Refutation: Zaid Hamid says he never met Yusuf Kazzab after 1992 till Yusuf was captured in 1997


Zaid Hamid says he never met Yusuf Kazzab after 1992 till Yusuf was captured in 1997.”yusuf may had some fraud but he didn’t claim to be prophet” said zaid hamid in video.


This is the most interesting statement made by “great scholar” zaid hamid If he never met Yusuf kazzab after 1992 till his arrest in end of 1997 then how can he say that yusuf did not claim to be a prophet? How can you say what was he doing and saying in Karachi and Lahore as according to you, you were in Rawal Pindi after 1992? When you accept that you don’t know whether he had some fraud or not then how can you say with confidence that he didn’t claim to be a prophet?

The fact is that Zaid Hamid was his right hand and he was always with him either Yusuf was in Lahore or in Karachi.

Dr. Mohsin Ansari Medical (Director, Clinical faculty, University of Maryland School of Medicine USA) a friend of Zaid Hamid in University days claimed in his article on 2 Feb. 2010 that Zaid Hamid attended his marriage in 1994 in Karachi with his some friends who all were according to Dr. Ansari “following a Peer Yusuf Ali who later claimed to be a prophet.” Dr. Mohsin ansari also claims that Zaid Hamid was suffering from a mental disorder called Bipolar Manic Disorder in his university days in which the patient considers himself “a redeemer, a savior and some one who possess grandiose personality.”

Dr. Mohsin Ansari’s article is available on this link

How zaid hamid says he didn’t go to Karachi after 1992 while he attended marriage of Dr. Ansari in 1994?

The audio speech presented in court was recorded on 28 Feb 1997 in Lahore one month before Yusuf arrested in which Zaid Hamid also delivered a speech as the first Sahabi ( naoozbillah ).

How can Zaid Hamid say that he never met yusuf kazzab after 1992?

The biggest and continuous liar Zaid Hamid says the Ulema of Khatam e Nabuwwat “ The most ghatya molvi on the earth”

Mr. Zaid Hamid !!!!

These were Ulema who gave their lives to stop the Qadiyani Fitna in British era, then these were the ulema ( Molana Madudi and Molana Niazi and others ) who was sentenced to death by Gen. Ayub when they refused to give up their struggle against Qadiyanis. These were the Ulema of khatam-e-nabuwwat who gave their lives to force Bhutto to announce Qadiyanis as Kafir.

These were the Ulema who stopped Gohar Shahi Fitna.

We are not Molvis who are uploading these researches, we are students of those institutes which are run on western pattern. But we think that If we know some thing about Islam and even if we are Muslims, this is only because of Ulema who always remained torch bearers of Islam. Black sheep are always in every sector of society even in Ulema also but abusing them all is as worst as abusing Islam itself..

But this is a fact that if Islam could not be protected in traditional Madrasahs by these molvis then most of us would be Christians, Sikhs or Hindu.

We hope still you may have a chance from Allah to get Tauba and again become Muslim.. you have qualities to motivate and mobilize people but alas Shaitan captured you to follow his way.. Allah guide you and those who follow you blindly to the right path and protect Ummah from such fitnas.


Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

“A believer is not stung twice from the same hole”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

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