Emaad Khalid confirms what ZHE team has been saying for the past 1 year.

After analyzing Zaid Hamid’s various posts and videos, ZHE team concluded that Zaid Hamid is actively conspiring against the state in order to create a mutiny in the Armed forces to bring about a military coup.

We made theses revelations in a video around 1 year ago, in which we compared Zaid Hamid’s attempts to Brig Ali, a rogue officer who was arrested for making similar plans.

Emaad Khalids revelations in these two interviews confirm what ZHE team has been saying for a long time.


Zaid Hamid is not just a blasphemer, he is also working against the state of Pakistan and deserves to be tried for High Treason under Article 6 of the constitution.

Zaid Hamid is a fake Syed. Syed is not part of his father’s name.

These are copies of Zaid Hamid’s divorce papers.  “Syed” is not written with his father’s name, which proves that Zaid Hamid’s father is not a syed. Since his Father is not syed then surely his family is not a Syed Family.

This is an eyewitness account of Talha Saad which he shared in 2010. The title Is Zaid Hamid a Fake Syed?

Reproducing the note in verbatrim

Yesterday I put up a status for 5 min which said that, my nana who was a course mate of Zaid Hamid’s father in PMA told me two things: 

1. That Zaid Hamid’s father, Major Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid, did not retire a colonel as Zaid Hamid claims but as a Major. 
2. That Syed is not a part of Major Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid. He started calling himself Syed latter in his military career. 

I removed this status with in 5 minutes as my nana was very sick and he had shown me no proofs in this regard. I feared that I might not have understood him properly. 

Today I visited him again and asked for some proofs considering this matter. He gave me a frame with a long list of names. He told me that this was the list of people complied on 50th anniversary of the 1st batch of the PMA, and that it contained the official name of all the personal of that course and the rank to which they retired. The frame was entitled: 
“ 4th Feb 2000” 1st PMA Course 20th Jan 1948 to 04th Feb 1950” 

It was arranged according to merit i.e. the person who topped was first on the list. The first name on the list was Maj Aziz Bhatti Shaheed. I skimmed down and saw my nanas name on the 15 position. On the 8th last position the name “ Maj Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid” was written. 
My nana asked me that is there a Colonel written before his name I said no. Than he asked me that is Syed written before his name, I again replied in the negative. He told me that Maj Mahmud uz Zaman used to tell them stories of his royal decent in PMA and no one took him seriously. 
One thing is clear that Maj Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid retired a Major and than added colonel to his name, a rank to which he did not retire. However can Zaid Hamid clarify as to why there is no ‘Syed’ in his fathers name while he builds his political base by claiming to be a Syed. 
I have taken a picture of that frame, which I am sure Zaid Hamid must have as well. I do not have a data cable other wise I would have uploaded it. Inshallah ill give it to Chishti or some other friend tomorrow to upload it. 

Talha Saad 

3 years have passed since this article and yet Zaid Hamid has not responded to these claims. Over the years we have confirmed from multiple sources that Zaid Hamid is not a Syed but a Malik Bihari.

All false prophets and kazzabs have a tradition of calling them selves Syed. Zaid Hamid is true to this tradition. His mentor Yousaf Kazzab also was a fake Syed.

More Proof

Zaid Hamid’s NIC shows his father’s name as Mahmood uz Zaman Hamid. No Syed with his name.

ZH's new ID card (back)

Mahmood uz Zaman Hamid’s NIC shows his father’s (Zaid Hamid’s grandfather) name as M.A Hamid.


ZH's father Col Zaman's ID card (back)

Zaid Hamid’s passport also shows his father’s name as Mahmood uz Zaman Hamid. No Syed written with the name here either.


Zaid Hamid's supporters have started calling him Rasool Allah saaw

A caller calls Dr Amir Liaquat’s program and shares his personal experience of how Zaid Hamid Maloon’s supporters have now started calling him Rasool Allah saaw in emails.

The email sent out on BT core mailing list by the supporter of Zaid Hamid is embedded below:

Salam kal raat mei ne khuab mei Rasool Allah S.A.W ko dekha or un k sath hi Sir Zaid Hamid ko dekha. Muhammed S.A.W ne farmaya ke ab mei is duniya se ja shuka hu to meri rooh Zaid ke jism me aa gai he. Abb Tum hamari raaz dar sahabia RA ho. Is khuab k dekhny ke baad se jo haal he. Bohot drood Syedi Rasool Allah Zaid Hamid pe.

Sir Zaid Hamid ka kam mei ASWS khud madad farma raha han so plz BT Team Ignore him. Brasstacks ka mission ke tauheen ab ASWS ke shaan mei tauheen ha. any one who now challanges that Brasstacks, Syedi Rasool Allah Sir Zaid Hamid S.A.W aur BT team that they are against the ASWS’s Islam is definitely Gustakhe Rasool ASWS.

so dear every one ignore such person ke eske qasam aur kam sub ba adbi se shru han aur wallah alam kes anjam se khatam hona han

These are screen shots from Zaid Hamid’s official facebook page where he has uploaded ‘blasphemous posters’ depicting himself as Muhammad (saaw).
In this poster Zaid Hamid has dimmed most part of the Kalima except for RasoolALLAh, which he has brightened and has his photo next to it. There is no other explanation to this poster but that he thinks of himself as Muhammad (saaw) because the Rooh of Muhammad (saaw) has entered his body Nauzubillah!

In this poster, there are two photos. One says ‘yesterday’ in which there is shown a battle field of a past battle with Zaid Hamid wearing an Imaama. The important thing here is that in this photo if you look closely at Zaid Hamid, you can see through it which means who ever made this photo is trying to portray him as a Rooh.
The other says ‘today’ in which Zaid Hamid is shown surrounded by the Armed Forces of Pakistan and he is not wearing an Imaama nor is he being portrayed as a Rooh because you cannot see through this photo. So the message conveyed through this poster is that the Rooh has now entered Zaid Hamid and he is the ‘Sipah e Salar’ of the Armed Forces and he will lead ‘Ghazwa e Hind’.

Zaid Hamid Refuses To Call Yusuf a Kazzab Even After An Eye Witness Testifies That Yusuf Called Himself a Prophet [Video]

Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even after Bilal Qutb who was the host of the program Door Andaish testified in front of Zaid Hamid that Yusuf Kazzab called himself to be a Prophet in front of Bilal Qutb. Recently Zaid Hamid appeared in a TV program called Door Andaish on Value TV. Incidently, the host of the program Bilal Qutb also happened to be a neighbor of Yusuf Kazzab at Shadman, Lahore.

During the interview Zaid Hamid stated that Yusuf Kazzab never declared himself to be a Prophet infront of him. Bilal Qutb recalled this for his TV audience that in Zaid Hamid’s meeting with Dr Israr, Dr Israr referred Zaid Hamid to a person who was an eye-witness of Yusuf Kazzab’s claim of prophethood. Zaid Hamid side-stepped from this statement and ignored it totally. On this, Bilal Qutb informed Zaid Hamid that he was a neighbor of Yusuf Kazzab at Shadman, Lahore and Yusuf Kazzab himself told Bilal Qutb that there is a Mohr e Nabuwwat on Yusuf Kazzab’s back. Bilal Qutb stated that he asked Yusuf Kazzab to show him the Mohr e Nabuwwat. On this Yusuf Kazzab said that not everyone can see the Mohr e Nabuwwat but his wife has seen the Mohr. Bilal Qutb said that he can say all this by putting his hand on the Holy Quran and said that he is giving a solemn statement.

But even after hearing this eye-witness shahadaat (gawahi) Zaid Hamid refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab and continued to repeat his lame arguments that go to Shariah Court and give this Shahadat in Shariah Court and get Yusuf declared a Kazzab in Shariah Court and only then I will declare him a Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid further stated that Yusuf never uttered such blasphemous views in front of him. This is a total and utter lie, since Zaid Hamid was present at Bait e Raza and during his Bait e Raza speech Yusuf Kazzab stated that Allah and Muhammad saaw are one, which is nothing but Shirq. And in the same Bait e Raza speech Yusuf Kazzab declared that a 2.5 year old child has seen Prophet Muhammad saaw i.e. Yusuf Kazzab.

It is hard to believe that Yusuf uttered his blasphemous views in front of his neighbor of a few years i.e. Bilal Qutb – but never told Zaid Hamid about his Mohr e Nabuwwat even though Zaid Hamid knew him since 1992 and defended Yusuf Kazzab till Yusuf was killed in Jail.

Zaid Hamid says that he never supported the views of Yusuf Kazzab, but during the entire court proceedings – Yusuf Kazzab’s views were discussed and Zaid Hamid was present in each and every session to show his solidarity to his Prophet. If he did not supported Yusuf Kazzab’s views, what was he doing in the court sessions. If Zaid Hamid did not supported Yusuf Kazzab’s views why did he write the article in Daily DAWN calling Yusuf Kazzab to be a great scholar of Islam and a great sufi. If this is not called supporting Yusuf Kazzab’s views than what else is called supporting Yusuf Kazzab’s views ?

Zaid Hamid’s fans will still say that it is now proved that Zaid Hamid is not a follower of Yusuf Kazzab since he has called Yusuf to be corrupt. But what they fail to see is that Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even when a Muslim has given Shahadat in front of Zaid Hamid on National TV that Yusuf stated that there is Mohr e Nabuwwat on his back. Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even when Dr Israr referred him to eye-witnesses who can testify that Yusuf used to call himself Prophet Muhammad saaw (Nauzobillah).

Zaid Hamid’s fans and every other muslim should know that entire Deen is based on Shahadat (Gawahi). Hazrat Abu Bakr RA never heard Musailma Kazzab calling himself to be a prophet. However, Musailma was declared a Kazzab because enough people testified (gave shahadat) that Musailma has declared himself to be a prophet. Hazrat Abu Bakr RA accepted this testimony of other people. One important thing to note here is that Hazrat Abu Bakr RA accepted the testimony of other people and declared Musailma to be a Kazzab, but Zaid Hamid is refusing to accept the testimony of other Muslims and saying that these testimonies does not fulfill Shariah principles. Does this not mean that Zaid Hamid is saying that Hazrat Abu Bakr RA did not fully understood Shariah principles that is why He RA accepted the testimony of others – without himself going and listening to Musailma’s point of view.

Zaid Hamid stated that what sort of a person calls his Nabi to be corrupt. This is what Zaid Hamid’s fans also state here and there. But for the information of Zaid Hamid and his fans, before Zaid Hamid’s association with Yusuf Kazzab became public, Zaid Hamid never ever called Yusuf to be Gumrah or corrupt. Zaid Hamid can not show a single public statement or writing in which he has called Yusuf to be Gumrah or corrupt before 2008. In fact in his video leaked by students of Shifa Medical college, that created this entire storm – Zaid Hamid went as far as calling Khabrain and Zia Shahid to be corrupt. So previously he was calling Khabrain to be corrupt, but now that has changed and now Zaid Hamid has realized that it was not Khabrain but Yusuf who was corrupt. Zaid Hamid is now calling Yusuf to be corrupt to side-step from having to call Yusuf a Kazzab. This is what Bilal Qutb also referred to, that Qadyani’s do the same thing. They side-step from the real argument and accept petty things but never accept that Mirza Qadyani was a Kazzab and a False Prophet. Zaid Hamid is doing nothing new. He is just following the foot steps of Qadyanis.

The most funny thing about Zaid Hamid’s arguments were that on the one hand he was refusing to call Yusuf a Kazzab stating that Shariah requirements were not fulfilled and on the other hand he was saying that he is not a religious expert who can give Fatwa. Zaid Hamid if you are not a religious expert who can give fatwa, how can you declare that Shariah requirements to call Yusuf a Kazzab were not fulfilled ? At one hand you state that you are not a religious expert but on the other hand you make statements that sound as if you know religion more than Dr Israr, Moulana Abdur Rehman Ashrafi, Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri, Mufti Naeem and other top religious scholars – all of whom declared Yusuf to be a Kazzab.

By calling his own prophet corrupt and gumrah, with whom Zaid Hamid spent 10 years of his life and from whom Zaid Hamid learned all his spirituality and religion, Zaid Hamid has proved that he is not loyal even to his False Prophet – Yusuf Kazzab.

Do listen to this statement of Bilal Qutb in which he said that when I am giving you Shahadat that Yusuf declared himself to be a Nabi and you are still refusing to call him a Kazzab – where all your Ishq e Rasool has gone at this time ?

The discussion on Yusuf Kazzab issue starts around 5:00 of Part 3 and continues in Part 4 of the interview.

Hesham Syed's Detailed Interview on Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid Published In Daily Jasarat

In his recent visit to Karachi, Pakistan Hesham A Syed met with the core team of ZHE. We have already posted about it on our Facebook page. Hesham Sahib is an eye-witness of Yusuf Kazab’s claim of prophethood and Zaid Zaman Hamid and Junaid Zaman’s (Zaid Hamid’s brother) association with Yusuf. During his visit, Hesham Syed gave a detailed interview to Daily Jasarat. The interview begins with Hesham Sahib’s personal life so that everyone can get to know him as a person, but then goes on to discuss Hesham Sahib’s meetings with Yusuf Kazab.

Hesham Sahib has personally told this author that during a meeting with Zaid Hamid, Zaid Hamid told him that “Hesham Sahib has met Prophet Muhammad saaw but he didnt recognized Prophet Muhammad saaw”.

Hesham Sahib has mentioned this in his interview as well. The interview follows below:

For Full Screen Mode, Click Here.

Source: Daily Jasarat

Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid: Zaid Hamid Talks Like Kazzab, Walks Like Kazzab

The issue is very serious and on the surface people are unable to see the contradiction.

Zaid was of course linked with kazzab, this is not the problem part, if he had realized the mistake and parted ways.
The issue gets serious because ZH beleives in the same aqeeda that kazzab believed in. ZH only has problem with the way kazzab handled himself by indulging into fraud and extracting money. He does not even have a problem with the women issue of kazzab.

That is why ZH is using the same vocabulary, same phrases, same spells and tricks that kazzab used to hide himself in a twisted way.

He talks of lofty ideals and a promised muslim land just kazzab used to, he tells people about gazwa e hind just like kazzab used to. He tells people just like kazzab used to tell that they are the chosen and blessed one because they support him, those who criticize him are considered at war with Allah and RasoolAllah and will be receiving wrath of God.

He is demanding the same unquestionable submission/allegiance that kazzab demanded from his followers.

He even dresses up like kazzab, talks like kazzab, walks like kazzab. Considers himself above and beyond ordinary people, proclaiming as if he has a direct phoneline with Allah and Prophet (saaw) “exactly” like kazzab, labelling people jannati and jahannami.

May Allah give guidance to all and save us from deviations from the Straight Path, ameen

Author: NJ
Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid

Brigadier Aslam Malik: Yusuf Kazab Aik Jhota Aur Makar Mudaiye Nabuwat

Brigadier Dr. Muhammad Aslam Malik was an ex-mureed of Yusuf Kazab and a very old friend of Abdul Wahid, a Sahabi of Yusuf Kazab. Brigadier Aslam Malik, later reverted back to Islam and testified against Yusuf Kazab in court. He was prosecution witness no 1 against Yusuf Kazab in the Session Court.

Brigadier Aslam Malik wrote the following article regarding Yusuf Kazab in May 2000, a few months before the Session Court declared Yusuf Kazab to be a blasphemer. The article was published in Lolak, a monthly magazine of Aalami Majlise Tahafuze Khatam e Nabuwat. Brigadier Malik is now suffering from dementia and is seriously ill. He is currently admitted in Shifa Hospital, Karachi. We request everyone to pray for his health too.

If you find problems with the images, you can read the article here as well.

Source: Monthly Lolak