Zaid Hamid forbids Modern Medicine.

Zaid Hamid’s latest Facebook update was a video titled  “Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century”. The description Zaid Hamid wrote said, “You want to meet the real terrorists and the weapons of mass destruction? These are the doctors and pharma mafia of the Zionist controlled medicine companies.

Every Cult opposes modern inventions. For example an Adventist cult called the Jehovah’s Witnesses forbids its witnesses (members) to receive blood transfusions. If a Witness accepts a blood transfusion, he will be reprimanded, will be told that he’s lost everlasting life and god’s favor and will be expelled from the cult (in the past they were disfellowshipped, but now the cult considers that this is “disassociation”, consequences are the same : no one in the cult will speak to him anymore, including the family members if they are also in the cult). It is not a personal choice. The cult demands its members to refuse blood. They are not allowed to donate or store they own blood for transfusion purposes (autologous transfusion is forbidden).

Similarly, Zaid Hamid has declared allopathic medicine as Weapon of Mass Destruction and Doctors as Terrorists. Ironically, his own son is a third year medical student at Shifa College of Medicine in Islamabad. As a proverb states, Charity begins at home, Zaid Hamid should make his son quit his studies at a terrorist training camp ( Medical College) and begin his quest for alternate medicine. Ajmal Dawa Khana will be a good place to start.

Will Zaid Hamid’s followers in their Ishq e Rasool refrain from visiting a “Terrorist” and a “Mass Murderer” next time they’re standing in their showers and start smelling something sour? Well, Zaid Hamid has forbidden modern medicine so if it’s not causing any pain, they should probably sit and let it drain.

All scholars encourage modern medicine. Today, when people like Zaid Hamid declare Polio vaccination Haram and Un-Islamic, Ulema e Karam come forward and support it. The latest polio vaccination campaign was started by Muhtamim Dar ul Uloom Haqqania, Maulana Sami ul Haq. They have also issued a Fatwa declaring polio vaccination Islamic, countering baseless propaganda by people like Zaid Hamid.

Allah (swt) says in the Qura’n.

O You who have believe!, do not prohibit the good things which Allah has made lawful to you and do not transgress. Indeed, Allah does not like transgressors. [Al-Ma’ida]