The News: Zaid Hamid out to damage country, say religious scholars. November 23,2013

LAHORE: Ulema, Mashaikh of Ahle-Sunnat and many intellectuals have said no doubt Zaid Hamid was following anti-state policies and working to inflict irreparable damage to the country.

Addressing a joint press conference here, they said that after the disclosures Imad Khalid, the close associate of Zaid Hamid, it would be pertinent for the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) to review the entire affair in the light of Shariah.

The Supreme Court is also expected to proceed against Zaid Hamid, they said.They said, disclosures made by such a close person that Zaid Hamid had put on hit list dignitaries like Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and some senior journalists was very dangerous and dreadful act. It should be condemned in unequivocal terms.

“Everyone is aware through what dangerous situation the country is passing. No one could justify giving away hundreds of thousands of rupees to such a person by the agencies,” they said.

They said that claim by Zaid Hamid terming certain persons as messenger of God and branding certain persons as agent of the Jews, the Qadianis and the Israelis was a great sin. “Our religion also prohibits us to propagate any news without confirmation,” they elaborated.

Expressing concern, these leaders said that it was sheer violation of the law that such a person whose warrant had been issued by the Sindh High Court was not arrested. They also warned the government against the hidden hand behind Zaid Hamid.

Those addressing the press conference included Chief Organiser Jamia Naeemia Maulana Muhammad Raghib Hussain Naeemi, President National Mashaekh Council Pakistan and Sajjada Nasheen Khwaja Muhamad Yar Fareedi Pir Khawaja Ghulam Qutubuddin Fareedi, President Khairul Umam Foundation and Sajjada Nasheen Ali Pur Syedan Shareef Pir Syed Karamat Ali Hussain Shah, Central President Anjuman Asatza Pakistan Allama Pir Muhammad Athar-ul-Qadri, President Muhafizan-e-Khatme Naboowat Pakistan Maulana Muhammad Azam Naeemi, President Fikr Writers Forum Muhamad Zia-ul-Haq Naqshbandi, President Tahaffuze Namoose Risalat Front and Chief Organiser Jamia Rasoolia Sheerazia Alama Razae Mustafa Naqshbandi, Allama Muhammad Qasim Ali of Jamaat Ulamae Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, Amir of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Lahore Div Moulana Mujahid Abdul Rasool Qadri, President Naeemain Association Pakistan Mufti Muhammad Haseeb Qadri and Gen Secretary Mufti Abu Bakar, Maulana Muhammad Naeem Javed Noori, Muhammad Anwar Nizami, Mufti Muhammad Faisal Nadeem, Allama Zulfikar Mustafa Hashmi, Allama Mushtaq Ahmad Noori, Mufti Allama Muhammad Saeedi, Maulana Pir Noor Elahi Anwar, Mufti Muhammad Karim Khan, Mufti Jabbar Chishti, Mufti Massodur Rehman, Moulana Hafiz Muhammad Yaqoob Fareedi, Moulana Qari Mukhtar Ahmad Siddiqui, Mufti Muhammad Safdar Ali Qadri, Moulana Razauddin Siddiqui and others.

Source: The News

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