Zaid Hamid to make an appearance at TechClub Fikri Nashist – Lahore

Zaid Hamid has been invited by TechClub Lahore to present his views on “Pakistan and its Future”. The details of the event follows:

TechClub Fikri Nashist
Time: 11:00 am
Date: Sunday 13, June 2010
The Engineers Cooperative Housing Society Limited
Canal Bank, New Campus (Opposite Doctor’s Hospital) Lahore
Tel: 042-35411018 Cell: 0300-4417726

Instead of calling the organizers of this event and asking them to cancel this event, it would be nice if muslim brothers and students could go to this event in large numbers and also ask Zaid Hamid to present his views on Islam, Khatam e Nabuwwat and Yusuf Ali Kazzab.

Questions related to Zaid Hamid being declared a Khalifa by Yusuf Kazzab at Bait e Raza, will be specially pertinent.

And we know that eggs and tomatoes cost a lot these days, even the rotten ones – but then too taking a few with you would be handy and rewarding both in this life and the hereafter.

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18 comments on “Zaid Hamid to make an appearance at TechClub Fikri Nashist – Lahore

  1. Hamza Tariq says:

    Khatm e Nubuwwat ka libada orhne waale haramkhoro, apne asli naam tau batao agar maa ka doodh pia hay :p

    Darte kyun ho? 🙂

  2. Mani says:

    phattu hain salay kabhi nai btayain gay :p

  3. Amen Ibrahim says:

    Yeh gali jo app ney bakee hai, kya yah app nay apni walda kay doodh key tufail seekhi hai?

  4. Shahzad Aamir says:

    Pehlay tu Zaid Kazzab sirf “Defense Analyst” tha, ab Danishwer (philosopher), Islami Mufakkir (Islamist) Tareekh Dan (Historian) bhi ho gaya. Kal ise Doctor bana dena aur parso apna Nabi.

    Munnay Hamza Tariq, bas dekhte raho, hum tumhe aise hit karaingay ke tumhe pata bhi nahi chalay ga ke kaha se hit kara gaya.

  5. Farhan says:

    Hmm I can see an eye in this techclub logo…
    is it me or really its an ONE eye production??

  6. saba says:

    in ka logo hi dajjali hai to kam b to wese hi hon ge na…..

  7. Malik Shahzad says:

    @ Hamza and Mani
    It showes your inner frustration. Kahtm-e-Nubwat has inflicted a sever and memoarable blow to Abul Kazab zaid hamid and his followers Alhamdulillah. Lal topya ZZ k pass aik hi option hey k wo apne cheelo saimath Luki Irani circus join karey–paisey bhi ayein gay aor mashahoori bhi hogi….

    @ admin
    Can anybody tell me wht preparation is taking place in Lahore to welcome ZZ :-). Is there any protest?

  8. a2ztruth says:

    Fikr e farda na karooN ? mahwey ghamey doash rahooN ?
    naalaiey bulbul key sunooN aur hama-tan goash rahooN ?
    Hamnawaa maiN bhi koyee gul hooN key khamoash rahooN ?
    HooN maiN Yusuf ka jo cheilaa tto khaamoash rahooN ?
    Sirf uss key hee tasawur meiN madhoash rahooN ?

    Waisey gustaakhey Rasul ( saw ) yaaN tto bahut saarey haiN.
    Ham meiN kia baat nayee hai jo ham bey chaarey haiN ?

  9. Saleem Iftikhar Rao says:

    Sadness at Zaid Hamid’s followers that these jahil secular people do not even know that Khatamm-e-Nabuwat has given an open challenge to Zaid Hamid to meet him in any public place but coward Zaid Hamid simply does not come to them.

    Why would AMKTN people will come to Zaid? It’s like ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DANTAY… since when thieves started to summon police? If Zaid Hamid is truthful, why is he afraid to face them in public?

    Other than this, these lunatic nationalist people of Zaid Hamid, they do not even that their master Abul Kazab zaid hamid is serving Kuffar under the cloak of Islam, not only that, despite of zaid hamid’s own program on “Economic Terrorism”, most of the clients of Zaid Hamid security company are multinationals — this can be verified from zaid hamid’s brasstacks website. So who is a munafiq here?

  10. Shamrayz bin Waleed says:

    We will anxiously wait for ZZH, with SOME surprises !!

  11. balbal36 says:

    this zahil naag phir apne funh fala raha hai…

  12. Salman Zafar says:

    Yes now that you ppl mention it that logo is a dajjalic ONE EYE……Known as “Eye of providence” i.e. Eye of the being the freemasons worship….and in Islam we know Masih ad Dajjal (false messiah) is one eyed….and our Lord Allah SWT is not one eyed…..

  13. Salman Zafar says:

    Someone should investigate this event, its sponsers and organizers….The logo may not be intentional …but just in case there is something behind this event ….it should be investigated…we dont want masons or their agents running around spreading fitna….under various covers and guises…which is what they do….

  14. Talha Saad says:

    Alhamdollilah Zaid hamids program at tech club has been disrupted the coward ran away when radical youth challenged him-INQILAB ZINDABAD

  15. anti fasadi says:

    yaar ajj ka tech society wala event tu bhyuta acha raha , aur wo dsp jo event rukwanay aya us ko ekk aunty nay jota mara munh par , aur bahar jo 7 molvi thay , wo apas may kiun lar paray thay ??

  16. Zahid says:

    People who were there know how much successful this event was? You can see the number of people. In which how many are the women, elders and the young ones. And for your kind information ZH the police officer who get that gift from eldry sister was your follower because he was the one who is not ready to close ur program. It was the lanat of ALLAH on him. and INSHALLAH you will get soon

  17. Khalid Asgher says:


    yes really its one eye production.

    Even one of Zaid Hamid’s biggest supporter “Ali Azmat” used the freemason signs openly on his album “Klashonkof”. You can check them from here.

  18. Salman Zafar says:

    *Yes now that you ppl mention it that logo is a dajjalic ONE EYE……Known as “Eye of providence” i.e. Eye of the being the freemasons worship….and from Hadith shareef we know that Masih ad Dajjal (false messiah) is one eyed….and our Lord Allah SWT is not one eyed…..

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