Takmeel e Pakistan becomes Takmeel e Theateristan

Zaid Hamid has now changed the venue of Takmeel e Pakistan from Minar e Pakistan to Alhamra Open Air Theatre.

Zaid Hamid’s Announcement of Change of Venue

Alhamdulillah, for tactical reasons, the venue for Takmeel e Pakistan has now been shifted to Al Hamra Open Air Theatre adjacent to Gaddafi Stadium. Insha’Allah it is going to be an emotionally charged ideological, historical, earth-shaking event. Spread the message to your friends. Each one of you please do bring along a sabz hilali parcham. Be there by 3:30 p.m. Insha’Allah. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! ONWARDS TO TAKMEEL E PAKISTAN! See you there Insha’Allah!

Takmeel Venue Change Message by Zaid Hamid

Takmeel Venue Change Message by Zaid Hamid

Minar e Pakistan

The place where our fore-fathers met to resolve for the creation of Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is the place where our fore-fathers passed the Pakistan Resolution on 23rd March 1940. This resolution was the turning point in Indian subcontinent and finally led to the creation of Pakistan 7 years later.

Read Minar e Pakistan and Pakistan Resolution articles on wiki to know more about the place and the event that ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan.

Al Hamra Open Air Theatre

The place where dancers, and actresses gather every year to perform

Alhamra Open Air Theatre

Alhamra Open Air Theatre

Al Hamra Open Air Theatre is the place where The World Performing Arts Festival is held every autumn (usually in November). This ten-day festival consists of musicals, theatre, concerts, dance, and solo shows. The festival has an international character, with nearly 80 percent of the shows performed by international performers (dancers, singers etc). On average 15–20 different shows are performed every day of the festival.

Question to Zaid Hamid Fans

  • Is this the historic event that you want to participate in ?
  • What would your children ask you, where exactly did you passed the resolution for Takmeel e Pakistan i.e. Muhammad ur Rasool Allah saaw (in a theater)
  • Will Shariah now be discussed in Film Studios and Theaters ?
  • Didnt you wanted to Pass the resolution on the same place on which your fore-fathers passed Pakistan Resolution ?
  • The heritage and legacy of Alhamra is that of dancers, and actresses. Do you want to be a part of this heritage ?

GHQ Trying Desperately To Convince Barelvi Ulema's To Issue Statements In Favor Of Zaid Hamid

Our sources have informed us that GHQ is desperately trying to convince Barelvi Ulema to issue statements in favor of Zaid Hamid on the issue of Yusuf Kazab. Pir Naqeeb ur Rehman, who is a Barelvi Sufi Master and lives in Islamabad had been asked by agencies and establishment to do something to save the fast eroding credibility of Zaid Hamid.

Pir Naqeeb ur Rehman contacted Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayab, a well known Barelvi scholar from Karachi, who is also a leader of his own faction of JUP. Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayab is a well known personality in Karachi and runs a welfare trust in Karachi by the name of AlMustrafa Welfare Trust.

On the instructions of Pir Naqeeb ur Rehman, Haji Tayab flied to Islamabad and together with Zaid Hamid visited prominent Barelvi scholars like Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman and Pir Muzaffar Hussain Shah and a number of other religious and political scholars from the Barelvi Maslak.

However, Barelvi Ulema and religious leaders have rejected Zaid Hamid’s plea to issue statements in his favor. Sources have informed us that Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman got very harsh with Zaid Hamid and severely scolded him.

Our sources contacted Haji Hanif Tayab. Haji Hanif Tayab accepted the fact that he is in Islamabad, however refused to disclose the nature of his visit or comment on his own going activities with regard to the Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazab controversy.

Paradise Made Hell For Zaid Hamid, Another Takmeel Function Goes Down The Drain

I entered the hall of Paradise complex, the venue of Zaid Hamids latest program, passing through at least 10 layers of security. The first thing I noticed was that girls were seated near the stage and boys were behind them. At once I understood ZH’s cowardly and manipulative nature. This thug used girls as human shields, as he knew that no true knight of the Prophet would pass them to brawl with him.

I had barely seated, when Zaid’s gangster Tayyab Noman, called me out. I was expecting a friendly chat when he handed me to a few hooligans, who threw me out. I wonder why they are so much afraid of me, that 10 layers of security aren’t enough to satisfy them. I demanded compensation and received it after a sever protest.

Out side I met a couple of students in the parking lot on a motor bike. They told me that Zaid Hamids, PA Emad Khalid, threatened to break their legs and kill them if they did some thing. Those poor things were so confused and scared that they decided to leave. I would like to remind you all again that Emad Khalid is a know associate of a state sponsored paramilitary, Jaish e Muhammad.

[Editor’s Note: Sources from within Jaish e Muhammad have informed us that although Emad was a member of Jaish, he has no affiliation with the organization since 2006. The sources have further informed us that Jaish e Muhammd was never a supporter of Zaid Hamid and will never be a supporter of anyone associated with Yusuf Kazab. The sources categorically denied the false claims of some ex-members of Jaish who are not with Zaid Hamid. These ex-members are spreading the rumors that Jaish e Muhammad is fully supporting Zaid Hamid, the sources said that this is an absolute lie.]

I decided to stay outside for some time. After about one hour I saw some students coming out. I went to the gate and found out that they were severely bruised. They told me that during the question and answer session they wanted to ask Zaid Hamid a question upon this Zaid Hamid and Emad Khalid, ordered their gangsters to beat them up severely.

After about 5 minutes another student came out side. His name was Imran. As he couldn’t walk a few boys had to carry him on a chair. He told me that just as he was writing a question Emad khalid, told his hooligans to attack him. They robed him of his cell phone and started beating him severely. Zaid Hamid started to say that these people are RAW agents and deserve to be killed. Then Tayyab Noman took him out and told his gangsters to kill him. They started to strangulate him. Upon seeing this tyranny many boys stood up and freed the poor chap and took him out to safety.

This was the turning point as many boys came out, who saw the true face of this fascist. Initially, the police wanted to arrest the injured students, but the students told them that Zaid Hamid is a gushtak e rasool and a hooligan. They told him that he was a gangster who had Mulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri Martyred. The Police understood our point of view and supported us fully after that.

The cries and screams of the injured, was too much for us and we started a protest out side Paradise complex. We screamed “Zaid Hamid Jawab Do…KHOON KA HISAB DO” and “Kazzab ha kazzab ka…YOUSF ALI KAZZAB HA” in addition to traditional slogans.

Our Takbeer shook the walls of the complex. Suddenly, Zaid Hamid emerged running from the back gate with 10 of his thugs. The students started chasing him and threw stones at him. That chicken ran to his car and drove away, which was also pelted with stones. 2 students also chased 10 gangsters and those cowards like their master ran back in the complex and locked the gates.
Look at this chicken brothers and sisters; he was the first one to flee the scene leaving not just his audience inside and alone, but his ‘jeyalas’ as well. I ask the challas once again to look at the worthless coward they are following. In contrast Ghazi Shaheed chose to die with his students, but refused to abandon then.

We continued our protest. I received an SMS from a friend who is also a friend of Zaid Hamids son, Osama bin Zaid. He forwarded me an SMS, which Osama had sent him. The message was “ Tell Talha to stop messing outside our event. I don’t want him to get hurt. People hear, if they lose temper, they might actually rip him apart.”

I ignored the suggestion. After this Osama from behind they gate yelled at me and told me that to leave other wise I will suffer badly. I told him to do his worse.

Well his worse was collecting 300 girls and 150 boys in Paradice Complex’s lawan, shouting “Pakistan ZINDABAD”. We were shouting Allah O akbar and Shan e Rissalat Zinda bad, and they were shouting Pakistan Zindabad, as if it was relevant at that time.

Those 500 cissys took police protection to pass through us 30. We started to shout our slogans a lot of people joined us, after seeing the injured, and our numbers increased. The Police wanted to send us home but Imran was adamant that he will not leave until the media comes and Zaid Hamids cruelty is exposed to the world. Soon Waqat TV, Din Tv and a few other media out lets came and we showed the injured and our stance on yousf kazzab and Zaid Hamids hooliganism.

I contacted the Khatm e Nabuwat, and they wanted Imran to lodge an FIR against Zaid Hamids gang. In a few Minutes, most of the top uleam of Islamabad of Kahtm e Nabuwat, JUI and Wifaq ul madaris, reached Shahzad Town Police Station. We all accompanied Imran to the police station. The Ulema assured Imran that they will support him in every way, financially, materially and morally if he chose to lodge an FIR against Zaid Hamid. That great mujahid was ready to lodge an FIR and take the legal course.

Then I took him along with another student to get his medo legal report and an FIR was lodged against Zaid Hamid. The Ulema also said that if any one is a victim of Zaid Hamid’s oppression and wants him to stand trial for that, they will support them in every way. Allah bless our ulema.

Today my eyes witnessed that there is no bigger coward than a Qatil.


Narrated by: Talha Saad

Update: This is a comment by one of the students involved in Zaid Hamid’s security yesterday.. The comment has been posted on the wall of Zaid Hamid’s fan page. He is trying to explain, why they beat people during the seminar.

Abdul Sattar Shah Khattak @ Faraz…i was at security yesterday…the answer to ur question that why he was beaten…this answer i will give you soon but first remember…yesterday when i met Sir Zaid…He was very upset…imagine a situation…of 9 bombblast in a day in lahore…then alot of bomb blasts inlcluding peshawar(where fasadis did propaganda against us & Sir Zaid)…and then in the morning at each newspaper it was mentioned at front page that Zaid Hamid is involve or His name is on the list of Wakeup…I read this news when i was leaving to seminar in the morning from peshawar.alot of guys were upset here in this city.YOu can’t imagine of the situation on us & then specially on Sir Zaid Hamid.

Zaid Hamid's security volunteer explaining why they beat the student who asked questions to Zaid Hamid

Zaid Hamid's security volunteer explaining why they beat the student who asked questions to Zaid Hamid

Zaid Hamid banned from entering Comsat University

Alhamdolillah our comrades in comsats university lahore have been successful in stopping Zaid hamid from spreading his fascist poison in a function on 10 march 2010 over there. Infact he is banned from entering Comsats university.

This would have been very difficult to achieve if our lions in peshawar hadn’t roared so bravely…
Tumm hi se ai mujahido jahan ko sabat ha

Talha Saad

My Stance on Zaid Hamid, Shifa Islamic confrence and the term 'Burger Bachas'

It is a grave misfortune when some fitna causes bitterness between brothers. It seems this has happened between me and brother omer shuaib. I wrote some comments about zaid hamid and the conference on facebook, which infuriated brother umer. Though I have clarified my point of view it is his wish that I share them with all of you, or else he won’t talk to me ever again. I am not sure wither my heart could withstand such agony; I fear It will shatter to pieces. I just came from Lahore 20 min ago and this is the first thing I am doing.

My stance is very clear on this very issue. I absolutely have no problem with the conference our friends are organizing. My main problem is that Zaid Hamid is being invited to it. I have been an active participant in both the previous conferences, and I have never had a problem. However this year I strongly oppose that Zaid Hamid is being invited. I Do not do that on the basis of emotions or personal likes and dislikes, but solid reasons:

1. Many senior scholars who were actively involved in the sentencing of Yousf Kazab a false prophet have said that Zaid hamid was his right hand man. These scholars are a part of the Khamtm e Nabuwat institution, which is a semi govt institution. Just yesterday The Khatme Nabuwat had a press conference against Zaid Hamid and they said that the govt was with them and restrictions should be enforced on him. Apart from this audio recording of zaid hamid and yousf kazab are avalible. Even Dr Israr Ahmed at last years conference said that there was something b/w Zaid hamid and yousf Kazab. He himself never mentions Yousf Kazab he never apologies about it. He just says I don’t know the guy.

My point of mentioning all this is that such a person who is so controversial should not be invited to an Islamic conference. By inviting him to an Islamic conference as an Islamic speaker we first of all are saying that Zaid Hamid is not only innocent but represents Islam. What if he was guilty. We are taking a very clear position on an issue which is still controversial. He is not even a scholar he is not even masters, He just know how to talk that’s it.

2. By inviting him we are not only driving hundred of students away from the conference but also making them hate the conference. I attended a protest against the banning of minarets in Switzerland, about 500 students attended it. A lot of students told me that an even bigger protest needs to be taken out against Zaid hamid. They also told me that Zaid hamid was invited to Shifa, IIU and QAU and they were really angry about it. They were not madrassah students but students from Qaid e Azam University, Islamic university, comsats and some other collage whose name I don’t remember. When I asked them the reason for their anger, they replied that Zaid hamid called all the scholars Firoun and his opponents kafir on T.V.

3. He does a program with Ali Azmat who has openly declared that homosexuality should be tolerated and that organized religion and Zionism has similar ends. He also did a program with Maria B a fashion designer. How can such a person who associated him self with people who are at a very liberal extreme, be invited to an Islamic conference.

4. Zaid Hamid would be a big security risk as he not only has been condemned by scholars but also because he speaks out openly against the Pakistani Taliban. A few months ago a prominent scholar Dr sarfarz naeemi became the victim of terrorist attack inside a mosque. He was blown up during juma prayers along with many namazis. All Dr Naeemi used to do was to say that fighting Pakistani state is a mistake.

Its not just about security at the conference. Raja Dilawar was a social worker and he helped a lot of children after lal masjid operation. Some people got jelous and started a rumor that he was a govt spy. As a result he was beheaded by a mentally retarded person. This was all over the news a year ago. What if rumors start spreading about our students, wouldn’t that put the lives of our colleagues at risk even after the confrence. I am not against risking ones life. But if one has to risk his life why shouldn’t it be fighting Imperialism. Why should some ones life be in danger because of Zaid Hamid.

These were the reason I strongly disagreed about Zaid Hamid. I again stress I only have an ideological problem with Zaid Hamid not the conference.

Seacondly brother Umer and a lot of other brothers got really angry when I commented of FB that the conference is being organized by ‘Burger bachas’ I truly apologies, I never realized that it would hurt so many people. ‘burger bacha’ is just a harmless term which means some one who is alienated from their culture. It is not abusive or some thing. I never meant any offence.

I hope that this will clear any misunderstandings. If there is still any doubt I am always there to respond.

Talha Saad

Document (English|pdf): my-stance-on-zaid-hamid

A minor victory but the struggle continues…

“Verily truth has come and falsehood perished and falsehood is bound to perish”– Alhamdollilah Zaid Hamid has himself released the video which we had in our possession and our team had made public clips of it. This video proves our point of view that Zaid Hamid did have a deep link with Yousf Kazzab, a fact which he completely denied previously. The purpose of Mulana Jalalpuris book ‘Rahbar ki roop ma Rahzan’ is complete.

First of all we would like to make it clear that Zaid Hamid never would have released this video on his own. He just did it save his face after we started to air clips from it. Our friend who made this video from his Nokia Cell phone was threatened for the past 1 ½ month by Zaids supporters.

Day before yesterday Zaid Hamid personally called that friend, who is a 2nd year medical student, and said “I warn you and I threaten you…If you release that video there will be bloodshed”. When our comrade told him that the video is out then he had another meeting with his challas (according to our sources) and then decided to make that video public. We make it very clear that the video was leaked not published. Neither is it made to be released. He himself instructs in that video not to have it made public.

The other fact about the video is that it is 58 min clip. Zaids video shows 68 min. The audio he shows is 48 min. I haven’t seen the video on takmeel.pk except for first 4 min. If there is some problem with the video I will Inshallah make a note and publish it.

This is a minor victory, but we should remember that the greater struggle is still there. This fight has now taken new dynamics as now the discussion will be more focused on Yousf Kazzab case. I also think that Zaid Hamid will no longer complain that these people have not met me as he has already made public what he had to say. I will talk to Hazrat Mulana Jallal puri sahib tomorrow inshallah and discuss this. He is already working on a booklet on Yousf Kazzab. All the arguments given in this video are false.

What makes me wonder is that why on earth are official Jihadi groups i.e Lashkar e Taiyyaba and Jaish e Muhammad supporting Zaid Hamid. They claim to do jihad and support some one who attacks the aqeeda of Khatm e Nabuwat. They support some one who abuses the Ulema publicly. In my sight they are nothing more than mercenaries.

I also draw attention to the fact that Zaid Hamid has the ISIs and establishments full support. There providing support to a mulhid is not such a surprise, but what is sad is that our people still harbor expectations from these tyrants.

Brothers and sisters when ever you come across a fitna, then struggle against it. Allah will give you victory. Look we were so few in number. Just Zaid Hamid’s paid staff is twice our size (20-25 according to our sources). But Allahs nusrah came and today the entire nation is with us.

When we fight fitnas we should always keep in mind that it is a part of a greater struggle for shariah. This is because it is hypocrites like Zaid Hamid who make a Jammah which then fights Khilafah and the movement for shariah.

I will keep you all updated on any latest developments inshallah.

Talha Saad
Published Date: 04-March-2010

Document (English|pdf): a-minor-victory-but-the-struggle-continues

Zaid Hamid questioned by Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat in Islamic University

If the video embedded below does not play, please click on this link to watch the video.

A question raised at Zamin Zaman Hamid’s beliefs by the spokes person of Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat in Islamic University, Pakistan.

The Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat are proved right now, as he still defends the False Prophet – Yousuf Kazzab.