Pakistan Today: ‘Defence analyst’ Zaid Hamid wants to remove white from Pakistan’s flag. August 16,2017


In the most recent of his famously staggering claims, theories and demands, self-proclaimed ‘defence analyst’ and TV personality Zaid Hamid has expressed his desire to see the white strip symbolising minorities removed from the national flag of Pakistan.

Making his wishes known through social media platform twitter, Hamid tweeted what appears to be a pre-partition picture of young Muslim League workers hoisting a party flag. The picture is accompanied by the words “Have you noticed that original Muslim league flag was pure Green under which we fought for Pakistan & gained our freedom. Should bring back.”


The implication of the tweet that the white strip in the national flag, which is famously representative of the country’s minorities, should be removed are dark and dangerous. With minorities already under threat and regular victims of ostracisation, violence and exploitation, in the country such propagation serve only to create and solidify extremists and intolerant opinions that have taken root in the minds of Hamid’s target audience: the young and impressionable.

Despite the clearly threatening message being sent out by Zaid Hamid, another alarming feature was any lack of apology, which although nothing new, is still equally worrying. When questioned by a number of people, Hamid made a follow-up tweet with a picture of Quaid e Azam, writing “We are NOT going to be apologetic here. Quaid & Iqbal fought for survival of Islamic identity. Minorities are protected part under Islam..”


In saying these things, Hamid is apparently forgetting that the Quaid had himself insisted not only on minorities being represented in the national flag, but also asked on more than one occasion for the total ratio of green to white to be increased. His tweets also undermine the efforts of all the non-muslim pre-partition workers of the league and the many contributions made by minority Pakistanis since the nation’s inception.

However, as all good modern day Pakistani ‘analysts,’ Hamid seems to have an answer for everything. Answering the many queries made to him, he said about the Quaid e Azam’s role in the flag “he did…but he did many things under doctrine of necessity at that time.. like accepting Dominion status temporarily, British officers etc.” As to the services of non-muslims to Pakistan, Hamid added that “Does not mean we keep allocating part of our flag to them. In our glorious history, we have always protected minorities under OUR banner.”

Once again one is made to question Hamid given that the Quaid had no reason to compromise on the flag, and also why Hamid insists on snatching the the one solid piece of identity left to minorities in favour of “protecting them under Islam.” It also seems necessary to remind Hamid that bith Jinnah and Gandhi at the time of World War Two expressed their solidarity with the British (with the exception of the Quit India Movement), and affirmed that the subcontinent would have dominion status post-independence.

With his boisterous claims and inexplicable demands, anyone would question Hamid’s grasp on history. And even more, his credibility as a ‘defence analyst,’ given he is giving rise to the exact opposite of defence by instigating hate.

Source: Pakistan Today

Update about Zaid Hamid’s arrest in Saudi Arabia.

The news that Zaid Hamid has been given 8 years jail and 1000 lashes for speaking against the Saudi King is completely false. The source of this false news was a fake twitter account of General Hameed Gul which posted a fake news with this claim. We have confirmed from General Hameed Gul’s team that is a fake account and that General Hameed Gul has no account on Twitter. A Din News anchor then did a program based on this fake tweet after which a few blogs published it. Yesterday an Indian blog made a post based on this false news and posted it quoting “Unreliable” sources. This was picked up by the Pakistani media and presented as a fact especially by Express News. The real story which is confirmed by our team is that Zaid Hamid was detained because he was suspected by the Saudis of SPYING for IRAN. They had received intelligence reports of his trips to Iran and knew that he received considerable funding from the Iranian government. At present Zaid Hamid has not been given any punishment but is facing interrogation which is expected to last for a few weeks after which he shall be presented to the court on charges of espionage. We can only hope that the Saudis try him for blasphemy as well.

Here are screenshots of the tweets from the fake twitter account of General Hameed Gul.





The News: Self-proclaimed ISI stooge Zaid Hamid desires to get Hamir Mir hanged. April 20, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Role of some rouge elements, who always claimed their attachment with Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was completely exposed in Hamid Mir attack episode and subsequent events on Saturday.

Continuously threatening Hamid Mir for many days, self-claimed ISI stooge Zaid Hamid stated after Karachi firing on Geo News anchorperson that he desired to get Hamid Mir hanged, and prompted the Pakistan Army to act ‘ruthlessly’ against Geo and Jang Group for “blasphemy”.

It is extremely important to mention here that publicly made ‘attachment claims’ of these rouge elements, including Zaid Hamid, were never ever denied by the ISI. Zaid Hamid has already instituted a treason case against Hamid Mir.

Zaid Hamid, while issuing public statements on social media, especially through his known Twitter account, even went to the extent of instigating Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif by naming him and asking him to “fulfill his promise of safeguarding the dignity of the armed forces” by immediately nailing down Geo. He tweeted at 9:54pm “General Raheel, you had promised to protect the dignity of the armed forces at any cost. The time is NOW. Geo must be nailed for Defamation!”. It is very much disturbing for many that Zaid Hamid is still untouched by law enforcement agencies despite the fact that a recent standoff between the Pakistan Army and the civilian government was also created because of statements of Zaid Hamid, but no one has arrested him till date.

Zaid Hamid had released and spread on social media an old speech of Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif by editing it in a criminal way. Some out-of-context sentences of this speech created panic and misunderstanding among the federal government and defence institutions and the interior minister acknowledged some misunderstandings between the army and the government.

Khawaja’s speech was based on reasoning and facts and is considered as one of the all-times historic speech by a parliamentarian on floor of National Assembly made during period of dictatorship.

Zaid Hamid again openly committed blasphemy on Saturday by terming criticism on an institution as ‘blasphemy’. There are several allegations of committing blasphemy against Sahaba-e-kraam (RA) of Holy Prophet (PBUH) against him, but law never takes its course.

On Saturday, after life attempt on Hamid Mir, self-styled stooge of ISI Zaid Hamid condemned the attack, saying that he wanted to see Hamid Mir hanged as the result of conclusion of process of law in the treason case he has instituted against him. Zaid Hamid even wrote, “#HamidMir ISPR must respond ruthlessly to this blasphemy by Geo. How can a TV channel openly abuse/ accuse/ insult ISI w/o proof?” He related criticism or a simple news about an institution to blasphemy of holy and sacred personalities or heavenly books.

Zaid Hamid also termed whole Geo team snakes and claimed that Geo ran some news without proof. He wrote, “#HamidMir Geo & all their snakes are openly committing treason under article 6 by directly blaming ISI & DG ISI without any proof. #Pemra?”

While Zaid Hmaid wrote that Geo aired news without proof, in fact, Geo aired that according to video and written statement of Hamid Mir given many days before, he alleged that some ISI officers and DG ISI would be responsible if he is attacked.

Zaid Hamid own statements, made right after attack on Hamid Mir, proved that written and video statements of Hamid Mir, regarding who would attack him to kill him, were true.

Zaid Hamid lives in Cantt area and his location is not hidden. His addresses are House No-683, Street No-4, Chaklala Scheme-3, Rawalpindi, Office: House No-686, Askari Road, Askari V, Chaklala Scheme-3, Rawalpindi, Phone Office: 051-5598046-47. But no one from any government takes action against him.

In a move that is a clear case of treason, Zaid Hamid issued a statement on Twitter right after Saturday’s prestigious Kakul passing out parade and wrote, “Khawaja Asif gate crashed PMA Kakul passing out parade today. He was NOT invited 🙂 All army officers ignored him but he remained shameless!” This was a clear attempt against the State of Pakistan, an attempt to bring the federal government and army face to face so that there could be a clash. However, no one has touched Zaid Hamid.

Through their Twitter accounts and other means, Zaid Hamid and some retired officers of the Pakistan Army tried their best to fuel the situation on Khawaja Asif issue, which brought institutions at loggerheads but law enforcement agencies are mysteriously silent waiting for very very big happening.

It is important to mention that similar attitude and negligence by institutions has resulted into breaking of Pakistan on December 16, 1971.

Source: The News

Express Tribune: Building the Zaid Hamid myth. April 24,2013

Lately, social media is abuzz with chatter about either the former president Pervez Musharraf or Zaid Hamid, both unsavoury characters. However, what is even more depressing is to see some television channels also engage in discussion with or about Zaid Hamid, a person who, at best, can be described as an anarchist. He may not claim links with an organisation like Hizbut Tahrir (HuT) but his ideology seems to be in line with it, since both support some amount of violence and chaos to bring about a change in Pakistan and implement a system of caliphate. Just about a couple of months ago, the Oxford University Pakistani Students Union had organised a conference on Pakistan which reportedly was managed by the HuT, in which the organisation, not yet banned in the UK, had discussed its vision of seeing Pakistan as the next caliphate.


But referring to Zaid Hamid’s publicity, a television programme got highly controversial and then taken off air because it involved the use of abusive language about the sitting army chief by Zaid Hamid’s former assistant Emaad Khalid. He was talking about the way Hamid tries to instigate young officers against the top army leadership even suggesting use of violence to remove those at the top. Given that the HuT had successfully managed to provoke an officer into assassinating Anwar Sadaat, this almost looks like their signature move. The same evening there was yet another programme that interviewed him.


Not that either of the anchors or producers of those programmes were interested in propagating his agenda; they were probably anxious to know more facts about the report circulated by Hamid’s former assistant about him getting money from various quarters, it got him more publicity than what he could have imagined. Watching and hearing about the man, one also wondered about the capacity of both the army and the ISI to make expensive mistakes. As if it was not enough that their own creation, Masood Azhar of Jaishe Muhammad was involved in an assassination attempt on a former army chief Pervez Musharraf in 2002, another character seems to have been built to either scare or attempt the killing of another army chief. The critical question is why are such vulnerabilities created?


Zaid Hamid, the man who now has an amount of traction amongst the youth and more, is a product of the establishment itself. Having done his engineering from NED, Karachi, he was attracted to jihad in Afghanistan where he went during the 1980s. He claims to have fought alongside Ahmed Shah Masood, which he presents as an argument that the jihad is above sectarian considerations. He seems to have dropped off the screen for a few years but then brought into ‘strategic circles’ under Musharraf’s government. Apparently, he was hired by the then Interior Minister General (retd) Moeenuddin Haider as an advisor in his ministry. He claims to have provided the ministry, as well as business groups, with intelligence. When I went to visit him a couple of years ago, his office was located at a stone’s throw from the main gate of Chaklala Cantonment. There were some cupboards in the office full of files that he claimed were security intelligence reports to assist commercial enterprises. It sounded like the US group Stratfor or Eurasia that claims to do the same.


The 1980s and 1990s context is self-explanatory as this was a period when people were recruited to fight the war in Afghanistan. Zaid Hamid’s case was of a young man motivated by religious zeal and anxious to contribute to jihad. But then, what do you do with such characters afterwards? Do you or do you not try to re-integrate them in society? But then, Hamid was one of the many characters who were treated as assets and kept hanging around for another critical job. His resurfacing towards the end of Musharraf’s years in power coincide with the urge of the military leadership to create another political alternative and narrative of an exciting middle class changing the face of the country. Here was a man extremely verbose and eloquent, addressing the youth and inciting them against the political society and political institutions.


The drive to promote Hamid didn’t end with Musharraf but it continued. There were many who would refer foreign visitors to Zaid Hamid as a security expert. This expertise and its propagation were used to detract people about Pakistan. Not that the political system does not require revamping but this was a case of the army staying a few steps ahead of the people and society and trying to bring change artificially. Having tested and tried partnership with traditional power centres, the military now probably wants to create a fresh breed of stakeholders, which it would then like to market as a ‘new Pakistan’. Those buying into this project completely forget that Pakistan has been through four distinct cycles of elite injection. The good or bad leadership that we see today is primarily a product of the 1980s and a lot of these people were middle class then. However, the middle class narrative, which is being used now, was missing during the 1980s.


The problem with this approach is twofold. First, until the structures remain the same or the manipulation of power from behind the scenes continues, the middle class narrative itself may not change Pakistan. There will certainly be new stakeholders or faces but not very different conditions. Second, the method is highly risky as it destabilises the country and its institutions and creates anarchy. Furthermore, it gives the impression that the army is no longer a professional whole but divided from inside. The army chief may be the most powerful man but there are other forces that can endanger his life or seriously challenge him through such non-state actors.


The main issue here is that if the army is so divided and manipulative then this is not a country that nuclear weapons could save.

Source: Express Tribune
Writer: Ayesha Siddiqa


Kamran Shafi writes about the curious date on which the news of Zaid Hamid’s writ on Nawab Bugti’s suicide and murder of 5 officers was published. October 1,2012

It can only happen in the Land of the Pure; the Islamic Republic of Bananaistan. The very day it is reported in the national press that a former chief minister of Balochistan appeared in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and demanded the disbandment of the MI/ISI ‘death squads’, it is also reported that Zaid Hamid, the laal topi wallah, who is impendingly going to mount his white charger and gallop off to conquer Delhi’s Red Fort, has ‘hired’ Raja Irshad, the ISI/MI/Pak Army’s favourite lawyer.

Zaid Hamid’s plea is that the SC should form a commission to probe the fact that Nawab Akbar Bugti committed suicide and murdered five army officers too, and was not killed by the army. We are also told that the petition was submitted in the SC a full week before the news was curiously published on the day that it was. Let us also quickly note that Nawab Akbar Bugti, himself a former interior minister of Pakistan and chief minister and governor of Balochistan, was killed on August 26, 2006, almost exactly five years and one month before Zaid Hamid suddenly realised that the Nawab had committed suicide and also murder. In the petition’s words: “In reality he had committed a rebellion, waged a war against the state and his own tribe and when cornered, he committed suicide while also murdered (sic) five army personnel, but these facts have never been reported by the media, never taken up by the courts and the separatists are fully exploiting lies, deceptions and propaganda in the environment (sic) to wage a war (sic) against the state of Pakistan, against the army and against the former members of the government in dangerous times.”

May I remind Zaid Hamid and friends, of reports in the press that Nawab Bugti was killed. Here is just one, published on November 10, 2010 in The News: “In the case of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s killing, the source said, General (retd) Pervez Musharraf involved the then-Military Intelligence chief Major General Nadeem Ejaz and the top command of 12 Corps”. There are other reports detailing how he was killed, which constraints of space do not allow me to repeat here but let me turn this accusation on its head: what if the Nawab did indeed press the button bringing the cave down onto himself, his personal bodyguard made up of several hundred Bugti fighters and the army officers? Hadn’t this octogenarian, who could hardly walk, been chased into his cave complex by Musharraf’s army? Was he not surrounded completely at the fag end of his life with no rations getting through to him? Far more critically, did Musharraf not say in his brash bully-boy manner that ‘they won’t know what hit them (Bugti)’?

Indeed, it was reported at the time that “Security officials said forces on Friday launched air strikes against a cave complex in the mountains on the border of Dera Bugti and Kohlu districts where the chieftain was hiding”. Musharraf’s then-information minister, now champion democrat, Mohammad Ali Durrani, also said at the time that his death was the result of a ground-cum-air assault. Musharraf himself termed Bugti’s death a ‘victory’ for Pakistanis. What sort of victory was it when the Nawab himself triggered the explosives and killed five SSG officers too? Aren’t they ashamed of rewriting such recent history?

Indeed, the petition uses these words for Nawab Bugti: “… and when cornered …’. Cornered? Cornered? Is this the language that the Deep State’s adjuncts use for political leaders of this country; for a former interior minister, a governor and a chief minister; a Baloch Sardar who believed in Pakistan? Shame on them. And the pauper’s funeral they gave him, his body packed into a rude, locked box, none of his close family there to pay their last respects? Shame on them.

And the denouement: a day after Akhtar Mengal’s explosive statement in the SC and the SC’s harsh admonishment to the ‘death squads’, the pathetic federal and Balochistan governments have gone scurrying into the arms of the Deep State denying there are any death squads at all! So, who is kidnapping and torturing and killing Baloch, Hazara and Settlers?

Djinns in green? Bugs Bunny? Why, Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo actually said on live TV so many years ago that they even knew the number plates of the double-cabins that belonged to the MI and which carried the thugs who kidnap. Shame on all of us!

Finally, kudos to Nawaz Sharif who has proved he is a statesman by meeting with and empathising with Sardar Mengal.


Source: Express Tribune

The News: Zaid Hamid bidding for Musharraf says Umar Cheema. September 30,2012

ISLAMABAD: Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani had echoed the same line on the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti in a special cabinet meeting on Balochistan as has been taken in the petition of Zaid Hamid, a self-styled security analyst known for close links with the military establishment.


Army’s media wing, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), was not available for comments. A special committee’s meeting held on May 29 was attended by Gen Kayani, DG ISI Lt. Gen Zahir-ul-Islam, IG FC Balochistan Maj Gen Ubaidullah Khattack, Senator Raza Rabbani and two ministers from Balochistan after the Supreme Court had pushed the government into taking appropriate measures about the restive province. The then Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani presided over the said meeting.

 According to the sources privy to details, Gen. Kayani, for the first time, spoke in detail about Akbar Bugti’s killing and the speculation surrounding his mysterious death. Gen Kayani intervened when a civilian participant held the army and the intelligence agencies under its command responsible for committing the murder.

 The Army chief said he was ready to provide the details of the khaki officers who went inside the cave so that those accusing the army must ascertain from their areas and hometowns whether or not they were killed there on that date. Had the army wanted to murder Akbar Bugti, Gen Kayani argued, five officers would not have been sent inside at any cost.

 They had entered into the cave as Bugti invited them, pretending that he wanted to negotiate. He also asked for independent investigation into the murder mystery to clear the dust, officials privy to the discussion later told The News.

 Incidentally, Gen Pervaiz Musharraf, Kayani’s predecessor under whose watch the murder occurred, echoed the same line in a recent Geo TV programme ‘Awam ki Adalat’ hosted by Iftikhar Ahmad. As he was blamed of this murder, Musharraf told the host that it was mere allegation and explained the operational strategies that won’t allow the officers to enter the premises if the purpose was to kill somebody. He also called for a fair investigation into the matter. Zaid Hamid’s connection with the military establishment is an open secret. A few days ago, a delegation of his ‘think-tank’ Brass Tacks went to Turkey in the company of a military delegation along with the officials of Pak-Turk Institute.

 Incidentally, the petition filed through time-tested friend of khakis, Raja Irshad advocate, echoed the same line taken by Gen. Kayani and his predecessor. Irshad represented ISI in different cases other than army-led FC Balochistan. This shows the military leadership’s desire to clear its name of the murder allegations through demanding judicial inquiry into the matter, according to analysts. The petitioner contends that a team of five Special Forces commandos were invited by late Bugti into his cave to settle terms of surrender but once the officers entered the cave, he triggered an explosive device which brought down the entire cave, killing Bugti and the SSG men. “He committed suicide and also murdered the army officers,” the petition reads.

 The petition added that Bugti had desired to meet the army officers in the cave before he could hand over his custody to the law enforcement agencies. There was no doubt, it is said, that the late Nawab was going to be lodged in a room exclusively arranged for him in the Governor’s House in Quetta. Pervaiz Musharraf has been made one of the respondents in the petition. As demanded by Musharraf, the petition had also sought investigation through a judicial commission comprising serving and retired judges.

Source: The News

Brother of Zaid Hamid’s new wife exposes his corrupt character.

On 23rd June, 2011, Daily Insaf published a news report on Zaid Hamid’s latest scandalous marriage. It can be viewed here. Now the lady’s brother has sent an article to ZHE in which he gives more details about how Zaid Hamid destroyed a happy family and lives of 5 innocent children.

The purpose of this effort is to show the real face of this devil incarnate called Zaid hamid, and to uphold the unquestionable values which our messenger (SAW) had given us and are undeniably mentioned in the Quran for all times to come. The purpose also includes saving the simple ,conscientious people from falling prey to these kind of criminals who use their God given talents to hunt the minds and hearts of those who are sincere towards Allah’s cause but are mentally weak, specially the women .

Although this whole episode is very painful and shocking for me and the conscientious persons in my family , I decided to come into the press because keeping silence was only more damaging for my family and the society . He would not have been able to do that if all the members of the family would have taken principled stand firmly and unanimously, but unfortunately there are weak links in our families too like Noah’s son and wife.

The mul-oon Zaid Hamid may plan to make more in-roads into the family encouraged by my silence and such silence would only create more harm than good. Wrongs must be discouraged with full force , and this is the only way to save and strengthen the family values and ethics given by our Messenger (SAW).

Allah’s last Messenger (SAW) said in his last sermon at Hajj , ” O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life , honor and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust.

” O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under God’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.”

Zaid Hamid encourages day and night contacts between the namaharam men and women and he leads from the front in this regard.

Zaid Hamid has recently divorced his previous wife and married with a woman, who unfortunately happens to be my sister, by making her take Khula from her husband , leaving behind 5 children among whom 4 are under 8 years of age. All was going well before mul-oon’s contact with my sister
and the differences between my sister and her husband were manageable and meagre . But under the supervision and guidance of the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid, the family ties started weakening and the rationale of Quran and common sense started vanishing into the abyss of prophecies, dreams , visions , predictions and lofty claims.

Although the Mul-oon was told very clearly and humbly time and again that he’s playing with the honour of an honourable Muslim family, he kept on violating the unchangeable values of our Prophet and kept bombarding the innocent girl with the sms and emails through his team, which looked to call upon the sensitivity of the girl towards the plight of Muslim Ummah but in actuality were intended to get hold of her mind and to infuse the very imbalanced views of his which clearly deviated from the Quranic principles.

He was told that the woman, who was mother of 5 children , was behaving negatively abnormally under his guidance and that her husband , father and brothers didn’t want him to contact her or to encourage her contact with him in any garb, but he didn’t pay heed to these requests and employed her to ensure that the woman is financially strengthened in order to break away from her family and join his cult.

He drew support and sympathies of those sensative people who were affected by the negative happenings in Pakistan , specially the bomb blasts and drone attacks and instilled the idea that prophesized time has come and with special links with sufis and saints, he’s a dervish who is above the laws and commandments of Allah and Rasul, specially when it comes to ethics of contact with namahram women. And he does this in way that the victim herself confesses that she’s inclined to contact him to ” serve the nation”.

In March 2010, when asked to participate in an intellectual debate with renowned scholars like Dr. Farooq Khan and others on TV on the topic of ” Quranic laws of rise and fall of Nations — the way forward for us “, he didnt respond for 2 months and then said that he’s not interested in any such exercise, but is content with being the one eyed king among the blind.

Finally, he was asked by Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan ( a renowned scholar and Vice chancellor of Swat University who was our family friend and consultant psychiatrist), and Honourable General  Hameed Gul to leave the woman and abide by the values and ethics given by our Messenger , but this Mul-oon shamelessly avoided contact by the male members of the family and kept his close and frequent contact with the woman directly and indirectly. He didnt have the character to attend the phone from her husband, but had the shamelessness to contact the woman to ask her whether he should attend phones from the male members of her family or not.

He was asked to fire her from the job , but he kept increasing her salary and encouraged her to go to his evil circle of ” Yusuf Kazzab” , which includes two other Mul-oons . One is his Pir in Tarbela famous as ” do rotion wala baba ” and the other is Haji Safdar in Gojar Khan. This Haji Safdar was the person who made Zaid Hamid contact with Yusuf Kazzab, and ever since is held in high esteem by the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid. The first Pir from Tarbela told the girl in April 2010 that in consideration of her sincerity towards the cause of Islam, among the few such women , she has been selected by the ” Higher authorities in Heavens” to be married to the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid. As soon as she came back from there, without considering the undeniable values and ethics of the Prophet (SAW) , she insisted that she has to marry the Mul-oon and that her husband and those who will help her do that will get high rewards from Allah in doing so. No rational debate, no arguments based on Quran and Seerah changed her mind, because the Mul-oon didnt leave contact for a day to let her come out of the trance which she had gone into.

Most of his programs are such that a mentally weak and less knowledgeable anchor person sits accross him and throws stupid questions at him , in response to which a long speech initiates at a speed of 100 miles per hour and in a tone that is reflective of weak character and foolish confidence of the person.

From the point of view of comprehension to the level of character , he is as far from Quran , Seerah and even Allama Iqbal’s ideology as possible. He cannot even read Quran properly , and is so shamelessly confident that being so weak in knowledge and character, his schizophrenia boosts him to recite Quranic verses wrongly infront of a whole lot of people including Dr. Israr Ahmed.

Editor’s Note: Daily Insaf report refers to the lady as “T” to hide her identity as it will affect the honour of the family. We will not make public the name of her brother upon his request.

Zaid Hamid forbids Modern Medicine.

Zaid Hamid’s latest Facebook update was a video titled  “Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century”. The description Zaid Hamid wrote said, “You want to meet the real terrorists and the weapons of mass destruction? These are the doctors and pharma mafia of the Zionist controlled medicine companies.

Every Cult opposes modern inventions. For example an Adventist cult called the Jehovah’s Witnesses forbids its witnesses (members) to receive blood transfusions. If a Witness accepts a blood transfusion, he will be reprimanded, will be told that he’s lost everlasting life and god’s favor and will be expelled from the cult (in the past they were disfellowshipped, but now the cult considers that this is “disassociation”, consequences are the same : no one in the cult will speak to him anymore, including the family members if they are also in the cult). It is not a personal choice. The cult demands its members to refuse blood. They are not allowed to donate or store they own blood for transfusion purposes (autologous transfusion is forbidden).

Similarly, Zaid Hamid has declared allopathic medicine as Weapon of Mass Destruction and Doctors as Terrorists. Ironically, his own son is a third year medical student at Shifa College of Medicine in Islamabad. As a proverb states, Charity begins at home, Zaid Hamid should make his son quit his studies at a terrorist training camp ( Medical College) and begin his quest for alternate medicine. Ajmal Dawa Khana will be a good place to start.

Will Zaid Hamid’s followers in their Ishq e Rasool refrain from visiting a “Terrorist” and a “Mass Murderer” next time they’re standing in their showers and start smelling something sour? Well, Zaid Hamid has forbidden modern medicine so if it’s not causing any pain, they should probably sit and let it drain.

All scholars encourage modern medicine. Today, when people like Zaid Hamid declare Polio vaccination Haram and Un-Islamic, Ulema e Karam come forward and support it. The latest polio vaccination campaign was started by Muhtamim Dar ul Uloom Haqqania, Maulana Sami ul Haq. They have also issued a Fatwa declaring polio vaccination Islamic, countering baseless propaganda by people like Zaid Hamid.

Allah (swt) says in the Qura’n.

O You who have believe!, do not prohibit the good things which Allah has made lawful to you and do not transgress. Indeed, Allah does not like transgressors. [Al-Ma’ida]