Zaid Hamid Is The Cousin Of Yusuf Kazab

Zaid Hamid might have done some good things too, but according to his own status msg: “In dunya and akhira, people will be judged on the basis of their beliefs and loyalty to Rasul Allah (sm).
On the day of judgment, people will be raised with their leaders. PPP workers will be standing with Zardari. MQM people with Altah Hussain, PML(N) workers will be judged with NS and ANP followers with Khan abdul Ghaffar Khan”.

Similarly Zaid Hamid will be raised with Yusuf Kazab – whom he defended till the last breath of Kazab. Zaid Hamid was present at all court hearings and even submitted a fake application in court, requesting the Judge to allow Yusuf Kazab leave from being present at each and every court hearing. In that application Zaid Hamid introduced himself as a cousin of Yusuf Kazab. So according to Zaid Hamid’s own admission, Yusuf Kazab was not just a prophet to him but was also a relative to him. Zaid Hamid are you ready to face Rasul Allah with Yusuf Kazab representing you???

View Zaid Hamid’s hand written application submitted to the Session Court of Pakistan, in which Zaid Hamid declared himself to be a Cousin of Yusuf Kazab below.

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Source: AMTKN