The News: Self-proclaimed ISI stooge Zaid Hamid desires to get Hamir Mir hanged. April 20, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Role of some rouge elements, who always claimed their attachment with Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was completely exposed in Hamid Mir attack episode and subsequent events on Saturday.

Continuously threatening Hamid Mir for many days, self-claimed ISI stooge Zaid Hamid stated after Karachi firing on Geo News anchorperson that he desired to get Hamid Mir hanged, and prompted the Pakistan Army to act ‘ruthlessly’ against Geo and Jang Group for “blasphemy”.

It is extremely important to mention here that publicly made ‘attachment claims’ of these rouge elements, including Zaid Hamid, were never ever denied by the ISI. Zaid Hamid has already instituted a treason case against Hamid Mir.

Zaid Hamid, while issuing public statements on social media, especially through his known Twitter account, even went to the extent of instigating Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif by naming him and asking him to “fulfill his promise of safeguarding the dignity of the armed forces” by immediately nailing down Geo. He tweeted at 9:54pm “General Raheel, you had promised to protect the dignity of the armed forces at any cost. The time is NOW. Geo must be nailed for Defamation!”. It is very much disturbing for many that Zaid Hamid is still untouched by law enforcement agencies despite the fact that a recent standoff between the Pakistan Army and the civilian government was also created because of statements of Zaid Hamid, but no one has arrested him till date.

Zaid Hamid had released and spread on social media an old speech of Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif by editing it in a criminal way. Some out-of-context sentences of this speech created panic and misunderstanding among the federal government and defence institutions and the interior minister acknowledged some misunderstandings between the army and the government.

Khawaja’s speech was based on reasoning and facts and is considered as one of the all-times historic speech by a parliamentarian on floor of National Assembly made during period of dictatorship.

Zaid Hamid again openly committed blasphemy on Saturday by terming criticism on an institution as ‘blasphemy’. There are several allegations of committing blasphemy against Sahaba-e-kraam (RA) of Holy Prophet (PBUH) against him, but law never takes its course.

On Saturday, after life attempt on Hamid Mir, self-styled stooge of ISI Zaid Hamid condemned the attack, saying that he wanted to see Hamid Mir hanged as the result of conclusion of process of law in the treason case he has instituted against him. Zaid Hamid even wrote, “#HamidMir ISPR must respond ruthlessly to this blasphemy by Geo. How can a TV channel openly abuse/ accuse/ insult ISI w/o proof?” He related criticism or a simple news about an institution to blasphemy of holy and sacred personalities or heavenly books.

Zaid Hamid also termed whole Geo team snakes and claimed that Geo ran some news without proof. He wrote, “#HamidMir Geo & all their snakes are openly committing treason under article 6 by directly blaming ISI & DG ISI without any proof. #Pemra?”

While Zaid Hmaid wrote that Geo aired news without proof, in fact, Geo aired that according to video and written statement of Hamid Mir given many days before, he alleged that some ISI officers and DG ISI would be responsible if he is attacked.

Zaid Hamid own statements, made right after attack on Hamid Mir, proved that written and video statements of Hamid Mir, regarding who would attack him to kill him, were true.

Zaid Hamid lives in Cantt area and his location is not hidden. His addresses are House No-683, Street No-4, Chaklala Scheme-3, Rawalpindi, Office: House No-686, Askari Road, Askari V, Chaklala Scheme-3, Rawalpindi, Phone Office: 051-5598046-47. But no one from any government takes action against him.

In a move that is a clear case of treason, Zaid Hamid issued a statement on Twitter right after Saturday’s prestigious Kakul passing out parade and wrote, “Khawaja Asif gate crashed PMA Kakul passing out parade today. He was NOT invited 🙂 All army officers ignored him but he remained shameless!” This was a clear attempt against the State of Pakistan, an attempt to bring the federal government and army face to face so that there could be a clash. However, no one has touched Zaid Hamid.

Through their Twitter accounts and other means, Zaid Hamid and some retired officers of the Pakistan Army tried their best to fuel the situation on Khawaja Asif issue, which brought institutions at loggerheads but law enforcement agencies are mysteriously silent waiting for very very big happening.

It is important to mention that similar attitude and negligence by institutions has resulted into breaking of Pakistan on December 16, 1971.

Source: The News

The News: Zaid Hamid is liar, blasphemer, say Mufti Qadri, Mufti Naeem. July 23, 2013

ISLAMABAD: A self-proclaimed security expert and propagandist Zaid Hamid was receiving Rs600,000 per month from the ISI and was hatching conspiracies not only against the democratic system but also against the army and judiciary.

This was revealed by one Emmad Khalid, who worked closely with Zaid Hamid for many years and also received money from the ISI on behalf of Zaid Hamid. The statement of Emmad Khalid was aired in ‘Capital Talk’, hosted by Hamid Mir on Geo News on Monday night.

Zaid Hamid is spreading his extremist ideology in the name of Islam and patriotism, but this is the first time that someone from his own ranks revolted and disclosed that this enemy of democracy was being patronized by some elements within ISI.

Hamid Mir started his show by saying that Geo offered Zaid Hamid to give his point of view, but he sent message “I am not interested”. Hamid Mir played some video statements of Zaid Hamid in which he was openly saying that Pakistan and democracy cannot exist together.

In one of his speeches just before the recent elections, Zaid Hamid said that “We must stop this election; we must not allow this election because this election will break Pakistan”.

He further said that Army and judiciary should throw out democracy because all the political parties are a threat to Pakistan. Zaid Hamid, particularly, declared the PPP, ANP and MQM as enemies of Pakistan and said that he wanted to establish Khilafat in Pakistan. He claimed that many Army officers are in his contact.

Hamid Mir mentioned that the MQM was a close ally of Musharraf, but Zaid Hamid never spoke against Musharraf because he was getting money from ISI when Musharraf was in power.

Hamid Mir also said that Pakistan was created by the struggle of a political party and Zaid Hamid had no right to say that all political parties were dirty.

Lawyer and columnist Babar Sattar condemned the statements made by Zaid Hamid and said that his anti-democracy views and incitement to violence is violation of many articles of the Constitution. He demanded that Zaid Hamid should be tried under treason charges.

Journalist Salim Safi said that former head of the ISI Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha made serious allegations on media in front of Abbottabad Commission, but he must explain why ISI was giving money to people like Zaid Hamid, who are pushing Pakistan towards a civil war.

Salim Safi demanded that judiciary and government must take action against all those who are declaring some journalists and media groups as traitors. He said that someone could kill me if I have been declared a traitor by someone who is a champion of patriotism.

Religious scholar Tahir Ashrafi discussed the complicated religious side of Zaid Hamid. He said that Zaid Hamid was a follower of Yousaf Kazzab, who was once convicted under blasphemy charges. He also cited a book written by Yousaf Kazzab in which he mentioned Zaid Hamid as his companion. Ashrafi said that he has proofs that Zaid Hamid called Yousaf Kazzab (God forbid) Abu Bakar Siddique. He said that after Tousaf Kazzab saga this man disappeared and then again appeared as Zaid Hamid instead of his previous name Zaid Zaman.

He claimed that he invited Zaid Hamid many times for a debate on his beliefs, but every time Zaid Hamid never turned up.

The views of Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri and Mufti Muhammad Naeem about Zaid Hamid were also aired. Both declared him a liar and Gustakhe Rasool (blasphemer). Hamid Mir also discussed some allegations of Zaid Hamid against Geo TV and Jang Group. He showed the media commission report to his viewers and said that there is nothing against Geo TV in the recommendations of media commission, but Zaid Hamid is trying to twist the report according to his own agenda and saying on different TV channels that Geo is working for US and India.

Hamid Mir informed viewers that Geo and Jang served a legal notice to Zaid Hamid and demanded a public apology from him; otherwise, further legal action will be taken against him.

Hamid Mir also rejected the claims of Zaid Hamid that it was Geo which disclosed that Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani. Hamid Mir showed some old clips of Geo TV after the Mumbai attacks and said that Geo tried its best to respond to the Indian propaganda against Pakistan. He claimed that citizenship of Ajmal Kasab was first disclosed by a British newspaper, and then Pakistani media followed. He said it may be a possibility that Ajmal Kasab was hired by some anti-Pakistan elements and they used him against his own country.

At this stage, Tahir Ashrafi said that may be Zaid Hamid is also a new kind of Ajmal Kasab hired by some enemies and using him to spread hatred against democracy, judiciary, Army and media.

During the show, a lot of viewers demanded through SMS messages that the govt must take action against the anti-democracy activities of Zaid Hamid and expose all those elements that were providing him money from national exchequer.


Source: The News

[Video] Hamid Mir exposes Zaid Hamid.

Recently Zaid Hamid has accused prominent journalists, including Mr Hamid Mir of being agents of Indian intelligence service RAW.  Mr Mir in Kashif Abbasi’s program on ARY News channel responded to these allegations and offered to present himself in court so that all allegations against him are brought forward. We demand that Zaid Hamid in the same manner be presented in court so that his blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (saaw) is exposed and he is brought to justice. Zaid Hamid has nothing to do with Islam or Pakistan. He is using such rhetoric to take the debate away from his blasphemous beliefs.

Hamid Mir exposed Zaid Hamid’s real motives behind his baseless allegations again on another program, 8 PM With Fareeha Idrees and invited everyone including Zaid Hamid to present evidences against him to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.