Zaid Hamid's supporters have started calling him Rasool Allah saaw

A caller calls Dr Amir Liaquat’s program and shares his personal experience of how Zaid Hamid Maloon’s supporters have now started calling him Rasool Allah saaw in emails.

The email sent out on BT core mailing list by the supporter of Zaid Hamid is embedded below:

Salam kal raat mei ne khuab mei Rasool Allah S.A.W ko dekha or un k sath hi Sir Zaid Hamid ko dekha. Muhammed S.A.W ne farmaya ke ab mei is duniya se ja shuka hu to meri rooh Zaid ke jism me aa gai he. Abb Tum hamari raaz dar sahabia RA ho. Is khuab k dekhny ke baad se jo haal he. Bohot drood Syedi Rasool Allah Zaid Hamid pe.

Sir Zaid Hamid ka kam mei ASWS khud madad farma raha han so plz BT Team Ignore him. Brasstacks ka mission ke tauheen ab ASWS ke shaan mei tauheen ha. any one who now challanges that Brasstacks, Syedi Rasool Allah Sir Zaid Hamid S.A.W aur BT team that they are against the ASWS’s Islam is definitely Gustakhe Rasool ASWS.

so dear every one ignore such person ke eske qasam aur kam sub ba adbi se shru han aur wallah alam kes anjam se khatam hona han

These are screen shots from Zaid Hamid’s official facebook page where he has uploaded ‘blasphemous posters’ depicting himself as Muhammad (saaw).
In this poster Zaid Hamid has dimmed most part of the Kalima except for RasoolALLAh, which he has brightened and has his photo next to it. There is no other explanation to this poster but that he thinks of himself as Muhammad (saaw) because the Rooh of Muhammad (saaw) has entered his body Nauzubillah!

In this poster, there are two photos. One says ‘yesterday’ in which there is shown a battle field of a past battle with Zaid Hamid wearing an Imaama. The important thing here is that in this photo if you look closely at Zaid Hamid, you can see through it which means who ever made this photo is trying to portray him as a Rooh.
The other says ‘today’ in which Zaid Hamid is shown surrounded by the Armed Forces of Pakistan and he is not wearing an Imaama nor is he being portrayed as a Rooh because you cannot see through this photo. So the message conveyed through this poster is that the Rooh has now entered Zaid Hamid and he is the ‘Sipah e Salar’ of the Armed Forces and he will lead ‘Ghazwa e Hind’.

16 comments on “Zaid Hamid's supporters have started calling him Rasool Allah saaw

  1. Shoaib says:

    I have never seen or read at anywhere that zaid hamid called Rasool. plz if u have any prove than plz paste here…..

  2. fahad siddquie says:

    i swear i can make a snapshot in which i can show k zaid hamid exposition walay khud ko prophit kha rahay hian , and amir liaqat him self a ghustakh, plz prove rather then wasting our time ..

  3. fahad siddquie says:

    and yes i have also taken a snapshot of my privios question , if you wont allow this comment i will post snapshot on facebook. and shame on you guys , stop acting like shemales.

    • Editor says:

      Dear Fahad Siddiquie

      I think you are just a 12 year old kid. Please talk logically. ZHE was never a mureed of Yusuf Kazzab and never indulge in such company as was a hallmark of Zaid Hamid.

      Talk sensibly.


  4. waqas says:

    Do you know Dr. Aamir Liaquat himself is dooming the righteous because he is getting paid for it. Show any of Zaid Hamid videos or them saying that he is rasool himself.

    The above is no prove. Do you know Allah is watching and please be scared of him because you do not know how long anyone is going to live in this world. The World for anyone can end tommorow and you will be totally be mistaken about saying such things and supporting the munafiqs.

  5. Tariq Xiyad says:

    You guyz are making fool out of yourself. I can easily generate an email like this.
    Anyone who knows a bit about computers can do this easily and you are presenting it as a proof ?

    Shame on you guyz. Beghairti ki her had paar kr di hai .. Kuch Allah ka khauf kro! Itni bari bari tauhmatein lagane se pehle.

    Pehle bhi tum log boht koshishein kr chuke ho but of no use and jab you lost from everywhere tou ye nayi lame tricks start ki hein .. Shame on you guyz! Shame on khatm-e-Nabuwat organization.

    • Editor says:

      Tariq xiyad sahab aap ko to mein buhat arse se janta hoon. Ap per kisi prove ka kab asar huwa hai jo ab hona hai. So ap prove mangne se rehne hi dein.

      Jazak Allah

  6. shahid khan says:

    Assalam O Alikum

    If true then indeed its alarming…….but if not then such a bohtan can take such a person out of islam.

    Dear Admin can you please upload the snap shot rather than this scanned version………..and why the name of sender is hidden………

    Its a reply email what was the email sent and to whom…………

    In this condition its really baseless acquisition bcs we don’t know who is sender and who is receiver of this email…..

    So without knowing this nothing can be said against zaid hamid in this regard that he considers himself prophet.Nauzubillah.

  7. Refuting Lies says:

    whatever the case,we know for certain that the fans of ZH consider him more than a political analyst,I’ve seen with my own eyes on 23rd march 2010 someone wrote on his wall that “Angels are protecting Zaid Sahab”,this is the reality,they consider him to be some kind of Messiah,I know I did when I was his fan and so were my friends,we also know that most of his fans I’ll say 90% of them are teenagers with no background in history or Islamic knowledge and the fact that ZH appeals to them is more scary.He is an extremist Sufi on the path of his “prophet”.He talks against Israel and India,that doesn’t make anyone a good Muslim,Russia is also against these two countries and maybe just maybe he is a KGB agent,he was there in Afghan war,they might have thought of him as a good asset,he might be what C.I.A calls “Sleeper” meaning they lay low until there time of mission comes up,so in fact he is extremely dangerous,the language he uses too is dangerous so to sum up,A follower of false prophet,an extremist Sufi and possibly a KGB agent getting that kind of spotlight is very dangerous

  8. Ali says:

    The only thing that bothers me is the subject.. i mean why would a lover of zaid hamid would write in subject such thing as zaid dajjal ,faraibi etc?

  9. Anti-Murtadeen says:

    Well, if these guys claim that he is innocent, why don’t they ask their leader to come on video calling Yousuf Kazzab a Kafir and deny his connections to him

  10. Qamar Ansari says:


  11. Ahsan says:

    absolutely wrong and jahilana propaganda against syed zaid zaman hamid.

  12. Mubeen Ahmed says:

    Fight fight shaabaash.. This is what enemies want that we should fight with each other. and never come on one platform. never remove firqavaariyet within ourselves. and never complete the mission of takmeel e pakistan.

    Maan lia key chalo kisi aik khatoon ney yeh khwaab daikha hoa, Ghalat to woh khatoon thi na key Zaid Hamid Sb. Koi shakhs ultey seedhey khwab daikhey to is mein Zaid hamid ka kia qusoor… Zaid Hamid ney apney aap ko Ashiq e Rasool (PBUH) kaha hey phir hum baar baar is baat pey kiyoon discussion start ker daitey hein..

  13. Aashiq says:

    Gustakh-e Rasool ki touba qabool nahi

    and youngsters please Hazrat Mohammad Sallallo Alahe wasallam ki tazeem ko samjho.. nahi to dono jahan may zillat wa ruswaiee ha

    Sallallaho Alahe wasallam

    Maaz.Allah miz zaalik

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