[Video] Hamid Mir exposes Zaid Hamid.

Recently Zaid Hamid has accused prominent journalists, including Mr Hamid Mir of being agents of Indian intelligence service RAW.  Mr Mir in Kashif Abbasi’s program on ARY News channel responded to these allegations and offered to present himself in court so that all allegations against him are brought forward. We demand that Zaid Hamid in the same manner be presented in court so that his blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (saaw) is exposed and he is brought to justice. Zaid Hamid has nothing to do with Islam or Pakistan. He is using such rhetoric to take the debate away from his blasphemous beliefs.

Hamid Mir exposed Zaid Hamid’s real motives behind his baseless allegations again on another program, 8 PM With Fareeha Idrees and invited everyone including Zaid Hamid to present evidences against him to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.