Zaid Hamid Admits That ISI and Pak Army Was Funding Him

A new discussion topic on ZHE facebook page titled “Zaid Hamid’s Current Sources of Funding ?” has created a stir up in the Zaid Hamid fan camp. The point of contention is the statement made in the discussion topic that:

ZH was funded by ISI, which took back its support after Moulana Jalalpuri’s murder. After ISI backed off, ZH’s Alhamra Theatre NOC was cancelled by a mere DCO of Lahore.

Apparently Zaid Hamid fans are finding it hard to believe that all the media time and popularity that Zaid Hamid enjoyed was funded and not Zaid Hamid’s own accomplishment. There response is typical and usual, which is to accuse us of lies and propaganda. However, little do they know that Zaid Hamid has himself admitted on a TV program that he was funded by Pak Army and ISI.

Watch the video embedded below and do listen to it carefully.

Zaid Hamid himself tells Bilal Qutab during the first 30 seconds of the video that he writes his reports and sells them for a fee and after 2007, he started selling it to Army. On this Bilal Qutab asks Zaid Hamid at 0:33 seconds that “So Parvez Musharraf Ki Jo Government thi that was buying your security reports from you as a think tank“. Zaid Hamid nodes to it and acknowledges it.

On this Bilal Qutab states that Zaid sahab dont you think that it would be a very weak thing for the Pak Army to take advise from a private consultant. Zaid Hamid then goes on to defend this for the next one min or so.

So once again listen to the first one and a half minute of this video again and again, if you still think that Zaid Hamid was not funded and supported by ISI and Pakistan Army.

May be this is what Nizam Fareed Chisti is referring to in his comment on ZHE’s facebook page:

Nizam Farid Chishti ‎@ beta enl ZH kee leak video dekho us mein wo kehta hai k yusuf ali ka aqeeda wohi tha jo hazrat data gunj bakhsh ya hazrat abdul qadir jilani ka tha….abhi mubasher lucman k saath us ka ja program hoa hai us mein us nay yusuf kazab ko 3 baar “mystic” kaha hai….jahil insaan mystic ka matlab jantay ho tum… uskee court evidence kee audio suna 52 min kee hai zh say khud ja kar poocho k ager wo fake hai… us mein jakay suno k yusuf kazab kis terah isko sahabi kehta hai kistera isko “sadeeq” kehta hai or kis terah isko apnay oper imaan lanay walay sab say pehla shakhs kehta hai or is kay zaid hamid aker kia bukta hai… zaid hamid say ja kar poocho k ager wo audio fake hai ya nahi…. uska javab mil jaye to doob merna… apni kabar bhi kaheen or jaa bunana takay yeh mati tumharay jaisay ghadaron k khoon say pak rahay… in early 1990’s zaid hamid k ghar pay yusuf kazab kee poori poori mehfilein lagti thee… beech mein ap k ISI k buhut baray afser sahib bhi apna emaan baichnay jatay thay….jinhon nay zaid hamid ko ISI mein reports baichnay ka dhanda start ker k dia… zaid hamid ka ghar buhut say saal yusuf kazab ka islamabad-pindi ka dera buna hoa tha…mujlis hoti k baad yusuf kay aik or sahabi abdul wahid khan k ghar islamabad mein shift hogia tha…poocho is say is kee pichli bivi (Allah nay unko hidayat dee hai) iskeee gawah hain….wo pooray din drawing mein bethay yusuf kazab ke mehmaano k liye khanay paka paka thak jati thi…

zaid hamid nay ab ja k thora buhut realise kerna shiru kia hai usnay ab yusuf k liye”hard words” istemaal kernay shiru kiye hian… inshallah wo usko officially kazab bhi declare kerdayga… aqal arahi hai usay bhi….or mujhe bhuhut afsos hai k tumhara taluk ager isi say hai…kion k isi is mulk kee ankh hai is mulk kee soch hai ager wohi itni andhi hogai hai to is mulk ko Allah bachaye.

This is no secret that Zaid Hamid was launched into the Media with ISI support and funding and that ISI paid him hefty amounts in the name of buying his security reports, the same reports that Zaid Hamid is now trying to sell for Rs 300/- without any success.

17 comments on “Zaid Hamid Admits That ISI and Pak Army Was Funding Him

  1. Saleem Mohiuddin says:

    That’s why he never speak against army, despite of the biggest corrupt institution of Pakistan, Zaid Kazzab always projects them as ‘heroes’.

    I am telling all, Zaid Kazzab’s analysis of war or military operations in Swat and tribal areas of Pakistan are all lies and pro-ISPR propaganda. All of this only for USA and Dollars.

    Wake up Pakistan, Allah ke wastay wake up.

  2. Salman Zafar says:

    its not only army he serves go to…..

    see who his clients are and what they say about him…..on he serves his corporate masters and on he barks against them…what a hypocrite zaid hamid is!

    here is a quote from his site from one of his clients

    Shell Development and Offshore Pakistan BV

    Shell is an oil company incorporated in the Kingdom of Netherlands

    BrassTacks have acted in the role of advisor on personal and corporate security issues to this company over the last year. During this time their advice has been found to be relevant, timely, apparently well-informed and therefore highly useful.

    It is always difficult to evaluate service in this specialist field because real effectiveness can be defined as the avoidance of problems due to the deployment of well-founded information. Advice received to date fulfills that definition and the BrassTacks Consultancy enjoys this Company’s confidence regarding analysis of complex security conditions here in Pakistan and practical advice derived therefrom.

    T.C. Duckworth (General Manager)

    see it at…..

    see…he is helping lootaira oil companies like shell …..and yet he says on his economic terrorism that MNCs are cartels and blah blah….then if they are cartels…they why do you help them? if they are gangsters then why do you lend your services to them….lend them only to islamic companies!

    that is the hypocracy of zaid hamid…..ZHE team……do look at the entire site and make a post regarding this… can zaid be a revolutionary while running a business that is actively helping the enemy his fighting? he should operate on principle and have an economic boycott on companies that are as he claims parts of cartels etc…..yet he himself is proudly on their payroll….hope this shuts the mouths of all those zaid hamid lovers…..

  3. Salman Zafar says:

    another quote from his site….on the front page no less……its self explanatory at this point……

    BrassTacks is a unique Pakistani consulting firm specializing in addressing security needs of national and international concerns operating in Pakistan, in the increasingly complex and volatile domestic and regional security situation.

    Major client accounts include: Foreign Oil and Gas Exploration companies

    Foreign and Local Private Security Companies
    Government of Pakistan
    Multinational corporations
    Schools and many more…
    The total net worth of BrassTacks clients in Pakistan exceed 2 billion US Dollars.

  4. Salman Zafar says:

    people shoukd go through the site then head over to youtube and and watch that series on economic terrorism that zaid has done……

    you see two different zaid hamids!

    1. a facilitator and advisor to oligarchical economic cartels……ie the MNCs he so proudly mentions on his site

    and 2. a self proclaimed enemy and exposer of MNCs and the sood and ribah system in which they operate!

    haathi kay daanth khaaanay kay aur dikhanay kay aur

    ZHE TEAM you guys must take pics of his business site and show them alongside clips from his economic terrorism series so people can clearly see what a munafiq and lier he is….

  5. Salman Zafar says:

    zaid hamid is a lier maloon kazzab shaitaan fasiq munafiq dajjallic person……..

    ….in the above clip he says at around the 4:40 mark…..that pakistan was made for a purpose and “aur is leeyay nahi bana tha kay angraizon ka corrupt political economic aur social system chalta rahay”

    well if that is your belief then why are the corrupt govt and the MNCs who are in favor of this corrupt system and maintaining the status quo…. your chief clients? how can you say you want rise of islamic economic/political/social systems and are an agent of change when you make strategies for the very corporations and govt who fights against that change and the rise of such islamic systems?

    then shouldnt you boycott them and help Islamic businesses instead??

  6. Salman Zafar says:

    here is his profile from the site

    Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid is an eminent security professional having extensive practical experience and exposure in the fields of security management, strategic and tactical planning, threat analysis, irregular warfare, electronic security solutions and training of security personnel.

    His expertise is largely through exposure and is most unique and diversified. He has witnessed war at close range, experiencing the finest guerilla operations in modern times.

    He has been the area head of Electronic Security Alarm System Division of Brinks Pakistan and has attended many international exhibitions on security services and products, including world-renowned international Fire and safety exhibition, IFSEC , UK and American society for industrial security, ASIS , USA .

    Mr. Hamid is a prolific writer and author of dozens of published articles and handbooks on various defense and security related issues and appear regularly on mainstream media as Analyst on various security and defense matters. He is also conducting his own TV show on Threat and Security Analysis on a private national TV channel NEWS1. His views are taken as authority by his satisfied viewers as well as clients including multinationals, Government of Pakistan and embassies of friendly countries.

  7. Salman Zafar says:

    zaid admits that he was in brinks pakistan at one point.

  8. Salman Zafar says:

    wasay zaidkazzab/teamBT/ZHEE must admit defeat now……they have lost…….ZHE message remains the same as day one….its them who have been rebuffed…..and zaid so widely banned on tv and gatherings/events…….even musharraf(despite being widely loathed) has more fans on facebook than he does………look here

    mushy has nearly 240k people in his fb group…..
    thats about 3 and a half times zaid’s number which is a little over 68k….

    so despite musharraf being a widely hated dictator…..hated by both islamic segments and pro democracy segments of pakistan……….and being practically exiled out of the country right now…….he is still more popular on facebook than zaid kazzab by more than a factor of three!

  9. Salman Zafar says:

    zaid hamid was dressing up musharraf’s corrupt and anti islamic “Pakistan First” ideology in the garb of Islam… as to mislead youngsters and to use an “islamic mask” on this corrupt ideology so that it would penetrate into the youth and overall pakistani society ….because on its own it had failed to do and musharraf’s vision of pakistan was not suceeding like he intended it to especially after laal masjid…..when true face of musharraf was revealed.

    So zaid hamid kazzab was enlisted to turn popular opinion and began his satanic brasstacks game, where he would attempt to inject secular “pakistan first” type ideology and views into the pakistani public and especially youth… presenting it and dressing it up as purely islamic ideology…..hence he lied profusely…and even covered up laal masjid massacre and painted all militants with the “khawarij-takfiri -fasadi -RAW-indian agent” brush so as to get the public to hate them….so that army could have the public support to launch operations against them…even though matters could have been solved in a more peaceful manner…

    …rather than the army following the dictation of america and india.
    Pak fauj…ISPR…ISI….shame on you for backing zaid hamid….its a shame that they hired a Gushtakh e Rasul (SAW) how can pak fauj as an institution claim to be islamic when it has had people like zaid hamid on their payroll?? furthermore they attack and kill their own muslim brothers to satisfy the desires of america and india so many times the pak fauj has done coup in the past….ayub did it…..zia did it…..musharraf did it.
    …yet now that army has opportunity to do coup again and remove a corrupt govt that is doing its level best to serve anti islamic forces….the army is a full accomplice of it…..hand in glove….the only difference is that army wants to safeguard the nuclear arsenal and pakistan on the whole……whereas civilian govt is working towards disintegration of pakistan itself and the turning over of the nuclear weaponry….therefore……pak fauj wants to protect pakistan in a secular sense as a country…..but both pak fauj and pak civilian govt are comfortable with attacking islam in pakistan.

    ….how shameful! we dont need a civilian govt that doesnt obey and respect islam and we dont need an army that will attack islam in various ways(by backing zaid hamid kazzab and killing fellow muslims needlessly) and infact we dont need a pakistan if its not going to be a true islamic state……hence the “defense of the country” that pakistan army is currently doing is useless. if they want a secular pakistan…then that pakistan itself is not needed…and hence their current efforts and sacrifices are a waste of time and blood.

    ….. as they have already quite clearly demonstrated that they have nothing to do with defense of islam in pakistan by their actions…therefore statements by gen kiyani or someone else are like throwing dust in the eyes…as their actions betray their words.

  10. shahid khan says:

    ISI k liaey kaam krta he to phir iski daur b unhi k paas he.iskey munn se jitni batain nikalti hain ye kisi ore ka script he.
    lakin ye phans gaya he apney jaal me.

    ISI ya army isko mazhab se koiee sarokaar nhi unka apna agenda he and they use mazhab/religion as a tool to achieve their agenda.

    jesa k afghan war me kia gaya mazhab ko use kia gaya ore aik aisee khaip tayar kiee gaee jinki koiee ore mazhabi tarbiat nhi ki gaee sir unhey ye sikhaya gaya mazhab k naam pe k tum Allah ki rah me larr rahey ho marey gaey to shaheeed bach gaey to ghazi.

    iska nateeja ye nikla k inhi logo ko aaj hmarey dushman hmarey khilaaf istemaal kr rahey hain kionkey hmaree ISI or army ne inko brain wash kia tha lakin inko islam se gharz nhi thee inhain sirf russia ko girana tha yahi vaja he k mujahid na banaye gaey mujahido k naam pe qatil robots bnayey gaey.

    kionkey inko mazhab ki sojh boojh hi nhi sirf merna marna jantey hain isliey abb ye fasad barpa he mazhab k naam pe.

    ISI or army aik baar phir maidan me aiey is dafa koiee ore tareeka use krna tha apney makasid ko hasil krney k liaey isley Iqbal k shaheen vala slogan use kia gaya,aik aisey shakhs ko muntakhib kia gaya jo guftaar ka ghazi ore brainwashing ka expert ho.

    he was ZH.dobara is qaum ko islam k naam pe aik hkumat giraney ore apney makasid hasil krney k liaey use krna shuru kia gaya.
    aisa mansooba k agar iska brwakt ilaaj na kia jata to aaj kafi baree tadaad me naujawan is aqal or fehm se khali jazbati taqreeron se mutasir ho kr inkey haath pe naachney lag jatey.

    in me b vohi kami he jo pehley valey taliban me thee, vo ye k inkee apni zaati koi tarbiat nhi bs inko sirf ye sikhaya jata he k tum behtareen ho tum hi haq pe hoo tum hi sachey ho Allah tum jeso se mohabat krta he ,tum watan k nighbaan ho tumharee watan ko zroorat he vaghera vaghera.lakin kionkey ISI ore fauj islam ko sirf aik tool k tore p usey krtey hain isliey inkee paidawaar apney aap ko musalman to kehtee he lakin musalmano ki siffatt un me nahi hoteen.kionkey unki akhlaqi tarbiayat hi nhi ki gaee hotee.

    ye to Allah ka krna aisa hoa k is fraud ki chaadar ht gaee ore ye nanga ho gaya.
    kuch late lakin phir b baree tabahi se bach gaey b daikh lain is fitney ne parhey likhey logo ko ulema ka mukhalif bna diya he.ore aik jhootey or makkar ko ye apna nabi mantey hain kionkey inkey nazdeek ZH ghalat ho hi nhi sakta.

  11. name main kuch nahien rakha says:

    I think you people are stupid, don’t have any good thing to do except accusing people for crimes they have not committed. I have not seen a single thing wrong with Zahid hamid from his last 300 + videos. He looks genuine Ashiq-e-Rasool and Momin or bit more .

    you people don’t have knowledge of tasawuf and different kafiat of tasawuff and you people start calling other people Kafir which is very dangerous. do research about fana fillah and fana filrasul some people get trapped in these state and call themselves like yousaf ali said. Baba bullah shah once called “main Allah Waan” he was in state fana fillah. but he was lacking training so he was sent for more training by Qaazi because Qaazi knew what was wrong with baba bullay shah instead hanging him to death.

    May Allah guide us All towards the truth.

  12. Furqan says:

    @ name main kuch nahien rakha

    Since you believe that Yusuf Kazzab was actually in fana filrasul state (astaghfirullah) and since you know so much more about tasawwuff than others, this is why you dont even call him Kazzab. Then let me make this prayer that may Allah keep you in the company of yusuf kazzab on the day of judgement and may you end up with him where ever he ends up, ameen.

  13. Kazzab Exposer says:

    Please see this link


  14. Kazzab Exposer says:


  15. Bilal Hashim says:

    Deception is the new persuasion when it comes to ZH and others of his kind. It’s so unfortunate to see kids with a weak religious knowledge base being exploited so treacherously and shrewdly in the name of Khilafat that will be formed by the men under the black flags coming from Khorasan and not an army fighting a proxy war of it’s own enemies. But Still this and many other signs related to the establishment of the last hour have to appear which will lead upto the arrival dajjal, mahdi and eventually Hazrat Isa peace be upon him. Those who are lucky enough to see the signs of the qayamah mentioned in the hadiths should prepare asap for the changing harsh times in or der to protect their faiths from this age extreme deception and fitns.

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