Eng. Naveed (Tanzeem e Islami): We Will Not Allow Zaid Hamid To Cash The Funeral Of Dr Israr [Video]

To know the context of this telephonic conversation with Engr. Naveed, Head of Tanzeem e Islami, Karachi – please read the article “ALERT: Zaid Hamid Will Be Using Dr Israr’s Funeral For His Photo Session”

However, some people who attended the funeral of Dr Israr Ahmed have confirmed that Zaid Hamid attended the funeral with 4-5 of his “boys” – one of whom was busy taking photos of Zaid Hamid in different poses during the entire time.

Rizwan Hayi i witnessed him at the funeral of Dr Sb.. he was in a group of 4-5 boys and one of them was constantly taking pictures… so stupid of them to take this oppurtunity for photo session.
he was in the last rows though…

Zaid Hamid's Photo Session at Dr Israr's Funeral

ALERT: Zaid Hamid Will Be Using Dr Israr's Funeral For His Photo Session

We have been informed by confirmed sources that

  1. Zaid Hamid is in Pakistan. Zaid Hamid has returned from Saudi Arab and has been staying at his home for the past many days.
  2. Zaid Hamid will be using Dr Israr’s funeral for his photo session. Zaid Hamid has left for Lahore and he intends to attend Dr Israr’s funeral together with his team and conduct a photo session (as he usually does) during the funeral proceedings of Dr Israr Ahmed.

Zaid Hamid will then use this photo session to do the propaganda that Tanzeem e Islami is with him and that Dr Israr was very dear to him and Dr Israr held him very dear.

Zaid Hamid would emphasize that had there been any differences between Dr Israr and Zaid Hamid, why Dr Israr’s son allowed him to participate so actively in the funeral prayers and conduct activities like, giving shoulder to Dr Israr’s Janaza, throwing sand on Dr Israr’s grave etc.

The photo session of Zaid Hamid – during these activities would be used to pacify some of the negative propaganda that his fans have done against Dr Israr in the past. After the publication of press releases by Dr Israr, Zaid Hamid’s fans started a campaign against Dr Israr – and termed him fasadi and takfiri.

The photos would be further used to deceive people in the future that Zaid Hamid enjoyed cordial relations with Dr Israr – till Dr Israr’s death.

We request everyone to inform Eng. Naveed – the Head of Tanzeem e Islami, Karachi – about these designs of Zaid Hamid immediately. Eng Naveed can be contacted at 0322-2499735.

Dr Israr Ahmed Passes Away – But Not Before Giving Azaan Against Zaid Hamid And Yusuf Kazab

Inna lil Allah … Dr Israr Ahmed has left this mortal world and has entered the never ending life of here after. Verily we all have to leave this mortal world one day. The death of a momin is never a moment of sorrow, but one of happiness that he successfully left the tribulations of this world – which are nothing but a test for all of us – and has now gone on to reap his rewards – which are enormous and never ending.

Dr Israr was extremely sick for the last month or so, but even then he was the first one to condemn Zaid Hamid, and disassociated himself from Zaid Hamid in unequivocal terms by calling Yusuf a Kazab and asking Zaid Hamid to do the same. It was Dr. Israr’s Mominana clarity and unwavering stand – alongwith Moulana Jalalpuri’s shahadat that became the founding stone of this moment against Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazab.

In the beginning Dr Israr released a press release disassociating himself from Zaid Hamid and calling Yusuf a Kazab. This press release can be viewed at Tanzeem-i-Islami Releases Their Official Position On Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid.

But Zaid Hamid twisted the press release and made it look as if Dr Israr has accepted his Touba and has embraced him. This infuriated Dr Israr even further and he went on to issue a final, precise and blunt press statement that will forever shut the mouth of the Zaid Hamid who wanted to portray Dr Israr as a companion of Kazab and his Khalifa – Zaid Hamid. This second press release can be viewed at Tanzeem-i-Islami Issues A Second Press Release: Blasts Zaid Hamid, Declares Yusuf a Kazab Once Again.

Zaid Hamid’s team approached Dr Israr frantically during all this time – and asked him to stay quiet on the issue, as that would have given the Zaid Hamid team to continue with their propaganda of Dr Israr’s support for Zaid Hamid. However, this Mard e Momin refused to stay quiet and performed his Azan on the issue of Kazab and his Khalifa.

May Allah specially reward Dr Israr for his two press releases, which were one of the first condemnations of Zaid Hamid by any religious scholar in Pakistan – after this issue ensued.

Why TV1 cancelled Brasstacks

One of the major victories which ‘fidaiyeen e Rasool’ achieved was to stop Zaid Hamid’s program ‘Brasstacks’ from being aired on TV1. This was a great victory which did not get so much of coverage as it should have. It again showed the power of the masses whose hearts beam the light from the flame of Eeman.

During the course of our movement a lot of people started calling their cable operators and told them not to telecast TV1, if they air Zaid Hamid’s show. Initially, TV1 refused to cancel Zaid Hamid’s show. However the tides changed as cable operators stopped TV1 in many localities due to the pressure of their clients. The attitude of Law enforcement agencies was very sympathetic to the population. They facilitated the legitimate demands of the people.

Zaid Hamid knew all this and he instructed his hooligans to threaten TV1 staff including its owner. The statements which he issued in this regard are still available on his facebook official page. Finally TV1 concluded, just like other organizations that hosting Zaid hamid was far more expensive than ditching him and thus they took off his program.´

The credit for this goes to all the Muslims of Pakistan. It was their ‘Ghayarat e Imani’ that they did not allow a  Gustakh e Rasool to be telecasted any where on their soil. I am proud to belong to this great nation.

I personally think that Zaid Hamid is no longer capable to have any impact on the society. He is defeated and has lost every thing which yields power. His recent threats and allegations against innocent students are a proof of his impotence. He still has a core group of followers who are brain washed into obeying him unquestionably. We hope that they see the true path some day soon.

If Zaid Hamid decided to address a public gathering to spread his Fascist vermin like Takmeel or Wake up, then we will make sure that he does not remain unchallenged by all lawful and peaceful means. This time thousands will be with us (Insha Allah).

As far as the murder case on Zaid Hamid is concerned, in which he has been named prime suspect by AMTKN, we hope that he will be brought to justice soon. If there is a delay in bringing this killer to justice than there will be protests and mass demonstrations by all segments of the society.

With this development I can safely declare victory on the army of Yousf Kazzab in this campaign. We will remain ever vigilant on any threat to our faith and nation.

Talha Saad

Editor’s Note: All praise and glory is for Allah and Allah alone, who has bestowed these victories upon the camp of defenders of Khatam e Nabuwat and Namoos e Risalaat saaw.
ZHE reported about this event more than two weeks back in an article titled “TV1 Stops Airing Brasstacks – Zaid Hamid Fighting Back“. The pressure on TV1 from all quarters has been so severe that cable operators have still not started airing TV1 transmission in some areas of the country. Zaid Hamid is desperately trying to apply counter pressure on TV1 via his facebook legions. Unfortunately, he has mis-calculated the Jazba e Imani of the Muslim Ummah.

ZHE is specially thankful to the administration of TV1 and specially Mr Tahir A Khan, who saw through the lies of Zaid Hamid – defender of Yusuf Kazab, and didnt hesitated for a minute to ban Zaid Hamid from TV1. Mr Tahir A Khan has not just banned Brasstacks, but has also banned Zaid Hamid from appearing on any show or debate on TV1 – not as a host, not as a guest, not as an analyst. Thanks to Mr Tahir A Khan, our youth is saved from seeing the face and lies of Zaid Hamid on Television screens.

Yusuf Kazab's Certificate Of Prophethood – [Video]

The Muhammad in the beginning of the document in Urdu is not the name of our Holy Prophet Muhammad saaw, but is the name of Yusuf Kazab – who not only wrote Muhammad in the beginning for his name but also put a ‘su aad’ on it.

Yusuf Kazab's Certificate of Nabuwat

Also see “Yusuf Kazab’s Certificate of Khilafat was Actually a Claim of Prophethood

Note: The video is made by Moslim Pride and not ZHE.


We have to understand Zaida’s game plan. Some thoughts:

– He wants to discuss everything under the sun EXCEPT Yousuf Kazzab.

– He wants to talk about everything EXCEPT his association with Yousuf Kazzab.

– He will attack the credibility and personality of everyone who questions him IN AN ATTEMPT to stop the discussion on Yousuf Kazzab and moving the focus on to ZHE itself.

– If the defenders of Namoos-e-Risalat start explaining who they are usw, they concede the initiative and let Zaida control the game.

– Zaida is a dark master of the arts of propaganda (lies). Now he is trying his best to muddy the waters by flapping his tendrils in every which direction. He is trying to throw everything at ZHE to see what sticks.

– He is throwing the bait by attacking Team ZHE. They must not bite. Thank God Team ZHE has not disclosed their real identities. They don’t need to. If they do, Zaida will try to make them the topic of his rants, rather than explaining his reasons for calling Yousuf Kazzab a ‘corrupt man’ but not a Kazzab.

What Zaida dreads most is the type of dialogue that we have been having with him. My dream questions:

Zaida: ZHE are AlQaida!!!
ZHE: umm…okay…But WHAT about Kazzab’s putting ’swaaad’ on his name?
Zaida: Silence.
Zaida: Fasadis are agents of RAW and CIA!!! Look, they write ‘Emirate’ on their website!!!
ZHE: Emirate, Khilafat. Same difference. Let’s get back to the topic: Since you have accepted AMTKN’s challenge, what time and place will be convenient for you? What about Next Friday after Jummah outside the Shahi Masjid?
Zaida: Silence.
Zaida: Alhamdolillah, in the love of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakista….!!!
ZHE: Wait, wait, wait….. Zaiday, you keep yapping about ‘living with dignity and dying with honor’. If your life right now is dripping with dignity, we shudder to see what indignity looks like. Tell us why have you stopped writing Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s name in English for the last month?
Zaida: Silence.
Zaida: Look at Talha Saad’s profile!!! Sectarian! Takfeeri!!
ZHE: Talha Saad is irrelevant. His opinion on Shias, hockey team or mint flavored chocolate are immaterial. Tell us about what happened with the rape-victim Ghain. Since you say she lied in her accusations and committed Qazf, have you tried prosecuting her? Have you tried prosecuting AMTKN for Qazf? You violate Shariah by not prosecuting AMTKN for Qazf if you think they lied.
Zaida: Silence.
Zaida: We are honored to be chosen by Allah for the sacred duty of Takmeel of Pakistan!!!
ZHE: Sachchi? Anyway…Back to the topic. The word Kazzab means only a liar. If Yousuf was corrupt, surely he must have lied to succeed in his acts of corruption thus making himself a Kazzab. Since you call him corrupt but not a Kazzab, do you mean to say he was a corrupt man who was truthful? If so, please explain what is truthful corruption. Use examples. (5 marks)
Zaida: Silence.


Author: Marcvs.Tacitvs.Cicero

An ideal stage for (self proclaimed) Messiahs

Pakistan is clutched tightly by the cohort of generals, feudals and industrialists and their cronies, our homegrown Troika. The system or the lack of it is well suited to the Troika, yet from time to time, when the resentment inflates to a certain extent, the air is let out through up for hire charlatans. Zaid Zaman Hamid along with Ahmed Qureshi where hired for these services by our latest savior, General Parvaiz Musharaf.

So, how do these characters fit the scheme? What is the purpose of having these mouthpieces, (at times) voluntary preachers? Before we take this avenue let us first assess our environment. Today, decadence, humiliation, exploitation, (price) inflation, corruption, lack of values, depleted morality, intolerance and social disintegration – a great confusion – is rampant in our society. The self proclaimed puritans of the land of pure are giving sermons and speeches around these subjects, subsequently, aggravating the confusion. Differences of opinion, the hallmark of human progress, are shunted as intolerance and frustration peaks. Everyone becomes a party and starts yapping and dismissing others as ill-intentioned or ill-equipped.

Despair, decline, scarcity, confusion and an urge to change are the traits which charlatans relish on. The power of fantasy is so overwhelming that people rarely believe their problems as a result of their misdeeds and stupidity. There is always someone, something to blame – the others, rulers, enemies, etc. Salvation becomes the immediate need and more appropriately the most profound vulnerability. Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) encapsulate the situation as “Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived”.

Let us now look at the core objective of having a hired or voluntary propagandist. These charlatans, through their extempore further ignite the emotions, making it impossible for rationale, strategic and visionary thinking to be exercised. They provide far fetched goals, though highly luminous yet unachievable. There is no clear cut time frames or timelines rather an endless lists of tasks and sub tasks. This provides ample room to con-artists (politicians) and the purest and most superior, the infallible generals to conduct business as usual.

Over the ages charlatans have perfected the art of deceit and although we know their pricks it takes us a while to realize when we ourselves are victimized. They come and deprive us of rationality, clear thinking and judgment. Grete de Francesco, a Swiss journalist, after studying a good number of such characters concluded, “The charlatan achieves his great power by simply opening a possibility for men to believe what they already want to believe …. The credulous cannot keep at a distance; they crowd around the wonder worker, entering his personal aura, surrendering themselves to illusion with a heavy solemnity, like cattle”.

They hit us with a combination of simple ideas expressed in vague terms, camouflaging their statements while engaging our minds through teasers. There is always something big, something profound, a higher calling that only a man of higher cadre and contemporary thinking (the charlatan himself) is capable to comprehend.  They undermine the intellectual amongst us to the more visual and sensual, the former being more prone to skepticism are not easy targets. The source of income is always kept a secret and there seems to be no accounts for expenses incurred in propagation and promotion of the mission. After attracting a certain number of dupes the charlatan adds an Us-vs-Them dynamic to intensify loyalties and strengthen cohesion.

They divide our intellingtsia, which in turn spirals into infighting amongst them and those who feel elevated enough to be part of this war of words are engaged with non-issues or convinced to direct their attention on issues of higher degree, bearing no implications on the matters at hand yet perceived as the root cause. The worst part is that our emotional instability and hot headedness facilitate these self proclaimed messiahs (Zaid Zaman Hamid and Company) to engage our masses and utilize their energies as they deem fit.

In our lust for change we simply parted ways with rationality. Through out the last month and a half, Pakistan emerge victorious, as there was hardly any day without a lie been caught, folly been exposed, claims refuted and their idiosyncrasies revealed.  We, atleast some of us, experience one of the phases of denial, realization, acceptance and vengeance. At this last phase, we become the voluntary soldiers of the “troika” which planted, if not, than certainly nurtured them, taking care of their (Establishment’s) unfinished business.

So what Zaid did was nothing new but his phenomenal success is largely attributed to our (masses’) ignorance. As the curtain falls on this theatrical, we should reflect and analyze our learning, if there is any. Will this chapter end here? Will we rewrite the script? Did we come all this way after a certain someone (in affection or vengeance)? Are we nearing the end of enlightenment and awakening with the departure of this peculiar someone? Are we resolute in our quest for change or was it all blind fellowship?

Aye mere watan ke fankaro (maimaron), zulmat pe na apna fan waro
Ye mehl sara’on ke baasi, qatil hain sabhi apne yaro
Wirsay main hamain yeh gham hai mila, iss gham ko nayaa kia likhna
Zulmat ko zia, sarsar ko saba, banday ko Khuda kia likhna

Rehan Ali