Zaid Hamid claims to be Mahdi and his followers claim that Essa (a.s) has arrived in Balochistan.

A few months back ZHE team made public two emails in which dreams were mentioned about Zaid Hamid being a prophet. (They can viewed here and here). Zaid Hamid did not condemn those emails despite the fact that they were discussed in the electronic media as well as in the top news papers of the country. We considered his silence to be an affirmation of those claims.

Recently Zaid Hamid and his followers have made some very public statements, which show that Zaid Hamid has indeed declared himself to be a Prophet before his followers.

On 11th May,2012 Zaid Hamid on his official page shared a video in which he declared himself to be a prophesied “Green Eyed Mujahid” who will establish “Khilafat e Rashida” in Pakistan and lead “Ghazwa e Hind”. This is one of the claims which Yusaf Kazzab, Zaid Hamid’s spiritual mentor, made and called himself to be a prophet on its basis.

On 10th June,2012 Pakistan Cyber force (PCF), which is being run by Safwan bin Kamal aka Enticing Fury, wrote an article on their page in which they made a claim that Hazrat Essa (a.s) has arrived in Balochistan. They based this claim on a dream seen by the Admin of PCF.

The question arises that if Hazrat Essa (a.s) ma’zAllah has arrived in Balochistan then surely Hazrat Imam Mahdi must have arrived before, because Muslims believe that Imam Mahdi will come before Essa (a.s). This proves that Zaid Hamid’s followers believe him to be Mahdi and Imam e Zaman. Yusaf Kazzab also made similar claims.

No Muslim can even dare make such a blasphemous claim. In authentic saying of the Holy Prophet (saaw) it is clearly mentioned that Hazrat Essa (a.s) will come in Syria, and yet this follower of Zaid Hamid is claiming that Hazrat Essa (a.s) has arrived in Balochistan.

This article is similar to the emails which we have shared. We must mention here that the followers of Yusaf Kazzab used to have similar dreams, which were the result of satanic forces. Just like the Cult of Yusaf Kazzab, Zaid Hamid’s cult has also started to consider him to be a Mahdi, Imam e zaman and Prophet.

Aik Aur Ghazi – A Movie on the assassination of Yusuf Kazzab.

The Punjabi movie “Aik aur Ghazi” is the real story of the assassination of Yusaf Kazzab by an “Ashiq e Rasool” named Tariq, in the jail. Talking to ZHE Maulana Abdul Wahid Qasmi General Secretary AMTKN Islamabad narrated the incident in which he met Tariq, the assassin of Yusaf Kazzab.

At a function Tariq a.k.a Tariq Mota came to meet him. He introduced himself as the person who sent Yusaf Kazzab to hell. Tariq wanted to thank Maulana Qasmi because he played a crucial part in not allowing the Kazzab to be buried in a Muslim cemetery in Islamabad.

“I had committed a terrible crime for which I was sent to jail and sentenced to death,” Tariq told Maulana Qasmi with a sigh “I wanted redemption, I prayed to Allah that he gives me an opportunity to redeem my self. Then I got my chance, when I heard that a Blasphemer of the Prophet (saaw), Yusaf Kazzab was in the same jail as I was. I knew that this was the chance I was asking from Allah. I vowed to send him to hell.

“250000 Rupees were spent on this project which enabled mem to get a gun smuggled in. The first two attempts on him failed. On the third shot after seeing him I pulled the trigger and fired many times into his body to ensure that he is dead. Then when it was certain that the Kazzab had died, I Shouted Allah o Akbar, threw my gun and fell into sajdah”
“But what happened then how come you are outside jail what happened to the cases against you?” asked Mulana Qasmi, still astonished.

Tariq smiled.

“You see me here free and still serving Islam, after I killed him, all my cases went away. The people who I had caused great harm forgave me. All cases against me were withdrawn and now I am as free as you, there is no case on me.”
By making this movie the nation has honored one of its greatest Ghazis. We would recommend every one to watch the film, and may Allah give us all the eemaan which He has given Tariq Mota.