Eye-Witness Testimonies Against Yusuf Kazab – Yusuf Plundered Our Wealth

This is a small section of eye-witness testimonies against Yusuf Kazab. In all the testimonies, one theme is common – which is that Yusuf asked everyone for money in return for showing him haqeeqat i.e. making him meet Prophet Muhammad saaw. This is also evident from Hesham Syed’s testimony that Yusuf demanded money from him.

However, this time around the Kazab cult did not plunder money from innocent people in return for showing them haqeeqat, but rather in return for the dream of imposing Shariah in Pakistan.

The following pages have been extracted from the book Yusuf Kazab part 2 by Arshad Quraishi.

Letter of Yusuf Kazab in Which He Wished to Have Ghain as His Spiritual Wife

Ghain was married to Noon and both the husband and wife were a mureed of Yusuf Kazab. Yusuf liked Ghain and declared her to be his spiritual wife. Ghain went on to live with Yusuf Kazab for 2 years and returned to her husband, only when Yusuf was arrested and sent to Jail.

Yusuf knew some sort of black magic or hypnotizing technique, because of which when he was around no one was able to say no to him. It was only when he went to jail that both Noon and Ghain realized what has happened and got really angry. Yusuf then wrote a letter from Jail trying to pacify them. This letter that Yusuf wrote from Jail could be read here.

Ghain and Noon now live abroad and don’t want to remember anything of this ugly past.

The following pages have been extracted from the book Yusuf Kazab part 2 by Arshad Quraishi.

Mard e Kamil Ka Wasiat Nama [Book] – Yusuf Ali Kazab

Mard e Kamil Ka Wasiat Nama was a book written by Yusuf Ali Kazab. Yusuf got this book published in 1993, however the book was so blasphemous that instead of using his own name as the author of the book, Yusuf published it with the author name being “Mard e Kamil”. Yusuf Kazab used to circulate this book within his close circles, and all his mureeds knew very well, who was the Mard e Kamil and Khalifa e Azam.

This is the same book that Zaid Hamid took with him to Moulana Niazi and read a few sentences from here and there. Zaid Hamid specially read the Intesab, page 3 of the book to Moulana Niazi and got the statement from Moulana Niazi that he is now shouting about.

Hesham A Syed has written a two page commentary on the book, which is embedded below.