Zaid Hamid is a fake Syed. Syed is not part of his father’s name.

These are copies of Zaid Hamid’s divorce papers.  “Syed” is not written with his father’s name, which proves that Zaid Hamid’s father is not a syed. Since his Father is not syed then surely his family is not a Syed Family.

This is an eyewitness account of Talha Saad which he shared in 2010. The title Is Zaid Hamid a Fake Syed?

Reproducing the note in verbatrim

Yesterday I put up a status for 5 min which said that, my nana who was a course mate of Zaid Hamid’s father in PMA told me two things: 

1. That Zaid Hamid’s father, Major Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid, did not retire a colonel as Zaid Hamid claims but as a Major. 
2. That Syed is not a part of Major Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid. He started calling himself Syed latter in his military career. 

I removed this status with in 5 minutes as my nana was very sick and he had shown me no proofs in this regard. I feared that I might not have understood him properly. 

Today I visited him again and asked for some proofs considering this matter. He gave me a frame with a long list of names. He told me that this was the list of people complied on 50th anniversary of the 1st batch of the PMA, and that it contained the official name of all the personal of that course and the rank to which they retired. The frame was entitled: 
“ 4th Feb 2000” 1st PMA Course 20th Jan 1948 to 04th Feb 1950” 

It was arranged according to merit i.e. the person who topped was first on the list. The first name on the list was Maj Aziz Bhatti Shaheed. I skimmed down and saw my nanas name on the 15 position. On the 8th last position the name “ Maj Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid” was written. 
My nana asked me that is there a Colonel written before his name I said no. Than he asked me that is Syed written before his name, I again replied in the negative. He told me that Maj Mahmud uz Zaman used to tell them stories of his royal decent in PMA and no one took him seriously. 
One thing is clear that Maj Mahmud uz Zaman Hamid retired a Major and than added colonel to his name, a rank to which he did not retire. However can Zaid Hamid clarify as to why there is no ‘Syed’ in his fathers name while he builds his political base by claiming to be a Syed. 
I have taken a picture of that frame, which I am sure Zaid Hamid must have as well. I do not have a data cable other wise I would have uploaded it. Inshallah ill give it to Chishti or some other friend tomorrow to upload it. 

Talha Saad 

3 years have passed since this article and yet Zaid Hamid has not responded to these claims. Over the years we have confirmed from multiple sources that Zaid Hamid is not a Syed but a Malik Bihari.

All false prophets and kazzabs have a tradition of calling them selves Syed. Zaid Hamid is true to this tradition. His mentor Yousaf Kazzab also was a fake Syed.

More Proof

Zaid Hamid’s NIC shows his father’s name as Mahmood uz Zaman Hamid. No Syed with his name.

ZH's new ID card (back)

Mahmood uz Zaman Hamid’s NIC shows his father’s (Zaid Hamid’s grandfather) name as M.A Hamid.


ZH's father Col Zaman's ID card (back)

Zaid Hamid’s passport also shows his father’s name as Mahmood uz Zaman Hamid. No Syed written with the name here either.