Destiny of Pakistan, Muslim Ummah and GhazwatulHind

The topic is much discussed these days and many charmers have been able to fantasize this to the level of making it look like a visit to Disney world or a film produced in the Universal Studio of scientific fiction.

GhazwatulHind: The holy war is being planned and fought on TV talk shows, Face book, Websites, Emails, Conference rooms, Drawing rooms, delivering fiery speeches, singing so called qaumi tarana by stage and TV or Film artists or actors, playing nationalistic songs on guitar, lighting candles of hope, reciting Iqbal poems or verses and quoting even Quranic verses & Hadees + historical events or episodes out of context just to create a fury among the new or young generations mostly in teen ages and plus.

Chain of imposters and self proclaimed Mahdi & Muslim leaders have also joined the team – Frequently we hear of new Sufis, Saints, Prophets, Maseeha, Mehdi, reincarnated Muhammed or Ahmed and even God / Allah in human uniform with blazing sword in hand and they mostly have landed in Pakistan because it is dreamt that Pakistan has to play the centralized role for the reminesence of Islam or of Muslim nations – Signs are visible in Black, Green, Brown, White turbans + Flags or Red Caps.

Such a serious issue now has been taken over by the media which only knows how to create sensations, with their hidden agenda & without even thinking of its grave consequences.

On the other hand a secularist project of AMAN KI ASHA is being promoted and promulgated philanthropically with the view to remove the boundary line and conflicts & do away with the two nation theory which wrongly or rightly was exploited to create geographical differences. If this has to happen after 62 years why millions of people have been slaughtered , races and generations have been destroyed by cultivating hate towards each other but none in Pakistan or in India dare say any thing against the Muslim league or Congress leaders because their status is almost like Prophets of the nation who could not have made a mistake , could not have been knowingly or unknowingly used as agents of super powers or may have committed a wrong Ijtihaad ie the least to say. Are we therefore on the route to ask forgiveness from millions of those who gave their blood to create and rehabilitate this country and say SORRY that it was a historical blunder and we are ready to reverse the scenario for future generation – OR we have to live with what ever happened and even though we could not save the split of our own country , could not control regional , tribal and religious secretarial feelings and hateful behavior & exploitation between each other but we have now found another intellectual platform to talk about and that is Khilafat e Rashidah & GhazwatulHind. A country which was created by a dream has to continue living in a dream world – why not ? After all we have to play a central role for the whole world – !! Think about it, if these dramatic propagation and stage show is not to divert the attention and mind of young generation from the real problems in Pakistan of helplessness, hopelessness, lack of education & health care facilities, unemployment, poverty, decay of moral & ethical values, depleting economy & currency value etc so that a few families and old set of scrupulous people keep looting Pakistan and taking the country down the hill as always.

Why don’t we launch GhazwatulPakistan first to eradicate all the evil forces inside the country working like termites and snakes instead of unknowingly still being used by the same in house evil forces that have destroyed Pakistan for vested interest?

Each day one notices a few additions of websites and frog like seasonal scholars a similitude of donkey with load of books on it’s back and all with the views to modernize Islam , receiving direct revelations from God , to pluralize Islam to the extent of loosing it’s own identity and credibility or parameters established by the final most Nabi & Rasool ( sav ) – The agencies, the western media, the technological waves and materialistic views and achievements is so illuminating, shockingly bright and tempting that it has made loose sight of many people that they don’t like their own faces in the mirror – they need plastic surgery to restructure their facial bones and like to change the pigment of their colors to appear differently and alter even their vocal chord to sound like His Masters Voice. They therefore have to create doubts in Quran, abrogate verses in Quran, refute the credibility of Hadees & Sunnah, call Sahabaas, chain of Muhadeyseen, Aiyemma, and Earlier Scholars by bad names and until and unless this is done and the central focus of Muhammed (sav) and the emotional attachment of Muslim Ummah with him is not diverted by diluting or undermining his status, their target will never be achieved, hence the satanic struggle is on going.

Pakistani masses or nation therefore is in total confusion like any other Muslim country or nation today with the floods of paradoxical views and thought process and for a common man it has become difficult to keep the head above the stinking sewage water like contemplation to breath & survive.

The solution is the counter & perpetual struggle against all fitnahs in any robe or veil by holding stead fast on to the love of Allah ( swt ) & to the Prophet ( sav ), rejecting all impersonators, imposters, understanding Quran in light of Hadees and Sunnah and directing energies towards constructive thinking, acquiring knowledge of science and technology and in all faculties or syllabus thus researching & exploring all the resources in the world and using these for the benefit of mankind.

I hope we truly understand what does Wake up Pakistan & Takmeel e Pakistan really mean ? Identify the hidden enemies within our own selves and fight with those – Let us treat our own sickness first, to make the body & spirit healthy and strong to venture to apply antidote to others.

If we have decided to make Pakistan as an Islamic estate ( not for name sake only ) and not a secular estate then let sensible , balanced headed & well educated people with Islamic knowledge and understanding lead and not the members of deviant group who will lead this country to a catastrophe one after another.

Hesham A Syed.

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