The News: Arrest warrant again issued for unbridled outlaw anchor & Zaid Hamid. December 02, 2013

KARACHI: Additional District and Sessions Court Judge, Karachi (South), Abdul Qadus Memon has issued bailable warrants for TV anchor Mubashar for allegedly carrying out concocted and misleading propaganda against Geo News/Jang Group’s ‘Aman Ki Asha’ movement and MKRF’s ‘Zara Sochiye’ programmes. Mubashar is an unbridled outlaw and accused of stepping over the law of the land and the Constitution. The police have been told to arrest and present him before court on December 21.

Meanwhile, the court also reissued bailable warrants for Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, an accused nominated by CPO Rawalpindi, and told the police to present him before it on December 21.

Earlier, the court had ordered registration of a case against Mubashar and Zaid Hamid, Lal Topi Wala, for allegedly carrying out baseless and misleading propaganda against Geo News/Jang Group’s ‘Aman Ki Asha’ movement and MKRF’s ‘Zara Sochiye’ programmes. The police were told to arrest and present the two before court on September 27. The court had held that evidence including CDs, DVDs etc show that Zaid Hamid and Mubashar had levelled serious allegations against Geo News/Jang Group and MKRF; therefore a case be lodged against them for defaming the applicants, tainting their image and levelling allegations with no evidence. The court had ordered that the two be presented before it on Sept 27.

Independent Media Corporation Pvt (Ltd) and Independent Newspapers Corporation Pvt (Ltd) had made Mubashar and Zaid Hamid party to the case and contended that the owners of Geo News, Geo Entertainment, Geo Kahani and Daily Jang are the complainants in the case. They contended that the said institutions are known as Jang/Geo Group and provide information to lakhs of Pakistani citizens who trust them because of the impartial, transparent, honest and responsible delivery of information.

The Jang/Geo Group contended that Zaid Hamid is a security consultant and analyst and is known as a non-serious and unbalanced personality whereas Mubashar is a TV anchor.

On January 1, 2010, Jang/Geo Group launched the ‘Aman Ki Asha’ movement in collaboration with the Times of India aiming to bring peoples and institutions of Pakistan and India closer so that the path is paved for the resolution of their bilateral disputes and peace is achieved in the region.

Not only the peoples of the two countries, but also the international community, appreciated the movement and the idea of bringing closer the institutions of the two countries and paving the way for the resolution of bilateral disputes and promotion of peace.

The complainants launched another sacred movement titled ‘Zara Sochiye’ to stress the importance of education in society. They meant to attract all segments of society to education by improving its standard. They contended that Zaid Hamid is launching baseless propaganda against their programmes and tainting their image. They contended that Zaid Hamid has used indecent language about Jang/Geo Group and is targeting these programmes not only on TV but also on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter and other sites. They contended that this action of Zaid Hamid is a crime and action should be taken against him. Jang/Geo Group contended that Zaid Hamid and Mubashar, without giving any evidence, are levelling concoted allegations against them with the aim of tainting their image; therefore a case be lodged against them under Articles 500 and 501 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

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ML and ZH

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The News: Karachi judge issues arrest warrants for Zaid Hamid, Mubashir Lucman. September 17,2013

KARACHI: Additional Sessions Judge, Karachi South, Abdul Quddus Memon has ordered registration of a case against Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Lucman for unleashing fabricated and misleading propaganda against Geo News/Jang Group’s — ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and MKRF programme ‘Zara Sochiye’ — and issued their arrest warrants.

The judge adjudicated that the evidence (CDs and DVDs etc) presented before the court had proved that Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Lucman had levelled serious allegations against Jang/Geo Group; therefore, a case be registered against them for damaging reputation and leveling baseless allegations against the petitioners. Issuing arrest warrants for both, the judge summoned them on September 27.

The judgment also referred to other cases including those in the Lahore High Court.According to details, while impleading Zaid Zaman Hamid and Mubashir Lucman in their petition, the Independent Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd and Independent Newspapers Corporation (Pvt) Ltd pleaded that they were the owners of Geo News, Geo Entertainment, Geo Kahani, and Daily Jang which were known by the name Jang/Geo Group which providesinformation to millions of citizens of Pakistan who rely on them for presenting unbiased and transparent information.

In their complaint, Jang/Geo Group submitted that Zaid Hamid was a security consultant and defence analyst and was known as a non-serious and unstable person, whereas Mubashir Luqman anchored a TV show.

It was further submitted that on Jan. 1, 2010, Jang/Geo Group launched their movement ‘Aman Ki Asha’ in association with ‘The Times of India’ with a view to bringing the people and institutions of both countries closer and creating a congenial atmosphere for the resolution of outstanding issues between the two countries. This joint venture was appreciated not only by the people of both countries, but also it was encouraged the world over.

The bodies under the control of the petitioners launched another movement — ‘Zara Sochiye’ — for the noble cause. The purpose here is to highlight the importance of education in the society so that the standard of education could be raised through educational reforms.

The further aim is to attract all segments of the society towards education. However, Zaid Hamid unleashed a bogus and unfounded propaganda against the petitioners in order to malign their goodwill.

Zaid Hamid is using improper words against Geo and Jang and trying to target ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and Zara Sochiye’. But that is not all, as he is levelling baseless allegations not only on the TV, but also on social media like the facebook, Twitter and other platforms for which he has no justification. This act of Zaid Hamid is a crime and action should be taken against him, the Group pleaded with the court.

The Jang/Geo Group took the plea that Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Luqman had levelled fabricated allegations without any evidence against them and its sole purpose was to dent the image of the organisations; therefore, both should be tried under sections 500 and 501 CrPC.

The court issued warrants for Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Luqman and summoned them on September 27. It may be recalled that Jang Group has already sued Zaid Hamid for defamation in the Islamabad High Court. The court has restrained him from levelling baseless allegations against Jang/Geo Group.

It may be mentioned here that some elements, some TV channels and some persons on the social media, have been targeting the movement perceiving that Jang/Geo Group receives funds from India to run their shows ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and Zara Sochiye’. No one has so far bothered to present any proof to these allegations.

The only basis said by Zaid Hamid of the allegations against Jang/Geo Group is that the Media Commission had said so in its report. In the same breath, he said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan was in favour of Jang Group and that he was concealing the report of the Media Commission.When the Supreme Court posted the Media Commission Report on its website, it transpired that nothing supported Zaid Hamid’s standpoint.

When the SC attention was drawn towards the episode, it summoned Pemra chairman and other officials and demanded proof against Geo/Jang Group of receiving money from India. Upon this, the Pemra chairman and other officials failed to give any proof. They rather said they had not levelled such an allegation. On this, the apex court observed that they had no right to smear the good name of others and level baseless allegations.

The apex court ordered the Pemra officials to file a written reply supported by proof. In response, the Pemra chairman and other officials filed a reply in which they denied having ever levelled any allegation, by word of mouth or in writing, in the Media Commission against ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and ‘Zara Sochiye’.


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Mubashir Luqman lies to defend Yusuf Kazzab and Zaid Hamid.

Last night (July 24, 2013), Mubashir Luqman invited Zaid Hamid and Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi to his show. Just like in 2010, motive was to rescue Zaid Hamid once again from the pressure that was being put from different segments of the society regarding his association with false prophet Yusuf Kazzab and his twisted Aqaaid. Mubashir Luqman failed miserably in 2010 and failed again last night.

In order to prove that Yusuf Kazzab was innocent, Mubashir Luqman went to the extent that he lied on live television. Mubashir Luqman was showing the last page of the real court verdict on the screen, but was reading the words of Zaid Hamid (written by Zaid Hamid himself on Facebook yesterday, on 24th July 2013). The words that Mubashir Luqman read are not part of the original verdict. Zaid Hamid had already given Mubashir Luqman the Facebook post (words written by Zaid Hamid) to read during the program hence proving that it was a planted show.

Zaid Hamid was pleased and relieved that Mubashir Luqman had read the false concocted verdict which Zaid Hamid had given him to read, which yet again proved that Zaid Hamid has been lying and doing all sorts of frauds just to save his mentor and false prophet Yusuf Kazzab.

Here is what Mubashir Luqman read.

Zaid Hamid’s Facebook post on July 24, 2013. (Written before the program)


Untitled 2

Link to Zaid Hamid’s Facebook post:

The final pages of the verdict are given below.




Full copy of the verdict is embedded below.

The last two pages (having the ending/closing points of the court verdict from point # 66 to 70) have been posted by Zaid Hamid on his Facebook page (which Mubashir Luqman was showing on the screen but not reading). Even those ending points of the verdict make it very clear that Yusuf Kazzab was sentenced to death for Touheen-e-Risalat (saaw) and Touheen-e-Quran etc, not because of claiming Khilafat, and that the decision was reached by the court after proper analysis of all verbal and documented proofs and witnesses. Zaid Hamid lies openly and distorts these points, saying that Yusuf Kazzab was wrongly given death sentence, only because he claimed Khilafat.

Khatm e Nabuwwat Zindabad!