Daily Dawn: Saudi Arabia denies consular access to Zaid Hamid. July 1, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Saudi authorities have denied a request by the Pakistan embassy for consulor access to Zaid Hamid, a self-proclaimed security analyst jailed in Saudi Arabia.

In Medina, a team from Counsel General Jeddah was denied access to Zaid Hamid and was not allowed to meet the analyst.

Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah, responding to a question, denied knowledge of the sentence given to Zaid Hamid and said it had not been confirmed by Saudi authorities.

The spokesperson further said that with the efforts of the foreign ministry, Hamid’s wife has been able to meet him at Madina prison.

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Diplomatic sources had said that Zaid Hamid was arrested last month for making an alleged provocative speech in Madina criticising the Saudi government.

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Source: Dawn News

PakistanToday: Zaid Hamid arrested in Saudi Arabia for speaking against govt. June 26, 2015


Pakistani journalist/religious commentator Zaid Hamid has been arrested in Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Office claimed on Thursday.

According to reports, Hamid was on a visit to the Kingdom with his wife.

He was taken into custody after making speeches against the Saudi government.

“Our embassy in Riyadh has informed us that Mr Zaid Hamid was arrested about two weeks ago. Since then, the embassy has been working with the local authorities to get consular access,” Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah told a news briefing in Islamabad.

“Due to the efforts of the embassy, his wife was able to talk to him. Again, due to the efforts of the embassy, his wife will be able to meet with him on 30 June,” he said without giving further details.

Source: PakistanToday

ARY News: FO confirms Zaid Hamid’s arrest in Saudi Arabia. June 25, 2015

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan Thursday confirmed the arrest of defense analyst Zaid Hamid in Saudi Arabia and that the Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh is trying to get consular access to him, ARY News reported.

The FO spokesman Qazi Khalilullah during a press briefing today confirmed the arrest of Zaid Hamid, saying, “Our Embassy in Riyadh has informed us that Mr. Zaid Hamid was arrested about two weeks ago. Since then, the Embassy has been working with the local authorities to get consular access.”

He told that due to the diplomatic efforts, Hamid’s wife was able to talk to him two days ago, while she will also be able to see him on June 30.

Responding to a question regarding the recent statement of Indian Ministry of External Affairs and media leaks that China has blocked India’s attempts in a UN Sanctions Committee against Pakistan, Khalilullah said, “The statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs of India as well as the media reports on the matter are most unfortunate and misleading, and an attempt to politicize a purely technical issue at the UN Security Council 1267 Sanctions Committee.”

“Pakistan’s numerous efforts including past as well as ongoing extensive law enforcement operations are a major factor in weakening Al Qaida in the region,” he said. “No other country can match this level of contribution, cooperation and sacrifice towards the objective of the Security Council sanctions.”

When asked about recent BBC report on MQM, the FO spokesman said, “We have taken note of the media reports. Our concerned authorities are looking into the matter.”

He went on to say that interference in internal affairs of any country is a violation of the principles of the UN Charter.

“It is also against the norms of interstate relations and conduct. I wish to underscore that peace, security and stability of our region depends on peace, security and stability of the countries comprising the region,” Qazi Khalilullah asserted.

Pakistan fully understands and appreciates this. We, therefore, are committed to a policy of good neighborly relations. We hope India would partner with Pakistan in this mission, he added.

In response to Afghanistan’s blames on Pakistan and naming of ISI for an attack on its parliament, the spokesman said, “We reject these allegations. Such allegations have been leveled against ISI and its officials in the past as well.”

“Pakistan is a well-wisher of Afghanistan and we are committed to our relations with Afghanistan as both sides have been interacting at the highest level,” Khalilullah said. “We have said in the past and I wish to reiterate that enemies of Afghanistan are enemies of Pakistan.”

One of the principles of our relations with Afghanistan is that we will not allow our soil to be used against each other, he added

Source: ARY News

Editor’s Note: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh should not provide consular access to Zaid Hamid, rather provide the Saudi government with proofs of his blasphemy. We demand that Pakistani embassy in Riyadh remain neutral in the issue and let law take its course to deal with this blasphemer and traitor.