[Video] Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi refutes allegations of Zaid Hamid calling him a French Intelligence Agent and Challenges him to a debate. February 23,2012.

Last night Zaid Hamid on his facebook page shared a letter from UNESCO to Gen (R) Parvez Musharraf in which UNESCO requested General (R) Parvez Musharraf to send Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi to Mullah Omar to resolve the issue of destruction of the Bamyaan Monuments. Zaid Hamid claimed that Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi was a French Intelligence Asset and was being sent by the UN and French Intelligence to gather intelligence on Taliban before the invasion.

Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi contacted ZHE and refuted the allegations leveled against him by Zaid Hamid. ZHE shared a note on it’s facebook page, after which Zaid Hamid removed the letter. This proves that Zaid Hamid made baseless allegations against Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi. Zaid Hamid probably forgot to remove the twitter feed of the same post. Here is a screenshot of his twitter feed.

This is a video response from Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi to Zaid Hamid’s allegation that he is a French Intelligence Agent.

Afghanistan Times: Zaid Hamid defames Pakistan and it's National Security Institutions in International Media.

After Russians and Americans, now it is Pakistan that has a covetous eye on the trillion-dollar untapped national resources under the belly of bleak and barren land of Afghanistan. The strategic depth policy, the much sung and hyped in Pakistani media being propagated by Pakistan’s ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) is just a fiasco and misguided concoction because now Pakistan is a nuclear power and there would not be war with India, then in such a case ‘strategic depth policy’ which initially was termed ‘Afghan forward policy’ when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Gen. Tikka Khan and Naseerullah Baber set to devise the strategy how to pave way for to be engaged in Afghanistan, this policy was devised. It was when Sardar Mohammad Daud was in power here in Kabul while Bhutto there in Islamabad. Since then Pakistan has attempted to remain engaged in Afghan affairs under one pretext or the other. It was the conjoint intrigue of Washington and Islamabad that played a ploy in daring the then USSR to attack Afghanistan. For the US it was an opportunity of giving its Vietnam War and for Pakistan it was an opportunity not to let Afghanistan to stand on its feet, to install pro-Islamabad puppets in Kabul and to get hold on its natural resources. Though Pakistan has been at a state of denial about its deadly engagement in Afghan affairs however the other day, Zaid Hamid, a self-proclaimed defence analyst, who is a highly controversial person and a persona non grata in an interview to Iran’s Press TV teemed out a string of long denied realities by Pakistani officials while at the same time spoke out some derogatory remarks regarding Afghanistan. Pakistan’s ISI by this day has never accepted officially that Islamabad has had any covert part in Afghan crisis. Nonetheless this ex-guy of ISI confessed this long-denied fact and overtly said that ‘yes’ since coming into existence Pakistan has remained involved in Afghanistan.

He was right when he said that Pakistan’s ISI was involved in Afghanistan even before the invasion of the USSR. He rightly pointed out that Pakistan has its eyes on the natural gas in Shiberghan, and emeralds in Panjsher as these things have had brought the USSR and now the US. But he not only distorted a historical fact but showed his political insanity by saying that Afghanistan has been an integral part of Pakistan. How that’s possible when Pakistan is just 63 years old while Afghanistan has a history of more three than three thousand years. It is an aberrant act of naked intellectual attack on Afghanistan that should immediately be stopped, and gone are the days of the Taliban when Pakistani media used to call Afghanistan the fifth province of Pakistan. Zaid’s another act of defunct gibberish was when he said that all Pashtuns are Taliban and all Taliban are Pashtuns. As Pashtuns are living on both the sides of the Durand Line therefore Pakistan owns the right to interfere in Afghanistan. Instead of bleating this derogatory and facts distorting talk he should have thanked Afghanistan that provides an identity base to Pakistan.

Pakistan should remain indebted to Afghanistan as it were the Afghans who raised Muslim flags on the Indian sub-continent and led to the creation of Pakistan. Had Afghans not ruled India for centuries, Pakistan would not have taken birth. Moreover if Afghans history is expurgated from Pakistani text and history books, Pakistan would loss its identity, for it is still at crossroads over its identity. Sometimes it takes its roots to Arabs and sometimes it attempts to prove its lineage with Afghans. Then it should reconsider over its history and cogitate for a while ‘who belongs to whom’ and whose identity provide basis for who’s identity. Leaving aside all other matters, Pakistan has kept its missile names after our heroes such as it named its missile after Shahabuddin Ghori. It is because Pakistan has no identity and no heroes. Even Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Sayyed Ahmad Khan, and others were born as Indians and not Pakistanis and even when Pakistan came into being its first governor general Mohammad Ali was reluctant to sell his auspicious bungalow at Mumbai. With that background, to claim that Afghanistan belongs to Pakistan is not only ridiculous but an open aggression.

Source: Afghanistan Times

Daily Times:Journalists condemn Zaid Hamid’s allegations against SAFMA. February 23,2012

LAHORE: Leading media professionals, executive bodies of the South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA), South Asia Media Commission (SAMC), South Asian Women in Media (SAWM), editors and press club representatives across the country condemned the accusations that Zaid Hamid was levelling through social networking sites against the South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA), a mainstream media body associated with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

In a joint statement, leading media personalities took serious exception to what they called the unfounded and shameful accusations hurled through a social networking website by an irresponsible person violating all ethics and norms against a media body of most credible journalists of the South Asian region.

“Such unfounded allegations and defaming views on a social networking site are aimed at inciting public sentiments against SAFMA and its thousands of members and malign a media body and its leaders that are widely respected in the region for their professional standing and commitment to peace and progress of the people of South Asia,” they said.

The media representatives expressed their serious concern over the slander indicative of the dangerous trend in the cyber world of maligning various personalities and credible organisations. “What is quite despicable is that Zaid Hamid’s accusations have no basis whatsoever,” they added.

Appreciating SAFMA’s remarkable role in defence of right-to-know, freedom of expression, press freedom, rights of journalists, media development, peace and regional cooperation, the media representatives resolved to frustrate the designs of fascist elements and their authoritarian patrons against independent media persons and organisations. They endorsed the SAFMA defamation case filed against Hamid and others.

The media personalities who condemned the propaganda against SAFMA include Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Director and senior journalist IA Rehman, Express Tribune Executive Editor M Ziauddin, Awam Editor Nazir Leghari, senior journalist Hussain Naqi, Express Tribune City Editor Ata-ul-Musawwir, CPNE General Secretary Aamer Mehmood, Balochistan Times Editor Siddique Baloch, PFUJ Vice President Tariq Chaudhary, National Press Club Islamabad President Farooq Faisal, Daily Awaz Editor Khalid Farooqi, Daily Express Editorial Editor Ayaz Khan, senior journalist Shahzada Zulfiqar, Aaj TV Anchorperson Nusrat Javeed, SAFMA Pakistan General Secretary Sirmed Manzoor, Geo News Director Agha Nasir, Geo News Anchorperson Iftikhar Ahmed, columnist Babar Ayaz, Peshawar Press Club President Shamim Shahid, Quetta Press Club President Saleem Shahid, Awami Awaz Editor Dr Jabbar Khattak, columnist Ghazi Salahuddin, CNBC anchorperson Mujahid Barelvi, columnist Irfana Mallah, Turbat Press Club President Jehangeer Aslam, senior journalist GN Mughal, Editor Ghulam Nabi Chandio, Mashriq Quetta and Lahore Editor Syed Mumtaz Shah, Sukkar Press Club President Lala Asad, Editor Khalid Khokhar, Sindh TV anchorperson Fayyaz Naich, columnist Amer Sindhu, Jang Group senior journalist Anjum Rasheed, Aaj Kal former editor Khalid Chaudhry, Naya Zamana Editor Shoaib Adil, Business Recorder Resident Editor Saida Fazal, columnist Munnoo Bhai, senior journalist Ibrahim Shirwani, SAMAA TV anchor Asma Shirazi, columnist Afzal Khan, Dateline Islamabad Editor Mustansar Javed, Pakistan Today Islamabad Resident Editor Rana Qaisar, PFUJ former secretary general Shamsul Islam Naz, Jinnah Editor Khushnood Ali Khan, Daily Times Op-ed Editor Mehmal Sarfaraz, editor and columnist Khaled Ahmed, Waqt columnist Allama Siddiq Azhar, South Asian Journal Editor Imtiaz Alam, Farah Warraich, Farah Zia, Ayaz Amir, Saleem Shahid, Shahzada Zulfiqar, Dr Karim Rajpar, Amn Editor Hamid Hussain Abidi, Herald Editor Badar Alam, Karachi Press Club President Tahir Hasan Khan, Newsline Editor Iqbal Mallah, Rehana Hakim, South Asia Media Net Editor Waqar Mustafa, South Asia Media Monitor Executive Editor Sadaf Arshad. pr

Source: Daily Times

Another follower of Zaid Hamid calls him a prophet.

Here is another E mail by a follower of Zaid Hamid in which he has called him the “Ibrahim of Our time”. As Muslims it is our belief that the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was one of the noblest prophets of all time. All the Prophets after him including our beloved RasulAllah (saaw) are his decedents. The only person who can be the “Ibrahim of the time” would be a prophet of the stature of Musa (AS) or Isa (AS) or Muhammad (saaw). Since there can be no prophet after Muhammad (saaw), such a statement is Blasphemy.

Yousaf Kazzab made similar claims, by saying that there is an institution call Khilafat e Uzma, and is granted to a single person at one time, the first being Hazrat adam (AS), and subsequently being transferred to the Prophets after him including Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and even to Rasulullah (saaw). After RasulAllah (saaw) this institution kept on being transferred to different saints till it has reached Yousaf Kazzab. It was on the basis of this blasphemous philosophy that Yousaf Kazzab called him self to be “Muhammad” ma’zAllah suma ma’zAllah. This e mail shows that Zaid Hamid is following a similar path.

Daily Times: SAFMA sues Dunya TV for Rs 100 million. February 18th,2012

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA chapter of the South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) on Friday filed a legal suit of Rs 100 million in damages against the management, producers and anchorpersons of Dunya News and rightwing analyst Zaid Hamid.

A district and sessions judge accepted the civil suit for preliminary hearing and ordered issuing of summons to all the respondents for appearing and submitting their replies on March 2. According to a statement, issued by SAFMA, Dunya TV aired the views of analyst Zaid Hamid in its “Cross-Fire” talk show programme on August 16, 2011. “Zaid Hamid in his remarks said, [the] ‘other issue is that this speech (of Nawaz Sharif) was made from the platform of SAFMA. SAFMA’s background should be understood fully that SAFMA is a RAW-funded organisation,” the statement read. staff report

Source: Daily Times