The News: Arrest warrant again issued for unbridled outlaw anchor & Zaid Hamid. December 02, 2013

KARACHI: Additional District and Sessions Court Judge, Karachi (South), Abdul Qadus Memon has issued bailable warrants for TV anchor Mubashar for allegedly carrying out concocted and misleading propaganda against Geo News/Jang Group’s ‘Aman Ki Asha’ movement and MKRF’s ‘Zara Sochiye’ programmes. Mubashar is an unbridled outlaw and accused of stepping over the law of the land and the Constitution. The police have been told to arrest and present him before court on December 21.

Meanwhile, the court also reissued bailable warrants for Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, an accused nominated by CPO Rawalpindi, and told the police to present him before it on December 21.

Earlier, the court had ordered registration of a case against Mubashar and Zaid Hamid, Lal Topi Wala, for allegedly carrying out baseless and misleading propaganda against Geo News/Jang Group’s ‘Aman Ki Asha’ movement and MKRF’s ‘Zara Sochiye’ programmes. The police were told to arrest and present the two before court on September 27. The court had held that evidence including CDs, DVDs etc show that Zaid Hamid and Mubashar had levelled serious allegations against Geo News/Jang Group and MKRF; therefore a case be lodged against them for defaming the applicants, tainting their image and levelling allegations with no evidence. The court had ordered that the two be presented before it on Sept 27.

Independent Media Corporation Pvt (Ltd) and Independent Newspapers Corporation Pvt (Ltd) had made Mubashar and Zaid Hamid party to the case and contended that the owners of Geo News, Geo Entertainment, Geo Kahani and Daily Jang are the complainants in the case. They contended that the said institutions are known as Jang/Geo Group and provide information to lakhs of Pakistani citizens who trust them because of the impartial, transparent, honest and responsible delivery of information.

The Jang/Geo Group contended that Zaid Hamid is a security consultant and analyst and is known as a non-serious and unbalanced personality whereas Mubashar is a TV anchor.

On January 1, 2010, Jang/Geo Group launched the ‘Aman Ki Asha’ movement in collaboration with the Times of India aiming to bring peoples and institutions of Pakistan and India closer so that the path is paved for the resolution of their bilateral disputes and peace is achieved in the region.

Not only the peoples of the two countries, but also the international community, appreciated the movement and the idea of bringing closer the institutions of the two countries and paving the way for the resolution of bilateral disputes and promotion of peace.

The complainants launched another sacred movement titled ‘Zara Sochiye’ to stress the importance of education in society. They meant to attract all segments of society to education by improving its standard. They contended that Zaid Hamid is launching baseless propaganda against their programmes and tainting their image. They contended that Zaid Hamid has used indecent language about Jang/Geo Group and is targeting these programmes not only on TV but also on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter and other sites. They contended that this action of Zaid Hamid is a crime and action should be taken against him. Jang/Geo Group contended that Zaid Hamid and Mubashar, without giving any evidence, are levelling concoted allegations against them with the aim of tainting their image; therefore a case be lodged against them under Articles 500 and 501 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Source: The News

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Source: Daily Jang