Another follower of Zaid Hamid calls him a prophet.

Here is another E mail by a follower of Zaid Hamid in which he has called him the “Ibrahim of Our time”. As Muslims it is our belief that the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was one of the noblest prophets of all time. All the Prophets after him including our beloved RasulAllah (saaw) are his decedents. The only person who can be the “Ibrahim of the time” would be a prophet of the stature of Musa (AS) or Isa (AS) or Muhammad (saaw). Since there can be no prophet after Muhammad (saaw), such a statement is Blasphemy.

Yousaf Kazzab made similar claims, by saying that there is an institution call Khilafat e Uzma, and is granted to a single person at one time, the first being Hazrat adam (AS), and subsequently being transferred to the Prophets after him including Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and even to Rasulullah (saaw). After RasulAllah (saaw) this institution kept on being transferred to different saints till it has reached Yousaf Kazzab. It was on the basis of this blasphemous philosophy that Yousaf Kazzab called him self to be “Muhammad” ma’zAllah suma ma’zAllah. This e mail shows that Zaid Hamid is following a similar path.

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