Hassan bin Sabit RA: The Poet of the Holy Prophet saaw

In a recent program of Point Blank with Mubashir Lucman in which Zaid Hamid was present, a religious scholar named Muhammad Ayub was also invited. To be honest I have never heard about Muhammad Ayub before, neither do I know from which Madrassah has he obtained his religious education.

Referring to Sura e As Shuara, Muhammad Ayub claimed that Poetry is not allowed in Islam and no Poet was a Prophet or a Sahabi. He at one time stated that Quran states that people should leave poetry to become momin.

Firstly, it was beyond me that how on earth was the topic of “Poetry in Islam” relevant to the issue of Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazzab. It seems that Mubashir Lucman invited Muhammad Ayub on purpose to disgrace Ulema e Karam and make this point that:

Ulema are against poets and consider poetry to be haram and poets to be kafir and people on whom Shayateen descend. And that since Allama Iqbal was also a poet, so he is also a kafir.

After allowing Muhammad Ayub to discuss the issue of “Poetry in Islam”, Mubashir Lucman gave his final statements that just like Muhammad Ayub considers poetry to be haram and poets to be kafir on the basis of verses of Quran, similarly there could be different interpretations of other verses of Holy Quran. So we should not be against Zaid Hamid specially when he has denied his association with Yusuf Kazzab and have clarified every thing.

Mubashir Lucman should know this that the issue of Khatam e Nabuwwat is not an issue on which Ulema have different interpretations. Ulema’s of all maslaks are unanimous on this issue that Yusuf Kazzab was a Kazzab and it is the Ijmah of the Ummat that any person who does not consider a Kazzab to be a Kazzab is a Kafir.

Poetry is not Haram and Poets are not Kafirs

Now lets address the controversy that Muhammad Ayub has raised, which helped Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Lucman to skip the real topic and issue of Khatam e Nabuwwat. Muhammad Ayub should know that not only did Prophet Muhammad saaw himself used to listen to poetry, he used to ask his companion Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit RA to do poetry in his (saaw) presence.

Hassan bin Sabit RA is a famous Sahabi (companion of the Holy Prophet saaw). Hassan bin Sabit RA was famous in all of Hejaz for his poetry and after accepting Islam, used his poetry to defend the honor of Prophet Muhammad saaw. At one occasion, non-believers wrote defamatory verses against Prophet Muhammad saaw. When Prophet Muhammad saaw got to know about those verses, he called Hassan bin Sabit RA to Masjid e Nabwi. When Hassan bin Sabit RA came to Masjid e Nabwi, Prophet Muhammad saaw stood up from his Mimbar and asked Hassan bin Sabit RA to sit on the Mimbar of the Holy Prophet saaw and reply to the defamatory poetry.

Prophet Muhammad saaw sat on the floor, while Hassan bin Sabit RA responded to the defamatory poetry against our Holy Prophet saaw. The verses that Hassan bin Sabit RA said at that occasion are now known as “Qaseeda e Hassan bin Sabit RA”.

Wikipedia Article states the following about Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit RA:

Hassaan ibn Thabit (Arabic: حسان بن ثابت‎) (died 674) was an Arabian poet and one of the Sahaba, or companions of Muhammad. He was born in Yathrib (Medina), and was member of the Banu Khazraj tribe.

In his youth he traveled to Al-Hirah and Damascus, then settled in Medina, where, after the advent of Muhammad, he accepted Islam and wrote poems in defence of him. He was one of the best poets of the time, who would often win poetry competitions and the like. He was a prime example of how the early Muslims were able to use their pre-Islam talents for the cause of Islam.

Muhammad gave Hassaan his slave Sirin, the sister of Muhammad’s wife Maria al-Qibtiyya. The sisters were Egyptian Coptic Christians sent as gifts to Muhammad by Muqawqis, a ruler of Egypt, in around 628. Sirin bore Hassaan a son, ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Hassaan.[1]


Poetry is not haram in Islam and Poets are not Kafirs. In fact some of the most beloved companions of the Holy Prophet saaw were poets and Holy Prophet saaw used to ask them to say verses in his presence.

Muhammad Ayub should learn Holy Quran from some authentic Alim e Deen before preaching it on National TV.

Mubashir Lucman should not deviate from the real issue of Khatam e Nabuwwat by creating confusion about “Poetry in Islam”, which is never a point of contention between Zaid Hamid and AMTKN/ZHE.

If Mubashir Lucman really believes in objective journalism, he should have invited someone from AMTKN instead of Muhammad Ayub and should have allowed that Alim from AMTKN to present his case on the issue as well.

Qaseeda e Hassan bin Sabit RA

Mufti Anas Younus, who is an Alim from Deoband has now translated the “Qaseeda e Hassan bin Sabit RA” into urdu and has read it in a nasheed. Both the exact arabic verses that Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit RA read in front of Prophet Muhammad saaw and the urdu translation of those verses can be heard in Mufti Anas Younus’s voice in the videos embedded below:

6 comments on “Hassan bin Sabit RA: The Poet of the Holy Prophet saaw

  1. heshamsyed says:

    Editor : Please upload the link at your site and Face book – This article was written & speech was delivered almost 20 years ago but it is a befitting response to the debate carried out by Lucman Mubashar with Mohd Ayub a self proclaimed scholar or a planted scholar – Allah knows best.

    The article canbe read by clicking the link below :


  2. a2ztruth says:

    Friends : Did I not say earlier that Lucman Mubashar does not understand sensitivities of religion in depth and he can beat around the bush – such half baked people only provide platforms to deviants and promote them , support them.
    Zaid has been perpetually telling lies and in this interview also he has spoken lies and has drifted away from the main issue – but there are documents , evidences to prove that Zaid is another Kazzab – A lier indeed ie bird of the same feather like Yusuf. I am amazed the way he lies and distracts the core issue with confidence. Mubashar acheived nothing out of this interview but just added on confusion with those who want to know the truth and anger to those who know the truth. Pity for Pak rivate channels and media !!

  3. a2ztruth says:

    Once again , I have just finished listening to all the videos posted here – and feel that the Anchor Lucman Mubashar has again failed to ask specific question that why Zaid cant declare Yusuf as Kazzab ? Declaring Nabi & Rasool is not an issue – The issue is that Yusuf declared himself Muhammed ( saw ) himself and that is exactly what must have been clarified , if Zaid believes in Yusuf impersonation or reincarnation of Muhammed ( saw ) ? ( ofcourse he did but each time he slips away from the core issue ) – The Point Blank question is this , nothing else.

    Any one : Please send me Lucamn Mubashir email address – I will appreciate / My email address is a2ztruth@gmail.com

  4. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    Ya no kidding, firstly any of the program I saw, i did not hear a single word from Z.H against Y.k, 2ndly Mubashir just kept on drifting away from topic. plus he never even indirectly asked any real questions to be asked, like asking ZH to confess his mistake, y is he supporting Y.K? nd many others… related to his support nd lies… Seemed to me the sole purpose was to confuse Expresses viewers into making them belive Z.H was inocent and was dragged into a fake blame..
    and why the hell Mubashir thinks except for him every other person on earth is blind? he says no body researched the issue nd jst strted fwding fake email.. a LIE.. ulema researched… even i researched on ma own b4 i strted condemining Z.H… nd y did he invited some unknown wierd person as a schollar? nd y was caption below Z.H showing “Zaid Hamid – Religious scholar”? Zh is nothing religious..! nd in end.. biggest joke.. Mubshir says thnks for openly condemining Y.K nd clearing this issue? is mubashir deft? whn did ZH say a single word against Y.K? nd last line Mubashir says is ” Zaid sahab i love u” shouldn’t Z.H be anchored nd questioned by an unbiased person? instead of some one who apparently is a big fan of Z.H?

  5. a2ztruth says:

    Mubashar Lucman with a phony scholar indeed tried to indirectly support ZAid – the question what zaid should have been asked is whether he sends Laanat on any one who impersonates Muhammed ( saw ) hence he sends Laanat on Yusuf kazab who impersonated Muhammed ( saw ) – Yes Black Dragon is right – not once Zaid rediculed Yusuf of the intensity required from a person who has some element of Hurmatey Rasool ( saw ) , other than he still said Yusuf was Mystic aur woh baad meiN gumrah ho gaya – zaid was trying to equate Yusuf with Mansoor Hallaj may be thus leaving a benefit of doubt or sympathy around him. Allah knows best.

    BUT – I think now the best course is to dump Zaid – dont waste any more time on him – otherwise he is getting an indirect popularity – In the present media any person who is controversial is made popular very fast and that is what is Zaid’s objective – he is fame hungry a psycho case.

    He has shallow knowledge but projects himself through media in such a way that shallower people get carried away .

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