PakistanToday: Zaid Hamid arrested in Saudi Arabia for speaking against govt. June 26, 2015


Pakistani journalist/religious commentator Zaid Hamid has been arrested in Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Office claimed on Thursday.

According to reports, Hamid was on a visit to the Kingdom with his wife.

He was taken into custody after making speeches against the Saudi government.

“Our embassy in Riyadh has informed us that Mr Zaid Hamid was arrested about two weeks ago. Since then, the embassy has been working with the local authorities to get consular access,” Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah told a news briefing in Islamabad.

“Due to the efforts of the embassy, his wife was able to talk to him. Again, due to the efforts of the embassy, his wife will be able to meet with him on 30 June,” he said without giving further details.

Source: PakistanToday