Zaid Hamid Defends Yusuf Kazzab on Point Blank With Mubashir Lucman [Video]

In a recent program of Point Blank with Mubashir Lucman, Zaid Hamid was questioned about his links with Yusuf Kazzab. Recording of the program is embedded above.

In the first video from 2:00 – 3:30

Mubashir Lucman states that he believes in Prophet Muhammad saaw being the last prophet and Zaid Hamid agrees.

Then Mubashir further states that if someone has claimed to be a Prophet after Prophet Muhammad saaw is a Kazzab. Zaid agrees to that too, but once again fails to call Yusuf Kazzab to be a Kazzab by specifically taking his name.

From 4:30 – 6:30

Mubashir Lucman refers to a story of Daily Ummat in which Daily Ummat discloses that Zaid Hamid has divorced his wife because she was unwilling to follow the deviant path of Yusuf Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid’s response: I dont want to comment on Daily Ummat and all this is non-sense and rubbish.

Mubashir Lucman: So this Divorce news is not true ?

Zaid Hamid: No, that is my personal matter. I had differences with my wife … blah blah.

So Zaid Hamid claims that Ummat published a false and fabricated story about Zaid Hamid divorcing his wife, but then accepts that he has divorced his wife. Then how on earth does, the report of Ummat becomes false and fabricated ?

What Mubashir Lucman failed to tell his audience was that the report was published in Daily Ummat after reporters from Daily Ummat conducted a thorough and detailed interview with Zaid Hamid’s ex-wife. So nothing in that report was baseless or fabricated.

From 9:00 – till end of part 1

Start of 2nd Part – 3:30

Mubashir Lucman asks him about his Afghan Jihad and states that your closed friends state that you went to Afghanistan once or twice, but were never involved in real Jihad there.

Zaid Hamid responds by saying that all of his heroics in Afghanistan are well-documented.

Mubashir Lucman Ahmed Shah Masood was fighting against Taliban, So you fought against Taliban ?

Zaid Hamid responds Look Mubashir I came out of Afghanistan in 1992, and In 1992 there was no existence of Taliban

But what Zaid Hamid refused to tell was that it was the same people against whom he fought together with Ahmed Shah Masood, that later became Taliban. Zaid Hamid’s close friends with whom ZHE has also spoken state that Zaid Hamid was supporting Northern Alliance and Ahmed Shah Masood and used to come to Pakistan and call the real Mujahideen to be Thieves and Bandits. It was these same Mujahideen who later became Taliban.

From 3:53 – 5:00

Mubashir Lucman Then you came to Pindi, so when did you started Brasstacks ?

Zaid Hamid responds that He first joined Brinks in 1994 as a manager and stayed with it for 5 years. So Zaid Hamid is admitting that he remained with Brinks till 1999.

The case against Yusuf Kazzab was started in 1997 and was judged in 2000. It is well documented in news papers, that Brinks was providing security to Yusuf Kazzab and his house in Lahore, even when Yusuf was on trial in Court. If you read the news papers of the time, you will see repeated mentions of the fact that a Manager of a private security company is also a follower of Yusuf Kazzab.

Now you may know that who that manager was.

From 5:20 – 5:50

Mubashir Lucman So when did you met Yusuf ?

Zaid Hamid responds that he met Yusuf in 1992 in Karachi. After 1992, I left Karachi – so people of Karachi dont know how much and what relations I had with Yusuf. Whatever they say is suni sunai and jhoot.

The problem with this is that in his leaked video – that was leaked in early march. Zaid Hamid states that he met Yusuf in 1992 but then came to Rawalpindi, so then he do not know what Yusuf did and had no contact with Yusuf.

But now he is stating that he met Yusuf in 1992, but then he came to Rawalpindi so the people of Karachi do not know what contacts he had with Yusuf.

From 5:50 – 8:20

Mubashir Lucman Why you introduced Yusuf in your close circles by stating that he is a Rohani Shakhsiat and can make you have Ziarat of Prophet saaw. ?

Zaid Hamid responds Rubbish, total rubbish.

Zaid Hamid further states that Yusuf was a mystic.

But the problem with this response is, that the people whom Zaid Hamid introduced to Yusuf by stating that Yusuf will make you meet Prophet saaw are still alive and can testify to this anytime anywhere. Zaid Hamid even told Hesham Syed that he has already met Prophet saaw but has not recognized him. Hesham Syed states that he has no doubt that Zaid Hamid was referring to Yusuf Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid states that Yusuf was a mystic but fails to tell, what was it that Yusuf used to say to people to show that he is a mystic.

Yusuf used to tell people that he is a mystic of such caliber that he can make them meet Prophet saaw. Yusuf used to demand money from people in order to make them meet Prophet saaw and then used to take them in a room and state to them that he is Muhammad (Nauzobillah).

Mubashir Tries to Rescue Zaid Hamid

Mubashir Lucman then wastes half of his program on a discussion of poetry in religion, which had nothing to do with Yusuf Kazzab issue. Poetry or Iqbal’s ideology was never a point of contention between ZHE/AMTKN and Zaid Hamid.

After allowing Muhammad Ayub to make his point and interpret in his own words, the ayats of Holy Quran – Mubashir stated in the end that it might be possible that some of us are not interpreting Quran or Fiqah correctly.

So is Mubashir trying to say that just like Muhammad Ayub was misinterpreting the verses on poets and poetry, we are misinterpreting the verses on Khatam e Nabuwwat and Finality of Prophethood ?

Mubashir Lucman felt it to be fair to invite Zaid Hamid to his show to take his point of view on the Yusuf Kazzab issue, but failed to invite Ulema of AMTKN to take their point of view on the same issue.

Mubashir Lucman invited son of Khalid Khawaja on his show to take his point of view on the Hamid Mir controversy, but failed to invite Hamid Mir to take Hamid’s point of view on the same issue.

And then Mubashir claims that it is fair to invite a person to take his point of view and this is what objective journalism should be. But shouldnt an objective journalist also invite the other party to hear to their point of view as well ?

Perhaps that does not fall in the category of objective journalism, specially if someone’s objective is to provide the audience with biased analysis and twisted and one sided narratives.

Mubashir stated in the end that Zaid Hamid has clarified everything, but what exactly has he clarified.

We alleged that Zaid Hamid knew Yusuf Kazzab. Zaid Hamid has now accepted it.

We alleged that Zaid Hamid defended Yusuf Kazzab in Court. This is a fact and Zaid Hamid has never denied it.

We alleged that Zaid Hamid defended Yusuf Kazzab even after his death. This is a fact as is evident from Zaid Hamid’s Daily DAWN article of 2000, his leaked video of March 2010. It is evident from the fact that he still defends Kazzab and states that Yusuf never claimed to be a prohet and the fact that Zaid Hamid still refuses to call Yusuf a Kazzab.

So again what exactly did Zaid Hamid clarified ? Oh yes. He clarified that he was associated with Yusuf Kazzab.

12 comments on “Zaid Hamid Defends Yusuf Kazzab on Point Blank With Mubashir Lucman [Video]

  1. Nouman Khan says:

    Poor You Guys!

    Come on…come up with the point. Just the matter is only this, that Express News has casted ZZH again and u r in dilemma 😛 All what you mention in this post is nofing but a crap 😀

  2. Anas says:

    @Nouman: It might be crap to you, but its a matter of life and death for us. So excuse our zeal, mister !

  3. Saleem Mohiuddin says:

    Zaid Hamid – mazhabi scholar? Law hola wa la qouwatta… this is Pakistan’s media……………… with such people around pakistan is destined to doom.

  4. @ Saleem Mohiuddin
    Dear i am agree with you, its media that is making notoriuos people popular and heero. luman bashir commented very low profile at the end of show seems to giving helping hand like zaid hamid’s people

  5. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @Nouman: ur jst as deft as Mubashir…
    firstly any of the program I saw, i did not hear a single word from Z.H against Y.k,
    2ndly Mubashir Seemed to me the sole purpose was to confuse Expresses viewers into making them belive Z.H was inocent and was dragged into a fake blame..
    and why the hell Mubashir thinks except for him every other person on earth is blind? he says no body researched the issue nd jst strted fwding fake email.. a LIE.. ulema researched… even i researched on ma own b4 i strted condemining Z.H… nd y did he invited some unknown wierd person as a schollar? nd y was caption below Z.H showing “Zaid Hamid – Religious scholar”? Zh is nothing religious..! nd in end.. biggest joke.. Mubshir says thnks for openly condemining Y.K nd clearing this issue? is mubashir deft? whn did ZH say a single word against Y.K? nd last line Mubashir says is ” Zaid sahab i love u” shouldn’t Z.H be anchored nd questioned by an unbiased person? instead of some one who apparently is a big fan of Z.H?
    nd ya i agree with above.. why cant media stop promoting fake stupids so much?

  6. nadia sohail says:

    I completely believe whatever zaid hamid said in point blank prog,for Allah sake all true,faithfull,honest and patriotic pakistani brothers,sisters and freinds,stop listening to all fake and false news created by some anti ISLAMIC and PAKISTANI politicians,TV anchors,so called religious scholars(one who came in the same AYUiB)who seemed to have very little knowledge or has limited(BOUND) himself to Glorious QURAN only and doesn,t know anything about our beloved Prophet peace be upon him,i will definately send the details about our Prophet (peace be upon him) companion Hazrat Hassan may Allah be please with him.Secondly if Zaid hamid quote Allama Iqbal,what is wrong wiht it,we have been reading,listening and learning his poems since our childhood,(Ayub must have too IF he ever been to school)anyways Zaid hamid is doing excellent work by connecting YOUTH with Almighty Allah through Iqbals poetry.I think we all need to educate ourselves between (Hamd, Nasheed)and poetry having shameful,lustful words. Jazak Allah Khair

    • Editor says:

      @Nadia We are neither Anti- Islam nor Anti-Pakistan. What made you think that.

      Secondly we are not against Zaid Hamid because he quotes Allama Iqbal in fact that is a good thing to do. Iqbal is our hero, and a great sufi scholar and poet.

      We are against Zaid Hamid because of his association with Yusuf Kazzab.

  7. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @nadia: a lil line i wud like to add to Editors reply.. quoting Iqbal doesn’t mean the speaker is a must to follow or is 101% right about wht ever hes saying… even if some ones quoting quranic verses and ahadis but interprets wrong meanings or is giving wrong directions in rest of his talks (like orientalists do) they r must to condemn.. not to be though of as scholars etc….

  8. janny says:

    you have made a website to condemn Zaid Hamid. The world Knows, Yusaf Kazzab was implicated in blashphemy case, because he was a business partner of Zia Shahid-(Editor Khabrain). At, Lawrence road, where the gigantic plaza,of Khabrain group stands, worth billion of rupees was a property of Yusaf. Zia Shahid, was the first person, who branded yusaf, as Kazzab. He wanted to settle score with him. No body has ever heard the point of view of yusaf. We know in Pakistaan false cases of blasphemy are registered by land mafia and corrupt, dishonest people like Zia shahid highlight them. Zaid Hamid, behaved like a true muslim. He never put “tohmaat” on anybody. First, we have to go through the motive of Zia shahid, Then we have to establish the link of Zaid and Yusuf. Anybody, can call other a kazzab, unfortunately yusuf was killed in police custody. Law, Islam, Justics required that he should have been given a chance to defend himself. I am not a fan of Zaid Hamid, I am not a fan of those stupid molvis, who are worst then Zaid. But, I definitely against such web sites that induldge in “tohmaat” and are against the tenants of Islam. Zaid is an agent and so are u my dear Editor. Dont brand me as pro-yusaf, Coz i wasnt even born then. Neither, I support a blasphemer, but What you are doing is equal, if not worse then blasphemy, u are assasinating character without any proof. Shame on you!

  9. khan says:

    the thing is that who is follower who. islam is not a complex or not depend on hamid ,zakir naik and other religious actor. islam is religion of prophet muhammad (pbuh). if u only understand one thing then u will never need the actor. understand ur religion. believe this thing god help u if u r honest and follower of muhammad
    (pbuh) u have no problem. i believe that luxman program is fake . he is not the judgement power. clear ur mind . and understand world and ur role. love prophet and understand quran hadit and poetry of iqbal.iran basic study start form iqbal poetry.

  10. Bilal Maqsood says:

    pata naye yara kon thek hai kon ghalat……akal sab k pas hai jo achi batain usne ki hain aj tak unko to follow karo …. no doubt this man is blessed…agr koi bat is main ghalat hai to dua karo k is ko hadayat ai q k aisay log he koom ko jagatay hain…..nd our nation need som1 lik him…….

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