Open Letter to Orya Maqbool Jan on Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazab Issue

Assalam u Alaikum

Dear Orya Uncle.

May Allah bless you with good health and Iman and its utmost Qurb in this world and the here after.

I have been a reader of your articles ever since I grew up. For me you were and are one of the few journalists, who always stood for the truth … nothing but the truth, the whole truth. You are amongst the few journalists who have always sided with Islam rather than Nationalism. For you Islam was First instead of Pakistan being First.

It was you who used to write against the actions of Musharraf government viz a viz Afghanistan issue, when even taking the names of Afghan people was a sin. It was you who kept writing about them when others forgot them and considered the Afghan invasion a done and closed deal. It is you who now covers the Afghan situation from an angle of Taieed e Bari Talah for the momineen.

Its not just about Afghanistan, you have written frequently on the situation in Pakistan, about the operations in Waziristan and Swat and Malakand. It is you who once stated in your column that “Zameen Na Insaafi se is qadar bhar gai hai ke Idraak rakhne waloon ke paoon jalne lage hein.”

It is you who truly categorize the present situation as a result of our deeds. Indeed that is true, a group of lions is always led by a lion. People tend to follow the process of natural selection. In Namaz, people make the most pious one their Imam, similarly in a country of looters and corrupt people – the most corrupt one gets to become the President.

This is what is also stated by our Holy Prophet saaw:

Aamaalukum, Ammalukum

That is, the deeds (Aaamaal) of people become their (Ammal) leaders. Its our deeds that have manifested in the form of the leadership that we have.

Having said all this, it burned my heart to find out that you participated in a program on Dunya TV together with Zaid Hamid. The same Zaid Hamid who was the Khalifa of Yusuf Ali Kazab – who declared himself to be the continuation of Prophet Muhammad saaw. Kazab’s claim was that Muhammad saaw is not the name of a body but the name of Spirit and Nur. It is this Nur that was in the body of Muhammad bin Abdullah saaw and it is this very Nur that is now in my body.

Zaid Hamid was one of the first believers of Yusuf Kazab and a person who supported him till his death. Zaid Hamid attended each and every court hearing of Yusuf Kazab’s trial. When Yusuf Kazab was finally sentenced to death and declared a Kazab and Murtad by the court, Zaid Hamid wrote an article in Daily DAWN defended his prophet and declaring the verdict to be a murder of justice.

Zaid Hamid still defends Yusuf Kazab and calls him a great scholar of his time. Due to this very reason, Zaid Hamid’s TV show Brasstacks which used to air on TV1 has been banned. Due to this very reason, University students started a movement against him and his entry in almost all major Universities of Pakistan is now banned.

I know your intention in appearing on Deen o Danish program on Dunya TV was not to show support to Zaid Hamid. But Zaid Hamid has made a reputation of having photo ops with prominent persons and later using this photo sessions as a “proof” of support of these personalities. The saga of declaring Moulana Faheem as the Chancellor of Jamia Ashrafia is just one example of how Zaid Hamid twists and use these shows and photo sessions.

Dear Orya Uncle after saying all this, I just want to request you that the protection and defense of Khatam e Nabuwat and Namoos e Risalaat saaw is your duty too.

Aaee Mard e Momin kuch to Zoor e Qalam idhar bhi…Shayad ke Namoos e Risalat saaw ke difaah mein likhi gai koi tehreer Roz e Qayamat zindagi bhar ke gunahoon ko kifayat ker jai…

Walaikum Assalam


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