Zaid Hamid Admits That ISI and Pak Army Was Funding Him

A new discussion topic on ZHE facebook page titled “Zaid Hamid’s Current Sources of Funding ?” has created a stir up in the Zaid Hamid fan camp. The point of contention is the statement made in the discussion topic that:

ZH was funded by ISI, which took back its support after Moulana Jalalpuri’s murder. After ISI backed off, ZH’s Alhamra Theatre NOC was cancelled by a mere DCO of Lahore.

Apparently Zaid Hamid fans are finding it hard to believe that all the media time and popularity that Zaid Hamid enjoyed was funded and not Zaid Hamid’s own accomplishment. There response is typical and usual, which is to accuse us of lies and propaganda. However, little do they know that Zaid Hamid has himself admitted on a TV program that he was funded by Pak Army and ISI.

Watch the video embedded below and do listen to it carefully.

Zaid Hamid himself tells Bilal Qutab during the first 30 seconds of the video that he writes his reports and sells them for a fee and after 2007, he started selling it to Army. On this Bilal Qutab asks Zaid Hamid at 0:33 seconds that “So Parvez Musharraf Ki Jo Government thi that was buying your security reports from you as a think tank“. Zaid Hamid nodes to it and acknowledges it.

On this Bilal Qutab states that Zaid sahab dont you think that it would be a very weak thing for the Pak Army to take advise from a private consultant. Zaid Hamid then goes on to defend this for the next one min or so.

So once again listen to the first one and a half minute of this video again and again, if you still think that Zaid Hamid was not funded and supported by ISI and Pakistan Army.

May be this is what Nizam Fareed Chisti is referring to in his comment on ZHE’s facebook page:

Nizam Farid Chishti ‎@ beta enl ZH kee leak video dekho us mein wo kehta hai k yusuf ali ka aqeeda wohi tha jo hazrat data gunj bakhsh ya hazrat abdul qadir jilani ka tha….abhi mubasher lucman k saath us ka ja program hoa hai us mein us nay yusuf kazab ko 3 baar “mystic” kaha hai….jahil insaan mystic ka matlab jantay ho tum… uskee court evidence kee audio suna 52 min kee hai zh say khud ja kar poocho k ager wo fake hai… us mein jakay suno k yusuf kazab kis terah isko sahabi kehta hai kistera isko “sadeeq” kehta hai or kis terah isko apnay oper imaan lanay walay sab say pehla shakhs kehta hai or is kay zaid hamid aker kia bukta hai… zaid hamid say ja kar poocho k ager wo audio fake hai ya nahi…. uska javab mil jaye to doob merna… apni kabar bhi kaheen or jaa bunana takay yeh mati tumharay jaisay ghadaron k khoon say pak rahay… in early 1990’s zaid hamid k ghar pay yusuf kazab kee poori poori mehfilein lagti thee… beech mein ap k ISI k buhut baray afser sahib bhi apna emaan baichnay jatay thay….jinhon nay zaid hamid ko ISI mein reports baichnay ka dhanda start ker k dia… zaid hamid ka ghar buhut say saal yusuf kazab ka islamabad-pindi ka dera buna hoa tha…mujlis hoti k baad yusuf kay aik or sahabi abdul wahid khan k ghar islamabad mein shift hogia tha…poocho is say is kee pichli bivi (Allah nay unko hidayat dee hai) iskeee gawah hain….wo pooray din drawing mein bethay yusuf kazab ke mehmaano k liye khanay paka paka thak jati thi…

zaid hamid nay ab ja k thora buhut realise kerna shiru kia hai usnay ab yusuf k liye”hard words” istemaal kernay shiru kiye hian… inshallah wo usko officially kazab bhi declare kerdayga… aqal arahi hai usay bhi….or mujhe bhuhut afsos hai k tumhara taluk ager isi say hai…kion k isi is mulk kee ankh hai is mulk kee soch hai ager wohi itni andhi hogai hai to is mulk ko Allah bachaye.

This is no secret that Zaid Hamid was launched into the Media with ISI support and funding and that ISI paid him hefty amounts in the name of buying his security reports, the same reports that Zaid Hamid is now trying to sell for Rs 300/- without any success.

Questions From Zaki Khalid of TeamBT and Their Answers by ZHE

These questions were asked by Zaki Khalid, a member of Team BT. It was Zaki’s wish that only ZHE should respond to them, so we have tried to fulfill his demand.

My simple Questions are :

Q1) When did Zaid Hamid say Yusuf is his Prophet? Na’uzbillah

Q2) When did Zaid Hamid say that he is Yusuf’s Khalifah/

Q3) When did Zaid Hamid say that he is Yusuf’s Sahabi?

Q4) When did Zaid Hamid preach Yusuf or his beliefs?

These are the main questions, I hope you don’t mind a little more addition.

Q5) Until Zaid Hamid will not curse Yusuf, he is not a Muslim near you, where did this theory come from? Reference from Quran or Hadith?

I hope NOW that stupid Khurasan Mujahid chooza or some other fasadi will not poke their nose into this.


Q1) When did Zaid Hamid say Yusuf is his Prophet? Na’uzbillah

Zaid Hamid does not say that Yusuf is his prophet, because Yusuf did not said that he is a Prophet. Yusuf claimed that he is Muhammad (Nauzobillah) and this is the believe of Zaid Hamid that Yusuf was the re-incarnation of Muhammad saaw (Nauzobillah). If some one claims to be Muhammad saaw, he does not have to additionally claim himself to be a Prophet, because Muhammad saaw is a prophet beyond doubt.

There are eye-witnesses of this belief of Zaid Hamid. Fortunately those eye-witnesses are still alive. Hesham Syed is one such eye-witness. In a meeting with Zaid Hamid at his flat in Pindi, Zaid Hamid told Hesham Syed that you have met Prophet Muhammad saaw, but you did not recognized him.

So once again. Zaid Hamid does not say Yusuf is his Prophet. Instead he says that his prophet is Muhammad saaw, but he believes Yusuf Kazzab to be Muhammad saaw as well together with Muhammad bin Abdullah saaw.

Q2) When did Zaid Hamid say that he is Yusuf’s Khalifah ?

Zaid Hamid has not claimed in public that he is Yusuf’s Khalifah and even if he had said so, it wont have been significant. Instead it was Yusuf Kazzab who made him his Khalifah and declared him his Sahabi in a public gathering at Bait e Raza.

Lets consider that I claim that I am the right hand man of Gen Kayani, this claim of mine will have no significance unless and untill Gen Kayani himself says that I am his right hand man. Similarly, Zaid Hamid’s claim that he is Yusuf’s Khalifah would have been less significant. Instead of that Yusuf himself declared Zaid Hamid to be his Khalifah and his Sahabi – which is far more significant and authoritative.

For references, listen to the Bait e Raza audio speech of Yusuf Kazzab and his Sahabi Zaid Hamid. and also read the letters of Yusuf Kazzab written from Jail to his mureeds in which he instructed his mureeds to do as his Khalifah Zaid Hamid says.

Zaid Hamid proved to be Yusuf’s Khalifah together with Sohail by accompanying him in all court hearings. Writing an article in Daily DAWN trying to re-write history. Defending Yusuf at all forums and even to this day. Watch the leaked video of March 2010 and you will find out that Zaid Hamid was doing nothing but defending his Prophet Yusuf Kazzab. If Zaid Hamid would not have been Yusuf’s Khalifah, he would not have been involved in defending his false prophet 10 years after Yusuf’s death. The fact that Zaid Hamid still defends Yusuf Kazzab, is a testament of the level of Iman Zaid Hamid has in Yusuf Kazzab.

Q3) When did Zaid Hamid say that he is Yusuf’s Sahabi?

Refer to the ans. of Ques 2.

Q4) When did Zaid Hamid preach Yusuf or his beliefs?

Preaching is of many types, such as preaching with words, preaching with actions and so on. But the essence of preaching is that the other person should start following or doing what you do.

Prophet Muhammad saaw believed that Allah is ONE and he preached that and all of his Sahaba believed in the same thing that Allah is ONE.

Zaid Hamid believes that Yusuf is not a Kazzab, because he was the re-incarnation of Muhammad saaw and hence can not be a false prophet because Muhammad saaw is a true Prophet.

Similar to Zaid Hamid, all of his fans – who prior to 2008 have not heard the name of Yusuf Kazzab now also believe that Yusuf is not a Kazzab. This is called preaching – i.e. to make others believe or act upon what you believe or what you do.

Q5) Until Zaid Hamid will not curse Yusuf, he is not a Muslim near you, where did this theory come from? Reference from Quran or Hadith?

You are a knowledgeable person, go read the history books and find out what Sahaba RA made the followers of Saja bint e Haris do to make them revert back to Islam.

Hope your questions have been answered.

Guidance is from Allah and Allah alone !!!

Poetry in Islam – Hesham Syed

The following article was written 20 years ago, when some people criticized Hesham Syed for doing Poetry. The argument of the criticizers was that Hesham Syed shouldn’t do poetry as it is Haram and forbidden in Islam.

Hesham Syed countered it by provided various references from the life of the Holy Prophet saaw that our Holy Prophet saaw used to listen to the verses of Sahaba e Karam RA and that Sahaba e Karam RA used to do poetry in front of the Holy Prophet saaw.

Hassan bin Sabit RA: The Poet of the Holy Prophet saaw

In a recent program of Point Blank with Mubashir Lucman in which Zaid Hamid was present, a religious scholar named Muhammad Ayub was also invited. To be honest I have never heard about Muhammad Ayub before, neither do I know from which Madrassah has he obtained his religious education.

Referring to Sura e As Shuara, Muhammad Ayub claimed that Poetry is not allowed in Islam and no Poet was a Prophet or a Sahabi. He at one time stated that Quran states that people should leave poetry to become momin.

Firstly, it was beyond me that how on earth was the topic of “Poetry in Islam” relevant to the issue of Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazzab. It seems that Mubashir Lucman invited Muhammad Ayub on purpose to disgrace Ulema e Karam and make this point that:

Ulema are against poets and consider poetry to be haram and poets to be kafir and people on whom Shayateen descend. And that since Allama Iqbal was also a poet, so he is also a kafir.

After allowing Muhammad Ayub to discuss the issue of “Poetry in Islam”, Mubashir Lucman gave his final statements that just like Muhammad Ayub considers poetry to be haram and poets to be kafir on the basis of verses of Quran, similarly there could be different interpretations of other verses of Holy Quran. So we should not be against Zaid Hamid specially when he has denied his association with Yusuf Kazzab and have clarified every thing.

Mubashir Lucman should know this that the issue of Khatam e Nabuwwat is not an issue on which Ulema have different interpretations. Ulema’s of all maslaks are unanimous on this issue that Yusuf Kazzab was a Kazzab and it is the Ijmah of the Ummat that any person who does not consider a Kazzab to be a Kazzab is a Kafir.

Poetry is not Haram and Poets are not Kafirs

Now lets address the controversy that Muhammad Ayub has raised, which helped Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Lucman to skip the real topic and issue of Khatam e Nabuwwat. Muhammad Ayub should know that not only did Prophet Muhammad saaw himself used to listen to poetry, he used to ask his companion Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit RA to do poetry in his (saaw) presence.

Hassan bin Sabit RA is a famous Sahabi (companion of the Holy Prophet saaw). Hassan bin Sabit RA was famous in all of Hejaz for his poetry and after accepting Islam, used his poetry to defend the honor of Prophet Muhammad saaw. At one occasion, non-believers wrote defamatory verses against Prophet Muhammad saaw. When Prophet Muhammad saaw got to know about those verses, he called Hassan bin Sabit RA to Masjid e Nabwi. When Hassan bin Sabit RA came to Masjid e Nabwi, Prophet Muhammad saaw stood up from his Mimbar and asked Hassan bin Sabit RA to sit on the Mimbar of the Holy Prophet saaw and reply to the defamatory poetry.

Prophet Muhammad saaw sat on the floor, while Hassan bin Sabit RA responded to the defamatory poetry against our Holy Prophet saaw. The verses that Hassan bin Sabit RA said at that occasion are now known as “Qaseeda e Hassan bin Sabit RA”.

Wikipedia Article states the following about Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit RA:

Hassaan ibn Thabit (Arabic: حسان بن ثابت‎) (died 674) was an Arabian poet and one of the Sahaba, or companions of Muhammad. He was born in Yathrib (Medina), and was member of the Banu Khazraj tribe.

In his youth he traveled to Al-Hirah and Damascus, then settled in Medina, where, after the advent of Muhammad, he accepted Islam and wrote poems in defence of him. He was one of the best poets of the time, who would often win poetry competitions and the like. He was a prime example of how the early Muslims were able to use their pre-Islam talents for the cause of Islam.

Muhammad gave Hassaan his slave Sirin, the sister of Muhammad’s wife Maria al-Qibtiyya. The sisters were Egyptian Coptic Christians sent as gifts to Muhammad by Muqawqis, a ruler of Egypt, in around 628. Sirin bore Hassaan a son, ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Hassaan.[1]


Poetry is not haram in Islam and Poets are not Kafirs. In fact some of the most beloved companions of the Holy Prophet saaw were poets and Holy Prophet saaw used to ask them to say verses in his presence.

Muhammad Ayub should learn Holy Quran from some authentic Alim e Deen before preaching it on National TV.

Mubashir Lucman should not deviate from the real issue of Khatam e Nabuwwat by creating confusion about “Poetry in Islam”, which is never a point of contention between Zaid Hamid and AMTKN/ZHE.

If Mubashir Lucman really believes in objective journalism, he should have invited someone from AMTKN instead of Muhammad Ayub and should have allowed that Alim from AMTKN to present his case on the issue as well.

Qaseeda e Hassan bin Sabit RA

Mufti Anas Younus, who is an Alim from Deoband has now translated the “Qaseeda e Hassan bin Sabit RA” into urdu and has read it in a nasheed. Both the exact arabic verses that Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit RA read in front of Prophet Muhammad saaw and the urdu translation of those verses can be heard in Mufti Anas Younus’s voice in the videos embedded below:

Zaid Hamid Defends Yusuf Kazzab on Point Blank With Mubashir Lucman [Video]

In a recent program of Point Blank with Mubashir Lucman, Zaid Hamid was questioned about his links with Yusuf Kazzab. Recording of the program is embedded above.

In the first video from 2:00 – 3:30

Mubashir Lucman states that he believes in Prophet Muhammad saaw being the last prophet and Zaid Hamid agrees.

Then Mubashir further states that if someone has claimed to be a Prophet after Prophet Muhammad saaw is a Kazzab. Zaid agrees to that too, but once again fails to call Yusuf Kazzab to be a Kazzab by specifically taking his name.

From 4:30 – 6:30

Mubashir Lucman refers to a story of Daily Ummat in which Daily Ummat discloses that Zaid Hamid has divorced his wife because she was unwilling to follow the deviant path of Yusuf Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid’s response: I dont want to comment on Daily Ummat and all this is non-sense and rubbish.

Mubashir Lucman: So this Divorce news is not true ?

Zaid Hamid: No, that is my personal matter. I had differences with my wife … blah blah.

So Zaid Hamid claims that Ummat published a false and fabricated story about Zaid Hamid divorcing his wife, but then accepts that he has divorced his wife. Then how on earth does, the report of Ummat becomes false and fabricated ?

What Mubashir Lucman failed to tell his audience was that the report was published in Daily Ummat after reporters from Daily Ummat conducted a thorough and detailed interview with Zaid Hamid’s ex-wife. So nothing in that report was baseless or fabricated.

From 9:00 – till end of part 1

Start of 2nd Part – 3:30

Mubashir Lucman asks him about his Afghan Jihad and states that your closed friends state that you went to Afghanistan once or twice, but were never involved in real Jihad there.

Zaid Hamid responds by saying that all of his heroics in Afghanistan are well-documented.

Mubashir Lucman Ahmed Shah Masood was fighting against Taliban, So you fought against Taliban ?

Zaid Hamid responds Look Mubashir I came out of Afghanistan in 1992, and In 1992 there was no existence of Taliban

But what Zaid Hamid refused to tell was that it was the same people against whom he fought together with Ahmed Shah Masood, that later became Taliban. Zaid Hamid’s close friends with whom ZHE has also spoken state that Zaid Hamid was supporting Northern Alliance and Ahmed Shah Masood and used to come to Pakistan and call the real Mujahideen to be Thieves and Bandits. It was these same Mujahideen who later became Taliban.

From 3:53 – 5:00

Mubashir Lucman Then you came to Pindi, so when did you started Brasstacks ?

Zaid Hamid responds that He first joined Brinks in 1994 as a manager and stayed with it for 5 years. So Zaid Hamid is admitting that he remained with Brinks till 1999.

The case against Yusuf Kazzab was started in 1997 and was judged in 2000. It is well documented in news papers, that Brinks was providing security to Yusuf Kazzab and his house in Lahore, even when Yusuf was on trial in Court. If you read the news papers of the time, you will see repeated mentions of the fact that a Manager of a private security company is also a follower of Yusuf Kazzab.

Now you may know that who that manager was.

From 5:20 – 5:50

Mubashir Lucman So when did you met Yusuf ?

Zaid Hamid responds that he met Yusuf in 1992 in Karachi. After 1992, I left Karachi – so people of Karachi dont know how much and what relations I had with Yusuf. Whatever they say is suni sunai and jhoot.

The problem with this is that in his leaked video – that was leaked in early march. Zaid Hamid states that he met Yusuf in 1992 but then came to Rawalpindi, so then he do not know what Yusuf did and had no contact with Yusuf.

But now he is stating that he met Yusuf in 1992, but then he came to Rawalpindi so the people of Karachi do not know what contacts he had with Yusuf.

From 5:50 – 8:20

Mubashir Lucman Why you introduced Yusuf in your close circles by stating that he is a Rohani Shakhsiat and can make you have Ziarat of Prophet saaw. ?

Zaid Hamid responds Rubbish, total rubbish.

Zaid Hamid further states that Yusuf was a mystic.

But the problem with this response is, that the people whom Zaid Hamid introduced to Yusuf by stating that Yusuf will make you meet Prophet saaw are still alive and can testify to this anytime anywhere. Zaid Hamid even told Hesham Syed that he has already met Prophet saaw but has not recognized him. Hesham Syed states that he has no doubt that Zaid Hamid was referring to Yusuf Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid states that Yusuf was a mystic but fails to tell, what was it that Yusuf used to say to people to show that he is a mystic.

Yusuf used to tell people that he is a mystic of such caliber that he can make them meet Prophet saaw. Yusuf used to demand money from people in order to make them meet Prophet saaw and then used to take them in a room and state to them that he is Muhammad (Nauzobillah).

Mubashir Tries to Rescue Zaid Hamid

Mubashir Lucman then wastes half of his program on a discussion of poetry in religion, which had nothing to do with Yusuf Kazzab issue. Poetry or Iqbal’s ideology was never a point of contention between ZHE/AMTKN and Zaid Hamid.

After allowing Muhammad Ayub to make his point and interpret in his own words, the ayats of Holy Quran – Mubashir stated in the end that it might be possible that some of us are not interpreting Quran or Fiqah correctly.

So is Mubashir trying to say that just like Muhammad Ayub was misinterpreting the verses on poets and poetry, we are misinterpreting the verses on Khatam e Nabuwwat and Finality of Prophethood ?

Mubashir Lucman felt it to be fair to invite Zaid Hamid to his show to take his point of view on the Yusuf Kazzab issue, but failed to invite Ulema of AMTKN to take their point of view on the same issue.

Mubashir Lucman invited son of Khalid Khawaja on his show to take his point of view on the Hamid Mir controversy, but failed to invite Hamid Mir to take Hamid’s point of view on the same issue.

And then Mubashir claims that it is fair to invite a person to take his point of view and this is what objective journalism should be. But shouldnt an objective journalist also invite the other party to hear to their point of view as well ?

Perhaps that does not fall in the category of objective journalism, specially if someone’s objective is to provide the audience with biased analysis and twisted and one sided narratives.

Mubashir stated in the end that Zaid Hamid has clarified everything, but what exactly has he clarified.

We alleged that Zaid Hamid knew Yusuf Kazzab. Zaid Hamid has now accepted it.

We alleged that Zaid Hamid defended Yusuf Kazzab in Court. This is a fact and Zaid Hamid has never denied it.

We alleged that Zaid Hamid defended Yusuf Kazzab even after his death. This is a fact as is evident from Zaid Hamid’s Daily DAWN article of 2000, his leaked video of March 2010. It is evident from the fact that he still defends Kazzab and states that Yusuf never claimed to be a prohet and the fact that Zaid Hamid still refuses to call Yusuf a Kazzab.

So again what exactly did Zaid Hamid clarified ? Oh yes. He clarified that he was associated with Yusuf Kazzab.