News report on Zaid Hamid's latest scandalous marriage published in Daily Insaf on 23rd June,2011.

Zaid Hamid follows the tradition of Yousaf Kazzab, in fulfilling his lust in the name of spirituality. He convinced “T”, a religious and decent lady, happily married with 5 children to leave her husband and marry him. “T” was one of the 9 candidates to be “chosen” as Zaid Hamids wife. The nikah was done on telephone in a way that Zaid Hamid was in Islamabad, “T” in Peshawar and Haji Safdar in Gujar Khan. In spite the fact that Gen Hamid Gul told Zaid Hamid to leave “T” alone, Zaid Hamid still broke up her marriage and destroyed the lives of her children.

“T” did this because Zaid Hamid convinced her by various tricks that he is the “Imam e Zaman” and he will fight “Ghazwa e hind” in which “T” will play a major part. How many more of our sisters will be a victim of his lust and “spirituality”?
Just as Yousf Kazzab had many “Roohani” or Spritual wives similarly Zaid Hamid has 4 reported Spritual or “Roohani” wives. This just shows that Zaid Hamid is following the Path of Yousaf Kazzab and has replaced him as the Cult Leader.”
Source: Daily Insaf