Zaid Hamid Refuses To Call Yusuf a Kazzab Even After An Eye Witness Testifies That Yusuf Called Himself a Prophet [Video]

Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even after Bilal Qutb who was the host of the program Door Andaish testified in front of Zaid Hamid that Yusuf Kazzab called himself to be a Prophet in front of Bilal Qutb. Recently Zaid Hamid appeared in a TV program called Door Andaish on Value TV. Incidently, the host of the program Bilal Qutb also happened to be a neighbor of Yusuf Kazzab at Shadman, Lahore.

During the interview Zaid Hamid stated that Yusuf Kazzab never declared himself to be a Prophet infront of him. Bilal Qutb recalled this for his TV audience that in Zaid Hamid’s meeting with Dr Israr, Dr Israr referred Zaid Hamid to a person who was an eye-witness of Yusuf Kazzab’s claim of prophethood. Zaid Hamid side-stepped from this statement and ignored it totally. On this, Bilal Qutb informed Zaid Hamid that he was a neighbor of Yusuf Kazzab at Shadman, Lahore and Yusuf Kazzab himself told Bilal Qutb that there is a Mohr e Nabuwwat on Yusuf Kazzab’s back. Bilal Qutb stated that he asked Yusuf Kazzab to show him the Mohr e Nabuwwat. On this Yusuf Kazzab said that not everyone can see the Mohr e Nabuwwat but his wife has seen the Mohr. Bilal Qutb said that he can say all this by putting his hand on the Holy Quran and said that he is giving a solemn statement.

But even after hearing this eye-witness shahadaat (gawahi) Zaid Hamid refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab and continued to repeat his lame arguments that go to Shariah Court and give this Shahadat in Shariah Court and get Yusuf declared a Kazzab in Shariah Court and only then I will declare him a Kazzab.

Zaid Hamid further stated that Yusuf never uttered such blasphemous views in front of him. This is a total and utter lie, since Zaid Hamid was present at Bait e Raza and during his Bait e Raza speech Yusuf Kazzab stated that Allah and Muhammad saaw are one, which is nothing but Shirq. And in the same Bait e Raza speech Yusuf Kazzab declared that a 2.5 year old child has seen Prophet Muhammad saaw i.e. Yusuf Kazzab.

It is hard to believe that Yusuf uttered his blasphemous views in front of his neighbor of a few years i.e. Bilal Qutb – but never told Zaid Hamid about his Mohr e Nabuwwat even though Zaid Hamid knew him since 1992 and defended Yusuf Kazzab till Yusuf was killed in Jail.

Zaid Hamid says that he never supported the views of Yusuf Kazzab, but during the entire court proceedings – Yusuf Kazzab’s views were discussed and Zaid Hamid was present in each and every session to show his solidarity to his Prophet. If he did not supported Yusuf Kazzab’s views, what was he doing in the court sessions. If Zaid Hamid did not supported Yusuf Kazzab’s views why did he write the article in Daily DAWN calling Yusuf Kazzab to be a great scholar of Islam and a great sufi. If this is not called supporting Yusuf Kazzab’s views than what else is called supporting Yusuf Kazzab’s views ?

Zaid Hamid’s fans will still say that it is now proved that Zaid Hamid is not a follower of Yusuf Kazzab since he has called Yusuf to be corrupt. But what they fail to see is that Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even when a Muslim has given Shahadat in front of Zaid Hamid on National TV that Yusuf stated that there is Mohr e Nabuwwat on his back. Zaid Hamid has refused to call Yusuf a Kazzab even when Dr Israr referred him to eye-witnesses who can testify that Yusuf used to call himself Prophet Muhammad saaw (Nauzobillah).

Zaid Hamid’s fans and every other muslim should know that entire Deen is based on Shahadat (Gawahi). Hazrat Abu Bakr RA never heard Musailma Kazzab calling himself to be a prophet. However, Musailma was declared a Kazzab because enough people testified (gave shahadat) that Musailma has declared himself to be a prophet. Hazrat Abu Bakr RA accepted this testimony of other people. One important thing to note here is that Hazrat Abu Bakr RA accepted the testimony of other people and declared Musailma to be a Kazzab, but Zaid Hamid is refusing to accept the testimony of other Muslims and saying that these testimonies does not fulfill Shariah principles. Does this not mean that Zaid Hamid is saying that Hazrat Abu Bakr RA did not fully understood Shariah principles that is why He RA accepted the testimony of others – without himself going and listening to Musailma’s point of view.

Zaid Hamid stated that what sort of a person calls his Nabi to be corrupt. This is what Zaid Hamid’s fans also state here and there. But for the information of Zaid Hamid and his fans, before Zaid Hamid’s association with Yusuf Kazzab became public, Zaid Hamid never ever called Yusuf to be Gumrah or corrupt. Zaid Hamid can not show a single public statement or writing in which he has called Yusuf to be Gumrah or corrupt before 2008. In fact in his video leaked by students of Shifa Medical college, that created this entire storm – Zaid Hamid went as far as calling Khabrain and Zia Shahid to be corrupt. So previously he was calling Khabrain to be corrupt, but now that has changed and now Zaid Hamid has realized that it was not Khabrain but Yusuf who was corrupt. Zaid Hamid is now calling Yusuf to be corrupt to side-step from having to call Yusuf a Kazzab. This is what Bilal Qutb also referred to, that Qadyani’s do the same thing. They side-step from the real argument and accept petty things but never accept that Mirza Qadyani was a Kazzab and a False Prophet. Zaid Hamid is doing nothing new. He is just following the foot steps of Qadyanis.

The most funny thing about Zaid Hamid’s arguments were that on the one hand he was refusing to call Yusuf a Kazzab stating that Shariah requirements were not fulfilled and on the other hand he was saying that he is not a religious expert who can give Fatwa. Zaid Hamid if you are not a religious expert who can give fatwa, how can you declare that Shariah requirements to call Yusuf a Kazzab were not fulfilled ? At one hand you state that you are not a religious expert but on the other hand you make statements that sound as if you know religion more than Dr Israr, Moulana Abdur Rehman Ashrafi, Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri, Mufti Naeem and other top religious scholars – all of whom declared Yusuf to be a Kazzab.

By calling his own prophet corrupt and gumrah, with whom Zaid Hamid spent 10 years of his life and from whom Zaid Hamid learned all his spirituality and religion, Zaid Hamid has proved that he is not loyal even to his False Prophet – Yusuf Kazzab.

Do listen to this statement of Bilal Qutb in which he said that when I am giving you Shahadat that Yusuf declared himself to be a Nabi and you are still refusing to call him a Kazzab – where all your Ishq e Rasool has gone at this time ?

The discussion on Yusuf Kazzab issue starts around 5:00 of Part 3 and continues in Part 4 of the interview.

21 comments on “Zaid Hamid Refuses To Call Yusuf a Kazzab Even After An Eye Witness Testifies That Yusuf Called Himself a Prophet [Video]

  1. Mani says:

    yaar kasam say kis mitti k banay ho tum log ZHE walay kasam say khud apnay paon pay kulhaari maar rahay ho sath AMTKN bhi badnam ho raha hay and dun thnk em ZH fan i am deobandi love maulana taroq jameel sahab and tamsha band kr do serious mazeed badnam ho jao gay kuch haasil nai hona anyway agay aap logon ki marzi may pak aa k maulana sahab say is baray may zaroor baat kru ga

    • Editor says:

      @Mani Butt go and ask Moulana Tariq Jameel on the issue. Go and ask Tableeghi people on the issue. But for the sake of Allah do ask Ulema. Its a request.

  2. Mani says:

    Editor bhai mainay sirf itna suna tha maulana tariq jamil sahabk mu say k kisi per bohtan tab tak na lagao jab tak aap us ko koi fael ya harkat khud apni ankhon say na daikh lo………….and i ask them once shia kafir hotay hain kya and he said the one who believe on our kalma that LA ILAHA ILLALLAH HO MUHAMMAD UR RASOOLALLAH after that you cant say him kafir you can say him murtad gumrah but not kaafir ppl say qadiyani bhi kalma mantay hain baat kalma mannay ki nai baat risalat per imaan lanay ki hay…………@editor bachpan say he Ulama ki sohbat may bethnay ka aur un ki batain sunnay ka shoq hay ALLAH sb ko hadayat day Ameen aur agar aisa hay bhi hay k yousaf kazzab ka zaid hamid sahabi hay to jaisay Mirza mara tha na waisay he ALLAH apna karam karay gain. per just is cheez say i afraid agar wo is cheez may galat nai to phr hum log sazawaar kehlatay hain according to hadeeth inshort no solid proof we have.

    • Editor says:

      @Mani Brother Ap Ulema se Rajooh kerein Un se consult kerein.

      We are doing what we are doing after consultation with Ulema e Karam. We are not doing this on our own i.e. accusing Zaid Hamid without solid proof. We have solid proofs. I personally know people who are eye-witness of Yusuf’s claim that he is Muhammad saaw and I personally know people who know that Zaid Hamid believed Yusuf to be Muhammad saaw.

  3. Salman says:

    @Mani…I think they are doing a good work…Most of the guys were not aware of ZH and Brasstack activities before but now every sensible person knows what is happening and what are the intentions of ZH.

  4. Salman Zafar says:

    ZHE this mission of exposing Zaid Hamid Kazzab is right……may Allah SWT grant us a swift victory over zaid hamid shaitan dajjal maaloon…….if u read Quran……u see how different the message is from that of Zaid Hamid,,,,,,,,,Zaid indeed is a kazzab and a maaloon KAFIR who is misleading and misguiding the people……..

  5. anonymous2 says:

    amazing!!!absolute amazing sub hanAllah, Hurmat e Rasool(PBUH) per qurbaan!!! Bilal Qutb Zindabad!!!

  6. Hamza Ali says:

    editor, thanks n very gud struggle for exposing the real face of zaid hamid. but why u upload the whole programe. just cutted n uploaded the required clip i.e the issue of yousaf kazzab. anyways wish u gud luck for this JIHAD in furutre.

  7. Salman Zafar says:

    to all ZH fans:

    what about that video where Dr.Israr categorically states that Yusuf Kazzab is Kazzab? look at how Zaid Hamid lies!!!!!!!!!

    so many different scholars oppose him…..look at the press releases and statements by so many different scholars and organizations..jamaat ud dawa….AMTKN…dr israr’s organization named tanzeem islami…..Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri….who is of Qadri…….look at what Muhammad Akram Awan said …..he is from Naqshbandi silsilah…….tell me which silsilah does zaid belong to????

    do u choose zaid kazzab over so many ulema and islamic organizations……when zaid admits he is not a scholar himself and his brasstacks business is working with multinationals(the same types of multinationals he attacks in his shows)????

    do you choose him over people belonging to real sufi tariqahs…..those who are part of silsilahs…..over zaid who has never stated which silsilah he belongs too….even though he acts as if he is knowledgeable about such things? he acts like a faqeer and darwaish yet has music and non mahram pardah-less women on his shows……what kind of sufi is he then????? true sufis know the value of Shariat…..while zaid does not hesitate to knowingly abandon it…….!!!!

    Sufis like Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri and Muhammad Akram Awan (who also are scholars too….)have openly denounced Yusuf Kazzab…and zaid hamid.

    Face it: zaid hamid is a fraud and a trickster…….

    and to respond to zaid kazzab……..musalimah kazzab also met stiff opposition……doesthat mean that because he was being opposed he was on path of Haqq???/


    so to say that since zaid is being opposed… he must on the right path is not true…..he is being opposed like other dajjals like Musaylamah Kazzab, and Al-Aswad Al-Ansi Kazzab were opposed!

    La ilaha il lallah

    Muhammadur RasulAllah!

  8. shahid says:

    He is a nut case.Keeps giving khush-khabri of jahanam to people and when it comes to Yousaf Kazzab says leave it he is dead and he was gumrah.Good job host.

  9. Salman Zafar says:

    *he claims to be a humble faqeer yet he has music and non mahram pardah-less women on his shows……what kind of sufi is he then???

  10. Ibn-e-Pakistan says:


    If you can understand simple URDU, see last part of VIDEO in this post – Bilal Qutb is giving Shahadah that Yousuf Kazzab said, “he has seal of prophethood at his back.”.

    Hesham Syed is another eye witness of Yousuf Kazzab issue, who is a contributory writer at ZHE.

    Besides these two prominent people else there are many other people. Do you think all people are liars and only your Zaid Hamid is truthful?

    Besides, this – in this video, we see a latest development that Zaid Hamid at least called him GUMRAH (deviant) before this interview, he did NOT even called him GUMRAH.

    I don’t know if you don’t have ears and eyes or a pure heart. In last part, Zaid Hamid has shown that he has no basis, he is not willing to accept any Shahadah and he has clearly avoided the argument. Have not ALL scholars from ALL sects called Yousuf Kazzab a KAZZAB AND MURTAD??

    May Allah s.w.t. reward Bilal Qutb and may Allah s.w.t. keep us on straight path.

  11. Wajid Rasul says:

    May Allah guide our youth about the Fitna of Zaid Zaman.

  12. Question says:

    Why is ZHE not exposing the political lies of ZH by which he has justified the american crusade in pakistan? Are you guys scared of ZH team or his ideas?

    • Editor says:

      @Question We are not scared of ZH or his Team of anyone else. But we have consciously decided to stick to Yusuf Kazzab and Khatam e Nabuwwat Issue. This is because on every other issue, every second person can have a different opinion, but on Khatam e Nabuwwat all Muslims are united.

      This is why Khatam e Nabuwwat is our focus – and defense of Namoos e Risalaat is our mission in life.

  13. heshamsyed says:

    @ Mani & All those who are in a state of confusion still :

    Please read :

    Allah ke walee ki pahchaan kia hai ?

    And also read many of my articles / comments and poems in urdu and english related to Cults and Deviant groups including my direct interaction with Yusuf and Zaid at this ZHE site as well as on my Bloggs :

    Copy and paste these sites in your header if by clicking you cant open,

    Allah ( swt ) may guide you all and you may understand what does Hurmatey Rasool ( sav ) really mean – ( Ameen )

  14. Blazing Sword says:

    Jhoota Kahi Ka…Azan ho rahi aur per bhi JHOOT say Baz Nahi Aya..ZH is also KAZZAB LANTI.

  15. a2ztruth says:

    ZAid seems also a gone case – Did I not tell you that to a gustaakhey Rasool and his persistant defender Allah never forgives and tauba ki taufeeq naseeb nahee hoa-tee .

    Forget about Zaid , he will meet his logical destiny soon – think about saving those who are still aadhey Teetar aadhey Bateir — All such people seem to be mentally immature and have no knowledge of Islam and have any idea what is the status of Rasool ( saw ).

    If Zaid says he is not a religious expert – why his followers are even worse than him to think that he is the savior , a massihah , a Mehdi may be – Astghfar-Allah.

    Can any one send me Bilal Qutb email address – I will appreciate.

  16. anonymous2 says:

    i absolutely agree with a2Ztruth, time is now to save kazzabis blind followers who are educated but illusioned in there beliefs.
    After watching this interview i felt deep down that perhaps this was another one last chance for zaid kazzab to do his tauba publicly and clarify the issue which was already way too clarified. But looking at his stature while hes been asked yusuf kazzab question, you can easily make out how distressed and how strongly deep down is he believing in his kazzabi prophet, LannatAllah iss per or is k jhootay nabi per amin!!!

    Secondly, it was also one last chance for zaid kazzabs fans to see through the reality but since most of his target markets are day dreamers and pop corn munchers, therefore, they yet to fail to further see through.

    Thirdly, and lastly Allah subhan taala has blessed Bilal Qutb with His fazl to come out and make the final closing blow to this fitna and clear the smoke screen zaid kazzab has put up. May countless blessings be upon Bilal Qutb and his family in both worlds amin.

    We as a nation and as ummah must understand that we need to seek Allah’s blessings all time to be protected from upcoming fitnas. Indeed its those times when ummah is facing one fitna after the other. Zaid kazzab is not yet died completely that Shiekh amin from multan has declared nabuwat naoozobillah summa naoozobillah.

    May Allah keep us all on sirat ul mustaqim. Amin.

  17. Saleem Rizwan says:

    Is jhootay ki azaan se Allah bachay. Inta dheet banda zindagi mein aj tak nahi dekha, uper se Pakistan ka yeh secular media tu ab bhi is gustakh-e-rasool ko TV bula bula ke bakwas sunwata hai poray Pakistan ko. In logo ne Pakistan ko Pornistan bana ke rakh diya hai.

  18. Khan says:

    @mani bahi saib aap ka jo ye nuqtah-e-nazar he apni ankho se dekhny aur kanu se sunny wala ye bilkul ghalt ha! Kia Aap ne Allah ko dekha ha? Allah ke nabion ko uski kitabo ko us ke frishto ko dekha ha?aap un par keo eman latay ho es leay gawai ki waja se na? Aap ko is bat ki gawahi mili k Allah ke Rasul Dunia me Aay aur uno ne janat be dekhi jahnum be dekhi frishty be dekhay Allah se humkalam be howay ab ye sub Aap ney apni ankho se dekha…Allah ke nabi s.a.a.w ne gawahi di aur aap ne man liya Allah be ha frishty be hain janat be ha jahnum be ha tau bahi yahan tau aap ko video be dekhnay ko mil rahi ha adieo be kitabian be har cheez phir be aap nai man rahay?yahi jo kulhardi chal rahi ha vo sirf kufar par chal rahi ha…@editor Allah aap ko jaza de ga Aap muslmano ko ek gumrah banday ke fitna se bacha rahy Hain ye jihad ha Aur Allah farmaty hain ke Allah ki rah ma jihad karny walay kisi behi malamat karnay walay ki malamat ki parwa nai kartay…. Baqi @mani saib ye dosra topic ha ke jo aap ne chara ye us par bat krny ki jaga nai magar keo ke zarori ha ke aap ko jawab diya ja’ay to bahi aapko jo tariq jameel saib ne bataya wo bilkul theek farmay jo be kalmay La elah elaALLAHU MUHAMMUDU RASUL Allah ko many wo muslman ha…app ne shaid shia’on ka kalma nai suna tariq jameel saib ne jo batana chah wo aapki aqal mubarak ma nai aaya shia’on se pucho unka kalma kia ha? Phir aapko samaj aa jay ga ke tariq jameel saib ne keo ye bat kahi thi…

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