Zaid Hamid's Family – We Don't Trust Him You Shouldn't Either

Zaid Hamid’s family member and friend has responded on the latest Tanzeem-i-Islami press release.

Close Family Member of Zaid Hamid:

Dr Israr’statement it is not very clear if he [Zaid Hamid] has already denounced Yusuf Kazab plus he has dispparoved his free mixing gatherings which has now becme his hallmark and look at the women who are behind him. Just watch any programme of recent dates.
Allah raham karay.

A Member of Zaid Hamid’s Friends Circle:

I don’t believe the guy. These people lie when they are confronted. He’s been confronted by students, the media and you. He knows he’s cornered. The day he refuses to wear that red cap, symbol of Yusuf Kasab, perhaps, then we may start giving him the benefit of doubt. I would never follow someone who has been led astray.

Editor’s Note: Just read this statement of Zaid Hamid’s friend again and again and again “I would never follow someone who has been led astray.