The News: Zaid Hamid bidding for Musharraf says Umar Cheema. September 30,2012

ISLAMABAD: Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani had echoed the same line on the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti in a special cabinet meeting on Balochistan as has been taken in the petition of Zaid Hamid, a self-styled security analyst known for close links with the military establishment.


Army’s media wing, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), was not available for comments. A special committee’s meeting held on May 29 was attended by Gen Kayani, DG ISI Lt. Gen Zahir-ul-Islam, IG FC Balochistan Maj Gen Ubaidullah Khattack, Senator Raza Rabbani and two ministers from Balochistan after the Supreme Court had pushed the government into taking appropriate measures about the restive province. The then Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani presided over the said meeting.

 According to the sources privy to details, Gen. Kayani, for the first time, spoke in detail about Akbar Bugti’s killing and the speculation surrounding his mysterious death. Gen Kayani intervened when a civilian participant held the army and the intelligence agencies under its command responsible for committing the murder.

 The Army chief said he was ready to provide the details of the khaki officers who went inside the cave so that those accusing the army must ascertain from their areas and hometowns whether or not they were killed there on that date. Had the army wanted to murder Akbar Bugti, Gen Kayani argued, five officers would not have been sent inside at any cost.

 They had entered into the cave as Bugti invited them, pretending that he wanted to negotiate. He also asked for independent investigation into the murder mystery to clear the dust, officials privy to the discussion later told The News.

 Incidentally, Gen Pervaiz Musharraf, Kayani’s predecessor under whose watch the murder occurred, echoed the same line in a recent Geo TV programme ‘Awam ki Adalat’ hosted by Iftikhar Ahmad. As he was blamed of this murder, Musharraf told the host that it was mere allegation and explained the operational strategies that won’t allow the officers to enter the premises if the purpose was to kill somebody. He also called for a fair investigation into the matter. Zaid Hamid’s connection with the military establishment is an open secret. A few days ago, a delegation of his ‘think-tank’ Brass Tacks went to Turkey in the company of a military delegation along with the officials of Pak-Turk Institute.

 Incidentally, the petition filed through time-tested friend of khakis, Raja Irshad advocate, echoed the same line taken by Gen. Kayani and his predecessor. Irshad represented ISI in different cases other than army-led FC Balochistan. This shows the military leadership’s desire to clear its name of the murder allegations through demanding judicial inquiry into the matter, according to analysts. The petitioner contends that a team of five Special Forces commandos were invited by late Bugti into his cave to settle terms of surrender but once the officers entered the cave, he triggered an explosive device which brought down the entire cave, killing Bugti and the SSG men. “He committed suicide and also murdered the army officers,” the petition reads.

 The petition added that Bugti had desired to meet the army officers in the cave before he could hand over his custody to the law enforcement agencies. There was no doubt, it is said, that the late Nawab was going to be lodged in a room exclusively arranged for him in the Governor’s House in Quetta. Pervaiz Musharraf has been made one of the respondents in the petition. As demanded by Musharraf, the petition had also sought investigation through a judicial commission comprising serving and retired judges.

Source: The News

Brother of Zaid Hamid’s new wife exposes his corrupt character.

On 23rd June, 2011, Daily Insaf published a news report on Zaid Hamid’s latest scandalous marriage. It can be viewed here. Now the lady’s brother has sent an article to ZHE in which he gives more details about how Zaid Hamid destroyed a happy family and lives of 5 innocent children.

The purpose of this effort is to show the real face of this devil incarnate called Zaid hamid, and to uphold the unquestionable values which our messenger (SAW) had given us and are undeniably mentioned in the Quran for all times to come. The purpose also includes saving the simple ,conscientious people from falling prey to these kind of criminals who use their God given talents to hunt the minds and hearts of those who are sincere towards Allah’s cause but are mentally weak, specially the women .

Although this whole episode is very painful and shocking for me and the conscientious persons in my family , I decided to come into the press because keeping silence was only more damaging for my family and the society . He would not have been able to do that if all the members of the family would have taken principled stand firmly and unanimously, but unfortunately there are weak links in our families too like Noah’s son and wife.

The mul-oon Zaid Hamid may plan to make more in-roads into the family encouraged by my silence and such silence would only create more harm than good. Wrongs must be discouraged with full force , and this is the only way to save and strengthen the family values and ethics given by our Messenger (SAW).

Allah’s last Messenger (SAW) said in his last sermon at Hajj , ” O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life , honor and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust.

” O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under God’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.”

Zaid Hamid encourages day and night contacts between the namaharam men and women and he leads from the front in this regard.

Zaid Hamid has recently divorced his previous wife and married with a woman, who unfortunately happens to be my sister, by making her take Khula from her husband , leaving behind 5 children among whom 4 are under 8 years of age. All was going well before mul-oon’s contact with my sister
and the differences between my sister and her husband were manageable and meagre . But under the supervision and guidance of the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid, the family ties started weakening and the rationale of Quran and common sense started vanishing into the abyss of prophecies, dreams , visions , predictions and lofty claims.

Although the Mul-oon was told very clearly and humbly time and again that he’s playing with the honour of an honourable Muslim family, he kept on violating the unchangeable values of our Prophet and kept bombarding the innocent girl with the sms and emails through his team, which looked to call upon the sensitivity of the girl towards the plight of Muslim Ummah but in actuality were intended to get hold of her mind and to infuse the very imbalanced views of his which clearly deviated from the Quranic principles.

He was told that the woman, who was mother of 5 children , was behaving negatively abnormally under his guidance and that her husband , father and brothers didn’t want him to contact her or to encourage her contact with him in any garb, but he didn’t pay heed to these requests and employed her to ensure that the woman is financially strengthened in order to break away from her family and join his cult.

He drew support and sympathies of those sensative people who were affected by the negative happenings in Pakistan , specially the bomb blasts and drone attacks and instilled the idea that prophesized time has come and with special links with sufis and saints, he’s a dervish who is above the laws and commandments of Allah and Rasul, specially when it comes to ethics of contact with namahram women. And he does this in way that the victim herself confesses that she’s inclined to contact him to ” serve the nation”.

In March 2010, when asked to participate in an intellectual debate with renowned scholars like Dr. Farooq Khan and others on TV on the topic of ” Quranic laws of rise and fall of Nations — the way forward for us “, he didnt respond for 2 months and then said that he’s not interested in any such exercise, but is content with being the one eyed king among the blind.

Finally, he was asked by Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan ( a renowned scholar and Vice chancellor of Swat University who was our family friend and consultant psychiatrist), and Honourable General  Hameed Gul to leave the woman and abide by the values and ethics given by our Messenger , but this Mul-oon shamelessly avoided contact by the male members of the family and kept his close and frequent contact with the woman directly and indirectly. He didnt have the character to attend the phone from her husband, but had the shamelessness to contact the woman to ask her whether he should attend phones from the male members of her family or not.

He was asked to fire her from the job , but he kept increasing her salary and encouraged her to go to his evil circle of ” Yusuf Kazzab” , which includes two other Mul-oons . One is his Pir in Tarbela famous as ” do rotion wala baba ” and the other is Haji Safdar in Gojar Khan. This Haji Safdar was the person who made Zaid Hamid contact with Yusuf Kazzab, and ever since is held in high esteem by the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid. The first Pir from Tarbela told the girl in April 2010 that in consideration of her sincerity towards the cause of Islam, among the few such women , she has been selected by the ” Higher authorities in Heavens” to be married to the Mul-oon Zaid Hamid. As soon as she came back from there, without considering the undeniable values and ethics of the Prophet (SAW) , she insisted that she has to marry the Mul-oon and that her husband and those who will help her do that will get high rewards from Allah in doing so. No rational debate, no arguments based on Quran and Seerah changed her mind, because the Mul-oon didnt leave contact for a day to let her come out of the trance which she had gone into.

Most of his programs are such that a mentally weak and less knowledgeable anchor person sits accross him and throws stupid questions at him , in response to which a long speech initiates at a speed of 100 miles per hour and in a tone that is reflective of weak character and foolish confidence of the person.

From the point of view of comprehension to the level of character , he is as far from Quran , Seerah and even Allama Iqbal’s ideology as possible. He cannot even read Quran properly , and is so shamelessly confident that being so weak in knowledge and character, his schizophrenia boosts him to recite Quranic verses wrongly infront of a whole lot of people including Dr. Israr Ahmed.

Editor’s Note: Daily Insaf report refers to the lady as “T” to hide her identity as it will affect the honour of the family. We will not make public the name of her brother upon his request.

Zaid Hamid forbids Modern Medicine.

Zaid Hamid’s latest Facebook update was a video titled  “Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century”. The description Zaid Hamid wrote said, “You want to meet the real terrorists and the weapons of mass destruction? These are the doctors and pharma mafia of the Zionist controlled medicine companies.

Every Cult opposes modern inventions. For example an Adventist cult called the Jehovah’s Witnesses forbids its witnesses (members) to receive blood transfusions. If a Witness accepts a blood transfusion, he will be reprimanded, will be told that he’s lost everlasting life and god’s favor and will be expelled from the cult (in the past they were disfellowshipped, but now the cult considers that this is “disassociation”, consequences are the same : no one in the cult will speak to him anymore, including the family members if they are also in the cult). It is not a personal choice. The cult demands its members to refuse blood. They are not allowed to donate or store they own blood for transfusion purposes (autologous transfusion is forbidden).

Similarly, Zaid Hamid has declared allopathic medicine as Weapon of Mass Destruction and Doctors as Terrorists. Ironically, his own son is a third year medical student at Shifa College of Medicine in Islamabad. As a proverb states, Charity begins at home, Zaid Hamid should make his son quit his studies at a terrorist training camp ( Medical College) and begin his quest for alternate medicine. Ajmal Dawa Khana will be a good place to start.

Will Zaid Hamid’s followers in their Ishq e Rasool refrain from visiting a “Terrorist” and a “Mass Murderer” next time they’re standing in their showers and start smelling something sour? Well, Zaid Hamid has forbidden modern medicine so if it’s not causing any pain, they should probably sit and let it drain.

All scholars encourage modern medicine. Today, when people like Zaid Hamid declare Polio vaccination Haram and Un-Islamic, Ulema e Karam come forward and support it. The latest polio vaccination campaign was started by Muhtamim Dar ul Uloom Haqqania, Maulana Sami ul Haq. They have also issued a Fatwa declaring polio vaccination Islamic, countering baseless propaganda by people like Zaid Hamid.

Allah (swt) says in the Qura’n.

O You who have believe!, do not prohibit the good things which Allah has made lawful to you and do not transgress. Indeed, Allah does not like transgressors. [Al-Ma’ida]

Zaid Hamid claims to be Mahdi and his followers claim that Essa (a.s) has arrived in Balochistan.

A few months back ZHE team made public two emails in which dreams were mentioned about Zaid Hamid being a prophet. (They can viewed here and here). Zaid Hamid did not condemn those emails despite the fact that they were discussed in the electronic media as well as in the top news papers of the country. We considered his silence to be an affirmation of those claims.

Recently Zaid Hamid and his followers have made some very public statements, which show that Zaid Hamid has indeed declared himself to be a Prophet before his followers.

On 11th May,2012 Zaid Hamid on his official page shared a video in which he declared himself to be a prophesied “Green Eyed Mujahid” who will establish “Khilafat e Rashida” in Pakistan and lead “Ghazwa e Hind”. This is one of the claims which Yusaf Kazzab, Zaid Hamid’s spiritual mentor, made and called himself to be a prophet on its basis.

On 10th June,2012 Pakistan Cyber force (PCF), which is being run by Safwan bin Kamal aka Enticing Fury, wrote an article on their page in which they made a claim that Hazrat Essa (a.s) has arrived in Balochistan. They based this claim on a dream seen by the Admin of PCF.

The question arises that if Hazrat Essa (a.s) ma’zAllah has arrived in Balochistan then surely Hazrat Imam Mahdi must have arrived before, because Muslims believe that Imam Mahdi will come before Essa (a.s). This proves that Zaid Hamid’s followers believe him to be Mahdi and Imam e Zaman. Yusaf Kazzab also made similar claims.

No Muslim can even dare make such a blasphemous claim. In authentic saying of the Holy Prophet (saaw) it is clearly mentioned that Hazrat Essa (a.s) will come in Syria, and yet this follower of Zaid Hamid is claiming that Hazrat Essa (a.s) has arrived in Balochistan.

This article is similar to the emails which we have shared. We must mention here that the followers of Yusaf Kazzab used to have similar dreams, which were the result of satanic forces. Just like the Cult of Yusaf Kazzab, Zaid Hamid’s cult has also started to consider him to be a Mahdi, Imam e zaman and Prophet.

Aik Aur Ghazi – A Movie on the assassination of Yusuf Kazzab.

The Punjabi movie “Aik aur Ghazi” is the real story of the assassination of Yusaf Kazzab by an “Ashiq e Rasool” named Tariq, in the jail. Talking to ZHE Maulana Abdul Wahid Qasmi General Secretary AMTKN Islamabad narrated the incident in which he met Tariq, the assassin of Yusaf Kazzab.

At a function Tariq a.k.a Tariq Mota came to meet him. He introduced himself as the person who sent Yusaf Kazzab to hell. Tariq wanted to thank Maulana Qasmi because he played a crucial part in not allowing the Kazzab to be buried in a Muslim cemetery in Islamabad.

“I had committed a terrible crime for which I was sent to jail and sentenced to death,” Tariq told Maulana Qasmi with a sigh “I wanted redemption, I prayed to Allah that he gives me an opportunity to redeem my self. Then I got my chance, when I heard that a Blasphemer of the Prophet (saaw), Yusaf Kazzab was in the same jail as I was. I knew that this was the chance I was asking from Allah. I vowed to send him to hell.

“250000 Rupees were spent on this project which enabled mem to get a gun smuggled in. The first two attempts on him failed. On the third shot after seeing him I pulled the trigger and fired many times into his body to ensure that he is dead. Then when it was certain that the Kazzab had died, I Shouted Allah o Akbar, threw my gun and fell into sajdah”
“But what happened then how come you are outside jail what happened to the cases against you?” asked Mulana Qasmi, still astonished.

Tariq smiled.

“You see me here free and still serving Islam, after I killed him, all my cases went away. The people who I had caused great harm forgave me. All cases against me were withdrawn and now I am as free as you, there is no case on me.”
By making this movie the nation has honored one of its greatest Ghazis. We would recommend every one to watch the film, and may Allah give us all the eemaan which He has given Tariq Mota.

Daily Times: Zaid Hamid goes to court — Mohammad Taqi. April 05, 2012

Never a dull moment in the land of the pure, is there? Just as one is about to look past a real or made-up disaster, new tomfooleries appear on the horizon. A certain Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid has now declared war on the Pakistani liberal intelligentsia. More specifically, Sir Zaid — as his followers affectionately and reverently call him — has announced a legal battle against the South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) though a constitutional petition filed in the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan. Ordinarily one might have shrugged and moved on but then Sir Zaid is no ordinary human.

In the petition, filed through that champion of constitutional and judicial supremacy, Sahibzada Ahmad Raza Khan Kasuri, Hamid identifies himself as one of the 500 most influential Muslims around the world. His 164-word introduction enumerates Hamid’s accomplishments as a defence analyst, geopolitical strategist, an intellectual and a scholar of international repute who, inter alia, has ‘very actively worked in the Afghan Jehad from 1986-1992’. Studies produced by his think-tank Brass Tacks are “read and acknowledged by friendly countries, national and international media and national security organisations like Pakistan armed forces and Intelligence agencies.” Now who exactly and in what armed forces agency acknowledges whatever is put out by Brass Tacks is for the ISPR to clarify.

Timed to appear along with the petition was the following salvo on Hamid’s blog and Facebook page: “Allahu Akbar!!!! Today, we have filed a Petition in the Supreme Court against SAFMA for High Treason against Pak Sarzameen (land), its sacred ideology, its beloved founding fathers and waging a war against Pak Sarzameen, armed forces and our freedom on behalf of the enemies. We have demanded Death Penalty under article 6 High Treason law for All SAFMA leaders, members and supporters like Imtiaz Alam, Marvi Sermed, Najam Sethi, Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir, Hasan Nisar, Khaled Ahmed, Beena Sarwar, Nusrat Javed and Ali Chishti!

Now these snakes will be dragged to the court and confronted with their crimes against Pak Sarzameen InshAllah. Thousands of Pakistanis have joined hands alhamdolillah to expose and confront these snakes and now the Petition has been filed in the Supreme Court! By Allah, we will defend our Medina e Sani, its sacred ideology, its geography, its armed forces and our freedom! [Sic].”

The petition itself, though littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, is poisonous drivel supposedly to terrorise into silence the journalists, media persons and activists associated or thought to be associated with SAFMA. It takes a convoluted approach to basically posit that the respondents have allegedly been undermining M A Jinnah and Allama Iqbal’s message, the two-nation theory, the ideology of Pakistan and above all the ‘glory of Islam’, at the behest of India, and thus portend an existential risk to Pakistan’s national security. It makes full use of the Ziaul Haq-inducted clauses of the constitution and asks for first restraining these journalists and activists and then trying them for sedition. While not explicitly sought, the implication of invoking Article 6 is that the named and unnamed individuals thus be physically eliminated.

Hamid has specifically asked the court that under Article 19 of the constitution, the free speech of the individuals he has named should be restricted in the “interest of the glory of Islam, integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality or in relation to contempt of court.” On his blog and in his various media appearances, Hamid has expressly described what he means by the “glory of Islam”. He wrote on his blog: “Our destiny is Ghazwa e Hind NOT aman ki asha! They spread vulgarity, filth, Hinduism, pornography, Hindu culture, dance and music within our youth.” Hamid has based this on a single Hadith, which appears in the only an-Nasai compilation of the Hadith: “A group of you will conquer India, Allah will open for them (India) until they have come with its kings chained — Allah having forgiven their sins. When they return back (from India), they will find ibn Maryam (Jesus) in Syria.”

Interestingly, it is not just the secular elements of SAFMA who differ with Hamid’s concept of the glory of Islam by waging war on India in the purported ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’. Respected Islamic scholars have a broad range of points of view on this Hadith. Some like Javed Ghamidi consider it a weak narration, which like many other fabricated ones was inducted in the corpus of Hadith to suit the political plans of the Ummayads when they wanted to invade India. The late Dr Israr Ahmed held another view that the Muslim invasion of India prophesied in the narration has already taken place. He had stated in his lectures that the Ghazwa-e-Hind could have been either Mahmud Ghaznavi or Muhammad Bin Qasim’s invasion of India. Allama Dr Tahirul Qadri holds yet another view that the tradition is part of the signs of the end of time and the forecast invasion will actually be by armies originating not in Pakistan but from the Arab lands. Then there is the view of the Ahl-e-Hadith, expressed some time back in the periodical Muhhaddis, which categorically rejects this narration as concocted. The Shia books of Hadith make no mention of such a prophecy at all. I am confident that the seasoned ulema of the various schools of thought would feel duty-bound to appear before the court to present their expert opinion when asked by the court and/or SAFMA.

Zaid Hamid also claims to be an expert on Iqbal’s vision and poetry and has charged SAFMA with undermining Iqbal’s message. I am sure it is not lost on Hamid that four of Iqbal’s books — two each in Persian and Urdu — came out after the word Pakistan was coined in 1932-33. It is interesting that Iqbal has used the word Pakistan not even once in his poetry! Also, Iqbal’s poetry is replete with tributes to non-Muslims and especially many Hindus including Motilal Nehru and Jawaharlal Lal Nehru and, of course, the Lord Rama.

While it is for the august court to accept the petition for hearing or throw it out, it may actually be a great exercise to debate all these alleged ingredients of Pakistan’s ‘national security’ in an open court if Zaid Hamid so desires. Let some issues be settled for posterity’s sake.

PS: Article 19 also recommends censuring incitement to an offence, which Zaid Hamid’s hate speech and not-so-veiled call for vigilantism actually is.

Source: Daily Times

CPJ Blog: A Pakistani 'sword of Damocles' in the making? April 2, 2012

Given that it is usually punishable by death, “treason” is a dangerous word to bandy about. When it is applied to journalists, it is even more worrisome. We’ve seen that in Sri Lanka, which is in the throes of a backlash against a U.N. resolution on past human rights abuses. (See “Amid Sri Lankan denial, threats rise for journalists.“) Photographs of journalists who have been critical of Colombo, their faces barely obscured, have been shown on television; one broadcast even repeatedly used the picture of a journalist’s daughter, according to the Network for Rights media support group.

Now, in Pakistan, Zaid Hamid has filed a petition in the Supreme Court, calling on it to try several journalists, a leading human rights activist, the South Asian Free Media Association, and several of its members (many of whom are journalists as well), as well as several government ministries and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, for treason. That is a strange group of bedfellows indeed.

In the petition, Hamid describes himself as “Founding President of an Internationally Recognized Threat Analysis Consultancy and Defense Think Tank, Brass Tacks.” That website–basically a homepage and some YouTube links–describes Hamid as “the most eminent and profound security professional in Pakistan having extensive practical experience and exposure in the fields of Information Warfare and Psy-Ops, National as well as Corporate Security Management, Strategic and Tactical planning, Threat Analysis, Irregular Warfare, Electronic Security Solutions and training of security personnel. His expertise is largely through exposure and is most unique and diversified. He is a veteran of Soviet-Afghan war and has a rich experience of the finest guerilla operations in modern times.” He is a regular on many of Pakistani TV’s political talk shows, and has hosted his own.

Why do this? Hamid explains on his blog:

In these times of war, when journalism become subversion on behalf of hostile powers, then it is called High Treason! Information war and ideological subversion are integral part of the 4th generation war being waged against Pakistan. The terrorists on ground get support from the subversive elements within the media and they all create crisis for the armed forces, ISI and the nation instead of supporting them against the insurgents and terrorists.

While some of the people named on the petition dismissed the move as that of a “nutcase” or worse, others feel genuinely threatened by it. Bringing the case and the publicity it could engender puts people at risk, regardless of its legal validity. Treason is a hot-button issue like blasphemy, and cases of treason could incite extrajudicial reprisals, just as we’ve seen in some blasphemy cases.

The language of the petition is inflammatory and aimed at inciting a public response. As a Washington-based analyst, Sadanand Dhume, tweeted: “If calling journalists snakes and publicly demanding their execution for treason isn’t incitement to violence, then what is?”

The Court hasn’t accepted the petition yet, but it is under no obligation to reject it. As one journalist told me, it can just hang there indefinitely, as a “sword of Damocles” dropping into use if it becomes politically expedient to silence journalists or any critic of the government. The case, as bizarre as it is, is really just another way to intimidate journalists — as if there wasn’t a dark cloud of threats hanging over the profession in Pakistan already.

Source: CPJ Blog

Author: Bob Dietz/CPJ Asia Program Coordinator