3 comments on “Ummat 21 March 2010 – Zaid Hamid Ney Apney Walideen Ko Bhi Kazab Ka Garweeda Bana Diya

  1. Momin Ansari says:

    Zaid Hamid: Press Conference on Yousuf Issue Part 3

    See his Press Conference …

  2. hesham syed says:

    I did not know much of these detail but Zaid Parents were not garweedah of Yusuf – rather they were very much disturbed and perturbed for Zaid association with Yusuf and Zaid parents both father and mother cried infront of me and requested me if I could help and pull Zaid out of this – so their garweedgy with yusuf is not correct – Yes , they would attend Yusuf mahfil because they were living with Zaid and I agree that they felt paralized to warn Zaid in strong words – it may be parental weakness & they decided just to pray to Allah to give Hidayat to Zaid and other family members who had fallen in to this prey.

  3. maqbool ahmed says:

    The article is very use full. There are lot of people who stil do not know about the activities of this man Zaid Hamid. I have tried my best to explain the intentions of Zaid hamid.He thinks he will be successfull in spoiling the Islamic society y his lactures, and people will accept him as a Khlifa tul muslimeen.
    Please keep it up.
    Haq is for to stay and kizib will wanish away.
    Maqbool Ahmed.

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