Poetry in Islam – Hesham Syed

The following article was written 20 years ago, when some people criticized Hesham Syed for doing Poetry. The argument of the criticizers was that Hesham Syed shouldn’t do poetry as it is Haram and forbidden in Islam.

Hesham Syed countered it by provided various references from the life of the Holy Prophet saaw that our Holy Prophet saaw used to listen to the verses of Sahaba e Karam RA and that Sahaba e Karam RA used to do poetry in front of the Holy Prophet saaw.

One comment on “Poetry in Islam – Hesham Syed

  1. heshamsyed says:

    I have seen a few comments on Face Book – only a few relevant to this article and most are irrelevant.
    Those who interpret Quran without the guidance or knowledge of Seerat e Rasool ( sav )obviously would go astray and there are many so called Muslims and self proclaimed scholars these days who have taken this route – The final Book was given to Muhammed ( sav ) to interpret and was not printed and handed over to all to interpret the way any one wants it to suit his or her psyche or environment.
    So , what ever Prophet ( sav ) has described and the way he has acted upon is the true meaning of Quran – Any one who claims to have knowledge of Quran by just reading it’s text and translation and not refering to Seerat e Rasool ( sav ) and the cause of the revelation of any verse is gravely mistaken and he will misguide others — Please be careful. Sacchaa Aalim wahee hai jo Rasool ( sav ) ka mizaaj shanaas ho baqia sab Bhan mati kaa tolaa haiN.

    Editor : I wanted to post this comment on your Face Book but dont know how to do it , therefore request you to please have this posted where my article appears on your Face Book.

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