Mard-e-Haq to Mard-e-Musalman to Mard-e-Kamil ? [Photo]

Visiting Takmeel will reveal you the following. Is this what Takmeel Mission is all about? Is it a coincident of words? Does it show everything was moving towards the completion of Zaid Hamid Mard-e-Kamil – Yousuf Kazzab?

A picture is worth a thousand words

Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-original
Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-edited
Sribd (Egnlish): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-edited