Refutation: Zaid Hamid says Yusuf was accused of ZANA (adultery) but Molvis could not prove it so according to Sharia Molvis should be lashed


Zaid Hamid says Yusuf was accused of ZANA (adultery) but Molvis could not prove it so according to Sharia Molvis should be lashed ( korray marne chahiye) ( In video Zaid Hamid’s most focused point)


Yusuf was not accused for Zana by majlis e Khatam Nabuwwat because according to FIR there is no section of Pakistan Penal Code regarding Zana put on him. There were some eye witness who told Ulema and media that Yusuf kazzab tried to commit adultery with their women. But no one was ready to say this in court because of our traditional hesitation on such sensitive issue. This was an indirect allegation of “Try to commit adultery, not the direct blame of adultery” He was having some “ Roohani nikah” with some of his ladies followers and saying them “Azwaj Mutahraat” Naoozbillah. But it was hard to prove so Majlis e Khatam e Nabuwwat did not insisted on this allegation and if we read the FIR, there is also written the sentence “ tried to commit adultery” and there is no section of PPC regarding adultery put in FIR. Here we present the details of all sections of Pakistan penal Code put in FIR against yusuf Kazzab by Khatam-e-Nabuwwat.

According to FIR all the sections of Pakistan Penal Code
implemented in this case are as below
1. 295A insulting religion
2. 295B Insult of Quran
3. 295C insult of Prophet SAW
4. 298 Uttering word to wound religious feeling
5. 298A use of wrong words about ahl-e-bait and Azwaaj Mutahraat
6. 505(2) creating, spreading rumors against religion or state
7. 805 seems to be misprint (because we could not find this section in PPC) we think it was 508 (Forcing or threatening some one)
8. 420 committing fraud
9. 406 criminal breach of trust

Here is copy of FIR

Below if we see the sections provided by court on which he was sentenced are also among those from FIR.

So how Zaid Hamid says that Ulema accused Yusuf Kazzab for adultery in court and they were not able to provide sharia proof so they should be lashed in public. Did Ulema put a single section of PPC regarding Zana in FIR ? If not then Zaid himself should be lashed for Qazzaf as he is blaming baseless.

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

“A believer is not stung twice from the same hole”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

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Scribd (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab


Refutation: Zaid Hamid says he never met Yusuf Kazzab after 1992 till Yusuf was captured in 1997


Zaid Hamid says he never met Yusuf Kazzab after 1992 till Yusuf was captured in 1997.”yusuf may had some fraud but he didn’t claim to be prophet” said zaid hamid in video.


This is the most interesting statement made by “great scholar” zaid hamid If he never met Yusuf kazzab after 1992 till his arrest in end of 1997 then how can he say that yusuf did not claim to be a prophet? How can you say what was he doing and saying in Karachi and Lahore as according to you, you were in Rawal Pindi after 1992? When you accept that you don’t know whether he had some fraud or not then how can you say with confidence that he didn’t claim to be a prophet?

The fact is that Zaid Hamid was his right hand and he was always with him either Yusuf was in Lahore or in Karachi.

Dr. Mohsin Ansari Medical (Director, Clinical faculty, University of Maryland School of Medicine USA) a friend of Zaid Hamid in University days claimed in his article on 2 Feb. 2010 that Zaid Hamid attended his marriage in 1994 in Karachi with his some friends who all were according to Dr. Ansari “following a Peer Yusuf Ali who later claimed to be a prophet.” Dr. Mohsin ansari also claims that Zaid Hamid was suffering from a mental disorder called Bipolar Manic Disorder in his university days in which the patient considers himself “a redeemer, a savior and some one who possess grandiose personality.”

Dr. Mohsin Ansari’s article is available on this link

How zaid hamid says he didn’t go to Karachi after 1992 while he attended marriage of Dr. Ansari in 1994?

The audio speech presented in court was recorded on 28 Feb 1997 in Lahore one month before Yusuf arrested in which Zaid Hamid also delivered a speech as the first Sahabi ( naoozbillah ).

How can Zaid Hamid say that he never met yusuf kazzab after 1992?

The biggest and continuous liar Zaid Hamid says the Ulema of Khatam e Nabuwwat “ The most ghatya molvi on the earth”

Mr. Zaid Hamid !!!!

These were Ulema who gave their lives to stop the Qadiyani Fitna in British era, then these were the ulema ( Molana Madudi and Molana Niazi and others ) who was sentenced to death by Gen. Ayub when they refused to give up their struggle against Qadiyanis. These were the Ulema of khatam-e-nabuwwat who gave their lives to force Bhutto to announce Qadiyanis as Kafir.

These were the Ulema who stopped Gohar Shahi Fitna.

We are not Molvis who are uploading these researches, we are students of those institutes which are run on western pattern. But we think that If we know some thing about Islam and even if we are Muslims, this is only because of Ulema who always remained torch bearers of Islam. Black sheep are always in every sector of society even in Ulema also but abusing them all is as worst as abusing Islam itself..

But this is a fact that if Islam could not be protected in traditional Madrasahs by these molvis then most of us would be Christians, Sikhs or Hindu.

We hope still you may have a chance from Allah to get Tauba and again become Muslim.. you have qualities to motivate and mobilize people but alas Shaitan captured you to follow his way.. Allah guide you and those who follow you blindly to the right path and protect Ummah from such fitnas.


Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

“A believer is not stung twice from the same hole”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

Document (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab
Scribd (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab


Refutation: Only “Khabrain” reported Yusuf Kazzab Case?

Based upon the videos that has been released by Zaid Hamid in defense of Yousuf Kazzab which are posted here. We refute the following claim as per our post here:


Zaid Hamid claims again and again in video that Only Khabrain reported news of yusuf kazzab and no single newspaper of Pakistan covered it and even no news is from any other news paper because ‘Khabrain reporter’ Mian Ghaffar had some issue of money with yusuf kazzab. According to zaid hamid “ khabrain ne chaar molvi sath mila ke yusuf ko phansa dya”.


We again use the book “Fitna yusuf Kazzab” ( published in October 1997 containing all reports and articles regarding yusuf kazzab’s case) and see in 1997 when yusuf was just put in trial and he was not killed, what the writer says on it.

This is very first page of that book after title. The writer Arhsad Quraishi ( died in 2003 May Allah bless him Jannah) first says thanks to Daily Takbeer and the editor of Takbeer “Sarwat Jamal Asmai” then He says thanks to reporter of Daily Ummat “Muhammad Tahir” then he says thanks to Zia Shahid and Mian Ghaffar of Kabrain.

On next page he gives a list of Pakistani news papers and magazines whose reports and articles were included in this book and all of them covered the yusuf kazzab’s story. And we see that top of the list is Takbeer, not Khabrain.

The fact is this that yusuf kazzab’s claim to be Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) naoozbillah was first reported by Weekly Takbeer and daily Ummat in Karachi.( most of Yusuf’s followers were in Karachi and Lahore)

See another Page of the same book

If only and only Khabrain (according to zaid hamid) was highlighting this issue and no other news paper reported it then why compiler of all news reports in a book is again writing the name of weekly Takbeer first and then Khabrain? And he also gives a list of more than 6 news papers and magazines which reported yusuf kazzab as false Prophet and the top of the list is Takbeer, not Khabrain.

We should know that Weekly Takbeer was the hot favorite magazine in 1990’s because of its courageous policy even the founder of this magazine Salah ud deen was killed by Karachi Mafias but they did not stop to expose the truth on different hot issues.

Daily Ummat Karachi is also well known because of its Islamist policy.

After reading news in Karachi newspapers, Khabrain started its own investigations because khabrain had started its new edition from Multan so Khabrain assigned this matter to Editor of Khabrain Multan Mian ghaffar ( zaid hamid says him a reporter instead he was editor of Khabrain Multan). Mian ghaffar met yusuf kazzab in lahore and got his point of view and after this meeting Mian ghaffar reached at the coclusion that yusuf Kazzab did not deny his claim to be Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) Naoozbillah.

Mian ghaffar in his report march 1997 himself accepts that takbeer and Ummat reported this first then he met yusuf Ali to investigate that matter. Read here the complete conversation of Mian ghaffar and yusuf Kazzab.

Mian ghaffaar’s last question and yusuf Kazzab’s silence was the turning point for Khabrain Editor because If he is not denying to be Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) strictly then what did it mean?

And some audio, Video and written material was also available to prove it. This is the story that why Khabrain gave it too importance because Editor was the witness of his Kuffr.

(Lets put ourselves on Mian ghafaar’s place and ask some one that some people think you are Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) ( naoozbilah).. and that person is silent on this question… Will we need some “ more” evidences?
We think even whole world stand with that guilty person we will not accept that he is innocent.( Khatam-e-Nabuwwat is the most sensitive and basic Islamic belief after Toheed and there is not room of compromise on it as muslim)

In reply to Zaid hamid’s biggest lie that only and only Khabrain was giving news of yusuf Kazzab’s case, we have so many other reports of other newspapers in 1997..

Lets have a look on some of them.

The above reports are from Daily nawa-e-waqt, Daily Jang, and Daily Din. In next pages we ll also provide reports from other newspapers to prove Zaid Hamid’s lies.

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

“A believer is not stung twice from the same hole”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

Document (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab
Scribd (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab


Fatwa Fobia – Zaid Hamid's Historic Article In Defense Of His False Prophet

Although some of the younger generation might have got confused by the sudden U-turn in Zaid Hamid’s stand – who previously was claiming that he had no relationship with Yusuf Kazab, and have now suddenly came out defending the False Prophet.

But the people in the know, are certainly not confused. Zaid Hamid was one of the most aggressive defenders of his False Prophet, throughout the trial of Yusuf Kazab. He was present in all the court hearings, took letters from one place to other asking people to withdraw the case, tried to threaten and blackmail the people involved in the case against Yusuf Kazab. Even after Yusuf was sentenced to death by hanging, Zaid Hamid didnt rested and wrote a splendid piece of defense in favor of his False Prophet in DAILY DAWN. The article was published on 13th Aug 2000. Zaid Hamid himself re-published it on Chowk.  The article is being re-published here:


There are a lot of allegedly moderates pakistanis on the chowk, who believe in human rights, who have woRn out their fingers posting about kashmir, the jinnah speach, the tolerant islam in pakistan, the 2% extremists. In supporting the killing of kashmir in the guise of human rights, selfdetermination etc. they are in tune with the mullahs, who prefer the word jihad.

In the following story, if the alleged moderates criticise the blasphemy laws they will be in conflict with the mullah. No, the moderates cannot afford to do that because of the fatwafobia. The human rights blah blah does not apply to pakistani nationals.

Convicted for blasphemy

A kind, benevolent and honourable Muslim Sufi of a small order has been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges by a court in Lahore. I am an eyewitness to what happened in the court and how the prosecution murdered justice, human dignity, Islamic and contemporary law and all norms of humanity in the name of Islam. Mohammad Yusuf Ali is a staunch Muslim and a scholar of the Holy Quran. He has rendered meritorious services to Islam, Pakistan and humanity in his career. It was only a difference of interpretation which was exploited by extremist mullahs and some Urdu newspapers. Yusuf Ali had already spent two years in jail and now he has been convicted.

I was present in the courtroom to assist the defence lawyers. It was barred to the outside world. I am witness to what happened inside and how he has been convicted. The prosecution had based their case on four items: audio cassette of Juma Khutba, video cassettes of Juma Khutba, Yousuf Ali`s purported diary, and one Pir and his few followers, who claimed that he had claimed to be “Muhammad“ in front of them many years ago!

There was nothing objectionable in the cassettes, and even according to Qanoon-i-Shahadat, they were inadmissible, as the one who had made these was not known. They were highly edited, doctored and manipulated.

The diary was not of Yusuf Ali`s at all, and even the prosecution admitted that they were not sure of its origin. It had no name, no handwriting match, no owner. It was simply alleged on Yusuf Ali and was torn to shreds in its originality and credibility.

The Pir and his followers were again torn to shreds, as none of them was the complainant. They never reported the alleged blasphemy to the police or any other authority, which supposedly happened many years ago. Their credibility did not exist at all in terms of contradictions in cross examinations.

One of them was on bail on fraud charges. The complainant had all the info on hearsay. He had never met the accused in his life. All his info was through Urdu newspapers. He accused Yusuf Ali of adultery, but even in the FIR, the relevant section was not mentioned for lack of evidence, making the complainant liable to “Qazaf“. His testimony was not admissible at all.

Yusuf Ali had categorically, even before the registration of the FIR, made it clear through paid ads that he had not claimed to be a prophet and he was a staunch Muslim. Top religious scholars like Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi had declared him a true Muslim and asked the charges to be dropped. According to all legal and Shariat requirements he had proved himself to be a true Muslim. Still the prosecution insisted that he called himself a prophet. How can anyone be the judge of someone`s faith? The prosecution lawyers went so overboard that even the judge had to stop them from committing blasphemy in trying to prove Yusuf Ali wrong. Even though Yusuf Ali was on bail, he was arrested one day earlier against all rules, laws and norms. It is extraordinary how the bail given by a High Court was cancelled by the Sessions Court and the accused was arrested.

The whole trial was in camera and the media was not allowed in to hear Yusuf Ali`s explanations, his speeches and comments. The media was also barred from seeing the hopelessness of the prosecution witnesses and their lawyers.

It was on this quality of evidence that a great living sufi has been condemned to death on so many counts that we have lost count.

Now Yusuf Ali is in the line for gallows. Will we wait and let the evil win or raise our voices for our own survival?



This article has been published as part of  our on-going effort to unearth all evidences, past and present against this believer and defender of False Prophet Yusuf Kazab.

Update: The Chowk article has now been removed by Zaid Hamid but the original letter in Daily DAWN can be viewed here Convicted for Blasphemy, Zaid Hamid’s Article In Daily DAWN 13 Aug 2000 [Original Scan]

United as “One Muslim Ummah” against Murtid Yusuf Kazzab and his followers

Following is an “incomplete” list of Ulema e Karam of different school of thoughts, Religious and Political Parties members and Muslim Civil Society members who were united as “One Muslim Ummah” against Murtid Yusuf Kazzab and his followers.

This list has been prepared from the book “Fitna e Yusuf Kazzab”, which basically contains articles, documents and news clippings published in Takbeer, Ummat, Khabrain, Nawa e Waqt, Jang and other newspapers.

The list is divided into these sections: Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahle Hadis, Shia, Tanzeem e Islami, Jamat e Islami, Government & Politicians, Professionals & Businessmen, More.

Tip: The list itself is very long, to get a quick overview, you can see the highlighted rows in bold under each school of thought or section.


Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi – AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Ismail Shuja Abadi – General Secretary – AMTKN
Syed Ata ul Mohsin Bukhari – Majlis e Aihrar Pakistan, AMTKN
Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti – MPA, AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Abdul Majeed Deen Puri – Dar ul Ifta Jamia Uloom ul Islamia Binnori Town Karachi
Maulana Mufti Muhammad Naeem – Muhtamim o Sheikh ul Hadis – Jamia Binoria Site Karachi
Maulana Abdur Rehman Ashrafi – Jamia Ashrafia Lahore
Maulana Muhammad Aslam Sheikhupuri –, Jamia tur Rasheed
Maulana Qari Mansoor Ahmed – Jamia tur Rasheed
Maulana Azam Tariq – Parlimentary Leader – Punjab Assembly, SSP
Maulana Syed Wasi Mazher Nadvi
Maulana Fazlur Rehman – Ameer – JUI(F)
Maulana Samiul Haq – Ameer – JUI(S)
Hafiz Hussain Ahmed – JUI (F)

Qari Shabbir Ahmed Usmani – Central Secretary of Information – AMTKN Rabwah
Maulvi Faqir Muhammad – Secretary Information – AMTKN
Allama Aurangzeb Awan Islamabad – AMTKN
Maulana Munawwer Hussain Siddiqui – AMTKN
Khuwaja Khan Muhammad – AMTKN
Maulana Khan Muhammad – AMTKN
Aziz ur Rehman Jalandhry – AMTKN
Maulana Bashir Ahmed – AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Hussain Nasir Sukkur – AMTKN
Maulana Jamalullah Al Hussaini Punnu Aaqil – AMTKN
Mufti Hafeez ur Rehman Tando Adam – AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Nazar Usmani Hyderabad – AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Karachi – AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Ali Siddiqui Quetta – AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Bahawalpur – AMTKN
Maulana Abdul Aziz Bahawalpur – AMTKN
Maulana Abdul Khaliq Rehman Sahiwal – AMTKN
Maulana Abdul Razzaq Mujahid Okara – AMTKN
Hafiz Muhammad Saqib – AMTKN
Maulana Qaisarullah Akhtar Gujranwala – AMTKN
Maulana Ghulam Hussain Jhang – AMTKN
Qazi Ahsaan Ahmed Rabwah – AMTKN
Syed Mumtaz ul Hassan Gilani Faisalabad – AMTKN
Qari Muhammad Ramzan – AMTKN
Qari Muhammad Ali – AMTKN
Maulana Muhammad Akram Tufani – AMTKN
Maulana Allah Wasaya – AMTKN
Maulana Khuda Baksh – AMTKN
Maulana Sarfaraz Khan – AMTKN

Maulana Syed Inayatullah Shah Sahab Bukhari – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Muhammad Tayyab – Ameer e Jamiat, Sheikh ul Quran – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Syed Ziaullah Shah Bukhari – Nazim e Aala Pakistan – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Ziaul Haq – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Qazi Asmatullah – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Allama Ataullah Shah – Nazim e Aala Punjab – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Sahabzada Ashraf Ali – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Qazi Muhammad Nakab – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Noor Ilahi – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Sahabzada Aziz ur Rehman – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Qari Khalil Ahmed Bandhyani – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Abdul Hai – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Maulana Abdul Razzaq – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah
Qari Abdul Aziz – Jamiat e Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah

Maulana Shams ul Haq – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Rafiq ullah – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Mufti Kifayat ullah – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Ghulam Rasool – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Tayyab – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Saif ur Rehman – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Yusuf – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Qari Yaqub – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Shafiq ur Rehman – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Khalid – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Faiz ur Rehman – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Hidayatullah – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Ziaullah – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Rooh ul Ameen – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Noor ul Wakeel – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi
Maulana Rafi ullah – Asha’at Tauheed wa Sunnah Karachi

Maulana Ahmed Muawiyah – Majlis e Aihrar e Islam
Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal Advocate – President – Majlis e Aihrar e Islam Lahore
Mian Muhammad Owais – Nazim – Majlis e Aihrar e Islam Lahore
Syed Muhammad Kafeel Bukhari – Majlis e Aihrar e Islam
Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema – Majlis e Aihrar e Islam
Qari Muhammad Yusuf Aihrar – Majlis e Aihrar e Islam
Mian Muhammad Owais – Majlis e Aihrar e Islam

Hafiz Ahmed Bakhsh Advocate – SSP Karachi
Sagheer Ahmed Sheikh – SSP Karachi
Mansoor Ali Babar – SSP Karachi
Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem – SSP Karachi
Muhammad Ilyas Zubair – SSP Karachi
Hafiz Zulfiqar – SSP
Professor Umer Hayat – SSP
Syed Inamullah Shah Bukhari – President – SSP Sahiwal
Qari Muhammad Ahmed Rasheedi – Vice President – SSP Sahiwal
Qari Manzoor Ahmed – SSP Sahiwal
Qari Muhammad Shafi Kazmi – SSP Sahiwal

Maulana Abdul Majeed – Sheikh ul Hadis – Jamia Islamia Babul Uloom Kerore Pakka
Mufti Abu Talha Zafar Iqbal – Jamia Islamia Babul Uloom Kerore Pakka

Maulana Taj Muhammad – JUI(F)
Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed – Ameer – JUI(F) Lahore
Hassan Farooq But – Secretary General – JUI(F) Lahore
Hafiz Nadeem Shehzad – Secretary Information – JUI(F) Lahore
Muhammad Idrees Upal – JUI(F) Lahore
Saifuddin Saif – Ameer – JUI(F) Lahore
Maulana Khalil ur Rehman Haqqani – JUI(S)
Ata ullah Qadri – Divisional Secretary – JUI(S)
Maulana Naeemullah Farooqi – JUI
Maulana Muhibun Nabi – JUI
Hafiz Muhammad Riaz Durrani – JUI
Qazi Nazir Ahmed – JUI

Abdul Qadir Roparri
Professor Shah Fareed ul Haq
Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri
Maulana Iqbal Muhammad
Maulana Syed Gulzar Shah
Maulana Abdul Qayyum Nomani
Maulana Abdul Waheed
Maulana Muhammad Yaar
Maulana Mufti Abdullah Shaukat
Maulana Noor ul Ameen
Maulana Ghulam Rasool Bukhari
Maulana Muhammad Arif
Maulana Mufti Khalid Muhammad


Dr Muhammad Sarfaraz Naeemi – Jamia Naeemia Lahore
Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani – JUP (Noorani)
Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi – JUP (Niazi)
Pir Aijaz Hashmi – Cenral Secratory of Information – JUP (Noorani)
Muhammad Saleem Qadri – Quaid – ST
Allama Kaukab Noorani Okarvi
Mufti Abdul Aziz – Dar ul Uloom Amjadia Karachi
Dr Mufti Ghulam Server Qadri – Jamia Rizvia Trust
Muhammad Afzal Qadri – Ameer – Minhaj ul Quran Sahiwal
Shah Fareed ul Haq – Vice President – JUP
Maulana Shoaib Qadri – JUP
Maulana Muhammad Hussain Lakhani – JUP
Pir Safdar Shah – JUP (Niazi)
Maulana Ayaz Niazi – JUP
Shabbir Ahmed Hashmi – Central Ameer – JUP
Sardar Muhammad Khan Laghari – JUP
Dr Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair – JUP
Qari Abdul Hamid Qadri – JUP
Engineer Salimullah Khan – JUP
Muhammad Siddique Qadri – Convenor – ST
Maulana Muhammad Noor Al Mustafa Rizvi – ST

Malik Azhar Sandela – President – Pak Sunni Tanzeem
Maulana Ahmed Baksh Sandela – Pak Sunni Tanzeem
Maulana Allah Ditta – Pak Sunni Tanzeem
Maulana Mushtaq Ahmed Karo – Pak Sunni Tanzeem

Badar Zahoor Chishti – Anjuman e Talaba e Islam Lahore
Abu Zafar Saeed – Anjuman e Talaba e Islam Lahore

Maulana Abdus Sattar Saeedi – Organizer – Milad Committe Multan
Maulana Muhammad Ramzan Naqshbandi – Milad Committe Multan

Maulana Ghulam Qasim Noorani – Khateeb – Jamia Anwaar Ghausia
Mian Amir Mehmood Naqshbandi – President – Jamiat e Ulama e Mashaikh Youth Wing
Sheikh Abdul Karim – Anjuman e Ghulaman e Mustafa Pakistan
Hafiz Muhammad Akbar Jatoi – President – Anjuman e Fidayan e Mustafa Pakistan
Amir Shahzad Siddiqui – Chairman – Anjuman e Fikr e Insaniyat
Qari Muhammad Ismail Sulaimani – General Secretary – Jamiat e Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Lahore

Maulana Jamil Ahmed Naeemi – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Mufti Muhammad Jan Naeemi – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Allama Shabbir Ahmed Azhari – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Maulana Abdul Haleem Siddiqui – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Qazi Noorani – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Qadri – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Maulana Rajab Ali Naeemi – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Owaisi – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Maulana Wazir Rehmani – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh
Maulana Bashir ul Qadri – Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Sindh

Syed Hamid Ashraf Shah Jilani – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allam Nasim Ahmed Siddiqui – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allama Ashraf Gormani – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allama Shabbir Ahmed Ghaffari – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allama Riazuddin Qadri – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allama Abdullah Tayyab – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allama Qari Muhammad Siddiqui – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allam Farhat ul Qadri – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allama Saeed ul Hassan – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Qari Maqsood ul Islam – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Haji Muhammad Hanif Bilour – Tehrik e Awam e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan

Syed Irshad Ali – Tehrik e Fidaiyan e Khatm e Nubuwwat
Maulana Abdul Halim Hazarvi – Tehrik e Fidaiyan e Khatm e Nubuwwat
Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Owaisi – Tehrik e Fidaiyan e Khatm e Nubuwwat
Muhammad Usman Khan Ghauri – Tehrik e Fidaiyan e Khatm e Nubuwwat
Maulana Bashir ul Qadri – Tehrik e Fidaiyan e Khatm e Nubuwwat
Maulana Rajab Ali Naeemi – Tehrik e Fidaiyan e Khatm e Nubuwwat
Qazi Ahmed Noorani – Tehrik e Fidaiyan e Khatm e Nubuwwat


Maulana Muhammad Afzal Haider – Central Secretary General – Wafaq e Ulema e Shia
Alhaaj Muhammad Riaz Rizvi – Central Chairman – Tehrik e Ittehad e Millat e Islamia Pakistan
Maulana Kazim Raza Naqvi – Jamia Almuntazir Lahore
Munawwar Abbass Alvi – President – Sipah e Muhammad Pakistan
Allam Mushtaq Hussain Jaffery – Head – Tehrik e Huqooq e Jaffaria Pakistan
Mirza Yusuf Hussain (Shia) – Chairman – Muslim Muttahida Mahaz Pakistan

Ahle Hadis

Allam Zubair Ahmed Zaheer – Central Ameer – Jamaat e Ahl e Hadis
Mian Muhammad Jamil – Secretary General – Jamaat e Ahl e Hadis
Hafiz Muhammad Naeem Butt – Central Secretary Information – Jamiat e Ahl e Hadis
Hafiz Abdul Majid Butt – Jamat e Ahle Hadis Pakistan
Maulana Abdur Rehman Salfi – Ameer – Jamat e Ghurba Ahle Hadis
Muhammad Idrees Hashmi – Secretary – Jamat e Ghurba Ahle Hadis Punjab

Maulana Muhammad Saeed – Ahle Hadis Youth Force
Muhammad Shoaib Ansari – Ahle Hadis Youth Forum
Saifullah – Ahle Hadis Youth Forum
Zahid Ansari – Ahle Hadis Youth Force
Sajid Ansari – Ahle Hadis Youth Force
Zahid Tariq – Ahle Hadis Youth Force
Haji Abdul Qayyum – Ahle Hadis Youth Force

Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Firdousi – President and Khateeb – Markazi Jamiat e Ahle Hadis Khanewal
Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf – Khateeb – Jama Masjid Ahle Hadis Madani Road Mustafabad Lahore
Hafiz Muhammad Asghar – Khateeb – Jama Muhammadia Masjid Ahle Hadis Shadbagh Lahore

Tanzeem e Islami

Dr Israr Ahmed – Tanzeem e Islami
Dr Ghulam Murtaza Malik
Major General Rtd M H Ansari – Tehreek e Khilafat, Tanzeem e Islami
Naeem Akhtar Adnan – Vice Nazim Nashro Ashaat – Tanzeem e Islami

Jamat e Islami

Hafiz Muhammad Idris – Ameer – JI Punjab
Maulana Abdul Malik – Sheikh ul Hadis – Jamia Mansoora Lahore, Jamiat e Ittehad ul Ulama
Sardar Maqsood Hussain Tahir – Press Secretary – JI
Liaqat Baloch – JI

Naushaba Ahsan – JI
Farzana Cheema – JI
Sajida Zubairi – JI
Muhammad Qadeer – Member – JI Azad Kashmir
Maulana Fateh Muhammad – JI
Munawwar Ali Khan – Ameer – JI Sahiwal
Sheikh Shahid Hameed – Ameer – JI Sahiwal City
Dr Anwar ul Haq – JI Sahiwal City
Dr Akram Sheikh – JI Sahiwal City
Mushtaq Ahmed Khan – Ameer – JI Hyderabad
Chaudhry Mehmood Ahmed – JI Sahiwal City
Dr Abdul Sattar – JI Sahiwal City

Rao Masood Ali Khan – Shabab e Milli
Shahid Bilal – President – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Muhammad Muawiyah – Deputy Secretary – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Muhammad Azhar Naeem – Incharge Media Cell – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Abdur Rehman Faisal – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Tahir Shah – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Amir Nawaz Khan Kirmani – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Rana Nazim Javaid – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Rana Nazim – Deputy Secretary – Shabab e Milli Lahore
Muhammad Shafiq Butt – President – Shabab e Milli Punjab Lahore
Amanullah Khan Sayyal – Shabab e Milli

Government & Politicians

Sahabzada Fazal Karim – Provincial Minister Awqaaf

Maulana Allah Yaar Arshad – MPA
Mian Muhammad Usman – Ex MNA

Maulana Rafi uddin – Secretary – PML(N) Ulama Council
Raji ullah Khan – President – PML(N) Ulama Wing
Hafiz Muhammad Ilyaz Usman – PML(N) Ulama Wing
Raja Aziz ur Rehman – Joint Secretary – PML(N) Lahore
Mazhar Taqi Butt – Joint Secretary – PML(N) Traders Wing
Najma Hamid – PML(N)
Mehnaz Rafi – PML(N)
Rana Sharif – PML(N)
Sheikh Muhammad Salim – PML(N)
Muhammad Abdul Latif Atif – PML(N)
Nazir Ahmed Quraishi – PML(N)
Malik Yasin – PML(N)
Abdur Rehman Chughtai – PML(N)
Seth Ilahi Baksh Soomro – PML(N)

Shehnaz Laghari – PTI
Aisha Iqbal – PTI

Sajida Mir – PPP
Begum Humayun Mirza – Cheif Organizer – PPP (Shaheed Bhutto)
Haji Altaf Hussain Quraishi – PML(J)
Ameer ul Hassan Janjua – President – PML(F)

Professionals & Businessmen

Iqbal Mehmood Awan Advocate
Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti – Chief Organizer – International Welfare Front
Muhammad Ismail Quraishi Sr Advocate – Convener – World Association of Muslim Jurists Pakistan Zone
Zafar Ali Raja Advocate – Secretary General – World Association of Muslim Jurists Pakistan Zone
Adeeb Jawidani – Chief Editor – Moon Digest
Shakeel Ahmed Dar – President – Pakistan Welfare Committe
Haji Abdullah Kauser – President – Liaqat Market Khanewal
Dr Riaz ul Hassan Gilani Sr Advocate – Ex Musheer – Shariat Court of Pakistan
Dr Zahoor Ahmed – Principal – Oriental College Punjab University Lahore
Mehmood ur Rehman Quraishi – Anjuman e Tajiran e Achra Lahore
Sheikh Habib – General Secretary – Ferozepur Road Association Lahore
Muhammad Khalid Latif Ghumman – Mudeer – Monthly Anwaar e Khatm e Nubuwwat Lahore
Qazi Zargham ul Haq Advocate – Lawyer and ex President of Association
Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan – Senior Vice President – Anjuman e Tajiran e Umar Chowk Township Lahore


Maulana Muhammad Shafi Josh – Jama Masjid Rehmat Town Lahore
Syed Masood Shah – Pakistan Tehreek e Islam
Maulana Alhaaj Hafiz Muhammad Yaqub – Khateeb – Jamia Ahya ul Islam
Maulana Zahid ur Rashidi – General Secretary – Pakistan Shariat Council
Maulana Qari Jamil ur Rehman Akhter – Provincial President – Majlis e Ulema e Ahl e Sunnat
Professor Zafarullah Shafiq – President – Majils e Asatiza e Islam Pakistan
Hafiz Abdur Rasheed – Fazil Madina University
Maulana Zafarullah Shafiq – Jama Masjid Shah Jamal Lahore
Zia Muhammad Zubair – Jamia Makki Masjid Lahore
Maulana Ashfaq Ahmed – Jama Masjid Rabbani Nishat Colony Lahore
Qari Nazeer Ahmed Madani – Jama Masjid Allama Iqbal Town
Muhammad Munir – Khateeb – Jama Masjid Aihrar Rabwah
Maulana Habib ur Rehman Farooqi – Jamia Rehmania Garhi Shaho Lahore
Maulana Muhammad Rafiq Rabbani – Shah Saood University Saudia Arabia
Hafiz Ali Server – Jamia Mansoora Lahore
Maulana Ziaullah Qusuri – Secretary Information – Jamiat e Ittehad e Ulama
Dr Shahid Qadri – Pakistan Qaumi Movement
Haji Muzaffar Ali – Pakistan Qaumi Movement
Professor Abdul Qayyum – Pakistan Qaumi Movement
Muhammad Islam – Pakistan Qaumi Movement
Abdur Rehman Shakir – Central Secretary Nashro Ashaat – Jamiat e Ittehad e Ulama e Pakistan
Wali ullah Bukhari – Jamiat e Talaba e Arabia
Maulana Muhammad Mumtaz Ahmed Saqi – Nazim – Zila Sheikhupura
Maulana Amir Ali Shah
Maulana Alhaaj Muhammad Ishaq – Khateeb – Jamia Ahya ul Uloom Bhai Peru
Haji Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Yaqub – Jama Masjid Siddiqa Bhai Peru
Imam e Eidain Syed Abdus Salam Hamdani
Maulana Hussain Ahmed Awan – Ittehad e Ulama e Ahle Sunnat, Markazi Jamiat e Ulama e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Mumtaz Awan – Chief Organizer Pasban Khatm e Nubuwwat & Chief Editor Magazine “Tarjuman e Khatm e Nubuwwat”
Allam Muhammad Haseeb – Khateeb – Jama Masjid Fazl e Rabbi Park Shadbagh
Hafiz Yaar Muhammad – Khateeb – Bilal Masjid Chiragh Park Shadbagh
Qari Muhammad Feroz Siddiqui – Nazim e Aala – Jamia Madania Gulshan e Ravi
Qadri Muhammad Afzal – Khateeb – Jama Masjid Ayha e Islam Shahidrah
Hafiz Abdul Karim – Khateeb – Jama Masjid Hanfia Clifton Colony
Qari Muhammad Ismail Siddiqui – Imam – Jama Masjid Khair Din Band Road
Khalifa Shafiq Ahmed – Imam – Moharrvi Qasmi Masjid Baghpura
Makhdoom Muhammad Afzal – Jama Masjid Siddiqia Darogha Wala
Syed Muhammad Irshad Shah Qadri – Imam – Jama Masjid Rahimiya Park
Muhammad Ramzan – Imam – Masjid e Tayyaba Mustafa Town
Hafiz Khan Muhammad – Imam – Masjid Mian Qamaruddin Chowk Baghpura
Muhammad Imran – Imam – Jama Masjid Al Madina Ittefaq Colony
Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa Goallarri – Khateeb – Markazi Jama Masjid Mohammadi Kashmir Block Allam Iqbal Town
Hafiz Sardar Ali – Khateeb – Jama Masjid Rajpanwali Sanda Lahore
Talib Hussain Zaidi – Khateeb – Jama Masjid Muhammadi Samanabad
Maulana Nazakat Hussain Gollarri – Central Ameer – Sunni Ulama Council Pakistan
Maulana Salahuddin Yusuf – Mufassir e Quran / Mumtaz Aalm e Deen
Khalid Mehmood Qadri – Mudeer e Aala – Jamiat e Ittehad ul Ulama e Pakistan
Muhammad Yahya Mujahid – Markaz Ad Dawa wal Irshad
Maulana Muhammad Mughera – Masjid e Aihrar Rabwah
Maulana Manzoor Ahmed – Jama Usmania Cheecha Watni
Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema – Jama Usmania Cheecha Watni
Maulana Syed Muhammad Yunous Bukhari – Gujrat
Maulana Abu Sufyan Taib – Hasil Pur
Hakim Maulvi Muhammad Abdul Ghafoor – Bahawalnagar
Maulana Qari Zahoor ur Raheem – Liaqat Pur Zila Raheem Yar Khan
Haji Hafiz Muhammad Yaqub – Khateeb – Masjid Siddiqia Muhalla Rasulpura
Mufti Zia ul Hasnain – Khateeb – Jamia Ahya ul Uloom
Sahabzada Salman Munir – Central President – Khatm e Nubuwwat Youth Force Pakistan
Maulana Abdul Malik Khan – Ittehad ul Ulama e Pakistan
Ghulam Mustafa – Photostate Union – Sadiqabad
Maulana Qazi Kifayatullah – Ameer – Tehrik e Ittehad e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Dr Muhammad Yasin Sohani – Tanzeem e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Hafiz Abid Hussain – Tanzeem e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Allam Pir Mian Mehmood ul Hassan Naqshbandi – Jamiat e Ulama e Mashaikh Pakistan
Maulana Muhammad Hussain Lakhani – Chief Organizer – Jamat e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Pir Muhammad Afzal – Nazim e Aala – Jamat e Ahle Sunnat Pakistan
Mufti Allah Yaqoob Rizvi – Muhtamim – Jamia Sardarul Uloom
Maulana Ghulam Ahmed Nizami – Muhtamim – Madrasa Madinatul Uloom
Abdul Sattar Nizami – Madrasa Madinatul Uloom
Pir Syed Munawwar Hussain Shah – Chairman – Mashaikh e Pakistan
Pir Syed Khurshid Hussain Shah Chishti – Chairman Supreme Council – Mashaikh e Pakistan
S A Jaffery – Chief Organizer – Mashaikh e Pakistan
Sahabzada Pir Muhammad Siddiq Naqshbandi – President – Mashaikh e Pakistan Punjab
Sahabzada Pir Muhammad Saifullah – Vice President – Mashaikh e Pakistan Punjab
Maulana Ahmed Saeed Hashmi
Maulana Khadim – Head – Bazm e Fikr e Aslaaf
Pirzada Saifullah Jalandhry – Head – Majlis e Dawat ul haq
Syed Muhammad Abdul Qadir Azad – Khateeb – Badhshahi Masjid Lahore
Sheikh Aijaz Ahmed Raza – Chairman – Bazm e Raza Pakistan
Abdur Razaq Raza – Bazm e Raza Pakistan
Malikf Arshad – Bazm e Raza Pakistan
Qasoor Butt – Bazm e Raza Pakistan
Mian Abdul Rehman
Sahabzada Saeed ur Rehman
Dr Jehagir Shuja
Maulana Saifullah Akram
Mufti Syed Aashiq Hussain
Qari Muhammad Alamgir Raheemi
Abdul Hafeez Khokhar
Allama Abdul Haq Haqqani
Qari Altaf ur Rehman Gondal
Muhammad Amjad Khan
Fareed Ahmed Paracha
Samiullah Butt
Haji Buland Akhter Nizami
Syed Sadiq Ali Qadri – Ameer – Global Islamic Mission (Trust)
Makhdoom Aijaz Ahmed Gilani
Hakim Syed Ali Nasar Askari – President – Khaaksaar Tehrik Karachi
Arif Jamal Seherwardi – Silsila e Seherwardia
Javaid Iqbal – Secretary General – Lashkar e Tauheed Pakistan
Qari Muhammad Ali – Lashkar e Tauheed Pakistan
Qari Muhammad Ramzan – Lashkar e Tauheed Pakistan
Muhammad Badar Advocate – Shabab e Khatm e Nubuwwat
Maulana Khuwaja Shahid Mehmood – Jamiat e Ittehad e Ulama
Obaid Yunus – Jamiat e Ittehad e Ulama
Amin Nazimuddin – Jamiat e Talaba e Arabia Lahore
Maulana Ayaz Umer – Jamiat e Talaba e Arabia Lahore
Khushal Khan – Jamiat e Talaba e Arabia Lahore


Document (English|pdf): united-as-one-muslim-ummah-against-murtid-yousuf-kazzab-pdf

Zaid Hamid Admits his Links to Yousuf Kazzab and Defends him

The Exegesis:

  1. He still defends Yousaf Kazzab and defends him through his ‘Shari’ah Interpretation’, implying thereby as if the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat don’t have any record on it.
  2. He insulted the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying they were threatening the court, to pass judgement against Yousuf Kazzab.
  3. He insulted the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying words like ‘Maulvi beech phass gayee”, “Maulvi beech main ghusair diyee gayyee” “paisoon waisoon kay chakkar main”. In other plain words, he accused Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat that they had ‘wordly motives of money’ and again doesn’t prove it.
  4. He is totally misrepresenting facts. This has been replied as under:Q: Some people say that the Yusuf Kazab became a victim of Daily Khabrain Editor Zia Shahid’s enmity because Zia Shahid had some land/money dispute with Yusuf Kazab?A: Suppose, if this was the case, then leave Zia Shahid, and take rest of the evidences, which are too much, coming from too many sources, too strong and too crystal clear in nature. AMTKN challenges any one who have any “proof” that Yusuf Kazab did not claimed to be a prophet, please come forward and AMTKN will listen him/her carefully, analyze those proofs and will clarify its stance publicly with all those proofs and counter-proofs. Its an open challenge for any one.
  5. He blamed the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying that ‘they were bought by the Khabrain Akhbar’. Again a lie which he has prefected from his predecessor – Yousuf Kazzab
  6. He consideres still Yousuf Ali not a Kazzab and considers him to be a Muslim and Scholar.
  7. Regarding the issue of Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi, Zaid Hamid is lying again. The following is the fact: (Br. Talha Saad)
    “It is a lie that Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi supported Yousf Kazzab.”

    A comrade of ours went to mulana Niazais students and they told him the real story. When Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi was very sick,in his last days Yusuf Kazzab went to him, grabbed his feet and started crying.

    He told him that he was a true lover and slave of prophet(SA), and that he didnt declare prophecy…in return molana replied“ a bench of ulema should be made to decide ur matter…if you are masoom than you will be free and if you are proven wrong than you will be executed…(he didnt say that yusuf didnt declare prophecy)…”

    After that Yusuf altered this news and told the press as Zaid Hamid says it. The next day Molana Abdus Aattar Niazi condemned it and did a press conference that Yusuf Ali lied about him.

  8. He said he’ll keep 9mm Pistol with him, we’ll make a judge, whoever is proved wrong he’ll put a hole in his head.
  9. Since, when the punishment of lying became death penality instead of lashes?
  10. Calls that he’ll have the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat hanged and lashed. Is this how a sensible person will talke Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat who defended this Ummah from the fitnah of Qadyanis and Gohar Shahis?
  11. He doesn’t want to clear himself from the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by excusing that there is no Islamic Law. With this excuse, the Qadyanis should be called Muslims as well, because there was no Islamic Law when they were called Kafir.
  12. Accusing Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of doing a naPak-Paleet Game-plan against him.
  13. Called Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat as the most ‘ghatiah’ (low) Maulvi on earth? Is this the adab and manners to those who defend Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of Prophet (s)?
  14. Doesn’t give any appropriate answer against from here he made all this Videos and who was sponser of it?
  15. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat ‘Bloody Liers’.
  16. Makes fun of their Beards, Imamah’s and makes fun of Aalmi Masjlis e Tuhafzze-e-Nabuwwat. They will listen absues from me.
  17. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat murderers (May be he is showing is anger of his False Prophet being murdered on them), accused lies ( Same case, defendsFalse Prophet Yousaf Kazzab).
  18. Zaid Hamid become a ‘Shariah Judge’ passes judgement on the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat and says they should be punished by lashes.
  19. Doesn’t want to make this evidences on public. [It is public now]
  20. He doesn’t for the sake of ‘Allah’ as well as ‘Messenger’ (s), though being a Muslim we do things only for the sake of ‘Allah’.
  21. Lies that Dr. Israr and other groups are with us. Dr. Israr and group already apologized for associating with him because he was not aware and personally he has met Zaid Hamid only two times.
  22. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat corrupt and criminal. Accuses Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of distorting ‘Shariah’ and letting it apart.
  23. Allah and Rasool say koi darta hai? ( A Muslim only fear Allah Alone). He has some freak concepts.
  24. Doesn’t recite the word of Allah correctly. It doesn’t start with ‘Tu’minoona’, it starts with ‘Afa Tu’minoona’.
  25. Khabrain Newspaper is famous blackmailer. Proofs? (Like this then every Newspaoer should be called blackmailer)
  26. He doesn’t even consider that it was blasphemy case, but rather goes against the judgement of court, saying it abused the law.
  27. ‘Doo takay kay Maulvi’
  28. He doesn’t even consider ‘Yousuf Kazzab’ and this is how he defends him still. Shariat’ rules don’t implement on Yousuf Ali – so we can’t call him Kazzab.
  29. Tells Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat that “They can go to hell”, called them liars, criminals. They have spoiled religion. Call them terrorists. Accused them that the TTP is behind the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat. They are Fraud. They are not worth it.
  30. Calls it Deobandi-Brailvi Issue
  31. Called the document of “Khatame-e-Nabuwwat” as ‘Bunch of Rubbish”
  32. He doesn’t give a damn about the Maulvis ( Refering to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars”)
  33. Says that the High Court is threatend by Maulvis (Refering to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars”)
  34. Calls the Nizam – Kufar ( If someone else would have said it, would not have been left like that)
  35. Maulvis are corrupt and calls them Fasadi( Refereing again to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars)
  36. Maulvis ( Refereing again to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars ) are told to behave. If they don’t behave they will be prosecuted also. This is like making a Fasad.
  37. Proud of his ‘Media’ and says they are ‘The Media’.
  38. There will be no security threat on us. We will ‘threat’ these Maulvis. We haven’t done this yet, and they are coming on top of us just for nothing.
  39. He seenms to defends his claiming of Prophethood, through mystercism and spirtuality.

To sum it up what he said, he holds ‘respect’ the Ulama of Khatame-e-Nabuwwat as follows:

Maulvi, Maulvi Ghusair diyee gayee, Maulvi paisoon ke waja say andar aye, get lashes, naPak Paleet Plan of Maulvis, Ghatiah(low), Bloody liers, Makes fun of their Beards, Imamah’s and makes fun of Aalmi Masjlis e Tuhafzze-e-Nabuwwat, abuses for them, murderers, fasadis, accusers, corrupt, criminals, destroyer of shariah, Do takay kay maulvi, They can go to hell, They are Liers, Fraud, Terrorists, Fasadi. They will be prosecuted if they don’t listen to Zaid Hamid. Tells that he’ll threat the Maulvis.

Document (English): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-exegesis
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-1
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-2
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-3

Zaid Hamid Defends His False Prophet (Yousuf Kazzab)

Zaid Hamid has been denying any sort of association with Yousuf Kazzab, who claimed prophecy and was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment to be followed by death penalty – but during his imprisonment, a Sipah-e-Sahaba operative murdered him for blasphemy.

This is an introductory video, and the full video with exegesis will be posted soon. Insha’Allah.

He defends Yousuf Kazzab by saying “Is this Shar’i (Islamic) Court  that gave judgement on Yousuf Kazzab ?”

If the video embedded below does not play, please click on this link to watch the video.