TeamBT: No Zaid Hamid Is Not Imam Mehdi AS

Yesterday Humaira Naz from TeamBT posted an article in the discussion board of the official fan page of Zaid Hamid on facebook. The title of the discussion board article was “HOW WILL THE MAHDI BE RECOGNIZED? (THE MAHDI’S SPIRITUAL ATTRIBUTES)”. The article was a blatant rip off of Harun Yahya’s article which can be read on Harun Yahya’s website.

Although Humaira Naz or TeamBT never explicitly mentioned this, but the article was implying that Zaid Hamid is Imam Mehdi AS. We posted the article on our site and asked TeamBT to explicitly answer this question, whether they consider Zaid Hamid to be Imam Mehdi or not ?

The fans of Zaid Hamid also started suspecting this and said openly that after reading the article they have a feeling that Zaid Hamid is Imam Mehdi AS. We also asked our fans to post the question about Zaid Hamid being Imam Mehdi AS on the discussion board and on the wall of Zaid Hamid’s fan page. See their answer on the discussion board of Zaid Hamid here.

TeamBT has now deleted the article and have explicitly mentioned that they neither consider Zaid Hamid to be Imam Mehdi AS nor they have any plans to declare him Imam Mehdi AS in the future.

We thank TeamBT for such a straight and to the point answer. We are extremely grateful and really appreciate this. Jazak Allah and may Allah bless you.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] @All,

Humaira here. I am a big fan of Harun Yahya’s writings and was going through his article yesterday. I found it interesting and posted it here… I neither ever said that Zaid sb is Imam Mahdi nor I have any such intentions. The topic is deleted because people are drawing something wrong from it, its as simple as that. ZHE has been doing cheap tactics since long… I think we should know their style and attitude by now. I apologize for creating any confusions by posting Harun Yahya’s work, never knew people will go this far to draw out false information from it.

HN Core Team
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Sualeha Sohail y r u guys just running away from logic. just talking nonsense !!! plz answer in a decent way
9 minutes ago · Report

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] 🙂 ok brother, Mr. Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid is not Imam Mahdi .. I just posted Harun Yahya’s work and I am really sorry. Meri toba jo ayenda kuch post karun. Or kuch?? 🙂

HN Core Team
4 minutes ago · Report

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] @Sualeha

We are not bound to answer all the allegations put by ZHE people. What decent answer do you want? I have already clarified. ZHE is not doing anything decent at all.. do they clarify you decently all the time this way? …

HN Core Team

TeamBT: No Zaid Hamid is not Imam Mehdi AS

TeamBT: No Zaid Hamid is not Imam Mehdi AS

Clarification by Asif Shiraz Regarding His Comments About Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid

Editor’s Note: Asif Shiraz has left a detailed comment on our article Is Asif Shiraz really an ex-member Brasstacks ?. The comment was posted on Zaid Hamid Exposition facebook fanpage and can be viewed here. The clarification is being published in verbatim here.

Asif Shiraz Salam Guys…

The nature and workings of ZHE group have become more appropriate and befitting for someone who loves to hate zaid hamid…. instead of someone who loves Rasool Allah (sm)…

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for making me so popular. I never knew taking my video off the internet would make me even more popular than putting it on 🙂 lol…

Let me tell you some hard facts, which some of you will probably dislike a lot.. (because again… muawiya ki nafrat ali ke muhabbat se barh gayee hai).

Let me at first start by proposing a solution to this whole thing, before saying anything further. The solution is verse 3:61. Challenge zaid hamid according to this verse.. doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani hoe jai ga.

Now, about me and my *Video* 🙂

When zaid started brasstacks, I joined him whole heartedly because to me, it was an attempt to genuinely serve pakistan. I knew he had done tauba for yousaf issue back around 2000 even while yusuf was alive, so I was satisfied he is not trying to bring out yousaf ideology or anything. Besides, the *real* followers of yousaf kazzab are still running loose and just because they don’t come on TV, and just because challenging them isn’t a high profile thing to do, so our fidayeen-e-rasool of this group probably felt more excited trying to focus on zaid. Anyway.. coming back to point… so when I joined brasstacks, Zaid took up this stance that even though “lying” is haram, “hiding” the facts is permissible when intentions are good, e.g. Hz. Abu Bakr Siddique (rz) “hid” the fact of the Prophet(sm) accompanying him when a guard asked him that who is with him.

So as I saw it from within brasstacks, zaid never really lied to anyone directly. He never said i’m not zaid zaman. he just used the name Zaid Hamid. He never said that the audio is not his: He only said that please bring real owner or recorder of that audio so we can comment on it. Similarly, there is no one who can say that zaid lied, in any of his emails. yes, he is guilty of hiding things, guilty of giving “broad” statements which circumvented some pointed questions, but that is not lying, technically speaking. I was aware of the “circumvention” and let it happen, indeed participated in it at times, because I genuinely believed that Zaid had done tauba, and the only reason we are circumventing this issue because it will create needless hindrances in an otherwise well-intentioned good work that we are doing.

Zaid is good at words in this sense. Even in his 58 minute released video, at one point he said “I came to rawalpindi in 1992 and never knew what was happening in karachi”. Some people undertook this statement to mean that he is saying he never “met” yousaf after 1992, but technically, that is not what he said. All he said was, I didn’t know everything that happened in karachi.

I’m not a fan myself of this kind of double talk, nor am I defending why he does this. All I am saying is, he never directly lied. Now, why did he do this?

Like I said, my impression was that he wants to do something good, and is afraid that his past will catch up with him, and no one will believe he has done tauba. That is why I continued silence over such deception, while privately exhorting him to come out clearly in the open.

However, I also am personally a witness to the fact that zaid hamid left kazzab yousaf even while yousaf was alive. We prayed in the same mosque in chaklala and I knew what was happening in his life. This is a hard and bitter pill for those to swallow who are extremely keen on presenting zaid has yousaf’s minion, but the fact is, zaid is himself on “BITTER” terms with the actual followers of yousaf kazzab. Zaid hamix exposition guys know this. But they will never tell you this. They know that zaid does not even talk to yousaf’s followers. But they neither go against yousaf’s real followers, nor do they highlight this fact, because they want to “sell” this impression that zaid is trying to bring back and revive yousaf’s ideology.

The truth is, it always remains a possibility that zaid is simply being egotistical of his personal sincerity even while being misguided by yousauf, and inspite of having realized it privately, does not want to say it in public. The other possibility, that the whole brasstacks is a farce and zaid has realy been working on a covert agenda to re-establish yousaf as a nabi, is based on one single, solitary fact: Zaid not callimg him a kazzab. other than that, there is still absolutely no concrete evidence that can establish how zaid is involved in trying to promote yousaf’s ideology.

Zaid hamid exposition site is doing a wonderful job exposing yousaf kazzab. But a very poor job in trying to go to all lengths and all extremes to paint zaid negatively, as much as possible. So much so that they didn’t even leave me. 🙂

I ask them just one question. Kazzab toe kazzab theher gaya. Now where is the fatwa which says that kazzab yousaf koe kazzab na kehna wala bhi kazzab hai?

And lastly, I’m sure something that you will apply on me, kazzab yousaf koe kazzab na kehnay walay koe bhi kazzab na kehlay wala bhi kazzab hai 🙂 (Iss last pool mein yeh loag mujhe daalain ge 🙂

Editor’s Note: If I would have to summarize the clarification in one sentence, I would say that Asif Shiraz is trying to explain that telling a lie is a bad thing, but hiding truth is permissible in Islam. So Zaid Hamid and I myself never told a lie, all we were doing was hiding the truth in veiled and beautiful words.

Asif Shiraz's Clarification

Asif Shiraz's Clarification

Clarification By Ahmed Quraishi Regarding PKKH, Takmeel and Zaid Hamid

Dear Hesham Sahib,

Thank you for sharing this. Just a small but important correction:

This email by Mr. Asher Fawad was NOT sent to me.  I am not part of Takmeel or Wakup or any other project that Mr. Zaid Hamid and his teams are involved in.  Mr. Fawad sent this letter to PKKH team who launched Wakeup and Takmeel projects.  For some reason, Mr. Fawad copied me on the email. I don’t know him personally. One of my Web editors checking my mail posted it on my Fcebook page.

I hope you will place this clarification at an appropriate place in the published piece, or at least remove my name from this line : “This email was sent by Asher Fawad to Ahmed Quraishi, Dan Qayyum and other PKKH members.”
This line gives the false impression that somehow I am part of the ‘PKKH members’.

Keep up your good work.

It is important now to do some detoxification by telling our young people that working for Pakistan and Islam can be done without defending Mr. Hamid’s wrong position on Yusuf Kazzab.

Ahmed Quraishi

Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mufti Naeem Clarification: I Consider Zaid Hamid To Be The Prime Suspect In The Murder Of Moulana Jalalpuri

Mufti Naeem has issued an immediate clarification that he has never stated that Zaid Hamid was not involved in the murder of Moulana Jalalpuri. All that he meant in his interview with Ummat was that Zaid Hamid is involved but there could be other parties as well, like Qadyani’s and the people who murdered Mufti Shamezai etc. So the FIR should have been more comprehensive and the investigation should take into account all aspects.

Mufti Naeem clarifies that he considers Zaid Hamid to be a prime suspect.

Mufti Naeem Clarification Against Zaid Hamid

Mufti Naeem Clarification Against Zaid Hamid

Clarification From Zaid Hamid Exposition Team

Ever since we have started this website, we have been labelled with titles such as fasadi, takfiri, RAW/CIA/Israeli agents, propagandists who are against the system of Khilafa and what not.

We want to make this absolutely clear that:

  • We are not affiliated with any political party of Pakistan.
  • We are not funded by RAW/CIA/Israel or any religious, political party of Pakistan.
  • The site zaidhamidexposition is hosted on wordpress which is a free service and anyone in the world can make a blog on this site. The zaidhamidexposition fanpage on facebook is also free to make and maintain. We are not using huge stock piles of dollars to carry out our mission, in fact most of what we are using is freely available to be used by anyone.
  • We are not against Shariah or the System of Khilafat e Rashida. We are such a strong believers and figthers for the cause of Shariah that Inshallah when the time will come, we will be the first to spill our blood for the cause of Islam, for the cause of Shariah, for the cause of implementation of the system of Khilafat e Rashida (Inshallah ur Rehman).
  • We are opposing Zaid Hamid because he is the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab and a liar par excellence. We have smashed his lies on this website time and again. We believe that such a person is not suitable to lead the nation in the extremely sacred mission of implementation of Shariah.

According to Iqbal:

Wohi jawan hai qabeelay ki ankh ka tara

Hai shabab jis ka bedagh, zarb kari

We believe that Zaid Hamid is not the messiah that some of our muslim brothers think him to be.

  • We are working only for the Raza and Khushnoodi of Allah Subhanahu wa Talah and for the Namoos of Holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mutalib SAW.
  • We are not interested in fame or money or any other worldly benefit. In fact no one even knows our names, we intend to go back to our worldly lives and will never ever tell anyone who the people behind this site were. We want our deeds to be for Allah and Allah alone and we know that Allah knows us and that our Ajar is with Him [The Almighty].