Zaid Hamid's Another Lie Caught On Value TV

Zaid Hamid Refusing to Call Yusuf a Kazzab – Door Andaish on Value TV Part 4

Watch the video from 2:25 — 2:40

Zaid Hamid: Ye Kehna Ke Us Nay Nabowat Ka Dawah Kiya Hai Aik Bohat Bari Baat Hai.

Host – Bilal Qutab: Us Nay (Yusuf Kazzab nay) Meray Sa’amnay (Dawah-e-Nabowat) Kiya hai.

Zaid Hamid: Yqeenan Kiya Hoga Do Logon Ko Sharai Adalat Main Ja Ker Evidence Dayni Chaye Aur Sharai Adalat Us Ke Baray Main Faisla Keray I AM NOT GOING TO ACT AS A SHARAI JUDGE.

Please note this point that from 2:25 — 2:40 Zaid Hamid is stating that he will not act as a JUDGE.

Now watch the video from 2:40 — 2:55

Host – Bilal Qutab: Shah Sahab aik zimni sawal. Aik shaks kehta hay kay main paighamber hon yahan per aa kar aap kay Ishaq-e-Rasool ki ghairat itni kiun num hojati hai kay aap yeh kahaingay kay ye faisla adalat keraygi ?

Zaid Hamid: Ager woh meray samnay kahay ga to I’ll Kill Him.

Wait wait wait !!!!

What did he just say that he will kill a person who will say in front of him that He is a Prophet. But just 10 seconds back, Zaid Hamid was saying that he will not act as a JUDGE on Khatame Nabuwwat issue and now he is stating that he will kill a person who declares himself to be Prophet in front of him.

So 10 seconds back Zaid Hamid was not willing to act as a Judge but 10 seconds later he stated that he will not just act as a Judge and decide that this person has committed Gustakhi e Rasool but will also act as an executioner and will execute the person then and there.

On one hand he is unwilling to act as a judge on Yusuf Kazzab issue, but on the other hand he is willing to execute a hypothetical person on spot for committing a blasphemy.

So the blasphemy of an hypothetical person is a blasphemy to Zaid Hamid that should be punished by death immediately, but the blasphemy of Yusuf Kazzab is not.

What a hypocrite !!!

What a Gustakh e Rasool !!!

What a Munafiq !!!

How Zaid Hamid Can Prove Yusuf Kazzab To Be Innocent

Zaid Hamid wrote an article in DAILY DAWN stating that the Session Court accepted the Shahadaat of 14 eye-witnesses against Yusuf Kazzabs statement that he didnt said those things that the 14 eye-witnesses were accusing him of.

Actually Yusuf never tried to refute the other claims of those 14 witnesses like proving their lies by bringing forward evidence of the fact that lets say they never met Yusuf etc. All other things that those 14 witnesses said was accepted by Yusuf. Like those witnesses said, we met Yusuf in Karachi or Lahore and Yusuf accepted it. The witnesses said, we were present in so and so speech of Yusuf and Yusuf accepted that. Yusuf accepted everything except for the fact that he called himself to be Muhammad (Nauzobillah).

Everyone must understand that a mere denial is not an evidential proof in a court of law. In order to understand this, lets take an example of a murder in which Abdullah is accused of committing a murder and 4 eye-witnesses appear in court and testify that Abdullah committed the murder in Karachi on 20th of July 2000. Now Abdullah can refute this accusation by proving in the court of law that he was not present in Karachi on 20th July, 2000. In fact he was not even present in Pakistan and was in London, by putting forward his passport with immigration stamps and travel documents. Once the court would see these evidences it would reach this conclusion that all the 4 witnesses are lying and are trying to frame Abdullah for the murder. If, on the other hand Abdullah merely states that yes I know all of these people, yes I met them there and there and accept everything else except for the murder than this is no defense at all.

Another possible way for Abdullah to defend himself could be to present eye-witnesses testifying that we were also present in Karachi on 20th July 2000, and Abdullah was in front of us all the time that night and we never saw him killing anyone.

Similarly Yusuf Kazzab could have presented eye-witnesses to testify in the Sessions Court that they were present at Bait e Raza and Yusuf never made those statements which are recorded on this audio. Or eye-witnesses that could state that we were also present during the meeting with where the other people are accusing Yusuf of stating Ana Muhammad, and we testify that Yusuf never said that.

However, Yusuf never presented a single eye-witness in his defense. In fact, although Zaid Hamid and Sohail used to be present there in all court sessions, even these two most trusted Sahabi’s of the Kazzab didnt testified as an eye-witness in favor of Yusuf Kazzab.

In order to prove someone a Kazzab only two eye-witnesses are required but AMTKN produced 14 eye-witnesses in court. AMTKN also produced Yusuf Kazzab’s personal hand written diary, Yusuf Kazzab’s audio and video speeches and proved beyond doubt in the court of law that Yusuf committed blasphemy. Ultimately the court was convinced that Yusuf committed blasphemy, declared him a kazzab and sentenced him to death

Now if Zaid Hamid thinks that Shariah requirements were not fulfilled in the court, he should do the following:

  1. Zaid Hamid should pin point the Shariah violations that were carried out during the trial. He should explicitly name the Shariah requirements that were not fulfilled. Merely stating that Shariah requirements were not fulfilled is not enough, He should name those Shariah requirements.
  2. Yusuf Kazzab is dead now, and no one can bring him back. But since Zaid Hamid thinks that Kazzab is not a Kazzab, he should go to the Shariah Court and prove in the Shariah Court that Yusuf Kazzab was falsely accused because of these and these reasons, because these and these Shariah requirements were not fulfilled. In doing so, Zaid Hamid will be able to clarify the allegations on Yusuf Kazzab and from then onwards no Muslim will call Yusuf a Kazzab.

It is not the duty of Ulema to prove once again that Yusuf was a Kazzab. Ulema have already done so. It is now a duty of Zaid Hamid (the Sahabi of Yusuf Kazzab) to prove that Yusuf was not a Kazzab – because it is he, who is insisting that we can not call Yusuf a Kazzab – so he should provide evidences in defense of Yusuf to prove that Yusuf was not a Kazzab.

But the irony of the matter is that if Zaid Hamid have had any of these so-called evidences to prove that Yusuf was not a Kazzab, he would have already provided those evidences in the Sessions Court 10 years back.

Zaid Hamid Refuses To Call Yusuf a Kazzab Even After An Eye Witness Testifies That Yusuf Called Himself a Prophet [Video]

Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even after Bilal Qutb who was the host of the program Door Andaish testified in front of Zaid Hamid that Yusuf Kazzab called himself to be a Prophet in front of Bilal Qutb. Recently Zaid Hamid appeared in a TV program called Door Andaish on Value TV. Incidently, the host of the program Bilal Qutb also happened to be a neighbor of Yusuf Kazzab at Shadman, Lahore.

During the interview Zaid Hamid stated that Yusuf Kazzab never declared himself to be a Prophet infront of him. Bilal Qutb recalled this for his TV audience that in Zaid Hamid’s meeting with Dr Israr, Dr Israr referred Zaid Hamid to a person who was an eye-witness of Yusuf Kazzab’s claim of prophethood. Zaid Hamid side-stepped from this statement and ignored it totally. On this, Bilal Qutb informed Zaid Hamid that he was a neighbor of Yusuf Kazzab at Shadman, Lahore and Yusuf Kazzab himself told Bilal Qutb that there is a Mohr e Nabuwwat on Yusuf Kazzab’s back. Bilal Qutb stated that he asked Yusuf Kazzab to show him the Mohr e Nabuwwat. On this Yusuf Kazzab said that not everyone can see the Mohr e Nabuwwat but his wife has seen the Mohr. Bilal Qutb said that he can say all this by putting his hand on the Holy Quran and said that he is giving a solemn statement.

But even after hearing this eye-witness shahadaat (gawahi) Zaid Hamid refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab and continued to repeat his lame arguments that go to Shariah Court and give this Shahadat in Shariah Court and get Yusuf declared a Kazzab in Shariah Court and only then I will declare him a Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid further stated that Yusuf never uttered such blasphemous views in front of him. This is a total and utter lie, since Zaid Hamid was present at Bait e Raza and during his Bait e Raza speech Yusuf Kazzab stated that Allah and Muhammad saaw are one, which is nothing but Shirq. And in the same Bait e Raza speech Yusuf Kazzab declared that a 2.5 year old child has seen Prophet Muhammad saaw i.e. Yusuf Kazzab.

It is hard to believe that Yusuf uttered his blasphemous views in front of his neighbor of a few years i.e. Bilal Qutb – but never told Zaid Hamid about his Mohr e Nabuwwat even though Zaid Hamid knew him since 1992 and defended Yusuf Kazzab till Yusuf was killed in Jail.

Zaid Hamid says that he never supported the views of Yusuf Kazzab, but during the entire court proceedings – Yusuf Kazzab’s views were discussed and Zaid Hamid was present in each and every session to show his solidarity to his Prophet. If he did not supported Yusuf Kazzab’s views, what was he doing in the court sessions. If Zaid Hamid did not supported Yusuf Kazzab’s views why did he write the article in Daily DAWN calling Yusuf Kazzab to be a great scholar of Islam and a great sufi. If this is not called supporting Yusuf Kazzab’s views than what else is called supporting Yusuf Kazzab’s views ?

Zaid Hamid’s fans will still say that it is now proved that Zaid Hamid is not a follower of Yusuf Kazzab since he has called Yusuf to be corrupt. But what they fail to see is that Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even when a Muslim has given Shahadat in front of Zaid Hamid on National TV that Yusuf stated that there is Mohr e Nabuwwat on his back. Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even when Dr Israr referred him to eye-witnesses who can testify that Yusuf used to call himself Prophet Muhammad saaw (Nauzobillah).

Zaid Hamid’s fans and every other muslim should know that entire Deen is based on Shahadat (Gawahi). Hazrat Abu Bakr RA never heard Musailma Kazzab calling himself to be a prophet. However, Musailma was declared a Kazzab because enough people testified (gave shahadat) that Musailma has declared himself to be a prophet. Hazrat Abu Bakr RA accepted this testimony of other people. One important thing to note here is that Hazrat Abu Bakr RA accepted the testimony of other people and declared Musailma to be a Kazzab, but Zaid Hamid is refusing to accept the testimony of other Muslims and saying that these testimonies does not fulfill Shariah principles. Does this not mean that Zaid Hamid is saying that Hazrat Abu Bakr RA did not fully understood Shariah principles that is why He RA accepted the testimony of others – without himself going and listening to Musailma’s point of view.

Zaid Hamid stated that what sort of a person calls his Nabi to be corrupt. This is what Zaid Hamid’s fans also state here and there. But for the information of Zaid Hamid and his fans, before Zaid Hamid’s association with Yusuf Kazzab became public, Zaid Hamid never ever called Yusuf to be Gumrah or corrupt. Zaid Hamid can not show a single public statement or writing in which he has called Yusuf to be Gumrah or corrupt before 2008. In fact in his video leaked by students of Shifa Medical college, that created this entire storm – Zaid Hamid went as far as calling Khabrain and Zia Shahid to be corrupt. So previously he was calling Khabrain to be corrupt, but now that has changed and now Zaid Hamid has realized that it was not Khabrain but Yusuf who was corrupt. Zaid Hamid is now calling Yusuf to be corrupt to side-step from having to call Yusuf a Kazzab. This is what Bilal Qutb also referred to, that Qadyani’s do the same thing. They side-step from the real argument and accept petty things but never accept that Mirza Qadyani was a Kazzab and a False Prophet. Zaid Hamid is doing nothing new. He is just following the foot steps of Qadyanis.

The most funny thing about Zaid Hamid’s arguments were that on the one hand he was refusing to call Yusuf a Kazzab stating that Shariah requirements were not fulfilled and on the other hand he was saying that he is not a religious expert who can give Fatwa. Zaid Hamid if you are not a religious expert who can give fatwa, how can you declare that Shariah requirements to call Yusuf a Kazzab were not fulfilled ? At one hand you state that you are not a religious expert but on the other hand you make statements that sound as if you know religion more than Dr Israr, Moulana Abdur Rehman Ashrafi, Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri, Mufti Naeem and other top religious scholars – all of whom declared Yusuf to be a Kazzab.

By calling his own prophet corrupt and gumrah, with whom Zaid Hamid spent 10 years of his life and from whom Zaid Hamid learned all his spirituality and religion, Zaid Hamid has proved that he is not loyal even to his False Prophet – Yusuf Kazzab.

Do listen to this statement of Bilal Qutb in which he said that when I am giving you Shahadat that Yusuf declared himself to be a Nabi and you are still refusing to call him a Kazzab – where all your Ishq e Rasool has gone at this time ?

The discussion on Yusuf Kazzab issue starts around 5:00 of Part 3 and continues in Part 4 of the interview.

ZHEE/TeamBT: Mufti Naeem's Son in Law Met CIA Officials in Langley to Conspire Against Zaid Hamid

ZHEE/Team BT has accused that Mufti Naeem’s (Jamia Binoria, Karachi) son in law has met CIA officials at CIA headquarters in Langley some two months back. In the meeting, Mufti Naeem’s son in law was accompanied by an entire so-called “Mullah Delegation” and they were asked to create religious uproar against Zaid Hamid.

ZHEE/Team BT’s accusation was made on their fanpage and can be viewed here:

Son-in-law of Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binoria was invited by CIA at Langley Headquarters with his Mullah delegation about 2 months ago especially to raise ‘religious’ uproar against Zaid Hamid? Well, you know now.

  • Can ZHEE/Team BT provide any prove whatsoever for their accusation ?

Read this accusation of ZHEE/Team BT and then read the Hadees below it that they have quoted.

Destiny of Pakistan, Muslim Ummah and GhazwatulHind

The topic is much discussed these days and many charmers have been able to fantasize this to the level of making it look like a visit to Disney world or a film produced in the Universal Studio of scientific fiction.

GhazwatulHind: The holy war is being planned and fought on TV talk shows, Face book, Websites, Emails, Conference rooms, Drawing rooms, delivering fiery speeches, singing so called qaumi tarana by stage and TV or Film artists or actors, playing nationalistic songs on guitar, lighting candles of hope, reciting Iqbal poems or verses and quoting even Quranic verses & Hadees + historical events or episodes out of context just to create a fury among the new or young generations mostly in teen ages and plus.

Chain of imposters and self proclaimed Mahdi & Muslim leaders have also joined the team – Frequently we hear of new Sufis, Saints, Prophets, Maseeha, Mehdi, reincarnated Muhammed or Ahmed and even God / Allah in human uniform with blazing sword in hand and they mostly have landed in Pakistan because it is dreamt that Pakistan has to play the centralized role for the reminesence of Islam or of Muslim nations – Signs are visible in Black, Green, Brown, White turbans + Flags or Red Caps.

Such a serious issue now has been taken over by the media which only knows how to create sensations, with their hidden agenda & without even thinking of its grave consequences.

On the other hand a secularist project of AMAN KI ASHA is being promoted and promulgated philanthropically with the view to remove the boundary line and conflicts & do away with the two nation theory which wrongly or rightly was exploited to create geographical differences. If this has to happen after 62 years why millions of people have been slaughtered , races and generations have been destroyed by cultivating hate towards each other but none in Pakistan or in India dare say any thing against the Muslim league or Congress leaders because their status is almost like Prophets of the nation who could not have made a mistake , could not have been knowingly or unknowingly used as agents of super powers or may have committed a wrong Ijtihaad ie the least to say. Are we therefore on the route to ask forgiveness from millions of those who gave their blood to create and rehabilitate this country and say SORRY that it was a historical blunder and we are ready to reverse the scenario for future generation – OR we have to live with what ever happened and even though we could not save the split of our own country , could not control regional , tribal and religious secretarial feelings and hateful behavior & exploitation between each other but we have now found another intellectual platform to talk about and that is Khilafat e Rashidah & GhazwatulHind. A country which was created by a dream has to continue living in a dream world – why not ? After all we have to play a central role for the whole world – !! Think about it, if these dramatic propagation and stage show is not to divert the attention and mind of young generation from the real problems in Pakistan of helplessness, hopelessness, lack of education & health care facilities, unemployment, poverty, decay of moral & ethical values, depleting economy & currency value etc so that a few families and old set of scrupulous people keep looting Pakistan and taking the country down the hill as always.

Why don’t we launch GhazwatulPakistan first to eradicate all the evil forces inside the country working like termites and snakes instead of unknowingly still being used by the same in house evil forces that have destroyed Pakistan for vested interest?

Each day one notices a few additions of websites and frog like seasonal scholars a similitude of donkey with load of books on it’s back and all with the views to modernize Islam , receiving direct revelations from God , to pluralize Islam to the extent of loosing it’s own identity and credibility or parameters established by the final most Nabi & Rasool ( sav ) – The agencies, the western media, the technological waves and materialistic views and achievements is so illuminating, shockingly bright and tempting that it has made loose sight of many people that they don’t like their own faces in the mirror – they need plastic surgery to restructure their facial bones and like to change the pigment of their colors to appear differently and alter even their vocal chord to sound like His Masters Voice. They therefore have to create doubts in Quran, abrogate verses in Quran, refute the credibility of Hadees & Sunnah, call Sahabaas, chain of Muhadeyseen, Aiyemma, and Earlier Scholars by bad names and until and unless this is done and the central focus of Muhammed (sav) and the emotional attachment of Muslim Ummah with him is not diverted by diluting or undermining his status, their target will never be achieved, hence the satanic struggle is on going.

Pakistani masses or nation therefore is in total confusion like any other Muslim country or nation today with the floods of paradoxical views and thought process and for a common man it has become difficult to keep the head above the stinking sewage water like contemplation to breath & survive.

The solution is the counter & perpetual struggle against all fitnahs in any robe or veil by holding stead fast on to the love of Allah ( swt ) & to the Prophet ( sav ), rejecting all impersonators, imposters, understanding Quran in light of Hadees and Sunnah and directing energies towards constructive thinking, acquiring knowledge of science and technology and in all faculties or syllabus thus researching & exploring all the resources in the world and using these for the benefit of mankind.

I hope we truly understand what does Wake up Pakistan & Takmeel e Pakistan really mean ? Identify the hidden enemies within our own selves and fight with those – Let us treat our own sickness first, to make the body & spirit healthy and strong to venture to apply antidote to others.

If we have decided to make Pakistan as an Islamic estate ( not for name sake only ) and not a secular estate then let sensible , balanced headed & well educated people with Islamic knowledge and understanding lead and not the members of deviant group who will lead this country to a catastrophe one after another.

Hesham A Syed.

Hesham Syed: Both Qadyani's And Kazzabi's Claim That They Believe in Khatam e Nabuwwat

One very important issue which needs to be made clear to Yusuf or Zaid followers that the claim from Yusuf is like Mirza Qadyani that they believe in Khatam e Nabuwwat — of course Mirza also refuted the real meaning of Khaatem as Khaatam ( meaning seal – Nagina – most prominent ) but by just declaring the finality of prophet by these imposters does not give them the right to declare themselves as Muhammad or Mohammed ( saw ) – Mirza Qadiani and Yusuf both ( and there are a few more – this world has no scarcity of mentally sick people ) who declared themselves as Muhammad ( saw ) thus impersonating him — this is even worse than declaring one self as a new Nabi or Rasool – So , if Zaid is all time making a declaration that he believes in finality of Muhammad ( saw ) but he does not rebuke or call Yusuf as a kazab for his gustaakhy or blasphemy , rather defends him makes it ababduntly clear that Zaid or his likes aqeedah is that Yusuf was the reincarnated form of Muhammed ( saw ) or his personification ( one of the visible similarity with Qadianis belief ).

Mirza Qadiani ( India + pakistan ) + Yusuf Ali ( pakistan ) + Gauhar Shahi ( pakistan ) , and one recently I learnt about Sheikh Ameen in Multan/Pakistan + Rashad Khalifah ( egyptian american ) and one I communicated with many years ago some one in Kuwait who was hiding his real name and appearing on a website called A New Islam ( his website does not exist any more and I dont know if he is alive or dead ) who propbably managed to publish a book in parallel to Quran , and named it AlFurqan — Such people were / are mentally sick but their Khalifah or followers are equally sick –
By gaining popularity in masses who do not have the indepth knowledge of Allah’s deen does not qualify them to be right – Iblees Lain has the biggest following in the world , so this does not make him a bonafied mentor.

I have not mentioned here hundreds of deviant groups viz Bahaiy , Agha Khanis , Ismailis , grave worshippers , Munkir e Hadees , jamat Muslemeen , Khwarij , Takfeeris , Extremist group & many sects among Sufis & Shias or Sunni and on and on ——- ! These all are derailed set of communities with imbalanced and eccentric state of mind – so true Muslims, the followers & lovers of Muhammed ( sav ) + Ahley bait athaar + four companions of Sahabas should be careful not to fall in to prey of such cults otherwise they will loose every thing — Most of these cults leaders validate themselves among the masses by propagating their Ishq e Rasool and having a direct spiritual or physical link with him , hence bringing disgrace to him -Astaghfar-Allah. May Allah ( swt ) protect all of us from these fitnas so that we live as a Muslim and die as a Muslim.

How Fascist Zaid Hamids show in TechClub was Sabotaged

At around 8 00 am Hazrat Mulana Azeez ur Rahman Sani along with hundreds of students reached the vicinity of Techclub. There they contacted the local police officer and demanded that Zaid Hamid’s program be cancelled. At first the local police was cooperative but then they said that their hands are tied and can not do any thing in this regard.

Hazrat Sani then contacted the SHO and he expressed his inability to do any thing. It was a testing time. The youth got ready for direct action but then as a last resort Hazrat Sani contacted the DPO, who had been very cooperative during the Takmeel movt.

The DPO was outraged. He told the police present in the vicinity that this was a very sensitive issue and they should ensure that Zaid Hamid is not allowed to speak. The police obliged and together with hundreds of fidaeen e rasool went to the TechClub and contacted the people responsible there.

Mulana Sani told the organizers to give his team 20 min with Zaid Hamid. If in those 20 min they prove him to be on falsehood then they should stop his program but if they fail to do that then they will not object to any program Zaid Hamid goes to. The admin of TechClub conveyed this challenge to him but he refused his.
After 15 min of giving his speech Zaid Hamid fled the way he usually does when faced with the forces of truth.

Author: Talha Saad

Editor’s Note:

ZHE Team has not independently verified the no of fidaiyeen present at TechClub. However, its not just Talha Saad multiple sources of ZHE Team have reported the same turn of events that Zaid Hamid refused to confront the Ulema of AMTKN. The students of Khatam e Nabuwwat asked the organizers to let them ask some questions to Zaid Hamid and within no time, they will prove that he is the follower of a False Prophet. But Zaid Hamid refused to accept this Q&A session with Khatam e Nabuwwat. The point worth noting is that Zaid Hamid himself challenges Ulema to confront him face to face, but whenever Ulema do so, he runs away from the occasion. Following is another email from one of our source, who was present at the TechClub.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 11:48 AM
Subject: Zaid At TEC Club
To: xxxxxxxx


Bhai Alhamdulillah once again zaid ran away, without facing the Lions of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W

We pressureized the organizers, SP police and the security to let us talk to him on Yusuf Kazzab issue….. He refused to talk to our people. However he had to run away without completing his bakwas. ALHAMDULILLAH

We are thankful to Lahore police & the DCO for the support today. The TEC Club tried their best to let him complete but the poilce enterd the hall and stopped him

He was so afraid to talk to us that not eve a single person with full beard was allowed to enter the hall.


Zaid Hamid to make an appearance at TechClub Fikri Nashist – Lahore

Zaid Hamid has been invited by TechClub Lahore to present his views on “Pakistan and its Future”. The details of the event follows:

TechClub Fikri Nashist
Time: 11:00 am
Date: Sunday 13, June 2010
The Engineers Cooperative Housing Society Limited
Canal Bank, New Campus (Opposite Doctor’s Hospital) Lahore
Tel: 042-35411018 Cell: 0300-4417726

Instead of calling the organizers of this event and asking them to cancel this event, it would be nice if muslim brothers and students could go to this event in large numbers and also ask Zaid Hamid to present his views on Islam, Khatam e Nabuwwat and Yusuf Ali Kazzab.

Questions related to Zaid Hamid being declared a Khalifa by Yusuf Kazzab at Bait e Raza, will be specially pertinent.

And we know that eggs and tomatoes cost a lot these days, even the rotten ones – but then too taking a few with you would be handy and rewarding both in this life and the hereafter.

Launching Zaid Hamid Exposition Forum

Zaid Hamid Exposition is now in the 4th month of its launch. Ever since its inception the site has been under transformation. During the first month i.e. March 2010, the focus of the ZHE team was on bringing as much material against Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid online as possible. This resulted in a day and night effort that culminated in 226 posts. These posts included testimonies of eye-witnesses like Hesham Syed and original documents like court proceedings, testimonies of Ulema e Karam, News paper records, Books published on the issue and a lot more.

Naturally there is a limit to material that can exist on any issue, consequently with time the amount of postings dropped (46 posts in April and 24 posts in May). This drop in postings can be attributed both to the unavailability of new material or success of bringing all the available evidences online.

With time the focus of the discussions also shifted from ZHE Team posting new updates and people reading them to users starting discussions of their own. But these discussions by ZHE fans were hindered by the fact that they had little tools or features available to start discussions on their own.

But this will change from now onwards. ZHE has now launched a forum, where ZHE fans can start any topic of their interest and ZHE Team and other people can give their input and discuss those issues and topics. The forum will inshallah empower ZHE fans to start discussions on their own, without having to wait for ZHE Team to initiate one.

On the blog, we limited ourselves to discussing only the core issues and side stepped from discussions on Sufi believes, Ghazwatul Hind and other such topics. But with the forums, ZHE fans are free to initiate topics even in these areas.

In a few days, we will inshallah migrate all the discussions done in the discussion section of ZHE facebook fanpage onto our own forums.

The real power always lied with the community and our job was only to provide a platform for the community to unite against Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazab. It is upto you guys to take this torch forward and participate vibrantly in the forums and come up with new topics, and evidences in the forums that can may be also be posted on the ZHE site.

PKKH and Maria B: We Left Zaid Hamid Because of Being Told That By Not Defending Yusuf Kazab We Will Become Traitors of Rasul Allah saaw

The email posted below was sent to ZHE team by Talha Saad, who in turn received it from some of his sources within PKKH or TeamBT. Talha sent us the email on May 1, 2010.

ZHE Team has verified the authenticity of the email from the undersigned themselves and has found that the email was indeed written by PKKH and Maria B.

PKKH and Maria B decided to leave Zaid Hamid because they were being told that to distance yourself from Yusuf Kazzab will mean that you will become a traitor of the Muslim Ummah and Rasul Allah saaw. This clearly means that Zaid Hamid still thinks that Yusuf Kazab is in fact Rasul Allah saaw (Nauzobillah) and by not defending him, people are becoming a traitor of the Muslim Ummah and Rasul Allah saaw himself.

When the PKKH team refused to defend Yusuf Kazab on public forums, the bunch of kids that now support Zaid Hamid and defend Yusuf Kazab on Facebook by making stupid videos and by lame arguments here and there started attacking and insulting the PKKH team, which ultimately led to this final email by the PKKH Team.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: talha saad
Date: Sat, May 1, 2010 at 11:55 AM
Subject: maria b, pkkh distances them self from ZH

All Praise to ALLAH,The Supreme may Blessings be upon the Leader of
Anbiya, Muhammad SAW.

“This is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition; and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing;” 8:53

Dear all,

We have been working selflessly for one “cause” for the past couple of years….and that is Pakistan & Islam only.

We all thought we stood united…We put our love, life, sweat, blood and dreams in it….

To say that we are hurt, disillusioned or sad is an understatement but no one could prepare us for the internal backlash and cancer that seems to have inflitrated this mission. This mission was about Pakistan…. The youth, Islam and the Ummah…and it is no one individual’s soul property..not yours..not ours..but it is a responsibility and a sacred trust enjoined upon the entire Muslim Ummah collectively.

Needless to say that we trusted Zaid sb with our lives and beyond…. Believing in him as our true leader…. But then the Yusuf Kazzab issue hijacked the whole mission, and everyone got sucked into battles that were not theirs to fight in the first place. We were being told that to distance ourselves from Yusuf Kazzab somehow meant we were traitors to this nation and to RasulAllah (SAW).

We’ve had many concerns about a lot of things that have resulted in getting things to where they are today, but unfortunately none of them were taken seriously. We have all been insulted, sidelined, isolated and targeted, by young kids, comrades and all, people who were supposed to be on our side, and nothing was done to stop this vicious backlash. Indifference is worse than participation when it comes to these
disgraceful acts. Accusing, doubting our niyyats, the sanctity of our ideals and pointing fingers at us.

“And obey Allah and His Messenger and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient.” (8:46)

We have deviated from the principles of Quraan and Sunnah, our focus became our own countrymen who have differences with us – rather than our common enemies. The hands and tongues that are let loose on their own brothers, can never be utilized against the real Kuffar and enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

Allah knows our intentions and we expected all issues within the group to be resolved professionally and without malice and question of “niyyat”.

We believe that holding any position makes you accountable in front of ALLAH, We pray to Him that we remain on the sacred mission mentioned in Quran and Sunnah, as humble servants, we seek no position nor fame, and
will not accept our credibility being put on stake by being called “The munafiqs, traitors, fame seekers, filthy rats, and other despicable names”. This has been the final nail.

We will just be simple servants of Allah SWT and this nation. You can remember us as the initial rain drops that bring hope but are forgotten once the land is flourished, or a little stone of a wall that is hidden
and unsung , under cement and the paint… But we don’t want to be a part of a “313” which doesn’t have their tazkiyah, tarbiyah, command and control…. Nor do we intend to follow any personal agendas or missions.

We expected this cause to be beyond individual likes and dislikes, beyond personal agendas and egos. We are all mortals and can make mistakes. The mission IS bigger than the any one man…it always was and always will be.. the right to supreme precedence only lies with our Rasul Allah (p.b.u.h) and no one after him in any shape,way or form.

The purity of a selfless mission has vanished before our eyes…. And we are left with negative emotions only. Distrust and disillusionment is in the air of its corridors.

Needless to say, no organization can achieve anything if there is a lack of trust and goodwill there.In order to stop further complications and misunderstandings, we have all decided to part ways from bt core team.

We wish u all success in this cause and have no ill intent for anyone concerned…we do not wish to make enemies out of any of you for you are and will be always our brothers and sisters in Islam. and remember this
saying of ALLAH SWT

May Allah guide us all to the righteous path which is accepted and approved by Him …. The Divine, the Merciful and the Just.

Maria Butt, Danish Qayyum, Hammad Qureshi and Khaqan Sikander