“Zaid Hamid will be arrested immediately upon his return from Saudia Arabia” Rahman Malik

Recently a delegation composed of senators and MNAs, from various political parties met Rahman Malik, the Pakistani Interior minister. The reason behind this meeting was to enquire about the delay in arresting Zaid Hamid, the man who ordered the assassination of Hazrat Jalalpuri as well as other ulema. Mulana Sherwani who is a senator,  Azam Sawati, an MNA from mansehra as well as other senators and MNAs were a part of this delegation.

Rahman Malik was very apologetic about the delay. He informed the delegation that Zaid Hamid, was in Saudi Arabia and would be immediately arrested upon his return. After arresting him, Rahman Malik said that he will himself go to Binori to town to offer his condolences to the victims of ZH’s barbarity. He assured them that the law will be very strict in dealing with this terrorist and that the govt will do all it can to ensure Zaid Hamid’s speedy trial.

In other developments, the ulema from all schools of thought have decided that no new fatwa needs to be given on Zaid Hamid. The previous fatwa which was issued on Yousf Kazzab is sufficient for Zaid Hamid and his followers. The Fatwa stated that Yousf Kazzab and his follower are gustakh e Rasool (S) and that they are ‘murtid’ from the fold of Islam.

As Zaid Hamid is not only a follower of Yousf Kazzab but his ‘Khalifa e Awal’ he is a murtid and a Gushtakh e Rasool. This is because he defends Yousf Kazzab. Anyone who defends Yousf Kazzab or Zaid Hamid falls in this category and should worry about his Faith.

The AMTKN has also decided to take notice of the campaign to threaten and malign respectable members of the society by Zaid Hamid’s thugs. This campagn is led by Zaid Hamids own son, Osama bin Zaid, who is know for hooliganism through out Islamabad. At Paradice Complex on the 13th of March, at Islamabad’s takmeel function, he threatened to kill me if I didn’t stop the protest against ZH’s murder attempt on a student. This incident was also reported in several papers. Please refer to my previous note for details.

It has also been decided to speed up the campaign of exposing ZH’s main supporters. All legal ways will be adopted to neutralize his cult so that in the future no follower of Yousf Kazzab shall dare propagate his name.
We urge the ummah of Muhammad (S) to observe a complete boycott with the followers of Zaid Hamid, who are in fact the remnants of the cult of Yousf Kazzab. Isolate them like the Qaidianis are isolated. Do not have any sort of relationship with them, wither it is personal or economic. If they work in an office with you, tell your seniors about them. If they study with you do not let them come near innocent students, as they could infect them with their Fascist venom. Do this till they repent and become our brothers in Faith by, renousing the Kazzab Yousf Ali and the Kazzab Zaid Hamid.

These steps might seem harsh but believe me these are for our misguided friend’s own good. On the Day of Judgment they will thank you if you succeed. Do this so that they also share with you, the blessed water of hawdh e kausar. 7000 shahba died fighting Musailima Kazzab. Can we not do this much in fighting Yousf Kazzab.

We are putting our team together which will visit collages and universities to expose Zaid Hamid and his cult through out Pakistan. If you want us to visit your university please contact us at zaidhamidexposition@gmail.com

We also demand that Zaid Hamid immediately come back to Pakistan and face his trial and arrest if he is a Man. We are pretty certain that he will flee like a coward. I my self saw him run away from the takmeel function in Islamabad leaving about a 1000 people behind. Cowardly do not change history. They do not influence events. They just swindle people’s money, lead them astray and run away when facing brave and good men. This is what Yousf Kazzab did… this is what Zaid Hamid will do. He will run away like the effeminate he is.

Shan E Khatm e Nabuwat Zindabad

Talha Saad

24 comments on ““Zaid Hamid will be arrested immediately upon his return from Saudia Arabia” Rahman Malik

  1. shahid khan says:

    @ Admin

    You really made me laugh (Mulana Azam Sawati) he is not a maulana he Muhammd Azam Khan Swati an american returned pakistani i think he has no religious qualifications if he is the same person (Federal Minister for Science and Technology Muhammd Azam Khan Swati) He is the richest declared parliamentarian of Pakistan (Rs 1.6 billion in Pakistan and the United States.)

  2. HAQ says:

    hahahah kia chusssii mari hay!!!!

  3. shahid khan says:

    @ Abu Muhammad

    why the details about brasstacks members have been removed ?

  4. pakyouthblog says:

    Wah Shayed yeh NEWS sirf aap logon tak hi Puhunchi hai 🙂

  5. Muhammad says:

    You must have written ” 7000 shahba were MARTYRED fighting Musailima Kazzab ” Instead of writing that they died…..Anywayz…I know this could be a writing mistake…..

  6. Amen Ibrahim says:

    Muhammd Azam Khan Swati or Maulana Azam Khan Swati… What ever… It does not matter. What matters is that the case against ZAID ZAMAN HAMID has been brought forward and ZAID ZAMAN HAMID (BHAGORA) has no courage to come back under this situation because as soon as he will be arrested, he will have to face the same police which we have seen in recently released videos on youtube (You got what I am saying. right?). He must be begging ISPR to handle the situation and save their employee and I am sure that ISPR will already be working on finding a good replacement and as soon as they will get it, the REAL bravery of ZAID ZAMAN HAMID will bow down the heads of his followers in shame.

  7. YASIR says:

    @Pakyouthblog…lagta hai ke app ko hazam nahi horahi hai. Appnay chahetay zh se pooche lo.

  8. YASIR says:

    @shahid khan..Thanks for pointing out the typographical error, it will be corrected soon.

  9. Dr Mukhtar says:

    well done brother, keep it up, inshAllah this kazzab and supporter of a kazzab will never be left unpunished.

  10. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Shahid Khan

    Maulana against Azam Sawati has been removed. It seems, it was a typo as he mentioned Maulana before Maulana Sherwani, so would have been mistaken in writing.

    Jazakallah for identifying.

  11. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Pakyouthblog

    Yeah, it has reached us. You can pass this on.

  12. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Shahid Khan

    Regarding the question that your asking regarding BT team. Please be patient. You’d know of it. Insha’allah.

  13. a2zTruth says:

    I seriously doubt that Zaid Hamid Zaman was involved or he has ordered killing of Ulemas – how ever a judicial enquiry will prove the point. In Pakistan many things can be fabricated also -and the real criminals can be set free and have always been taking advantage of emotional fury of the nation.

    What about Rahman Malik himself who is alleged to crimes of national level – Pakistan meiN yeah rasm bhi pooraani hai key UlTA CHOAR KUTWAAL KO DAANTEY — !! HAMAARI HUKOOMAT MEIn BAITTHEY HOOIEY DUSHMANAANEY QAUM KI BHI KHABAR LI JAAIEY.

    Truth need to prevail , come what may.

  14. Talha Saad says:

    yes it was a tying mistake. I wrote it at in the morning and hurried it as lights were about to go. i know azam sawati personally i know he is not a maulana… these guys r such losers they cant take evena typing error

  15. Talha Saad says:

    2 in the morining sorry for the typing mistake again

  16. Hesham Syed says:


    Please work to get a comprehensive Fatwahs as detailed below from prominent & highest istitutions & Muftees in Pakistan / Saudi Arabia / Egypt and other Muslim countries.

    This will help to kill all kinds of Fitnaas germinating all over the places :


    Fatwah to be declared as Non Muslim / Murtid / Kafir

    1.One who declares himself or her self any Nabi or Rasool after Muhammed ( sav )

    And his or her Followers .

    2.One who declares himself as Allah / God – And his Followers,

    3. One who declares himself as Muhammed ( sav ) incarnated and his Followers.

    4.One who declares that he is carrying the holy spirit of Muhammed ( sav ) inside him and he impersonates himself as Muhammed ( sav ) – And his Followers.

    5.One who believes that the spirit of Muhammed ( sav ) has kept on coming to this world and will continue coming in future also in the form of another human being.

    6.Those who do not believe in the finality of Nabuwwat & Risalat and Muhammed ( sav ) being the final most Nabi and Rasool.

    7. Those who make a mockery of Allah ( swt ) or Muhammed ( sav ) and looks down upon on His Shariat.

    8.Those who degrade Muhammed ( sav ) in any way and considers any Walee Allah to be superior to Muhammed ( sav ) .

    10.Those who do not consider the Quran as the Final Book of Allah ( swt ).

    11.Those who interpret Quran without consulting Hadees and Sunnah or Seeratey Rasool ( sav ).

  17. ALIA HASSAN says:


  18. Toofan Khan says:

    Good news. 🙂 BTW, I have a suggestion.

    I think we should write something like Open Letter to Saudi Government to expose this ZH fitna who is currently there on so-called Umrah.

    We need to prepare the letter in Arabic and English Languages both and email to Saudi newspapers with all proofs and the Rehman Malik statement against him.

    Here we can find list of Saudi Newspapers.

    I am sure Saudi Govt will take more strict action as compared to dealing Qadiyanis. Insha Allah.

  19. shahid khan says:

    On ZH page someone is saying he is back ,has he been arrested whats the update…………

  20. He’s the real son of a bitch just like our Mother Fucking government, They’ll never arrest ZZH because he’s a zionist’s agent and our government is also following Zionist’s policy, so they’ll rather protect ZZH the real son of a bitch, But I’m sure soon ZZH will be assinated by some one, I wonder if I can do this great job… I’ll take no chance but to kill that bastard like a street dog, that mother fucker faggot, mean bastard… Fuck and piss on each and every follower of that son of a nasty bitch, pissssss offffff

  21. Karachiite says:

    I believe he is already back in Pakistan..appearing on different television channels as a RENOWNED defense analyst. Was this news a hoax? And whatever happened to the FIR against him? No court proceedings? Bailed forever and free??

  22. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @karachiite: bhai u must know, unfortunately our govt. is totaly made up of multi-tounged personalities, all they care abt is issuing political statements for increasign their vote bank, but never act upon ne thing they say… so its pretty natural tht no action has been taken against ZH, the govt. even hesitated tooo long to take ne action against Yousuf kazzab..!!
    nd ya he has strted comign on diff news chanels, perhaps for proving himself innocent with colourful fake words.. some thing shud be done to counter tht..

  23. Aman says:

    U said he should come back if he is a MAN. He has come back….U said he will run away like a coward, he is right here and hence a brave man. He has himself stated that he believes that Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is the last prophet of Allah. We should not blame anyone without evidence. That’s not right.

  24. Hamza Abdullah says:

    yeah he do claim that Prophet Muhammad(SAWW) is last messenger because according to him Yusuf was also Muhammad Nauzubillah suma nauzubillah. He should clear he position while saying yusuf as kazzab ,kafir thats all.

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