The News: Asma Jehangir advises Zaid Hamid to stop ‘preaching patriotism’. April 8, 2014

KARACHI: Former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Asma Jehangir said on Wednesday that anybody can move to courts for seeking justice.

She advised Zaid Hamid to stop advocating patriotism on television channels and wait for the court’s verdict and added that she did not need to obtain any ‘certificate of patriotism’ from Zaid Hamid as she never considered it important. She said if the court awarded her any punishment, she would accept it gladly, adding that it was not the first time that such allegations were hurled at her.

Asma Jehangir pointed out that various lobbies could be backing the applicant as, she said, anything was possible in the country. She said she has been to several Hindu temples and churches and respects everyone’s place of worship.

Source: The News

Asma Jehangir on Zaid Hamid

Source: Daily Jang