other places.

Like others, I saw the series of Brasstacks programs, and naturally inclined in favor of great words, speeches, passion, and charisma, of what Zaid Hamid said.

Then came the opposition. AMTKN and many people started disfavoring Zaid Hamid, on his past links with Yusuf Kazzab. Initial silence of Zaid Hamid was meaningful. Many people including me asked Zaid sahab to refute the allegations, but he said he is waiting for the right time, though he instantly denied any links with Kazzab.

Rcently he issued his video on mass demand, to re-affirm his faith of being follower of Hazrat Muhammad Ibne Abdullah (SAWW) only. This satisfied many people including me.

But still, the popular demand from his opposition was to declare Yusuf as Kazzab, which he denied to do. He convinced that he doesn’t know whether Yusuf was Kazzab or not. And the shariah evidence against Yusuf was incomplete.

On these 2 crossroads, ALL OF US, have been engaged in discussions, debates, etc. I wanted anti-Zaid Hamid community to bring up solid evidences, but they didn’t, to my satisfaction. Even Talha Saad, whom i considered more knowledgeable among all of u, just invited me, for discussion, instead of sharing solid evidence.

With my much busy schedule, i investigated on my own. I browsed every post, read all related websites, and tried not to miss any content, related to this issue.

Suddenly I came across the fatwa against Yusuf Kazzab from Dr. Malik Ghluma Murtaza Shaheed (RA), my mentor, my guide, my rehnuma.


It came as a surprise to me. Having close family ties with Dr. sahab’s family, i never knew about this major happening of the past. I immediately contacted Hafiz Bilal, the son of Shaheed Dr. sahab for confirmation, and he confirmed it all.

Brother Hafiz Bilal shared more things including Fatwa against Yusuf kazzab from all sects Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahle Hadiis.

So first time i came to knew that it was an IJMA among nation and great Ulemas of Pakistan that Yusuf was a Kazzab.

As u can see in above link, and as told by brother Hafiz Bilal, that Yusuf spent much time with Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed (RA), he used to stay in Dr. sahabs home in Saudia, and even tried to have his daughter wed with Dr. sahab’s son. Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Saheed (RA) knew Yusuf Kazab more personally and more closely than Zaid Hamid.

Dr. Murtaza (RA) demanded Saza e Maut to Yusuf Kazzab. Words of Dr. sahab are MORE VALUED for me, other than any Aalim. All are great Ulemas but somtimes u have special place in your heart for someone, and in my case it was/is Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed (RA).

Having learned more about Yusuf Kazzab, i found his lanati character more n more. Blasphemy and Dawa e Nabuwat was one thing, in addition to his moral degradation, rapes, sexual harrassment, and bla bla, the list of crimes is unlimited.

Only a blind and a fool can deny them. I was ignorant, less knowledged, i confess it. But how blessed i feel myself, to be Muslim first, and on my great father who taught me love for Islam and our Prophet (SAWW), and Shaheed Dr. sahab (RA) who came to me as light even after his martyrdom.

Author: Captz Magnem

Editor’s Note: The article has been compiled by comments of Captz Magnem made on a note of Talha Saad. We have always asked people to consult Ulema, not AMTKN but any Alim e Deen that you trust on this matter. Dr Ghulam Murtaza Malik’s son might have also told Captz Magnem the same things that we posted online, however, the difference being that Captz Magnem trusted him and suspected us. So once again for all Zaid Hamid fans, please consult any Alim e Deen whom you trust about this issue. Inshallah you will realize the reality.

Fatwa On Listening and Watching Zaid Hamid's Programs

Fatwa of Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore is that till Zaid Hamid does Toubah and disassociates himself from Yousuf Kazab, listening and watching his programs is not Jaiz according to Islamic Shariah. By defending Yusuf Kazab, Zaid Hamid has become a traitor and Gustakh of Rasool Allah saaw and listening/watching a gaddar, baghi and gustakh of Rasool Allah saaw is haram on Muslims.

Full Screen Mode: Fatwa On Listening To Zaid Hamid’s Programs

Full Screen Mode: Fatwa On Listening To Zaid Hamid’s Programs

Please spread this fatwa to your friends and family. Distribute its copies in your Universities and colleges. May Allah bless you all for this Kar e Kheir.