The News Tribe: Zaid Hamid’s controversial speech caused ‘defamation of Pakistan’: Pervez Rasheed. July 5, 2015

LAHORE – Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervez Rasheed said that the defense analyst Zaid Hanid’s speech caused ‘defamation of Pakistan’.

While addressing to participants of ceremony, Pervez Raheed expressed embarrassment over the defense analyst’s issue ad said that Zaid Hamid’s issue promote wrong impression of Pakistan to the world.

Earlier, Saudi authorities have turned down a request from Pakistan embassy for allowing consular access to Zaid Hamid, who was jailed in Saudi Arabia few weeks ago.

A team from Counsel General Jeddah was denied access to Zaid Hamid in Medina, and was not allowed to meet the analyst.

Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said FO was unaware of the sentence given to Zaid Hamid and said it had not been confirmed by Saudi authorities.

He further said that with the efforts of the foreign ministry, Hamid’s wife has been able to meet him at Madinah  prison.

Zaid Hamid was arrested by Saudi authorities three weeks ago for his controversial speech against Saudi Arabia.

Source: The News Tribe

Update about Zaid Hamid’s arrest in Saudi Arabia.

The news that Zaid Hamid has been given 8 years jail and 1000 lashes for speaking against the Saudi King is completely false. The source of this false news was a fake twitter account of General Hameed Gul which posted a fake news with this claim. We have confirmed from General Hameed Gul’s team that is a fake account and that General Hameed Gul has no account on Twitter. A Din News anchor then did a program based on this fake tweet after which a few blogs published it. Yesterday an Indian blog made a post based on this false news and posted it quoting “Unreliable” sources. This was picked up by the Pakistani media and presented as a fact especially by Express News. The real story which is confirmed by our team is that Zaid Hamid was detained because he was suspected by the Saudis of SPYING for IRAN. They had received intelligence reports of his trips to Iran and knew that he received considerable funding from the Iranian government. At present Zaid Hamid has not been given any punishment but is facing interrogation which is expected to last for a few weeks after which he shall be presented to the court on charges of espionage. We can only hope that the Saudis try him for blasphemy as well.

Here are screenshots of the tweets from the fake twitter account of General Hameed Gul.