Brother of Zaid Hamid’s new wife exposes his corrupt character.

On 23rd June, 2011, Daily Insaf published a news report on Zaid Hamid’s latest scandalous marriage. It can be viewed here. Now the lady’s brother has sent an article to ZHE in which he gives more details about how Zaid Hamid destroyed a happy family and lives of 5 innocent children.

The purpose of this effort is to show the real face of this devil incarnate called Zaid hamid, and to uphold the unquestionable values which our messenger (SAW) had given us and are undeniably mentioned in the Quran for all times to come. The purpose also includes saving the simple ,conscientious people from falling prey to these kind of criminals who use their God given talents to hunt the minds and hearts of those who are sincere towards Allah’s cause but are mentally weak, specially the women .

Although this whole episode is very painful and shocking for me and the conscientious persons in my family , I decided to come into the press because keeping silence was only more damaging for my family and the society . He would not have been able to do that if all the members of the family would have taken principled stand firmly and unanimously, but unfortunately there are weak links in our families too like Noah’s son and wife.

The mul-oon Zaid Hamid may plan to make more in-roads into the family encouraged by my silence and such silence would only create more harm than good. Wrongs must be discouraged with full force , and this is the only way to save and strengthen the family values and ethics given by our Messenger (SAW).

Allah’s last Messenger (SAW) said in his last sermon at Hajj , ” O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life , honor and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust.

” O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under God’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.”

Zaid Hamid encourages day and night contacts between the namaharam men and women and he leads from the front in this regard.

Zaid Hamid has recently divorced his previous wife and married with a woman, who unfortunately happens to be my sister, by making her take Khula from her husband , leaving behind 5 children among whom 4 are under 8 years of age. All was going well before mul-oon’s contact with my sister
and the differences between my sister and her husband were manageable and meagre . But under the supervision and guidance of the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid, the family ties started weakening and the rationale of Quran and common sense started vanishing into the abyss of prophecies, dreams , visions , predictions and lofty claims.

Although the Mul-oon was told very clearly and humbly time and again that he’s playing with the honour of an honourable Muslim family, he kept on violating the unchangeable values of our Prophet and kept bombarding the innocent girl with the sms and emails through his team, which looked to call upon the sensitivity of the girl towards the plight of Muslim Ummah but in actuality were intended to get hold of her mind and to infuse the very imbalanced views of his which clearly deviated from the Quranic principles.

He was told that the woman, who was mother of 5 children , was behaving negatively abnormally under his guidance and that her husband , father and brothers didn’t want him to contact her or to encourage her contact with him in any garb, but he didn’t pay heed to these requests and employed her to ensure that the woman is financially strengthened in order to break away from her family and join his cult.

He drew support and sympathies of those sensative people who were affected by the negative happenings in Pakistan , specially the bomb blasts and drone attacks and instilled the idea that prophesized time has come and with special links with sufis and saints, he’s a dervish who is above the laws and commandments of Allah and Rasul, specially when it comes to ethics of contact with namahram women. And he does this in way that the victim herself confesses that she’s inclined to contact him to ” serve the nation”.

In March 2010, when asked to participate in an intellectual debate with renowned scholars like Dr. Farooq Khan and others on TV on the topic of ” Quranic laws of rise and fall of Nations — the way forward for us “, he didnt respond for 2 months and then said that he’s not interested in any such exercise, but is content with being the one eyed king among the blind.

Finally, he was asked by Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan ( a renowned scholar and Vice chancellor of Swat University who was our family friend and consultant psychiatrist), and Honourable General  Hameed Gul to leave the woman and abide by the values and ethics given by our Messenger , but this Mul-oon shamelessly avoided contact by the male members of the family and kept his close and frequent contact with the woman directly and indirectly. He didnt have the character to attend the phone from her husband, but had the shamelessness to contact the woman to ask her whether he should attend phones from the male members of her family or not.

He was asked to fire her from the job , but he kept increasing her salary and encouraged her to go to his evil circle of ” Yusuf Kazzab” , which includes two other Mul-oons . One is his Pir in Tarbela famous as ” do rotion wala baba ” and the other is Haji Safdar in Gojar Khan. This Haji Safdar was the person who made Zaid Hamid contact with Yusuf Kazzab, and ever since is held in high esteem by the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid. The first Pir from Tarbela told the girl in April 2010 that in consideration of her sincerity towards the cause of Islam, among the few such women , she has been selected by the ” Higher authorities in Heavens” to be married to the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid. As soon as she came back from there, without considering the undeniable values and ethics of the Prophet (SAW) , she insisted that she has to marry the Mul-oon and that her husband and those who will help her do that will get high rewards from Allah in doing so. No rational debate, no arguments based on Quran and Seerah changed her mind, because the Mul-oon didnt leave contact for a day to let her come out of the trance which she had gone into.

Most of his programs are such that a mentally weak and less knowledgeable anchor person sits accross him and throws stupid questions at him , in response to which a long speech initiates at a speed of 100 miles per hour and in a tone that is reflective of weak character and foolish confidence of the person.

From the point of view of comprehension to the level of character , he is as far from Quran , Seerah and even Allama Iqbal’s ideology as possible. He cannot even read Quran properly , and is so shamelessly confident that being so weak in knowledge and character, his schizophrenia boosts him to recite Quranic verses wrongly infront of a whole lot of people including Dr. Israr Ahmed.

Editor’s Note: Daily Insaf report refers to the lady as “T” to hide her identity as it will affect the honour of the family. We will not make public the name of her brother upon his request.