Daily Dawn: Saudi Arabia denies consular access to Zaid Hamid. July 1, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Saudi authorities have denied a request by the Pakistan embassy for consulor access to Zaid Hamid, a self-proclaimed security analyst jailed in Saudi Arabia.

In Medina, a team from Counsel General Jeddah was denied access to Zaid Hamid and was not allowed to meet the analyst.

Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah, responding to a question, denied knowledge of the sentence given to Zaid Hamid and said it had not been confirmed by Saudi authorities.

The spokesperson further said that with the efforts of the foreign ministry, Hamid’s wife has been able to meet him at Madina prison.

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Diplomatic sources had said that Zaid Hamid was arrested last month for making an alleged provocative speech in Madina criticising the Saudi government.

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Source: Dawn News

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