Zaid Hamid banned from entering Comsat University

Alhamdolillah our comrades in comsats university lahore have been successful in stopping Zaid hamid from spreading his fascist poison in a function on 10 march 2010 over there. Infact he is banned from entering Comsats university.

This would have been very difficult to achieve if our lions in peshawar hadn’t roared so bravely…
Tumm hi se ai mujahido jahan ko sabat ha

Talha Saad

My Stance on Zaid Hamid, Shifa Islamic confrence and the term 'Burger Bachas'

It is a grave misfortune when some fitna causes bitterness between brothers. It seems this has happened between me and brother omer shuaib. I wrote some comments about zaid hamid and the conference on facebook, which infuriated brother umer. Though I have clarified my point of view it is his wish that I share them with all of you, or else he won’t talk to me ever again. I am not sure wither my heart could withstand such agony; I fear It will shatter to pieces. I just came from Lahore 20 min ago and this is the first thing I am doing.

My stance is very clear on this very issue. I absolutely have no problem with the conference our friends are organizing. My main problem is that Zaid Hamid is being invited to it. I have been an active participant in both the previous conferences, and I have never had a problem. However this year I strongly oppose that Zaid Hamid is being invited. I Do not do that on the basis of emotions or personal likes and dislikes, but solid reasons:

1. Many senior scholars who were actively involved in the sentencing of Yousf Kazab a false prophet have said that Zaid hamid was his right hand man. These scholars are a part of the Khamtm e Nabuwat institution, which is a semi govt institution. Just yesterday The Khatme Nabuwat had a press conference against Zaid Hamid and they said that the govt was with them and restrictions should be enforced on him. Apart from this audio recording of zaid hamid and yousf kazab are avalible. Even Dr Israr Ahmed at last years conference said that there was something b/w Zaid hamid and yousf Kazab. He himself never mentions Yousf Kazab he never apologies about it. He just says I don’t know the guy.

My point of mentioning all this is that such a person who is so controversial should not be invited to an Islamic conference. By inviting him to an Islamic conference as an Islamic speaker we first of all are saying that Zaid Hamid is not only innocent but represents Islam. What if he was guilty. We are taking a very clear position on an issue which is still controversial. He is not even a scholar he is not even masters, He just know how to talk that’s it.

2. By inviting him we are not only driving hundred of students away from the conference but also making them hate the conference. I attended a protest against the banning of minarets in Switzerland, about 500 students attended it. A lot of students told me that an even bigger protest needs to be taken out against Zaid hamid. They also told me that Zaid hamid was invited to Shifa, IIU and QAU and they were really angry about it. They were not madrassah students but students from Qaid e Azam University, Islamic university, comsats and some other collage whose name I don’t remember. When I asked them the reason for their anger, they replied that Zaid hamid called all the scholars Firoun and his opponents kafir on T.V.

3. He does a program with Ali Azmat who has openly declared that homosexuality should be tolerated and that organized religion and Zionism has similar ends. He also did a program with Maria B a fashion designer. How can such a person who associated him self with people who are at a very liberal extreme, be invited to an Islamic conference.

4. Zaid Hamid would be a big security risk as he not only has been condemned by scholars but also because he speaks out openly against the Pakistani Taliban. A few months ago a prominent scholar Dr sarfarz naeemi became the victim of terrorist attack inside a mosque. He was blown up during juma prayers along with many namazis. All Dr Naeemi used to do was to say that fighting Pakistani state is a mistake.

Its not just about security at the conference. Raja Dilawar was a social worker and he helped a lot of children after lal masjid operation. Some people got jelous and started a rumor that he was a govt spy. As a result he was beheaded by a mentally retarded person. This was all over the news a year ago. What if rumors start spreading about our students, wouldn’t that put the lives of our colleagues at risk even after the confrence. I am not against risking ones life. But if one has to risk his life why shouldn’t it be fighting Imperialism. Why should some ones life be in danger because of Zaid Hamid.

These were the reason I strongly disagreed about Zaid Hamid. I again stress I only have an ideological problem with Zaid Hamid not the conference.

Seacondly brother Umer and a lot of other brothers got really angry when I commented of FB that the conference is being organized by ‘Burger bachas’ I truly apologies, I never realized that it would hurt so many people. ‘burger bacha’ is just a harmless term which means some one who is alienated from their culture. It is not abusive or some thing. I never meant any offence.

I hope that this will clear any misunderstandings. If there is still any doubt I am always there to respond.

Talha Saad

Document (English|pdf): my-stance-on-zaid-hamid

A minor victory but the struggle continues…

“Verily truth has come and falsehood perished and falsehood is bound to perish”– Alhamdollilah Zaid Hamid has himself released the video which we had in our possession and our team had made public clips of it. This video proves our point of view that Zaid Hamid did have a deep link with Yousf Kazzab, a fact which he completely denied previously. The purpose of Mulana Jalalpuris book ‘Rahbar ki roop ma Rahzan’ is complete.

First of all we would like to make it clear that Zaid Hamid never would have released this video on his own. He just did it save his face after we started to air clips from it. Our friend who made this video from his Nokia Cell phone was threatened for the past 1 ½ month by Zaids supporters.

Day before yesterday Zaid Hamid personally called that friend, who is a 2nd year medical student, and said “I warn you and I threaten you…If you release that video there will be bloodshed”. When our comrade told him that the video is out then he had another meeting with his challas (according to our sources) and then decided to make that video public. We make it very clear that the video was leaked not published. Neither is it made to be released. He himself instructs in that video not to have it made public.

The other fact about the video is that it is 58 min clip. Zaids video shows 68 min. The audio he shows is 48 min. I haven’t seen the video on except for first 4 min. If there is some problem with the video I will Inshallah make a note and publish it.

This is a minor victory, but we should remember that the greater struggle is still there. This fight has now taken new dynamics as now the discussion will be more focused on Yousf Kazzab case. I also think that Zaid Hamid will no longer complain that these people have not met me as he has already made public what he had to say. I will talk to Hazrat Mulana Jallal puri sahib tomorrow inshallah and discuss this. He is already working on a booklet on Yousf Kazzab. All the arguments given in this video are false.

What makes me wonder is that why on earth are official Jihadi groups i.e Lashkar e Taiyyaba and Jaish e Muhammad supporting Zaid Hamid. They claim to do jihad and support some one who attacks the aqeeda of Khatm e Nabuwat. They support some one who abuses the Ulema publicly. In my sight they are nothing more than mercenaries.

I also draw attention to the fact that Zaid Hamid has the ISIs and establishments full support. There providing support to a mulhid is not such a surprise, but what is sad is that our people still harbor expectations from these tyrants.

Brothers and sisters when ever you come across a fitna, then struggle against it. Allah will give you victory. Look we were so few in number. Just Zaid Hamid’s paid staff is twice our size (20-25 according to our sources). But Allahs nusrah came and today the entire nation is with us.

When we fight fitnas we should always keep in mind that it is a part of a greater struggle for shariah. This is because it is hypocrites like Zaid Hamid who make a Jammah which then fights Khilafah and the movement for shariah.

I will keep you all updated on any latest developments inshallah.

Talha Saad
Published Date: 04-March-2010

Document (English|pdf): a-minor-victory-but-the-struggle-continues

Zaid Hamid questioned by Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat in Islamic University

If the video embedded below does not play, please click on this link to watch the video.

A question raised at Zamin Zaman Hamid’s beliefs by the spokes person of Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat in Islamic University, Pakistan.

The Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat are proved right now, as he still defends the False Prophet – Yousuf Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid Threatens 2nd year Medical Student

It will not come as a surprise that in our country those people who heal the wounds of our nation, often face the threat of injury. These threats do not come from accidents or machines, but by rouges that live in our midst. Very often we will hear stories about doctors being hassled and harassed. I have a similar story to share. It will come as a shock to the entire doctor community that a prominent speaker, Zaid Hamid, personally threatened a second year medical student the day before yesterday.

I am a third year student in Shifa Collage of Medicine Islamabad. In early feb, some of our students arranged an Islamic conference to which Mr Zaid Hamid was invited. A controversy arose as there were some allegations that Mr Zaid Hamid had some link with a false prophet named Yousf Kazzab, who was latter sentenced to death. In order to clarify this allegation some of the students went to meet Mr Zaid Hamid. As the student who was threatned(lets call him x), was a very close friend of Mr Zaid Hamid’s son who himself is a first year student at shifa, he too went in that group.

As a big controversy had been created in shifa about Yousf Kazzab, Zaid told X to make a video in which he explained that Yousf Kazzab was innocent and wrongly accused. It was a 58 min video, and X was instructed to show it to people but not at any cost be given to any one or be uploaded to youtube.

X did as he was told but very soon he started receiving threats that he should delete the video or else horrible things will happen to him and his family. The problem was that X had given that video to a few friends including me.

For the past 1 month X has been suffering from sever depression. He took world distinction in A levels and was a top student but Zaid Hamid made him so tense that he missed his neuro science module exam. He stoped meeting people even in college.

The day before yesterday Zaid Hamid called him personally and said “I warn you and I threaten you… If you leak that video there will be blood shed”.

X has no Family in Islamabad. The nearest person he knows lives near Bhawalpur. His father is 75 years old. If they know that there is a threat to his life they will call him back and his future will be lost. I told him to stand up for his rights and he has even stoped talking to me. That is why I am not using his name. I checked whether I should report it to the Police but people told me that Zaid Hamid will lodge an FIR against X. Besides I don’t know much about this kind of stuff.

I really feel angry that a person who is a cream of the Nation is tortured so much and there nothing we can do.

Talha Saad

Zaid Hamid Admits his Links to Yousuf Kazzab and Defends him

The Exegesis:

  1. He still defends Yousaf Kazzab and defends him through his ‘Shari’ah Interpretation’, implying thereby as if the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat don’t have any record on it.
  2. He insulted the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying they were threatening the court, to pass judgement against Yousuf Kazzab.
  3. He insulted the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying words like ‘Maulvi beech phass gayee”, “Maulvi beech main ghusair diyee gayyee” “paisoon waisoon kay chakkar main”. In other plain words, he accused Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat that they had ‘wordly motives of money’ and again doesn’t prove it.
  4. He is totally misrepresenting facts. This has been replied as under:Q: Some people say that the Yusuf Kazab became a victim of Daily Khabrain Editor Zia Shahid’s enmity because Zia Shahid had some land/money dispute with Yusuf Kazab?A: Suppose, if this was the case, then leave Zia Shahid, and take rest of the evidences, which are too much, coming from too many sources, too strong and too crystal clear in nature. AMTKN challenges any one who have any “proof” that Yusuf Kazab did not claimed to be a prophet, please come forward and AMTKN will listen him/her carefully, analyze those proofs and will clarify its stance publicly with all those proofs and counter-proofs. Its an open challenge for any one.
  5. He blamed the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying that ‘they were bought by the Khabrain Akhbar’. Again a lie which he has prefected from his predecessor – Yousuf Kazzab
  6. He consideres still Yousuf Ali not a Kazzab and considers him to be a Muslim and Scholar.
  7. Regarding the issue of Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi, Zaid Hamid is lying again. The following is the fact: (Br. Talha Saad)
    “It is a lie that Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi supported Yousf Kazzab.”

    A comrade of ours went to mulana Niazais students and they told him the real story. When Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi was very sick,in his last days Yusuf Kazzab went to him, grabbed his feet and started crying.

    He told him that he was a true lover and slave of prophet(SA), and that he didnt declare prophecy…in return molana replied“ a bench of ulema should be made to decide ur matter…if you are masoom than you will be free and if you are proven wrong than you will be executed…(he didnt say that yusuf didnt declare prophecy)…”

    After that Yusuf altered this news and told the press as Zaid Hamid says it. The next day Molana Abdus Aattar Niazi condemned it and did a press conference that Yusuf Ali lied about him.

  8. He said he’ll keep 9mm Pistol with him, we’ll make a judge, whoever is proved wrong he’ll put a hole in his head.
  9. Since, when the punishment of lying became death penality instead of lashes?
  10. Calls that he’ll have the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat hanged and lashed. Is this how a sensible person will talke Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat who defended this Ummah from the fitnah of Qadyanis and Gohar Shahis?
  11. He doesn’t want to clear himself from the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by excusing that there is no Islamic Law. With this excuse, the Qadyanis should be called Muslims as well, because there was no Islamic Law when they were called Kafir.
  12. Accusing Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of doing a naPak-Paleet Game-plan against him.
  13. Called Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat as the most ‘ghatiah’ (low) Maulvi on earth? Is this the adab and manners to those who defend Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of Prophet (s)?
  14. Doesn’t give any appropriate answer against from here he made all this Videos and who was sponser of it?
  15. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat ‘Bloody Liers’.
  16. Makes fun of their Beards, Imamah’s and makes fun of Aalmi Masjlis e Tuhafzze-e-Nabuwwat. They will listen absues from me.
  17. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat murderers (May be he is showing is anger of his False Prophet being murdered on them), accused lies ( Same case, defendsFalse Prophet Yousaf Kazzab).
  18. Zaid Hamid become a ‘Shariah Judge’ passes judgement on the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat and says they should be punished by lashes.
  19. Doesn’t want to make this evidences on public. [It is public now]
  20. He doesn’t for the sake of ‘Allah’ as well as ‘Messenger’ (s), though being a Muslim we do things only for the sake of ‘Allah’.
  21. Lies that Dr. Israr and other groups are with us. Dr. Israr and group already apologized for associating with him because he was not aware and personally he has met Zaid Hamid only two times.
  22. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat corrupt and criminal. Accuses Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of distorting ‘Shariah’ and letting it apart.
  23. Allah and Rasool say koi darta hai? ( A Muslim only fear Allah Alone). He has some freak concepts.
  24. Doesn’t recite the word of Allah correctly. It doesn’t start with ‘Tu’minoona’, it starts with ‘Afa Tu’minoona’.
  25. Khabrain Newspaper is famous blackmailer. Proofs? (Like this then every Newspaoer should be called blackmailer)
  26. He doesn’t even consider that it was blasphemy case, but rather goes against the judgement of court, saying it abused the law.
  27. ‘Doo takay kay Maulvi’
  28. He doesn’t even consider ‘Yousuf Kazzab’ and this is how he defends him still. Shariat’ rules don’t implement on Yousuf Ali – so we can’t call him Kazzab.
  29. Tells Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat that “They can go to hell”, called them liars, criminals. They have spoiled religion. Call them terrorists. Accused them that the TTP is behind the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat. They are Fraud. They are not worth it.
  30. Calls it Deobandi-Brailvi Issue
  31. Called the document of “Khatame-e-Nabuwwat” as ‘Bunch of Rubbish”
  32. He doesn’t give a damn about the Maulvis ( Refering to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars”)
  33. Says that the High Court is threatend by Maulvis (Refering to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars”)
  34. Calls the Nizam – Kufar ( If someone else would have said it, would not have been left like that)
  35. Maulvis are corrupt and calls them Fasadi( Refereing again to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars)
  36. Maulvis ( Refereing again to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars ) are told to behave. If they don’t behave they will be prosecuted also. This is like making a Fasad.
  37. Proud of his ‘Media’ and says they are ‘The Media’.
  38. There will be no security threat on us. We will ‘threat’ these Maulvis. We haven’t done this yet, and they are coming on top of us just for nothing.
  39. He seenms to defends his claiming of Prophethood, through mystercism and spirtuality.

To sum it up what he said, he holds ‘respect’ the Ulama of Khatame-e-Nabuwwat as follows:

Maulvi, Maulvi Ghusair diyee gayee, Maulvi paisoon ke waja say andar aye, get lashes, naPak Paleet Plan of Maulvis, Ghatiah(low), Bloody liers, Makes fun of their Beards, Imamah’s and makes fun of Aalmi Masjlis e Tuhafzze-e-Nabuwwat, abuses for them, murderers, fasadis, accusers, corrupt, criminals, destroyer of shariah, Do takay kay maulvi, They can go to hell, They are Liers, Fraud, Terrorists, Fasadi. They will be prosecuted if they don’t listen to Zaid Hamid. Tells that he’ll threat the Maulvis.

Document (English): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-exegesis
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-1
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-2
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-3

Zaid Hamid Defends His False Prophet (Yousuf Kazzab)

Zaid Hamid has been denying any sort of association with Yousuf Kazzab, who claimed prophecy and was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment to be followed by death penalty – but during his imprisonment, a Sipah-e-Sahaba operative murdered him for blasphemy.

This is an introductory video, and the full video with exegesis will be posted soon. Insha’Allah.

He defends Yousuf Kazzab by saying “Is this Shar’i (Islamic) Court  that gave judgement on Yousuf Kazzab ?”

If the video embedded below does not play, please click on this link to watch the video.

What Zaid Hamid did after running away from Islamic University?

(The following account is based upon our reports from Zaid Hamids Camp)

Facing an unexpected encounter, Zaid Hamid left Islamic University shaken and terrified. He had always thought that the youth unconditionally supported him; but the events at Islamic University proved something else. Seeing their Hero flee, his die hard supports, who we call ‘challas’ were left very demoralized.

The first thing Zaid did was to summon all his team members for a meeting. This meeting lasted all night and then went on for another whole day. Initially Zaid tried to raise the moral of his followers. He tried to justify his cowardice act of running away. I am reminded of a speech of Mulana Azim Tariq in which he faced firing for 4 hours but refused to stop. And here Zaid ran away when a student asked him about Yousf Kazzab.

He also discussed Wake up Peshawar. Originally it was decided that it will be held on 4th of March but latter this date was delayed to 6th of March. Takmeel e Pakistan Islamabad which was to take place on 7th of March in Paradise complex (the place where shifa conference took place) was also postponed. Zaid Hamid now wanted to bring Dr Israr and a few Deobandi ulema to Takmeel. We believe that it is a way to show that respectable people are with him. Unconfirmed reports also tell us that Zaid Hamids people met with Dr Israr however wither Dr israr will come to Takmeel is not confirmed.

In order to raise his moral he told his challas that Jaish e Muhammad and lashkar e Taiyyaba is with him. We know that one of his main challas is an ex member of Jasih, and also that jamat ud dawa publicly called him a fitna. However we do not put past these thugs and dacoits to support a munkir of khatm e nabuwat. We also know that some stupid members of PSF and MSF visited him and assured him of their support against ‘fassadis’. I am informed that a local pindi ‘badmash’ has also assured Zaid of his support.

It has always been my stance that given the chance Zaid Hamid will use violence for his purposes. Utilizing this event very cunningly for this intention, he told his hooligan challas how his life is in danger and he fears a physical attack by these ‘fassadis’ any day. Those fools immediately told him that they will that they will bring armed guards and other hooligans to his functions in Islamabad.

Even though our campaign has opened the eyes of many his followers, it has endeared him to the anti Islamic forces in the country. He is now planning to organize his following on militant lines.

Many of our comrades received threats of having horrible things done to them and their families. Yesterday a few challa hooligans from Islamic university visited the Khatme Nabuwats office and gave threats and insults to the ulema there.

What I feel is that his strategy is very similar to Altaf Hussain. He is bringing thugs and criminals in his ranks. The establishment supports him, and he has a broad base of support in burger bachas. On top of that he is trying to win the support of state sponsored Para militaries i.e. the Jaish e muhhamed and Lashkar e Tiyyaba. All these forces of reaction combined will unleash havoc on our people, all in the name of religion. They will rob people they will murder they will kidnap innocents. They will attack madaris and ulema and the foundations of organized Islam.

Intimidating us and keeping guns is just the first step towards build a militant wing. Every one knows that our struggle is peaceful. Then why is there a need for hooligans. This is not unexpected as Yousf Kazzab chose Zaid Hamid specifically as he had commando experience and wanted him to build a militant wing.

We are just about a dozen medical students and scholars opposing him. Our struggle is intellectual; we are not aware of the complications of politics or the dynamics of violence. But we shall never bow down before the guns of tyranny. If we are to be slain, then our blood shall not be the first to be shed, protecting the crown of ‘Khatme Nabuwat’ on our beloved Prophet’s (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) head.

We are proud of the fact that Allah has chosen our sinner tongues to speak out not just against a single dajjal, but a dajjal who represents the entire system of Taghoot. It is our belief that there can be no bigger rejection of khatm e nabuwat, than a state which rules by other than what was revealed on our beloved Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam). Our voice has shaken the walls of the tyrants, and we do not fear if they cut out our throats in retaliation. It is the only thing they can do to silence us. Talking and shouting the truth is all we have, they can not take that away from us.

We might not be certain about wither we live or die, but one thing is guaranteed; that the Ummah of Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) will be victorious over the army of Yousf Kazzab.


Talha Saad (Courtesy)

Document (Urdu): zaid-hamid-flees-from-islamic-university-1
Document (Urdu): zaid-hamid-flees-from-islamic-university-2
Image (Urdu): zaid-hamid-flees-from-islamic-university-1
Image (Urdu): zaid-hamid-flees-from-islamic-university-2
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-flees-from-islamic-university
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-questioned-by-khatm-e-nabuwwat-spokesmen

Latest News from the Anti-Zaid Hamid Front

As a lot of our brothers are following the story of our struggle against Zaid Hamid so I feel that it is an obligation for me to share the latest developments against this evil which is threatening the very Fabric of our Aqeeda ie the belief of Khatme Nabuwat.

Wake Up Pakistan Islamabad took place on Sunday 31st Jan 2010. On Thursday the Khatme Nabuwat movement along with top scholars of Islamabad arranged a Press conference against Zaid Hamid. They called upon the govt to stop Wake up Pakistan and to ban him from entering educational institutes. The reason was that Zaid Hamid was the first Caliph of Yousf Kazab a false prophet who was sentenced to death in the year 2000.

I took the press statement to our brothers in Shifa Collage of medicine who were organizing an Islamic Conference on 6th and 7th of Feb. Zaid Hamid was invited to the conference. The brothers got very much worried as I had raised a severe opposition to inviting Zaid Hamid. My demand was very simple that he gives a press statement sending lanat on Yousf Kazab the False prophet and I will have no objection to him coming to any event.

Brother Ahmed Malik, Yousf Raza, Ali and a few other students from our collage went to meet Zaid Hamid on Friday. They had thought that Zaid Hamid is a great scholar and Champion of Islam and he will send 100 lanats on yousf kazab and the likes of him. However they were quiet shocked when Zaid Hamid started to give them proofs about how Yousf Ali was a great scholar and a sufi saint and how Deobandi Mullahs got him killed. He said “Boys was I wrong when I said that I don’t know any Yousf Kazab… I knew Yousf Ali… Lots of people knew Yousf Ali”.

He also told our friends to make a video and show it to all the people in shifa so that they may know the truth about Yousf Ali. I have seen the Video and have told in detail of what ever was shown it to the elders of Khatme nabuwat. It is a 58 min video however Zaid Hamid took 2 hours trying to explain to our boys that Yousf Ali was a great sufi.

Any way I took a few Ulema to Wake up Pakistan. Wither Wake Up Pakistan woke up Pakistan or not is another question, it did woke up the Khatm-e-Nabuwat movement. After seeing the extent of support of Zaid Hamids fitna and the open display of Vulgarity which was a hallmark of the conference, our elders decided to present a firm resistance to this challenge.

One of the Scholars who was coming to the Shifa conference was Dr Israr Ahmed. Zaid Hamid kept on saying that Dr Israr is with me and we coordinate our activities bla bla bla. So a few of our students went to him they told him that Zaid Hamid is propagating Yousf Kazabs message to our students and he is taking his name. A member of Dr Isrars Tanzeem e Islami was also present there and he showed him Zaid Hamid pictures with Dr Israr and said that he got them from his friend who became involved with Zaid Hamid after he showed him those pictures. Zaid Hamid told his friend that it’s the same thing wither you work for him or Dr Israr.

Dr Israr said that he only met Zaid Hamid twice. Once he called Zaid to his place and the other time Zaid invited him. When Dr Israr visited him, he told him that some children want to have their picture taken with Dr Sahib and that’s how he got those photos of him and Dr Israr. Dr Israr thanked our comrades a lot for informing him about this. In the mean while a lot of people with in Tanzeem e Islami started to show their disgust for Zaid hamid. The Khatme Nabuwat Ulema also met Dr Israr and he apologized for being associated with Zaid Hamid. Dr Israr told the Khatm e Nabuwat people that agencies are supporting zaid to create “deeni Ghayarat” in our people. I am aware that the majlis e shura of tanzeem e Islami did meet on this issue.

Kahtm e nabuwat also met Mufti Kamaludeen, a professor at LUMS university who was a speaker on the Shifa conference. Mufti Kamal ud deen assured his support against this evil. On 7th after the conference Mufti Kamal ud deen met Dr Waqas, a doctor in Shifa who was also a speaker in the conference as well as brothers who were associated with the conference. Mufti Kamal and Dr Waqas then met Zaid Hamid, and it was decided that Zaid will no longer be invited to any of Shifas functions until he repents his beliefs.

Zaid Hamid said in the video that Lashkar e Taiyyaba people provided security to the Wake up Karachi conference. I personally saw Lashkar cadre at wake up Islamabad. I contacted my friends in jamat ud dawa and really gave them a piece of my mind for being associated with this sacrilege. They were very apologetic.

Yesterday, 14 feb 2010, while I was on my walk I received a message on my cell to come immediately to Jamat ud Dawa headquarters in Islamabad. A conference was going on I took a seat at the back as a expected another boring lecture by a salafist mullah. However the speaker was a mujahid named Abu Haider who had spent 13 years in jail in India and was a senior leader of Jamat ud dawa. He talked about how a fitna of Zaid hamid is endangering Islam. He said in the speech that Zaid Hamids secretary came to their Head Quarters but they kicked him out. He said
“ We know who is supporting him…they are very ‘naik’ people with good intentions but they don’t realize that he is a snake and he will bite us all”

After the conference I met the guy who was giving the lecture as well as other coordinators of that event. They told me that they hope I was satisfied now. I replied in the affirmative. I asked the guy as to who really are the ‘naik’ people who are supporting Zaid Hamid. Abu Haider replied:

“ ISI… I met their officer and told him that why are you supporting him (zaid hamid) so much. He replied that we want to create ‘Deeni Ghayarat’ in people. So I told him that it would have been better had you used a Christian… when satan wants to entrap a mullah he uses a mullah… our people did provide security but it was at a very low level, our leadership did not know of this and we took a stern notice against this

Brother Ali who is a year junior to me in Shifa wanted the ulema to meet Zaid hamid. However our scholars told me that they have a clear stance… Zaid Hamid is a murtid and a Gushtakh e Rasool and it would be an insult to go and meet him. Zaid Hamid should come to the ulema, apologies for his transgressions to Allah and renew his Faith. Only then will he be acceptable.

This, brothers and sisters is a very very small highlight of the struggle which took place against this evil. I have left out many many parts as this tale has not yet reached its conclusion. Pray to Allah that his deen be victorious in Islamabad, Lahore, Sawat, Waziristan, Afghanistan and every place where the forces of truth and falsehood are in conflict.


Talha Saad. (Courtesty)

How Zaid Hamid's show in Islamic University was made a failure?

Brothers and sisters Allah has given us another victory against Zaid Dajjal. This time the venue was Islamic University. I was busy having my dinner yesterday when brother Sajid Ali President of Islamabad chapter of Muslim Students Organization(MSO) called me and told me that Zaid Hamid is coming to Islamic University today. We discussed this issue for some time and decided to give Zaid Hamid the same treatment which was melted to a Shia Zakir this Sunday in Fasil Mosque. Latter at night a comrade from Shifa also messaged me to do some thing about Islamic University.

The function was to begin at 12 30 p.m. At 11 45 the information secretary of MSO called me and he asked me for the photographs and press cuttings of the protest we did for missing persons. I told him about Zaid Hamids function in Islamic university. I must salute the brother’s quick action as he immediately called the ulema of Khatm-e-Nabuwat who reached the venue in 15 min. The brother also informed our MSO unit in IU.

When Zaid Hamid reached Islamic University our comrades of MSO started a protest against him. Jamiat e tulaba e Islam (fazl ur rahman) also joined in. Zaid Hamid entered the conference Hall hearing slogans against him. He did a 30 min speech which was followed by a Q and A session. The first question was asked by a student regarding Zaid Hamid’s connection with Yousf Kazab. He totally denied that he knew such a guy. On this the students got infuriated and started raising slogans against him. Zaid Dajjal got terrified and he fled the scene. After this a lot of literature was distributed against Zaid Hamids fitna at the scene especially the book ‘Rahbar ki roop ma rahzan’. Sajid Bhai told me that a brother had made a video of this skirmish if this is true inshallah it will be available on Youtube soon. [A Glimpse of a Video]

Bro Sajid messaged me just as I was having lunch. I called him and he told me the details. A scholar from Khatm e Nabuwat also called me who was at the event and sharing it with you all is the first thing I did. Brothers and Sisters When ever a false prophet will raise his voice… we will follow the sunnah of Hazrat Abu Baker (RA). Join us in this cause Stop Zaid Hamid from entering the premises of institute. Spread the word against him.


Talha Saad
Courtesy: Br. Talha Saad

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