How Fascist Zaid Hamids show in TechClub was Sabotaged

At around 8 00 am Hazrat Mulana Azeez ur Rahman Sani along with hundreds of students reached the vicinity of Techclub. There they contacted the local police officer and demanded that Zaid Hamid’s program be cancelled. At first the local police was cooperative but then they said that their hands are tied and can not do any thing in this regard.

Hazrat Sani then contacted the SHO and he expressed his inability to do any thing. It was a testing time. The youth got ready for direct action but then as a last resort Hazrat Sani contacted the DPO, who had been very cooperative during the Takmeel movt.

The DPO was outraged. He told the police present in the vicinity that this was a very sensitive issue and they should ensure that Zaid Hamid is not allowed to speak. The police obliged and together with hundreds of fidaeen e rasool went to the TechClub and contacted the people responsible there.

Mulana Sani told the organizers to give his team 20 min with Zaid Hamid. If in those 20 min they prove him to be on falsehood then they should stop his program but if they fail to do that then they will not object to any program Zaid Hamid goes to. The admin of TechClub conveyed this challenge to him but he refused his.
After 15 min of giving his speech Zaid Hamid fled the way he usually does when faced with the forces of truth.

Author: Talha Saad

Editor’s Note:

ZHE Team has not independently verified the no of fidaiyeen present at TechClub. However, its not just Talha Saad multiple sources of ZHE Team have reported the same turn of events that Zaid Hamid refused to confront the Ulema of AMTKN. The students of Khatam e Nabuwwat asked the organizers to let them ask some questions to Zaid Hamid and within no time, they will prove that he is the follower of a False Prophet. But Zaid Hamid refused to accept this Q&A session with Khatam e Nabuwwat. The point worth noting is that Zaid Hamid himself challenges Ulema to confront him face to face, but whenever Ulema do so, he runs away from the occasion. Following is another email from one of our source, who was present at the TechClub.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 11:48 AM
Subject: Zaid At TEC Club
To: xxxxxxxx


Bhai Alhamdulillah once again zaid ran away, without facing the Lions of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W

We pressureized the organizers, SP police and the security to let us talk to him on Yusuf Kazzab issue….. He refused to talk to our people. However he had to run away without completing his bakwas. ALHAMDULILLAH

We are thankful to Lahore police & the DCO for the support today. The TEC Club tried their best to let him complete but the poilce enterd the hall and stopped him

He was so afraid to talk to us that not eve a single person with full beard was allowed to enter the hall.


14 comments on “How Fascist Zaid Hamids show in TechClub was Sabotaged

  1. Irtiza says:

    What a chicken Zaid Hamid proved to be. When he was posed with challenge, we flapped his wings and flew away.

  2. Salman Zafar says:

    lock and load….keep fighting zaid hamid

  3. a2ztruth says:

    what a pathetic situation is for Zaid and it is all his own making – He continues to be so adamant and loyal to Yusuf kazab that he has taken on himslef all kinds of risk in this world and here after — Kia Allah ( swt ) key ehaaN yeah muqaddar ho chuka key ussey tauba ki taufeeq naheeN miley gee ? wa-Allah o alam.

  4. a2ztruth says:

    zaid team claims this news to be false – have they posted any of the speech or proceedings video etc of this conference at their site ?

  5. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    yar plz, or kitna jhoot bolo gey, 4-5 se ziada log nahi thay, sharam kar do ab tu.

    btw RAW/Mossad n tum logon ko kitna paisa dia dia ZH k liye jhoota propganda kar n k liye :).

    is se pheley ma Dhari walon ko bara muatabar or deen-dar samjhta tha, magar scahi baat yeh hai k sab se ziada munafiqeen n darhayin rakh li hien, tum jesey makar, jhootey, ghatiya, or kaminey logon no.

    lanat ho tum sab par

  6. Aamir says:

    Agreed with you Rizwan, i dont understand their policy what they want ??? i never heard of such things which they try to impose on ZH. He is exposing western plans and getting criticism from our own Meer Jafaq and Meer Sadiqs

  7. DrEaMsMeRcHaNt says:

    yea its a universal farmula that someone against kazab and his accomplice ZH is Israeli agent.. Please prove me that i am an israeli agent..
    So called enlightened bunch of stupids are giving the same reasons as all the molvi’s use to say that who ever is against them is a CIA, Mosad, Raw agent

  8. Saleem Mohiuddin says:

    LOLZ at blinds fans of Zaid Hamid. You are accusing ZHE team to be munafiq but let me tell you what you do not know about your Abul Kazzab Zaid Hamid.

    Your zaid hamid speaks all he can on Economic Terrorism, Multinational Companies stealing money of Muslims, etc. etc…. but see following screen shots of your abul kazzab’s website…. ALL OF THIS SECURITY CLIENTS ARE MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES INCLUDING SHELL OIL COMPANY:

    Uploaded with



    See this appraisal of dog-like service from brasstacks by a kafir of shell company:

    Uploaded with


    This is what we call, “MUNAFIQAT AT ITS BEST”. Until next time, so long idiots of Zaid Hamid fan group. Ab ek kaam karo, Economic Terrorism ki DVD Zaid Hamid ke moo pe day maro!

    Waisey, sharam tum log karo ke sirf 4 ya 5 logo ne (baqool tumhare moo) abul kazzab ki bolti band karwa dee?? Hud hai tum logo ki na mardee par, ke 4 ya 5 logo ka kuch nahi ukhar sakay, batay aur bharam to bahut dete ho ke naam batao, pata batao… 😀 kya tum sab ke sab khassi ho? Ya phir MOO KE FIRE?

  9. Anas says:

    Beta rizwan aur aamir. Aik baat bilkul apnay zehan main bitha lo. Alhumdolillah ulema-e-haq woh bahadur sher jinhon ne barah-e-rast west aur aaj k firaun ko lalkara hai. Maidan main aa kar apne amal se is ummat ko mutaasir kia hai. Mujhe yeh batao k ZH ne aaj tak TV par bakwaas karne, army ka uniform pehenney, mumbai port ki fake pics lagane aur hath main gun pakar kar tasweer khinchwane k ilawa aaj tak kaun sa bara kam kia hai? Chanda ulema par RAW aur CIA ka agent hone k ilzam lagane se pehle 10 dafa soch lena. Alhumdolillah unhon nay maidan main apni jaanain qurban ki hain. ZH ki tarah media aur facebook k mujahid bannay par iktefa nahe kia !!

  10. adnan says:

    @Rizwan Shaikh

    What Zaid Hamid is saying in all his speeches is may be seems something “new” to you as looks like you never ever had a chance to sit with Ullema Karam and listen to their lectures/bayans.

    Bhai,for the sake of your “Iman” and “Akhira” go and at least listen to them (Ulema Karam), they have far and far better version of speeches/bayans as compare to what you listen from and in ZH events. And above all the words of Ullema Karam itself has a light of “Iman” and “Ikhlas” instead of “Raya” and “fitna-e-Kazab”.

    Bhai, sit with yourself for sometime and just ask if God forbid, it is the fear inside your “nafs” to grow beard which makes you to stay away from the followers of this Sunnat of Nabi(SAW) & makes you to comment here about beard which is totally out of context.

    Infact RAW/Mosaad and Yahood-o-Nasara are not at all afraid what Zaid Hamid is doing and preaching. Yahood-o-Nasara are afraid of Ullame Karam who are the true Followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). So, that’s why Yahood-o-Nasara bring Zaid Hamid in screen against Ullma Karam , and you can see yourself what type of rubbish Zaid Hamid and his supporters talked against Ullema Karam.

    It doesn’t matter how many people Zaid Hamid bring to his event and what type of resistance he faces, but truth is truth, which can be seen with un-biased mind. Please ask Allah to see you the right thing.

    Few months ago I had a chance to listen to some lectures of one Christan preacher who converted from Christianity to Islam. And he explain after some TRUE research about Islam, he put his head down on earth and said something like “O Allah, if you are there, guide me” … and after all, he is Muslim now , Allhamdulillah.

    So please at least one time in your life ask Allah with “Ikhlas” that show you and guide you the right thing. It will not effect your Iman if you are not with Zaid Hamid, but if you end up with him and its find out true by yourself too after the death what Ullema Karam is saying about Zaid and you then going to be with Zaid in Akhira too, then just think of it what you will do?

    May Allah (SWT) guide us all. Ameen

  11. Saqib says:

    really good to hear that the preacher of the kazzab’s cult ran away…agr saccha aur confident hota tu wahan ruk kr ULMA sey baat zaroor karta…ub tak suna tha k “jhoot k paaon nahi hotey”…mager ye zaid hamid aesa “jhoot” hay jis k paaon bhee hain jin sey ye HAQ ko dekhtey he bhaag jata hay.

  12. Salim says:

    WHy was’nt this lair and Kazzab stopped from spreading his filth at Punjab University. I am sure you guys spared no effort to stop the rogue from stepping on the stage, please let us know what happened? He’s is silently making a come back on the media, we have to stop him in his tracks.

    We know he’s scared of us, we should end this and expose him once and forever. InshAllah

  13. Salim says:

    why has the Brasstacks team removed the Tech Club video from everywhere, can find the video anywhere. PLease look into it, I was trying to see the video to see that kazzab flee ..hahahhaa But can’t find it 😦

  14. Rizwan says:

    Zaid Hamid has planned for another lecture in Professional Academy of Commerce on 25 September 2010.

    Can we do something to cancel his ?

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