How Zaid Hamid's show in Islamic University was made a failure?

Brothers and sisters Allah has given us another victory against Zaid Dajjal. This time the venue was Islamic University. I was busy having my dinner yesterday when brother Sajid Ali President of Islamabad chapter of Muslim Students Organization(MSO) called me and told me that Zaid Hamid is coming to Islamic University today. We discussed this issue for some time and decided to give Zaid Hamid the same treatment which was melted to a Shia Zakir this Sunday in Fasil Mosque. Latter at night a comrade from Shifa also messaged me to do some thing about Islamic University.

The function was to begin at 12 30 p.m. At 11 45 the information secretary of MSO called me and he asked me for the photographs and press cuttings of the protest we did for missing persons. I told him about Zaid Hamids function in Islamic university. I must salute the brother’s quick action as he immediately called the ulema of Khatm-e-Nabuwat who reached the venue in 15 min. The brother also informed our MSO unit in IU.

When Zaid Hamid reached Islamic University our comrades of MSO started a protest against him. Jamiat e tulaba e Islam (fazl ur rahman) also joined in. Zaid Hamid entered the conference Hall hearing slogans against him. He did a 30 min speech which was followed by a Q and A session. The first question was asked by a student regarding Zaid Hamid’s connection with Yousf Kazab. He totally denied that he knew such a guy. On this the students got infuriated and started raising slogans against him. Zaid Dajjal got terrified and he fled the scene. After this a lot of literature was distributed against Zaid Hamids fitna at the scene especially the book ‘Rahbar ki roop ma rahzan’. Sajid Bhai told me that a brother had made a video of this skirmish if this is true inshallah it will be available on Youtube soon. [A Glimpse of a Video]

Bro Sajid messaged me just as I was having lunch. I called him and he told me the details. A scholar from Khatm e Nabuwat also called me who was at the event and sharing it with you all is the first thing I did. Brothers and Sisters When ever a false prophet will raise his voice… we will follow the sunnah of Hazrat Abu Baker (RA). Join us in this cause Stop Zaid Hamid from entering the premises of institute. Spread the word against him.


Talha Saad
Courtesy: Br. Talha Saad

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