How Zaid Hamid's program in FAST university on 26th October 2011 got cancelled.

ZHE Team received information a week ago that Zaid Hamid was coming to FAST University Islamabad on 26th October from 11 30 am to 01 30 pm to spread his heretical beliefs among the students. He was planning to give a lecture in the auditorium. The website of FAST university mentioned the event on the site by calling it a “Seminar on Revealing the hidden truths, Pakistan and Pax America on Wednesday 26th October at 11 30 am to 1 30 pm”.

The students of FAST decided to attempt to have Zaid Hamids event cancelled by building pressure on the administration. An application was submitted last Saturday which asked the administration to cancel his event as his presence would hurt the religious sentiments of the students. This application was signed by dozens of students. Since Monday was declared holidays by the Federal government to mourn the loss of Miss Nusrat Bhutto, no action could be taken that day.
On Tuesday two more applications signed by hundreds of students were submitted to the administration and a sever protest was lodged. Today i.e. Wednesday, 26th October, upon seeing the mood of the students the administration of FAST University Islamabad decided to cancel Zaid Hamid’s event. They removed his posters from the auditorium and started a staff meeting there.
In this whole campaign students and staff from all three departments of FAST participated and had the support of all the Head of Departments. The Students had decided that had Zaid Hamids event not gotten cancelled, they would have taken direct action against him.
The love for RasoolAllah (saaw) which the students of FAST have shown is exemplary and we all should learn from this, in our fight to protect the honor our beloved Prophet, Khatm ul anbiya Hazrat Muhammad e Arabi (saaw).

Shan e Khatm e Nabuwat Zindabad!

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