Launching Zaid Hamid Exposition Forum

Zaid Hamid Exposition is now in the 4th month of its launch. Ever since its inception the site has been under transformation. During the first month i.e. March 2010, the focus of the ZHE team was on bringing as much material against Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid online as possible. This resulted in a day and night effort that culminated in 226 posts. These posts included testimonies of eye-witnesses like Hesham Syed and original documents like court proceedings, testimonies of Ulema e Karam, News paper records, Books published on the issue and a lot more.

Naturally there is a limit to material that can exist on any issue, consequently with time the amount of postings dropped (46 posts in April and 24 posts in May). This drop in postings can be attributed both to the unavailability of new material or success of bringing all the available evidences online.

With time the focus of the discussions also shifted from ZHE Team posting new updates and people reading them to users starting discussions of their own. But these discussions by ZHE fans were hindered by the fact that they had little tools or features available to start discussions on their own.

But this will change from now onwards. ZHE has now launched a forum, where ZHE fans can start any topic of their interest and ZHE Team and other people can give their input and discuss those issues and topics. The forum will inshallah empower ZHE fans to start discussions on their own, without having to wait for ZHE Team to initiate one.

On the blog, we limited ourselves to discussing only the core issues and side stepped from discussions on Sufi believes, Ghazwatul Hind and other such topics. But with the forums, ZHE fans are free to initiate topics even in these areas.

In a few days, we will inshallah migrate all the discussions done in the discussion section of ZHE facebook fanpage onto our own forums.

The real power always lied with the community and our job was only to provide a platform for the community to unite against Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazab. It is upto you guys to take this torch forward and participate vibrantly in the forums and come up with new topics, and evidences in the forums that can may be also be posted on the ZHE site.

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6 comments on “Launching Zaid Hamid Exposition Forum

  1. Zuhaer says:

    ماشاء اللہ بہت اچھا کام کر رہے ہیں آپ دوست اور الحمد للہ اسکا فائدہ بھی سامنے آیا ہے۔ کافی حد تک لگام لگی ہے زید زمان حامد کو اور اگر مناسب سمجھیں تو فورمین شو کے لڑکوں نے کچھ ویڈیوز مزحیہ بنای ہیں وہ بھی لگادیں تاکہ میڈیا کا دوسرا رخ بھی سامنے آجائے۔

  2. Talha Saad says:

    Excellent job guys keep it up

  3. a2ztruth says:

    Very good move – God bless

  4. Blazing Sword says:

    Masha-Allah Nice Job

  5. Mohammad says:

    Keep up the good work..

    Fidaa-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W)

  6. Khalid Asgher says:



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