O Muslims, Don't talk the talk; walk the walk

In this day and age, all we the Muslims do is talk, talk and talk. We talk about unity and the times of the golden era of Islam, but what do we do to emulate the great Islamic personalities of the past. We complain about the help of Allah not descending, but we also can’t be bothered to pray our 5 compulsory prayers. What we need to do is change ourselves before we complain. And also become ‘people of action’.

A life changing reminder by Sheikh Zahir Mahmood,  titled “People of action“.

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A minor victory but the struggle continues…

“Verily truth has come and falsehood perished and falsehood is bound to perish”– Alhamdollilah Zaid Hamid has himself released the video which we had in our possession and our team had made public clips of it. This video proves our point of view that Zaid Hamid did have a deep link with Yousf Kazzab, a fact which he completely denied previously. The purpose of Mulana Jalalpuris book ‘Rahbar ki roop ma Rahzan’ is complete.

First of all we would like to make it clear that Zaid Hamid never would have released this video on his own. He just did it save his face after we started to air clips from it. Our friend who made this video from his Nokia Cell phone was threatened for the past 1 ½ month by Zaids supporters.

Day before yesterday Zaid Hamid personally called that friend, who is a 2nd year medical student, and said “I warn you and I threaten you…If you release that video there will be bloodshed”. When our comrade told him that the video is out then he had another meeting with his challas (according to our sources) and then decided to make that video public. We make it very clear that the video was leaked not published. Neither is it made to be released. He himself instructs in that video not to have it made public.

The other fact about the video is that it is 58 min clip. Zaids video shows 68 min. The audio he shows is 48 min. I haven’t seen the video on takmeel.pk except for first 4 min. If there is some problem with the video I will Inshallah make a note and publish it.

This is a minor victory, but we should remember that the greater struggle is still there. This fight has now taken new dynamics as now the discussion will be more focused on Yousf Kazzab case. I also think that Zaid Hamid will no longer complain that these people have not met me as he has already made public what he had to say. I will talk to Hazrat Mulana Jallal puri sahib tomorrow inshallah and discuss this. He is already working on a booklet on Yousf Kazzab. All the arguments given in this video are false.

What makes me wonder is that why on earth are official Jihadi groups i.e Lashkar e Taiyyaba and Jaish e Muhammad supporting Zaid Hamid. They claim to do jihad and support some one who attacks the aqeeda of Khatm e Nabuwat. They support some one who abuses the Ulema publicly. In my sight they are nothing more than mercenaries.

I also draw attention to the fact that Zaid Hamid has the ISIs and establishments full support. There providing support to a mulhid is not such a surprise, but what is sad is that our people still harbor expectations from these tyrants.

Brothers and sisters when ever you come across a fitna, then struggle against it. Allah will give you victory. Look we were so few in number. Just Zaid Hamid’s paid staff is twice our size (20-25 according to our sources). But Allahs nusrah came and today the entire nation is with us.

When we fight fitnas we should always keep in mind that it is a part of a greater struggle for shariah. This is because it is hypocrites like Zaid Hamid who make a Jammah which then fights Khilafah and the movement for shariah.

I will keep you all updated on any latest developments inshallah.

Talha Saad
Published Date: 04-March-2010

Document (English|pdf): a-minor-victory-but-the-struggle-continues